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TSC Member Voz

Nick: Voz
Name: None provided
Employer: Casa de Chaos
Home Page: None provided
Location: Minnesota
TSC Member Since: 2005-02-21

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Bio: If you're a manager in a non-computer company, and have been building your own boxes since the Pre-Pentium generation, never, I mean, NEVER admit that you know anything about them at work. Got drafted to support a lot of OS & desktop tasks along with radios, cellphones, hotel guest wi-fi systems, etc.
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Here, stick this goldfish down your pants. Don't get too comfortable with it, cuz next... it's what's for dinner. -Mushroom
Can't I at least use a DIFFERENT goldfish? That one looks a little gamey... -Voz
Minnesota eh? Say, you don't know a guy by the name of Olaf do you? He lives in Minnesota too <Runs away giggling> -lineswine
Nice star. Nice posts. Welcome to the larger side of TSC. -Rabbitt
Just read your "drunk guests" post - Didn't know you're in the Mpls. area. I live in Bloomington, myself. Work in E.P. methinks we might have a "Northstar" chapter of TSC brewing... If you'd like to e-mail sometime - racermd AT gmail. -racermd
I've noticed lately that the Twin Cities news outlets have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for news lately. I suppose it's not necessarily a bad thing when one of the worst stories on the news has to do with starfish burning themselves with peppers.... -PikaPikaChick
i'm sorry to hear that. i never actually thought about that, but i guess one doesn't/can't know. I'm sorry... -beerman
I know I'm sticking my nose in, so feel free to smack it -- In the last 1-2 years there have been several studies published showing that increased exercise actually reduces symptoms of Alzheimer's and especially delays and reduces the memory problems. It's not a cure, but if it helps . . . they aren't talking about turning into a pro athlete, just increasing the exercise levels by 20-30 minutes per day. -ManyHats
Definitely feel for ya, Voz. I'm going through the same thing with my dad now. He's just in the early stages (just has better and worse days), but he's only 54. Here's to the better days. -missourimule
Voz: Care for a Twin Cities TSC pub-crawl sometime in June? -deskmonkey
just tell me your hotel PMS is not made by Many Silly Interfaces. -knothere
<Because it's the "special" people who have to handle the most important data, and the "special" people are most likely to believe that they _are_ special and should be allowed to do whatever they want!> You're not referring to me are you? -billybien
Voz, I'd take the "IBM Advanced/36" off your hands...or better still, put Linux on it and use it as a BIIIIIIIIIGGG toy! -CTYankee
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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