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Bio: Telecomm tech, general smart-ass.
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Dude! I *so* agree with your view on kids. Someday mine might recover from the humor of his parents as well. :) -snowcrash
Actually it's part of the "Joe Canadian" rant which was an advertising campaign for a Canadian beer named: 'Molson Canadian'. You can see the ad here: . It got voted the best ad of the year at several international marketing award shows. The point of it was basically because we are NOT a flag waving nation. It had me in tears of laughter when I first saw it. Actor got center stage on July 1st (Canada), and well became a quazi-celeb. for a bit (probably because of the resemblance to Jim Carrey) -Zentar
No problem :) as i have said to all TSC members, if you are or are planning to be in my neck of the woods, drop me an email and i wouldn't mind giving ya'll a tour :) -CrystalMare
Those bulk tape erasers are still around. They're discontinued, but a few stores in your area should still have one. (assuming you'd like a backup). Just call your local RS and ask them to check for catalog # 44-233. If they don't have it, tell them to check the perpetual for other stores in the district. Whiteboard me if you have any questions. Your Friendly Neighborhood RS Manager. -Answerboy
WBMC??? Wild Blueberry and Maple Center? West Bromwich Mountaineering Club? Woottton Bassett Methodist Church? West Bank Motorcycle Club? -Rabbitt
A Ren & Stimpy! -lineswine
thanks for the tip on the dry ice, but no 31 flavors around here, Velvet ice creem corners the market there, i'll check with them. i've heard from a dozen people that there is a place around here that actually makes dry ice, but nobody can ever remember who. </frustration> -wolfprince
I re-read the entire series every time a new book comes out so I think last time was around January (Wolves of the Calla) I could be wrong tho and may not know how to read... -DedSysOp
Umm, actually I got my nick from a book called The Protector by Larry Niven in which the main character was an alien with that name. I know I'm gonna feel stupid, but I don't get the conection you are seeing with my nick and my condition. What is it? -phsspok
... or min-maxing in MechWarrior (ie. a MadCat w/8 Med. Pulse lasers, maybe an LRM-10 rack, upgraded engine & shitloads of heatsinks... "Hail to the King, Baby!" I don't snipe, I prefer to run up on you & melt your Ferro-Fiberous off into large chunks of slag. Prolly why it didn't last as a LAN party game... -objekt404
thanks for karma, much needed right now -NightRain
I don't know if it was TEAC, we never were within 2000 miles of the drive and we had no information to make us ask. I never heard of the sector count bug but I wasn't very into hardware in those days. -Loren
I think your comment on telephone systems is spot on. The sales idiots fail to realise that if I ring them, and they can't operate their phone system, I'm not buying anything off them. -Gerund
Happy happy birthday! -BritishBunny
Happy Grue up for doing a FOD plod with me? -lineswine
"As a person with a large hearing loss (bilateral, but different sections of the range), I know whereof you speak. I get to use personally-customized LARTs as a result. Examples provided upon request." I'd love to have a few examples. I'm getting tired of calling everyone asshole or lunatic farm animal person. -clockkingfl
What are the other 7 comics? Thanks -atomicbill
I realize it's still a few months off, but there's a new calling center opening in Bolingbrook with my employer (May, I believe). I believe it's going to be in the old Sprint PCS building. Decent pay, and *great* bennies. If you're interested, email me and I'll give more details. -missourimule
Sorry about my mail filter--I was getting bombarded with penis patch, hair loss, big-savings and toe-fungus ads that I wound up white-listing the account. I'll open it up now, it should be settled down. -vacuumtubes
Thanks, Grue, but all that's needed for the non-starfish half to 'get it' is using my horse sense instead of being a horse's ass. :D -halfstarfish
Enjoy your new Star! -temp
You have been eaten by a Grue with a huge butt! Welcome to the galaxy! -halfstarfish
Oh My! The Grue is still a member of the Big Butt Club. The light didn't go out. Congrats. -Rabbitt
Thank you so much for this info:) Now does is have any issues with running on a pc that has a hidden partiton like dell put on the hard drive? I think that and the pc dos issues is what got me on ghost. -THETECHFROMHELL
If you want to save a little money and stay at the campground I have tons of extra camping equipment you can use. -JustAGirl
Ignore my last comment. I just remembered you'll be here on business. -JustAGirl
Grue - Check your email. -Ulfgaard
Hey, Grue, in case you don't go back to Criptonite's post, I thought your comment was really funny. :D -halfstarfish
Hey , no problem. I think I added Lansing to my profile sometime in the last year or so, but it's hard to say. I couldn't access my profile for a long time due to a bad link to the pic. -GratefulTech
Hey Grue, my kid deleted your email, and I sent the HDD, but I didnt think the bank would accept a check marked "Grue". Email me @ with your name and I will get you some green. -burrkiss
I plead the 5th. -grins- Meow. -exzyle2k
Happy birthday, Grue!!!!!!! :) With lots more to come; have fun with HairTech and the boys tonight. *snickers* -taieena
I covered the second half of a shift today. The head cashier's father passed, so he needed to cut out early to catch a flight to NY for the arrangements. I'll be in next on Tuesday and for the rest of the week in the afternoon. -exzyle2k
Oh yes, I got the Cat-Tails. And you will be getting a photo next week since I'm taking it along to the IT dept Xmas piss-up. I'm going to get a picture of me whipping my ex-boss.... -CommanderData
I bet the dude not only knows what is pictured in his tatoo, but is also aware of its multiple uses. ;-) -concept14
You OK for the NYC meet-up? Details in the breakroom. -lineswine
Heya! Yay for F2F meetings! I need to plan a non-familial Chi-town trip, obviously. :-) -pixel
Did you pick up that HSF and does it work? Lemme know. I only counted 9 when I passed them today, and I remember I never asked you about them. -exzyle2k
By the way, it's a Nortel M3905 Call Center phone. Yes, the front of the manual says it's a "Call Center" phone. lol -missourimule
Hmmmm. Appears that the Grue has put on a bit of weight lately. Congrats. -Rabbitt
Hmm... Gruesome arse you've got there! Welcome back to the BBC. -Gromit
Congrats on the shiny new star -NOFXfan
Enjoy your new appendage -Stargiver every time i see your name followed by your nick this guy surfaces from the depths of my memory -DedSysOp
I'm sending this just to snag your e-mail addy so I can begin our chess game! -TieDyedDinosaur
I have started the game, hopefully I assigned the correct e-mail address for you to be notified. If not, send me a note on MY whiteboard, that'll clue me on on the appropriate address to use. -TieDyedDinosaur
I saw the break room note about the counseling you did. If you can't get to the game before the time is up, I can start another one! -TieDyedDinosaur
Your move, isn't it? -TieDyedDinosaur
Tick - Tock! -TieDyedDinosaur
Hey - any idea what happened to the IRC channel? Seems nobody uses it anymore, can you email me with details of new channel if it exists? (cattipat at gee mail) -TechnoCat
Urgency. That is just too hilariously funny. I'm gonna print that out, put it on my wall, and see how long it is before it's recognized. Thanks for the cred. -Ramblin
Wow, amazing buttness my friend! -ManyHats
DUDE!!! Yer ass is HUGE!!! Congrats, bro! -Ulfgaard
I think you're made it, Grue!You even feature in your own comic! :) -TheMacOne
Hi grue thanks for the message. I feel for ya working for Our most wonderful government (blink blink). I have sisters that work for the IRS. >.> they scare me<.<! Hope you had a safe new years. -imawitch
Hey dude. Yeah, I know the pain of FDCC. What scares me more than anything is that apparently, we at NARA are actually ahead of the governmental curve on this. -Grayhawk
Grue - have bleach and mop and scrubby sponge - will travel.... if you need I can be there in ....4 hours -Madrigorne
I've started a Wejoice for Chicagoland! -exzyle2k
Dude... If it wasn't for the iPhone, I'd swear this was you... -exzyle2k
Damn that was quick. I posted & went to view the formatting worked out and you had already commented. -AussieFoot
Welcome back to the galaxy :) -THETECHFROMHELL
Hey, you got a picture of Spyder on your flikr account?, just curious about what you said about use being alike. -Wolfie0827
Hiyas! Thanks for the welcome. It really has been much too long. Hope all is well with you! -lavenderrose
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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