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TSC Member Mushroom

Nick: Mushroom
Name: Mushroom
Employer: I am between owners
Home Page:
Location: SEA/TAC
TSC Member Since: 2000-10-19

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Bio: Member since 1999. Really. History: 3 years for Earthlink in TS, 1 year in cell data support, some antiphishing and domain support, and short professional stints along the way; I am looking for Something Somewhat Permanent. Presently trying to figure out (again) what I want to be when I grow up. I don't ever want to work in fast food or a bank call center again, and am burned out on over-the-phone tech support. -=-=- You'll also wanna see Laughter Is The Spackle Of The Soul - my found photograph archive:
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6/17/07 - It is time for my every-three-years purging of the Whiteboard. We've all forgotten what we were commenting on along the way (beside star renewals and job gains/losses). :) -Mushroom
Yay! First post on the clean whiteboard! ( . Y . ) !!!!!runs away giggling! -thatgirl
It's the least I can do. -thatgirl
Restorer2000 is the program I informed Riffster about. -exzyle2k
Mushroom, To my knowledge I do not work with anyone named "Ben Doon" but my company does have over fifty thousand employees and contractors worldwide. Stuart -PhillipMcCrevic
Mushroom - I just laid a floating floor from Ikea in my kitchen. I would only recommend it, if you have a 99% level floor. My house is from 1934 and it was very painful to use the floating floor. Budget concerns made it the only option, and while 100% better than the crumbling tile previously there, it is far from perfect. It will last 3-5 years, then I expect I will be redoing it. As a caveat - this is the first time I laid any type of flooring, so lot of issues were probably user error. Chaz -Chazdonna
Damn, look who's back! Good to see ya around again! -MadJack
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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