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TSC Member BobP

Nick: BobP
Name: Bob Prager
Employer: None provided
Home Page: None provided
Location: Southern California
TSC Member Since: 2004-01-06

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Bio: Just a user who tries to stay out of the way...
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Congrats on the Star! Oh, wait, you're a user? Do we allow that? Hey lads, call up a union meeting, we need to talk! -Tekkie
Congrats on the star and welcome to the galaxy. Don't mind tekkie, she's just kidding. (Ok tekkie, you watch him on the odd days and I'll take the even days) -Rabbitt
that's good that you stay out of the way. now, MOOVE! (/Nick Burns) -goblin69
Heh, I was the same way before I became a tech. Word of advice, don't delete any file that ends in .dll. -Bobsentme
Glad to see your star back in the galaxy. -Rabbitt
oi, get your big butt outta the way! :D -Ara
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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