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TSC Star Member Gunpe
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Bio: Network Administrator.
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welcome to the galaxy -NOFXfan
Thanks for the welcome, Gunpe. How's it look? -FixitWench
Gunpe -- that's right, you're new here. VictorWong, aka Ambansire, is our resident troll. He appears periodically to annoy and belittle the working techs on this site, and is mailbombed whenever he appears; and occasionally appears in the forums whining about being abused. He's been banned, and his account locked out, at least once. You can see that he is a n00b by the fact that he has to ask what a LART is, despite being LARTed several times already. And that is what is going on here. -chazz
Yes, I have heard the Camel Toe song! It's Hilarious!! :) -rokitt
Gunpe: Could you either WB me or mail me and let me know what specific apps you have been warned that IE7 won't work with? I may have to deal with exactly that problem as well in the next couple of days -- I being responsible for coding an app that has to play nice with IE7 -- and I also need to warn some clients. -chazz
Hi Gunpe. Yeah, I've heard the Camel Toe song, but it's been a while. It is absolutely hysterical! :D -rokitt
Many thanks. I like the idea of a BBQ! -PTSTech
Nice star! Nope. Not gonna say nothin' 'bout the added posterior. Nope I'm not. -Rabbitt
any chance you could re-compile that for port 8080? I've got a few co-workers I need to have fun with :) -neuman1812
You had to go and encourage him, didn't you!?! ;) -Magenta
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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