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TSC Star Member chazz
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Bio: Mainly a programmer, I got into tech support sideways -- I told one of the neighbors that I understand computers, and now all my free time is taken up. I am the TS line's worst nightmare: a computer professional who has already tried everything in the script; and I can't help it, I click ahead because I read at 1000 wpm or better and if you point me at a web page with a link to a possible solution, I'm on that link and through it before you can tell me it's there. To offset that, though, if you tell me to do something, I will do it if it isn't egregiously stupid (e.g. telling me to format and reinstall when r&r the IP stack should fix it).
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Is this your first star? Or did the other lapse? congrats either way. -evolvedstarfish
Congrats on the newly renewed star (as well as the inevitable re-supersized azz), chazz! -LinuXtreme
Welcome back to the BBC! -teivrann
ummm OI FAT BUTT is all I have to say right now :D -Jax
I take it you no like MSI mainboards then? In the UK, we have a bloody horrible "PCChips" mainboards (euugh!) & some other cheapo ones called "Jetway"... by and large, you get what you pay for. -lineswine
hey chazz, thanks for the offer to help, any contacts or help is greatly appreciated. You can contact me through the email on here, it's also my msn and I'm there most of the time I'm not at work. -halitech
I have the MP3 of the "large orange drink" comedy routine. I can e-mail it if you like. Its on one of the Dr. Demento collections. -Starfury
Yup, it's a work crackberry. Top tip from one who nearly *did* have it intrude too much - switch the wretched thing onto silent. That way it really won't bother you at night. -CommanderData
Didn't mean funny ha-ha, precisely. It has been that long since anyone tried to influence the politics of this fair land with gunpowder, and I dare say that thee and me are two of the very few on this site that remember. That being said, for all of the howling, Toronto the Good is still pretty much that. It just kind of struck me funny, setting off a bomb, in Toronto, on a Sunday. Very Pythonesque, if you take my meaning! -Bagheera
It's in shell32.dll! I wouldn't object to having such information handy if you don't mind sharing. BAM! -clockkingfl
Thanks for offering, but we'll let it go for now. I'll find something else I can prank him with. Something that can be done quickly as I'll only have a few minutes. I already have a number of ways of irritating Chef and I can stick with those for now. -clockkingfl
Ah, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you for explaining that to me. -Gunpe
Glad to see you posting, thought you'd done a Jimmy Hoffa. But droping off the radar is *MY* gig ok?, get your own act!, ;0) -Digital Dogcow
Hey Chazz! Will you be able to make it to the BBQ in Portland this year? Pretty Please! -obie099
Chazz, then I feel your pain. The worst part is all my schools have 3com's NBX100, which I think is superior, but this site and one other all it is doing is "translating". -computerdoc
Thanks chazz for the better formatted post. Hopefully it won't be too long until I get my shiny new star. -Falling -falling
By Jove, I think he's got it! The person in question was just short of needing a bib to catch the drool. Good on ya, mate! -Bagheera
Bingo! that was what I was asking about is the visual layout. and I am glad you caught it. I added a width: 15%; to my .leftcol property in my stylesheet that is where is was to go right? or am I missing something. I also committed the change so if you could look at the site again? -blindtech
Chazz, I have run into a problem with Oracle 11i and Kronos time keeper with IE7. Talking with both software companies, they said that they had submitted the problems to Microshaft durring beta testing and they have not gotten any responce nor has the problem been fixed. We have now blocked the autoupdate to IE7 as well as instructed our users not to install IE7. Gunpe -Gunpe
Chazz - I need your expertice in hardware ts. My computer has started a while ago to not start when cold. but if I leave the power on for 5 min, and then reset the comp starts OK and OS works OK. Any ideas? -Dr Jerkyl
That'd be the one Chazz. Long live the Fox. -VFox
Love the star. -Rabbitt
I might have a look through my old COCO3 programming magazines, see if I can find any of those ads you mention ;) (if its the right place to look anyway) -evolvedstarfish
Ill send you a sample tell me if you like it. Tech song that is, its to the tune of "Stan - Eminem." I think its pretty funny. -Psyl3n5e
Chazz - Depends on how you cook it! -Divinar
That I do live in Canada. London to be exact.. but not for much longer! -Caboose447
Ahhh, "on the gripping hand!" You weren't raised by Moties by any chance? Note: I'm only about halfway through "The Gripping Hand", and am finding it as thoroughly enjoyable as the first book. -ThreeBucks
Thx for the msg. This "migration" to server 2003 is only partial as we are stuck with NT4 member servers and win 98 workstations. I'll drop something in the forum soon about it. -ChildofCthulhu
Chazz--no, I moved in with them. They have dial-up. My brother is allowed to do whatever he wants, my mother has Norton and McAfee running at the same time, out of date, and I got yelled-at for installing Spybot, Ad-Aware and AVG because "They slow down the computer! THEY MUST BE VIRUSES!!" I don't even have *words* for it. Best part? Next week, we get FIOS. Let's take this to PM if you want more horror stories of my family's computer ineptitude. -TranceGemini
just got your message to WB you. What's up? -drachen
Hi chas. I just looked at the drive and the little eight pin block between the ide connector and power supply doesn't have any sort of caps. all the pins seem to be sort of sharp, unless there's something I'm missing I don't see anything. it's a wdc drive, if that helps. Thanks so much for your help. -AdmiralLaurie
hey, quick question. what's the picture from the LOTD? don't want to put my normal "what is it" comment and risk upsetting anyone. -AdmiralLaurie
Hey Chazz, you have 20% CPU usage on a Vista box at idle? I'm looking at my CPU usage right now in a sidebar gadget (in Vista), and none of my (four) cores are going above 4% at any given time... most of them are at 0%.. (I'm running an Intel Q6600) -Bynar
chazz-I on the other hand do work for Dos Cables and I will tell you what I tell everyone else that complains. The ISP has control of the features of the final product because they are the ones that order it. Same if I ordered a pizza and you decided you wanted a slice, but didn't like any of the toppings and thought some were missing. Would you call the pizza restaurant and complain about the fact that someone else's pizza wasn't the right one for you? If you want to have the full features of what we offer you can order your own lot and sell them. Might be a good side business. -adarklite
Do you work in New Westminster? -formatCdrive
Which one's Mr. Meany? (and the rest) -evolvedstarfish
hey chazz, just wondering what the pic is on the LOTD? thanks! -AdmiralLaurie
I think i remember newmans backstory.. and DAMN!! -Harm
Popping into the message board....what's up with Neumann? I live in NE where they want to make everyone on a computer an 'offender' of some sort, and our AG is on the TV all the time railing against cell phones and chat rooms and the like, so the perceptional shift that someone that hangs in chat rooms is either 1. a kid or some other unresponsible slacker, or 2. some sort of weirdo is getting prevalent. Is this an interpretation of the law issue, or did he/she just have a lapse of judgment? -Alathea
Hey Chazz. I don't work with text files much, and especially ones that are supposed to be formatted for something ive never seen before. When I open this thing up in a text editor and view all characters the end of each line has the CR and LF symbol on the end, immediately after position 512. Does the CR and LF make each line 514, then? The accuwage program the SSA is requiring all the county payroll offices to use keeps saying the file is only 511 bytes, or has a CR or LF in a line. I guess my question is how can a fixed length ascii file be created without at least a carriage return on the end of each line? Thanks for any info you've got. My boss isn't pushing me on this at all, now it more for personal gratification that I try to figure it out. There IT guy doesn't seem to want to deal with it, and our program isn't exporting any different than it ever has. -Alathea
Hi Chazz, I'm still fighting to bring my slab back from the graveyard. Basically I somehow got a copy of partition magic, and I have no idea what happened during the next half hour, because I remember next staring at a darkened screen, and my friend was over my shoulder asking what was wrong. The only things we can do are: linux live cd, bios and disk diags. Anything else and it's no go. And the b!tch who installed xp refused to give me a disk, flash key, whatever with recovery tools or files on it, claiming "you'll never need it, I can always fix it." but now he's, busy busy with his wife, so I'm left going huh? We might have to take it to the PX on Monday, but I'm afraid if we do they'll nnp without asking me if I want my stuff backe3d up and I don't want to sound like a whiny brat if I ask for my stuff to be backed up. Thanks in advance and I'm sorry this is so long. -AdmiralLaurie
Hey Starfury, I'd love to get the "large orange drink" mp3 from you... -liled
re: the soapbox: don't hold back, hun, there's plenty of baked goodies on the table, lots of Russian tea, so tell me how you really feel.... *starts running!* -AdmiralLaurie
Actually, Wintereenmas starts on January 25th and ends on January 31st. Get it right folks! -unrenowned
Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me re: contract work/wages. Worked out pretty well for me, and the guy even tipped, because he didn't think I'd get it done in a day. So, thank you for the advice! -beerman
Hey Chazz, you seem interested in my idea for a programming project. It's totally unofficial right now, but when I explain to my bosses how it will impact my team, I might generate some interest for some freelance work. Drop me a line. CyBearMan at gmail. -CyBear
what is tl;dr? -DarkRookie
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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