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TSC Member snowcrash

Nick: snowcrash
Name: 'Crash
Employer: None provided
Home Page:
Location: Seattle/Tacoma
TSC Member Since: 2003-03-27

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Bio: If it weren't for physics and law enforcement, I'd be unstoppable.
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Thanks, Snowcrash... *laughing* Now I have the silly gulls from Finding Nemo stuck in my head. "mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine" as they're sticking their heads through a sail... -taieena
Hiya sweetie! How are you doing? -CommanderData
Whassup Doll? By the way, I'm Back. -Hellion
Hey, Crash. It was good to meet you, and you still don't have to worry on my account. You do, however, owe me a story, and I'm curious. -NightSteel
Yay! 'crash is back! <Lineswine does 'happy dance'> -lineswine
Hey there! Nice to see you back again!! -redevil34
It's good to see your nick appearing amongst the Comments again - welcome back. -Gromit
Good to see you back, Snowcrash, I've missed your stories! -Mango
hey snowcrash, used to go by axiom back here a few years ago and just noticed you had posted on my whiteboard. No I don't (and didn't) work for the big C, I was actually in Kentville working for a company where all the customers were crackheads in the first degree. -halitech
Wow! Found someone who knows my turf. I started Mouseworks here a while back and decided to take the big payout from HTC. They want to fix PC's, so why not sell them my customer list and phone number for a mere cost of a new house! If you ever get back to this place, stop in the downtown HTC office, tell 'em Snowcrash is here to see Randy. I'll be right out! -RePo
So you still don't want to get married? phill_257 @YM -Hellion :) -Mango
Hello old friend *Babylon 5 geek*. How you doing? -CommanderData
Uh. 'crash. Pardon me for mentioning it but... You seemed to have gained a bit of size in the rear area. Oh! For! Goodness! Sakes! You're not gonna blame the pants now are you? Glad to see your star still shining. -Rabbitt
Good to see your continued presence, 'crash! (Yeah, I'm alive too.) -Mushroom
In response to the April 1 D&D Idea request, get the big tank of the group in on it. In a battle, conveniently have him avoid most damage, but beat the others up. Thus the situation is perfect for the doppleganger (player co-conspirator) to begin picking off the party one by one. -JTSBrown
Uh, I guess I don't have a good email addy.... SO... How about "Polynesian Pirates" as a theme? We all get to talk funny, Wear eye-patches, and still get lei'd! -obie099
are you from shreveport as well? -thatgirl
Snowcrash! Happy birthday, hon! -Mango
'Crash, DD reacted to some of the drama that was happening in the Break Room with regards to Admiral Laurie's complaints, other people complaining about her, other people complaining about yet other people, and then some people like Bobsentme decided they were leaving us for good because they didn't like the drama or tantrums. Someone tossed out the idea of an official moderator, and DD wrote a long and serious post, and it just continued going downhill. :( So he left. More or less crammed into a nutshell. -taieena
*huggles* and long time no see etc :) -CommanderData
Hi! Just harvesting your email address. ;-) -Gromit
Since you started the TSC BBQ tradition, perhaps you ought to make it to the BWBBQ v11 next June! :) -Ulfgaard
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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