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TSC Member burrkiss

Nick: burrkiss
Name: burrkiss
Employer: me
Home Page:
Location: iowa
TSC Member Since: 2003-04-21

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Bio: bio. yup. bio.
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I'm not sure, sir. How many lights are flashing on your modem? </snotty tech support guy answer> Ummmmmmmm... I dunno. If you're referring to the one about you shouldn't have been nice, it's here: If you've posted one since then it didn't come through. I don't know what else to tell you. Sorry. -RiffRaff
in regards to hot_carmel_sundae2002, one look at her and the hardest drive in the world turns to a floppy, she is about 6'2"and about 110#, has only teeth in one side of her head and has had 9 kids all taken away by childrens protective services, oh yeh did i mention she like to smoke crack? -Casca
Penispenispenis -bluesclues
Athena&Appolo = Battlestar Galactica right? -Hellion
On the gripping hand: -LaserGuru
burkiss, congrats on the star! -Tekkie
Done, m'dear. *files away the favor for a later time* ;-) -techiegoddess
I'm really glad you corrected your post about my wife - the first post came across as you were calling her a starfish (a bit harsh as she'd just slapped down a starfish herself...) -lineswine
Congratulations on the little burrkiss! Or burpkiss? Babies are the most wonderfully, aggravating pets you'll ever raise! -Tekkie
Heh, the evil side / good side thing was a parting gift from our outgoing PFY, he left the evil side msg on my whiteboard so I replied to it as the good side. -Digital Dogcow
Try username: drivers password: all -CyBear
MrsQuadrinaro has the default driver info. -burrkiss
Try disabling the anti-virus protection in the BIOS settings, because when you re-install an Operating system it has to write to the HDD boot sector & this comes is interpreted by the BIOS as a virus attack by a boot sector virus. The only other thing I can think of is that some media you are using for the in stall is infected & therefore is transferring a virus to the PC you are working on. There was a virus that used to trash BIOSes (CIH, I think it was called), but as to actually writing itself to the BIOS chip I don't know of any that does that. Hope this Helps, Micky -lineswine
Glad to help with the drivers. Did you get everything working OK? -Disallowed
How many times did you poke the bunny? Did you do it at least 58 times? *LOL* -ResidentLuser
I appreciate that you made an apology for your statement without retracting your sentiments. Compassion & principles, what a nice combination! -Tekkie
Hi, BurrKiss! Thanks for the advice. <spoiled> I'm lucky this way, though: The boss reads it and laughs, too. Hell, he tells the best stories about himself. <MORE spoiled> -CTYankee
Hey Burkiss, can you email me at and tell me which ISP you work for? (curious myself, I'm a cable ISP tech as well) -Warrick
Oh yeah, some of those old DOS games are still cool enough to play. I've got a 486 system sitting around that I'm eventually going to load with 6.22 and any old DOS games I can find. Magenta has an old Mac IIcx I'm going to play around with one of these days as well. And thanks for the shake; with my dentures it's hard to swallow pills. <g> -RiffRaff
congrats on the baby - its so exciting, isnt it? good luck to you and mrs burrkiss - keep us infomred when the small one arrives and changes your life in the most magical way you could ever imagine! -timelady
The "Training" we just got would be easy to read that we can't hang up anyone. Even if they don't own anything our employer made. Little wonder that of the 30 people I trained with in Jan of 2002 there is only 8 left. And many classes have less than that left. What pitifull reflection on the industry. -Wolffarmer
SUSe is IBM's Linux distro. It's packed with tools and awesome add-ons. As far as Linux flavors go, I'd say it's probably the best. As linux goes, it's fairly near the easiest to work with, but it's still way harder than Windows. -scooby111
Great catch there, burrkiss! You are now my official proofreader. -Tekkie
CNN featured the sewing machine a few months back, and google is a wonderful tool. You're not planning to offer support for that, are ya? <BFEG> -Disallowed
{dies laughing @ latest soapbox} -mousie
lol, i could telll you so many insidents where me bling a blind smokers has brought some friends and i. i am a stoner and i burned everything from my musstash to my nose to my eye browl to my lips damnit. but got to have the green man, got to have the green, is it worth it, let me think about that on a smoke and i'll get back to you on that, if i remember to. lol vary vary bad short term memory. why, i've been an everyday mj smoker since 94 and it got to me. lol peace. now you know the feds are gonna come kick down my door for being an admitted smoker, i wish they would just leave us smaokers alone. -blindtech
Thanks for the kind word. I was starting to feel neglected. -TechnoVampire
Ill join it.. I have not played in a while but im sure I will get back in the click once I start again. I have to sigh up for the online version so I will check it out. -rockytech
is there a way to get the ip addy of people posting here? -postal tech
hey Burkiss, technically if it's doublesided, it's not a katana. But that aside, do you have refrence (ie link to a pic or site sellig them) of one? -KuroTaka
RE: Billy bob and his backhoe ... We actually had an outage where some marksman shot down a fiber from a pole, killing all of AZ and NM. I will never understand whose idea it was to hang a fiber rather than bury it but anyway. -daeglo
I would be happy to take one for the TSC team. It's just that, darn, I've (conveniently) forgotten my home address. I have it around here somewhere, I'll have to get back to you on that (heh heh heh). :P -ThirdOfFive
Fine, but my feminine techy ego is oh-so-bruised. Chicks can tech too, ya know :oP -Nonamys
so you dl-ed it? what happen, did you read the man? i know its wierd, went i first went blind, i was like "damn, now what do i do" cause before i went blind six years ago, i was working comps too, but when i went blind i thought i was done, but i'm not, but the game does rock, there's a couple others on there like a sub cim it rocks too, and a dume cim for the blind, . yo you should just try it and see what happens. lol -blindtech
Dude - you might be surprised at some of the conversations my mother and I have had ... my parents have separated, and she's tellin' me all sorts of things about how she's out dating *grin* She's actually turned into like a best friend lately ... it's been strange but kinda cool at the same time -teivrann
Burkiss: I'd try HTML Goodies (; that's where I go sometimes if I need to look up something I've forgotten. But for images it's easy: <IMG SRC="filname.jpg"> Hope that helps. :~} -RiffRaff
dude, getting back to you about the game, thats cool that you tried it and found it too hard, as a matter of fact, you are the only one who got back to me on it. i agree that "we" well i use to, take our sight for granted. but hey, don't try that game on mj man, oh god, you run and duc for cover when you hear a shell hit your tank, i jump three feet above my chair high once, cause a helecopter fired a missle at me and it blew me up, the sound was so loud that i almost had a cemi panic attack over it. it was freekie. but anyway, thanks on trying the game dude, and smokes up! -blindtech
Yup, I'll update ya if & when something happens, but right now no new developments as yet, the situation is basically as it was when I last posted, Union is backing my complaint, but my employers wont review it untill after the christmas holidays. But thanks for asking. -Digital Dogcow
Heya, burrkiss. Seems you and your post disappeared today. Hope it's not permanent? Please? Some of us would miss you a lot. -Tekkie
Hmmm? Kill somebody else then tell you?, thats a tricky one. I'd need to check with the Illuminati rep for Iowa, Fred (Gopher from 'The Love Boat') Grandy. -Digital Dogcow
Hey, dude. If you're serious about wanting to use my Star Trek background, e-mail me and I'll send you the original BMP if you like. -RiffRaff
Tried replying to your e-mail with the BMP attached, it bounced back. Does Hotmail have an attachment restriction of some kind? -RiffRaff
hey burrkiss, what trans am do you have? I got a 1978 TA,a 99 firebird, a 68 firebird and a 65 galaxie 500 -CoolBlu
Relaxing From The Management - day off today :> :> :> :> :> -RTFM
Like the Sig. Hey I saw the TA post on your white board. I have a 99 T/A now, but I used to own a 68 GTO and before that a 68 Camaro. -Hellion
I know all you did was offer Gecko a valium, but a bit of support from one of the "big kids" makes a world of difference. I've had a crappy day, and the overreactive, elitist bullshit response from Gecko just kind of added to it... Thanks :o) -Nonamys
Actually, I had someone else do it, at a tattoo parlour though - not just some backyard job :) -teivrann
There was a terrorist bomb attack in spain, death toll 180-odd and rising -NightRain
Hey, burrkiss! You must be feeling pretty sore today from your windows injury. Hope you get healed up quickly! -Tekkie
LOL! + sign! sorry, had to reiterate that . . . i'm done for now -goblin69
being goatse'd is a little beyond just mooning. In order to fully appreciate the shock value, you must see it for yourself. there was a link posted in the comments to my post, I'd suggest checking it out - if you dare. :) - Bynar -Bynar
Given your tagline, I'd swear you work here, except your bio says otherwise. -K1W1
It is with great pleasure that I confer upon you the Tagline of the Year award....Love it! -Gromit
Whats wrong with this story?[By: burrkiss / 2004-03-26 If you annoy me I shall fart next to you and make you pass out. Then take compromising pictures.] this is too funny man -THETECHFROMHELL
You know I wasn't really yellign, right? -Magenta
When you commented "that's dumb" on my post, were you talking about the subject of my post, or my having double-posted? It's a zen thing, right? Two comments in one. You're deep, man. :) -knownuthin
OMG, I can just about see Sheldahl from where I work! -concept14
LOL, Naaaa, my cable company doesn't service Iowa ... but I think my outsourcing firm has offices in Des Moines... -Zentar
i'm sending out a card for persephone, what's your mailing address -omegawolf
I don't know how my sick, twisted mind made that jump either, and I don't think I wanna know. but you started it with that referance about my facial hair!!! <bfeg> -wolfprince
someone loves you, they gifted you a star! -Hawk
Well done on the star burrkiss (*w00t! I'm just after the almight Hawk*) -Cooki3
congrats on the star. -rhiannon
Grats on the star burrkiss -Warrick
Congrats on the star also. Funny, I thought you always had one. I appreciate you comments. Where in IA are you - I grew up there - just north of the Quad Cities - long frickin' time ago. -Dewby
Congrats on the star also. Funny, I thought you always had one. I appreciate you comments. Where in IA are you - I grew up there - just north of the Quad Cities - long frickin' time ago. -Dewby
Love the restored star - shame about the adverse dimensional effect it has on your posterior! <chuckle> You look after it now - remember to polish it regularly! -Gromit
Just for clarification, burrky, Gromit meant you should polish the *star*! -Tekkie
Here's I page I found with some neat graphics and toys to explain moonphases. -TechnoVampire
Dead goat? What kind of goat? -CommanderData
Jealousy must be a terrible thing, mate! <g> -Gromit
Blowing all those people, and doing it right, will use up the hour right there. ;-) -concept14
Yeah, my O is a capital ever since I got shifted. ;) -Tekkie
hey dude, whats going on? just getting back to you with another challenge. can you do me a favor and try another game? go to and dl lonewolf. i think it'll be easier and i'm curious what the results will be. -blindtech
hey dude, whats going on? just getting back to you with another challenge. can you do me a favor and try another game? go to and dl lonewolf. i think it'll be easier and i'm curious what the results will be. and i think it'll be easier cause it actually displays text on the screen. its a world war two sim -blindtech
which Resident Evil ya talking about? -RandalGraves
That's exactly my point, burrkiss. It ISN'T needed. I get these yahoos that darken my door from time to time that think they MUST have the most expensive cable they can find in order to preserve the signal quality to their new flat tvs with Cox digital service, but they don't think twice about slapping push-ons on the ends. I'd take some Belden RG59 and King's connectors any day of the week! -viennasausage
Burrkiss, I really appreciate your particular style... especially after I invested heavily in that brain bleach company! ;-) -CyBear
Don't take any of my comments seriously. Almost always I am just making a wisecrack or trying to get people to laugh. The cunt should have absolutly any claim on the guy. Nuff said. -atomicbill
It's a reference to the film Bubba Ho-tep. Maybe I should have changed it to the unblinking BROWN eye of Ra! -viennasausage
"That just made me sound like a gay rapist." It never bothered you before. ;-) -concept14
The robber fiasco ... it wasn't pretty. -ITNaziChick
So you pinged her a maximum of 30 hops? -concept14
Cable Company didn;t teach you the difference between the inch and centimeter sides of the ruler? ;-) -concept14
Burrkiss, right now we have two nominations for Minister of Truth. I was planning on having two people in that office. If I do not receive any more nominations for that office. You will win by default. Your basic job would be to make sure the Alliance does the screwing in any of the treaties we form instead of being screwed. (Note my absence of any writen jokes here doesn't mean I wasn't thinking any) *bfeg* If no other nominations come in, is this a position you are willing to take? -JH
WhooHoo! You and me, Ministers of Truth! You bend'em over, and I'll have at'em! Then your turn! 'K? -CyBear
Hermaphrodite screwing themselves: Incest or masterbation? -Harm
Ironiclly enough, I'm drinking coke and smiling right now. Double irony, I'm snorting cock and smiling right now. I love the morning. -burrkiss [gotta wonder, you can't even call that a typo <eg>] -omegawolf
OK, i suppose i did ask for that, thank god i had finished my choclate fudge before i checked my e-mail <bg> (yes i know that is also a feed line) :) -Armakuni
Burkie baby. Did you need a bit of Jose to go with the snorting of the coke? -Rabbitt
Re: your comment on my WB - touché :) -Armakuni
burrkie--chickie, boobie, baby! I'm a pretty swingin' hepcat, but I draws the line at ass-pounding other cats! You's gonna havta swing this gig wit out me, ya dig? Smooth. And ya might wanna keep that on the low-down, skillet! <bfeg> -viennasausage
Read your comment on Snow's know, that's the thing...I have a friend who's also a night owl...he's usually waking up just as I get off work. He explained to me that for nightbirds, noon is the same thing as midnight...have you had to tell anyone this? -halfstarfish
Read your post on CD's whiteboard. True, you don't have to wear a bra... Doesn't mean you can't either! :) -maciarc
Well, you managed to tug at my heartstrings (not hard when you're talking about animals) and I donated. Let's hope that everyone else does so that poor animal can get all the care it deserves and can go on to live a wonderfully happy life in a great new home. -JustAGirl
That poor, poor, beautiful doggie! I just sent my donation; how could I not after seeing those pictures. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go hug my one-eyed cat... -Magikcat
Its not offen donation get made by me. Animal causes I will definetly donate to. That poor dog. Thanks burrkiss. -Harm
I just made a donation too. Let's hope all our TSC brothers and sisters can send something, even if only a little, to help this poor dog and those angels who helped her when not sure they would receive payment. -BritishBunny
WOW! I was not expecting such a moving post from you, but it definately worked and I too made a donation to such a worth cause!! Thank you so much for posting that!! -ITGuppie
Oh yeah...ITGuppie is me. I forgot I had created that wonderful name...oops! Oh well. Thanks again for posting that link!! -ITNaziChick
White chocolate sucks! ;) -snowcrash
Thank you. -Avalon68
Wow, burrkiss. IO have to admit that I didn't expect such a soft side after eading your posts and comments, but I had tears in my eyes after reading the soapbox. I had to close my browser to finish my work after seeing just one pic of Gypsy- _poor baby_! Thanks so very much for posting it! I copied your post into an email and sent it to coworkers and friends and family in the hopes that maybe they can also get the word out. As a sucker for abused/abandoned animals, my heart bleeds for her! -taieena
Oh yea? And how a video of 19 yrs old doing 69 would help me to post on the TSC??!! ... wait... unless both are girls... Ok, I just got an idea. Send it to me. But I still want my Pepsi!!! -TheGhost
Now seriously, had I been sitting any closer to the screen, you would owe me a 19 in flat monitor. When I read your 69 bits comment, I did spit out my drink :-D 'k. I'll forget the pepsi this time. This time only. -TheGhost
Ever try getting some *alone time* with a 6 year old in the house?? Hell, ya GOTTA be fast! (and have a good lock on the door!) -Ulfgaard
Yes, I'm still alive... though just barely. Jose can really kick some ass <rubs I mean cranium... ya sick puppy> BFEG. good to be back. -wolfprince
i don't know if that was your # or not but jess is gonna be pissed if it's not! -omegawolf
re: I did put my accent up to "full idiot mode" for the call, sorry if it fooled you. What is an Iowa accent like? -lineswine
I feel funky...monkey funky! -neuman1812
Yeah, you were pretty funny at Omaha, but I'm also imagining you being more than a little red when you noticed that "snorting cock" comment. Will there be a round 2 at Rokitt's? -redevil34
Burrkiss, You're a lousy actor ;) -Necros
"Let's do this! LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROYYYYYYYYY mmmmmJEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNKINSS!" heh What server do ya play on? I'm on Doomhammer. -OgdenTechGuy
"I could probably take three men, but I want them to be hung like a fly." Okay, now we know you like your men stuck to a No-Pest strip... and I thought *I* was kinky! -concept14
Here's one for you. -THETECHFROMHELL
Now that's the Bigg Butted Burrkiss we all know and love. Glad to see your backside is still a large member of the community -Rabbitt
Burkiss got a big butt, Burkiss got a big butt! Nyah nyah nyah! -CyBear
May I play with your dice? <3 -TranceGemini
Hey! You were gifted a star membership and also a tshirt. I need to know what size you would like as well as your address. We are trying to get them out this week. Please let me know asap. Thanks! -Hawkswifey
Hey-You forgot to tell me your address.....I laughed so hard at your response! It made my day! Let me know your address....we actually will be mailing tomorrow. Thanks! -Hawkswifey
You are so asking for this. Bone Up Riff's Rear, Knock In Sloppy Seconds. -concept14
ok pervman.... I wantn to give some payback.. need a name.../ nic -HappyCrappy
Sure I can wait. I managed to scrounge up ~384MB of PC100 to hold me over until. w/b or email to discuss $$$ -objekt404
8 out of 10 Owners who Expressed a Preference said Their Cats Preferred Burrkiss. -THETECHFROMHELL
Burrkiss - Your email keeps bouncing. Is your inbox full? *wink wink nudge nudge* -Divinar
Linuxmatt left the underline tag unclosed on purpose, just because he could. -concept14
I had mechwarrior 2, but my pc was underpowered to run 3. I got 4 and that was ok, they made some good improvements, but weapons loadouts was bad. Then there were 2 mech games on the xbox, because MS bought out Fasa, but those games were all 3rd person and no weapon loadouts, just preconfigured mechs. Not fun! -areatech
LOL @ "Mine is the greyish Cirrus with barf down the passenger side door. Oh yeah, I need the Deluxe Car Wash too please." Because of your driving or because of your choices of adult beverages? -concept14
Thanks for the info on the RG6. You the man, regardless of what other people say. -techinator
Do you know where I can get one of those patches? ;-) -concept14
Ohhh. What a big beautiful burkiss butt! Congrats on the re-enhancement. -Rabbitt
love that big ass, the cod piece is a little distracting though! Welcome back to the BBC. -NOFXfan
burrkiss got back! -Tekkie
Nice to see that well-worn, well-reamed arse of yours properly adorned again. (Well, let's face it, ANYTHING would be an improvement...... <bek9g> ) -Gromit
The ones I remember- "Darmok and Jalard at Tanagra." Two warriors team up and fight together. "Shaka, when the walls fell" Failure "Timber, his arms wide" - A gift is given. ANd there was one about "his eyes open" meaning understanding. -JTSBrown
I should be able to help you with your radio. Just find out what brand and model number it is, and I'll see what info's on it. -vacuumtubes
BurrKiss, did you get my invite for a chess game? Check the thread in the break room, page 4. I'm ready to go - jard 3/4/2007 -jard
Hey doll! I just warned the admiral about you since it seemed like a good thing to do at the time. I enjoy your comments and stories, being a bit of a perv myself! Did not mean to offend. -thatgirl
07-17-04 Oh, you are sooooo going on the ninja hitlist! In 1 to 3 weeks, when my minions are gathered, you're getting such a wedgy! -Tekkie
Everything okay in your neighborhood? Don't know how far you are from the Cedar but weather has sure been interesting lately. -Dewby
Eleven years ago (seems like yesterday) I lived in East Grand Forks, MN and experienced the "Flood of the Century". Just wanted to drop you a note, hoping everything is well with you and your family. -Dewby
That particular XP disk was from my Microsoft Partner pack. I've still got access to new XP home and Pro disks if you need to buy them however. -DataSolutions
Burrkis, you old sod, I do really love you. After my bad experience, your comment about Datasolution's dogs was the first thing that made me laugh. It was the beginning of a recovery. But just in case, can our love be just platonic? -TheGhost
Congrats on that new enlarged ass of yours. Welcome back to the constellation -THETECHFROMHELL
No worries, not everyone can be a super alcoholic -DedSysOp
step 1 and 2.. get firefox and the dl helper addon.. - i'll fire off a list of the sites i use once i get home :) -Harm
You oughta write a script to kiboze TSC's latest entries. -Obsi
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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