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.Hi all, long time to speak. Some of you may remember me, Hellion. But I,m not here to announce my return. I,m here because I need the help of this great community to homer one of our own. I don't know if Ed Wills ever posted here but he is an AV ENGINEER beyond peer. Unfortunately Ed is dying of cancer and we don't know how long he will be around. I know medical bills must be hitting his family hard, though he's the type of guy that will never admit it.


I have taken the liberty of moving this post to the forums, in the break room at , in part to reduce the chances of Hellion's address being spidered, and in part to allow us to respond to his appeal. Please visit the forums -- you don't need to be a star member to post there -- and help if you can.

Got something to say? Get up on the soapbox and sound off! Once someone stands up on it, it overwrites the last person who was on it. The soapbox is available to star members only. If you are interested in becoming a star member, find out how here. Star members make your way into the members area to stand up on the box and be heard.

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