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Bio: I was born at an early age, and have so far managed to live forever. Update - Both parents died early in 2005, and my wife decided to divorce me in May of 2005. So any spare karma? Please send my way.
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Are you the Ralph from 24hoursupport.helpdesk? -grahamwboyes
ralph: In response to your sniping at nmccartaz about antivirus bounce messages in : You do know that mailers without AV will bounce bad address messages, don't you? You know that they are supposed to? A virus that sends a message to with an email return address of will garner a non-delivery response to the UK server even if there is no antivirus running at IIRC, that's in the original RFC, and is unlikely to change. I agree with you about AV bounce messages, but in the story, nmccartaz DID NOT MENTION antivirus, and in fact since the return messages came from mailerDaemon@, rather than NAV@ or another AV program, they most likely did not come from an AV program anyway. -chazz
You said "Howzcum the unmanaged, overweight, bloated, piece of "software" that they foist on retail customers?" - well it's 'cos our Security team still haven't decided on deploying SAV 9.0 which I think they've had for a long time. Sometimes it seems to take forever for corporate IS to send out upgrades, other times they give us a deadline of "this weekend" to push out an OS upgrade! -BritishBunny
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and your family. -BritishBunny
Back in '84 I had a friend who used some "stray" Commodore parts to transform his PET 4032 into an 8032 - but it still had the funky keyboard. I still think they had the neatest looking cases... -Divinar
You might like my tech song "All Good Packets" at . -concept14
Howdy neighbor! Aren't there really six casinos now, including the downs? I'm sorry for your losses. -SouthernMyst
Hi Ralph - That would be great if you could ZIP up the directory it's in and send it to I've seen some of these multi-driver CDs before and some of them don't have all the drivers they claim to on the label, but I remain cautiously optmistic. Thanks so much! -svenbob2003
Ralph, you make a very strong point. After this gaff my BillyBob, I would start to think that our coders would start to re-think how we're designed and see if we can find a new method to implement. Thanks! -da5ve
Hi...I saw one of your posts about drivers for a sim reader (which I currently need). Would it be possible for you to send them to me or put them on yousendit or something similar? many thanks...jonny -jonnyp
Congrats on the big butt!!! -Ulfgaard
Whoa. Look at the size of that star. Must be at least 1024 by 7....Ok. You've heard it already. Looking good. -Rabbitt
RALPH!!! I also need the driver for the same USB SIM reader! I would be greatly appreciative if you could send me the iso of that disk!! My email(s) are and Thank you so much!! I have like 9 people who are waiting for me to migrate their phonebooks to new phones. Thanks again... Joe -jowah
ralph, firstly, emissions standards in California are their own. There are 49 other states here, none of which subscribe to Cali's standard, and the Fed is okay with that. Why can't those cars be sold everywhere else? Because cars that get that high of mileage aren't good for oil company profits. Secondly, countries like Germany, Italy, England, Japan, Austria, France, Australia, and many, many others have higher clean air standards than we do. If GM's Opal was a polluter it wouldn't be sold in those countries. Thirdly, does a 4x heavier windshield cause a vehicle to lose 15 to 30 mpg? C'mon. Who are you kidding? Fourthly, consumers buy what is sold to them. If 60 mpg cars were made available here people would be snatching them up faster than they could be delivered. The market for Hummers is miniscule in comparison to the market for fuel-efficient four-seaters. Lastly, the average vehicle made twenty-five years ago was 10 mpg more efficient than the average vehicle today. Backward steps have been taken since then, instead of forward steps. Why? Maybe the WASP heads of the "Big Three" car companies, the "Big Four" oil companies, and the GOP can answer that question. Sorry, man, but I'm just not buying what you're selling. VS -viennasausage
ok, as I dislike public nattering, here it is. "some" is a relative term, and as used by you, indicated a majority. I would also point out no COMPETENT ELECTRICIAN WOULD ATTEMPT A NETWORKING TECHS JOB. The "cut-rate" remark covered that. I was trying to point out that you were tarring a relatively large group for the sins of a few, or one. Smacks of "kill ALL the muslims" just to make sure you get 1 terrorist in the process. And btw, I still like you as a person. -HappyCrappy
hi neighbor! sending spare karma your way, for all its worth! :) -shellir05
Ecchi huh? That sounds interesting, I'd really appreciate a look see. -BlackCat
hi! I live on the other side of the bridge! Nice to see another local! -thatgirl
Re: "Namor - Do you include the time to install all the extant updates in the "$100 is outrageous!" figure? Because, you know, it takes a couple of hours or longer to get a XP system up to snuff ... *keeps getting irate at those that don't value their time AT ALL and then want to insult others that DO value their time* -ralphp1024 " No, I don't. If you want, we can have a nice li'l argument over email. I've had a system that came in, was charged just over $100, and it had been formatted. Not new install or anything, blank hard drive. I don't look for this work, I tend to stay away unless someone asks me nicely. I don't get charged full rate by going to a backyard mechanic, but nor am I raping him by suggesting he do it free, and nor is mine free, but it's at a significant discount for people who don't mind waiting half a week while I poke at it for 15 mins here and there. -namor
Congrats on the newly-enlarged posterior! It looks good on you, RwP! -ManyHats
LOL @ Rivendale, Archie, & Jughead. -concept14
Re: Your comment on Computerworld re: Networking vs Desktop Support, I've worked server & desktop support, server meaning I didn't have to deal with Lusers. Occasionally the network guys were helpful, but mostly they are lazy "someone elses' problem" specialists, who will bodyswerve ANY job that requires co-operation. I usually put this down to them having little or no social skills, or simply that they are too farkin idle to be bothered getting out of their chair, browsing Ebay & doing some work! -lineswine
Thanks for supporting TSC! I really appreciate it. later -Hawk
Well, I don't participate on it, but I read it on a daily basis (like here) and save all the really good rants, comments and tag lines. -VoiceOfSanity
Hey ralph, I just signed up for my star via long did it take for you to get yours? -0gr3
Ping! -Grue
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