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TSC Member Wraith556

Nick: Wraith556
Name: None provided
Employer: None provided
Home Page: None provided
Location: Sydney
TSC Member Since: 2003-05-20

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Bio: Until being made redudant in March 2004, I worked for the Sydney branch of a European software company. Assigned duties were Product Coordinator and System Administrator. This means I was the one caught between Salescritters, Suits, Customers, and corporate requirments. However, the job had some perks (like 256k downloads and a PC with a CD-R). Past jobs have included just about everything from packing shop shelves to picking up horse shit. Hobbies include long-range paper punching, LAN-gaming, and (for summer) surfing and diving.
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Try a Antec case. The good ones have a air filter over the entire intake area and has 5 spots for additional 80mm fans. 6 if you change the door to the case. And like you said, rounded cables are the best. (1 of those 80mm fans is right in front of the removeable HDD bay and cools my 2 7200rpm HDD quite nicely.) -burrkiss
My home rig is Athlon XP1700+ (Palomino core, non-overclocked), MSI K7T266-Pro2RU mainboard, 768 MB RAM, Pioneer 116 DVD-ROM, ASUS 4816 CDRW, ATA Zip100, 1x40GB 7200rpm & 2x80GB 7200rpm (RAID 0) (all Seagate). Triplex Ti4200 64-MB, SB Live 5.1, Netgear 311 10/100 LAN, & Pinnacle DC10+ VidCap. LianLi PC65 case, ToPower 420w PSU, round-core cables & 2 6" green cold-cathodes. 19" AOC monitor & Hercules XPS510 speakers round out the package. Opsys: Win98 (patched to SE) & Win2000Pro (SP3) dual-boot. Not a top-performer, but rock-solid reliable. Scores a respectable 8600+ average in 3Dmark2001SE (b330). Of-course, specs can change... -Wraith556
PS: Scanned photos of the system are available on-request. -Wraith556
Call of Duty is a MUCH MUCH better game. Let's just put it this way, I really hope that as an expansion they add some MP maps for some of the levels on there I haven't seen in MP as yet.. One level I particularly loved, was Pegasus Bridge.... if you've not heard of it Google it, it was a tought fight and the level even on lowest DIFFICULTY was a tough fight. -Warrick (teching a turkey) BTW, what is it about TS? Most of the techs here have or love using guns of some sort. :) Just curious. -snowcrash
Sorry to sound stupid mate but how were the searches after hours you'd mentioned illegal in and of themselves? (yes the planting of evidence is far from legal or even MORAL, but that's something different) -Warrick
LOL- Remove the (") - Thanks Mate! That was the best laugh I've had all week. -Hellion
Write me if you still need a gmail invite. -concept14
Sure... not a problem... another G-Mail on the way -exzyle2k
You've been around THIS LONG and are only JUST NOTICING ME?!?! My attention whoring has got me NOWHERE! ^_^* <3 Well hi there, Wraith! What's up? Nice empty profile ya got there. PM me sometime dude! -TranceGemini
Thanks for fixing your whiteboard. :) Keep us posted on the work thing, OK? -Tekkie
I'd love a copy of the long Tetris theme! It was before my time, but my dad loved playing it, so I got to hear it anyway. -Seamyst
Hit me up with that tetris shiznit homeboy! err, and stuff. -Tarantulus
Please, sir, may I have Tetris song? </practing doe eyes, failing> -missourimule
I used to turn the game on just to hear that song, please send me a copy. -ShadowGarou
Please send me a copy of the Tetris MP3 Thanks! -Quchant
Guys, just a note about the Tetris MP3, it is 19 megabytes in size. So please make sure you have a mailbox that can take files of that size. Unless someone has a FTP location for the file. -Wraith556
Laser toner dust is not carcinogenic, however the old school photocopier toner was. The stuff used for printers and all photocopiers for at least the last 10 years or so is made from organic sources for black and from plastic particles for color (think crayon wax basically). Since I know Canon and HP use the EXACT same toner it most definitely isn't carcinogenic nowadays. It can still be a lung irritant - anything in powder form in large enough quantities can be but please don't tell people it will cause cancer. Sorry - getting off my soap box now but just had to vent and try and correct a misconception. -frprinterwiz
Much karma for the little one... I know its rough, not because i have kids, but because I have nephews and niece. Health Karma for your family. -iamscoop
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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