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TSC Member Grayhawk

Nick: Grayhawk
Name: Frank Huminski
Employer: None provided
Home Page:
Location: Bethesda, MD
TSC Member Since: 2004-10-22

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Bio: I'm a native of south-central New Jersey (not far from Philly) who is currently residing near Washington DC. I'm a former theater technican, rental manager, security guard, and Tech-support-ninja-monkey who now makes a living as a Windows Engineer for a secret branch of the federal government that resides within the walls of the %agency_redacted%. Or something like that. I love all sorts of games, whether PC, PS2, board, card, RPG, & LARP. I'm also a World of WarCrack addict (Sen'Jin server). I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world, and have two fantabulous kids. I am an ordained minister with Earthwalk Spiritual Ministries. I am a die-hard fan of Philly sports, especially my beloved Philadelphia Eagles. I also do demo work for Steve Jackson Games ( ) and Looney Labs ( ), as well as help run a small gaming convention in the DC area ( ). I'm not PC. I wasn't born Republican, Democrat, or Yesterday. I am a firm believer that common sense needs to be more common. The only things I cannot tolerate in people are willful stupidity and intolerance. I think there need to be fewer labels in our society, both for people and for things. Whining and Psychdrama should be taken elsewhere. And yes, I'm a World of Warcrack addict. Mostly playing alliance these day on Sen'Jin server. Look for Franush or Gunsnbutter.
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Welcome newest shining star!! -THETECHFROMHELL
Congrats on the lovely Star! -Tekkie
Nice star. Welcome to the galaxy. -Rabbitt
Where ya at in MD? I'm in Baltimore -Hellion
Nice Hagrid costume! Is all the hair real? -Tekkie
Well done as Hagrid. -Rabbitt
This just posted yesterday. Send in a resume. -JTSBrown
Saw your website, I like who you quoted. She's one of my ancestors! -vacuumtubes
Congrats on the re-sizing of the backside. -Rabbitt
*puts on some sunglasses* Ooh, pretty shiny star! :D -Ara
where ya work in bethesda, i was thinking about moving to Germantown. email at -tubaboy
Hmmm. I post something NT/OT and I get jumped on immediately for posting something that has nothing to do with tech, but TG doing it is ok? Funny, that. -pixel
I installed SP3 on a customer's machine and in the next batch of updates it downloaded IE7, so no, SP3 doesn't install it as part of the package, it's still separate. -OgdenTechGuy
Wanted to thank you for the kind words to my boss, Gray! If you're ever in the Austin, TX area, look me up. I've officially closed the case, but if I hear of something that relates to the issue you reported to me I'll let you know. -tech4alltrades
I'm sorry serious about what? -kwtechie
Are you serious about TrendMicro? Only a 90% detection rate and a relatively high false positive rate. The most recent AV Comparatives only had one detection rate that was worse, Kingsoft. Latest on-demand test result archive . -AussieFoot
Grayhawk, if your done with the Blu E-Cigs and if you want to sell em let me know. -DarkRookie
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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