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Weaponizing Your Pets - A rather humorous talk given at DEFCON 22. [By: ralphp1024 / 2014-11-18]
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  • Or, with the missing colon restored: -chazz
  • AT&T Archives - Videos from the AT&T Archives. Including some really neat lectures. [By: ralphp1024 / 2013-07-14]
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    Motorola Is Listening - Someone working with ActiveSync discovered that Motorola is intercepting a lot of data that he wasn't expecting including social web site user IDs and passwords... Big Brother paranoia time, anyone? [By: chazz / 2013-07-02]
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    To coin a phrase... - I think this writer was just having too much fun and I can't believe the editor let it go out. [By: Stryker One / 2013-05-09]
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  • Would have been too much of a dick move to /not/ let it go as written. -Grue
  • Nice erection! -Gerund
  • Sponsored by Priapus -Gerund
  • sponsored by Viagra. Viagra: for when you need to lie in a separate hot tub to your girlfriend and hold her hand, never once ripping her bathing suit off and screwing her stupid. -AdmiralWbury
  • I think I'd hate to see the size of the person that could inspire that quote! -spectreoflife
  • Dont hate to think of me. I've loveable. -burrkiss
  • IRL It's smaller than it looks. And it shrinks in cold weather! -ecoli
  • So Burrkiss stays where it's 40 below? -ralphp1024
  • He lives wherever, he is just internally cold. -srteach
  • I'm sorry, the money was too good to pass up, so I modeled for the building. -Wolfie0827
  • Interesting shape for a 'head'quarters??? -persephone
  • Boston Techs Please Check In - Looks like terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon finish line... apparently dozens of injuries, at least some major. [By: chazz / 2013-04-15]
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  • Ya, pretty messed up, sympathy for those hurt or passed on. -spectreoflife
  • For those who have passed on, "may the light forever shelter and bless you. May the last embrace of the Mother and Father welcome you home." Blessed be, and to anyone injured, we're praying for you. healing Karma inbound. -AdmiralWbury
  • Addendum: Any techs in or around West Texas? Please check in too. -Stryker One
  • Further adendam, anyone in or around Watertown, for heaven's sake, hope anyone that lurks or posts here is ok. Good $deity(ies) what a cluster**** of a week. -AdmiralWbury
  • My sympathies to those of you on the phones trying to explain to the entitled suctomers why you can't roll a truck in Boston today. -concept14
  • Update for those who don't/can't find out, the f*cknugget was caught, hiding in someone's boat in their backyward. this was yesterday morning. he's now being questioned for 48 hours sans miranda rights, i.e silence, right to attorney. our marathon here was yesterday, and nothing bad happened. massive increase in security and police presence. -AdmiralWbury
  • I wasn't in Boston that day as my company gave the day off. Company stayed shut most of week due to no access. First day back in Boston. Feels weird -willow
  • Should we be worried? - Seriously, have Indians not heard of Skynet? [By: Stryker One / 2013-03-11]
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  • why do I have a mental picture of thousands of Chinese sitting at their computers, much in the same way gold farming is done in MMO's :) -madonnac
  • What happens when it miss identifies worn clothing versus not worn clothing? We find a bloody pretzel shaped person, that is what. -MaskedMarauder
  • Computer Stupidities - It seems that this once-prolific site has been reduced to annual updates. At any rate, they've put this year's update up. [By: DukeOfURL / 2013-01-22]
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  • I'm surprised that site is still going. Having new material randomly placed in the articles makes it very hard to read, especially when common sense says to have new articles at either the top or the bottom of the page. And the technology mentioned also dates the page. They must have finally made their quota of cupholder stories. Declining optical drive use probably explains the long time between updates. -Wraith556
  • The music giant Thomas Hesse, president of Sony BMG's global digital business division, responded with the following in an NPR interview about complaints that anti-copying technology on some of Sony's CDs create serious security vulnerabilities. This was supposedly said by a Sony official. "Most people, I think, don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?" -volmtech
  • The above comment reminds of Fight Club. The scene where they quickly haul the guy into the bathroom. Specifically his rant ending "We guard you while you sleep." The people who do not know, hire those who do. The rich aren't rich because they made it. They are rich because they hired someone to make it for them. IT is as much an industry of hired guns now as it was a decade ago. -MaskedMarauder
  • The top left hand headline head "NEW" in bold stamped next to it. I clicked the link. First post : Customer: "I have a 386 Pentium." 'Nuff said. -Quark
  • Quark - did you click on the "NEW" or the headline beside it? "NEW" takes you to the new entries, the headline - to the area itself. Never DID figure out the sorting algorithm used. -ralphp1024
  • The sorting algorithm seems to be "Where I feel like putting this story today". I've seen cases where three new stories were scattered at random through the page... -chazz
  • The List - I realize that this NT/OT, but I also realize that lists seem to be popular here. [By: Stryker One / 2013-01-07]
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  • Rectum? Durn near KILLED 'em! (Sorry, it's what came to mind...) -Captain Trips
  • Challenge Accepted...Oh wait. Was that not the point of the article? -Evan
  • Dear $diety, it's like reading burrkiss's diary... -Diptera
  • Dip, you and I can down a bottle of 18 year old scotch and make the beast with 4 balls. That outta be worth a page in my diary. :D -burrkiss
  • If you're only using it for anesthetic, Burrkie, perhaps you should stick to the cheap stuff... -chazz
  • Is your iPad broken too? - Has Apple not delivered on every promise? [By: Stryker One / 2012-11-30]
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  • The unedited version: -Stryker One
  • I'm reserving judgment on him until I figure out if he's being sarcastic or not. If he's not being sarcastic, then, well, I feel sorry for him for wasting so much money on something he didn't like. But on the other hand, research is the key before any seemingly major purchase. -AdmiralWbury
  • Yeah, well, from the unedited link this has to be intended as comedy of some sort -- it bent the needle on my sarcasm meter. -chazz
  • I read the unedited version tlo, and my sarcasmometer is broken. has been for a while -AdmiralWbury
  • The next time he's in an Apple Store, he HAS to drink the coolade! -Wraith556
  • The next time he's in an Apple Store, he HAS to drink the coolade! -Wraith556
  • "Check Your Home" WebApp -


    This GIS viewer ( ) is designed for use by those affected by Hurricane Sandy who cannot get to their homes, to be able to find and view aerial images of their homes provided by Civil Air Patrol and NOAA aerial survey flights.

    PLEASE NOTE: The "basemap" imagery on the initial map is pre-event satellite views. You need to first zoom in on the area of your home, then click on the "green dots" in the immediate vicinity to show a thumbnail of the areial picture. YOU MAY HAVE TO CLICK MORE THAN ONE DOT TO GET A PICTURE THAT INCLUDES YOUR HOME.

    Once the thumbnail is visible, click on it to get a full-size view of that picture.

    [By: Grue / 2012-11-07]
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    RIP Harry - Author Harry Harrison died today. Famous for the Stainless Steel Rat book series. One of the first adult books I ever read. (Around age 11) Also one of my first SciFi series. Great author. Pick up his books if you haven't read any of them.
    Ripozo en paco, mia amiko.
    [By: DarkRookie / 2012-08-15]
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  • Remember both the Stainless Steel Rat and Bill the Galactic Hero books fondly - guess the Chingers got him in the end :( -Diptera
  • The Deathworld series was good, too, and I liked "The Hammer and the Cross". -thx1138
  • Bill got a bit worn out towards the end - but I kept hoping for another book from him... -Divinar
  • I have all of the Stainless Steel Rat books and always found them a fun read. -Starfury
  • i loves the "Hammer and Cross Series", as well as the "Technicolor Time Machine". Vaya con Dios, Harry. -slowANDeasy
  • Let us not forget "Make Room, Make Room." Later turned into the movie Soylent Green. (Is it Tuesday yet?) -Captain Trips
  • That sucks. -VIPERsssss
  • Those are some awesome books! -digitalguy1127
  • Bow to the King - He truly was O.G. (Original Geek). [By: Stryker One / 2012-07-11]
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  • Good info. I knew about the patent ruling against Marconi. But the article didn't mention that he had started a band.... -Grembo
  • He is second place only to Einstein in my book of Hero's. -Wolfie0827
  • Bow to the King, Stern to the Queen.... *grins, ducks, runs thataway -->* -Grue
  • Grue the LART shelter is <----- way. -Wolfie0827
  • Things I am not allowed to do at work - Found this in my links, thought you could have some fun with it! [By: ecoli / 2012-07-09]
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  • According to rule # 97, he's local, at least to me. -Stryker One
  • There's a lot of tech business in the Seattle area, of course... -chazz
  • How much Pron is on the internet - Just wow some of these numbers are staggering. Especially the 100gig a sec burst transfers. Fear the porn industries gigabit networks. [By: deedadee / 2012-04-05]
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  • Safe for work by the way. -deedadee
  • Dammit, now I will never complete my life's goal -DarkRookie
  • Ah, memories - it's YEARS since I was able to manage a 100gb/sec burst... ;-) -Gromit
  • Burrkiss would know, he put most of it there -objekt404
  • Or at least he'd like us to think he did... -chazz
  • Nah, he just put the "AHHH my eyes" type up. And with the bandwidth used he sure is surfing a lot of it! -Wolfie0827
  • keep in mind how much of that is doubles of the same stuff. -Icelator
  • This information should revolutionize how broadband speeds are measured: instead of bytes-per-second, we could measure nipples-per-second. "When we were stuck with satellite, we were happy to see 300KNps; with DSL, we're up to 2.2 MNps." -MeanDean
  • Whoops, I thought of a flaw in my plan. Download speeds would be affected by cold temperatures. -MeanDean
  • Yeah, cold would effect the download speeds, they would go up! But just think you could also increase your speed by tickling it it the right spot! -Wolfie0827
  • @ Wolfie: "Honey, why are you licking the router?" -MeanDean
  • Actually, it seems to me that, if we accept that 1s are slower than 0s on the network wire because they have more trouble getting around sharp corners, wouldn't cold (and licking) slow the data down? -chazz
  • No, because no corners, they sick out straight! -Wolfie0827
  • Waidaminit... as nipples are in pairs and sit in parallel (as opposed to in series) the correct unit of measurement should be Pairs of Nipples Per Second, or PNPS. -Gromit
  • Just don't try to make them into twisted pair, you'll get slapped at the least. -Wolfie0827
  • Are you sure, Wolfie? -srteach
  • Yeah, I once tried making the left one the right on and right one the left, I got slapped! -Wolfie0827
  • Chazz, I always thought the 1s were faster because they could fit down the tubes better. the 0s sometimes get stuck. get flipped on their sides ect. -drachen
  • Drachen, if all the tubes were straight, that would be true. But tubes get bent, particularly at home... and the 1s, being longer and straight, get caught in the corners, which the nice round 0s just bounce through. Ever seen a bunch of fast-moving 1s fail to navigate a corner in a home cabling job and stick into the cable casing? It's not pretty. -chazz
  • So that explains all the bulges in the ... cables. -aeddan
  • No, that's what happens win you play with the nipples too much, it's called Blue something or other. -Wolfie0827
  • What was your first email address? - Sheldon comic strip. I'm represented by the first panel. [By: concept14 / 2012-03-19]
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  • Would you believe... 73747.2656 at Oh, hey, and I can still remember that... -chazz
  • Same kind of thing as Chazz- good old But, I just can't remember that address off the top of my head... -Voz
  • first was back in '02. In '04 I got and haven't changed. (Sent a lot of resumes with that address.) -DarkRookie
  • Yeah, I joined C$erve back when we didn't have the option of taking names, we were all identified by PPN or UID (different names for the same things)... and the main reason I left was because I had my own mail server. -chazz
  • Mine was, and I changed it because I'd racked up a $600 phone bill one month calling the BBS that provided it (I believe it was in Nova Scotia, and I was in NYC). -AmazingKreskin
  • It was '94, I think and it was, but that is all I remember. The company I was working for at the time was reselling netcom at the time. -Gunpe
  • Hmmm... I believe my first email account was on . I started using it from its start. My email account didn't even have a number at the end. -MarloVino
  • First one was on the mil-side of ARPAnet, but my first civvie one was - That was a while ago now.... -Grue
  • Mine was on yahoo....I needed it because my pager could link with email, which was the hip thing back them. The yahoo email no longer has email, but still allows me to log in yahoo sites. -ravensentinel
  • Fidonet, don't remember the full email address though. -Wolfie0827
  • My first? There was a 3000,##### on Compuserve, before it was a dot-com... And there was KD0K at a nameless college that was connected to Bitnet before it became an edu! -Divinar
  • I don't remember the whole address, but Kelvin-1@(something-something++) :: email address from an old BBS -objekt404
  • @Divinar -- Curious. You worked for C$erve? People who bought addresses from outside were all initially given 7xxxx,xxxx numbers, with a scattering later on of 1xxxxx,xxxx numbers. (For the curious -- octal numbers, 16 bits before the comma, I think 12 after; at least I don't recall seeing anyone with more than 4 digits after the comma.) I did once exchange emails with 70001,34 if I recall correctly; I think he worked for them. Certainly he had been with them for a while... -chazz
  • 2:2500/616.1 -fearmyroot
  • still have my first one wusyormaster@adomainthatidon' but I now only use it for signing up to stupid shit. I have for all normal correspondence. -0gr3
  • My first e-mail address was, it was a uucp node off the batcomputer at the Cornell Theory Center. A really really long time ago. :-) -pixel
  • It was Ahh, Yahoo. Back in the days when chatrooms werent filled with bots and creepy old guys looking for a good time. -KrazerKap
  • @chazz - That's the number I remember, but I can't find any examples... I was using a Pet 4016, then a C=64, breadboard rs-232 converter, 300bps acoustic coupler, and ma bell in '82. -Divinar
  • I would like to remind everyone on how OLD you guys are appearing. WTF is CompuServe. (Dives into the LARTS) -DarkRookie
  • @DarkRookie: You want old?? My first address was uunet!cadreri!jh -SalParadise
  • Whatever username scheme my college used my freshman year. They changed it a couple times while I was there, so someone at another school who had my email address freshman year, wouldn't be able to email me the next year unless I gave them the new one. -thx1138
  • I never claimed to not be old. And yes, I've been involved with tech for more than thirty years. Now get off my damn lawn! young whippersnappers... -chazz
  • S2107**@<schoolwhereididntlearnshit>.edu was my first email. About two weeks after classes started and the mail mainframe had crashed four or five times I got my rocketmail address which I still have. The poor fishies set automatic forwarding up on their accounts because the instructions told them to. This occurred every semester I was there. -Olorin
  • I have to correct myself. I believe my first year at college, the email server (running on a VAX I think) could only handle domain names of 8 characters or less, so the address was (whatever) -thx1138
  • How to tell the kids apart from the grown ups. Kids have @ in their first e-mail address, adults had colons. -fearmyroot
  • fearmyroot: Or commas. Before C$ hit the Net, the email address was just your ppn/uid, so my actual first email address would have been 73747,2656 . -chazz
  • Cheanged it when I got broadband @home to be precise -McSmiley
  • My Name, 3:640/523.1 (Fidonet) circa 1986. I was "The Floating Point" attached to "The Water Board" -Gerund
  • the year was 1990 -MrsQuadrinaro
  • I may get this wrong as I have mislaid the business card with it on: riu%afeltd! -rurwin
  • My first address was a bang-path. /thread -Jack
  • Mine was It actually took three weeks to convince my dad that spending $20 a month for unlimited dialup was better than only being online for an average of 20 minutes a day with AO-Hell, which my sister easily blew away in the span of 2 or 3 days when she came home one summer -skippytpodar
  • Neat toy - Neat little toy showing the damage of a nuclear device will be. Its just circles on a satellite view on Google maps.
    The link set to the MacDill AFB and set to Castle Bravo [By: DarkRookie / 2012-02-23]
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  • Sadly, doesn't work at work. Would be neat to use as a demonstration to customers about their level of irriatation and possible reprecussion. -ravensentinel
  • I'd be curious to know how many people moved the target over DC and then clicked "detonate" -Spyder19
  • I detonated a 100t dirty bomb on capitol hill first try. -deedadee
  • Try a 1Petaton on Lebanon, KS. -Stryker One
  • So am I the only one that has tried to calculate the magnitude of a warp core breach? -ravensentinel
  • uh, wow. No, you're not the only one to try and calculate that, but my calculator and brain both gave out round the same time. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Spock once stated "97.2 megatons" but I think that was if they blew the impulse engines on the U.S.S. Constellation. You know, to kill the planet-eater. (Somehow, I think a warp-core breach would be a bit larger. After all, it takes an infinite amount of energy to reach light-speed, to go past it would take significantly more than an infinite amount of energy.) -Captain Trips
  • @CT: They weren't technically going light speed, they were standing still. There is a loophole. If you can contract the space in front of something and expand it behind it, you can theoretically go faster than the speed of light without moving yourself. The 'high pressure' expanse behind the object is try to get to the low pressure in the front to even out. The object just rides the wave of space. -DarkRookie
  • It just takes roughly the same amount of energy that you would get from turning Jupiter's mass in energy. -DarkRookie
  • Umm... but that would mean that you would need to carry half the mass of Jupiter in your antimatter stores, as well as having the same amount of matter available to interact with it... and recent experiments with actual antimatter atoms don't seem to indicate that they exhibit negative mass... -chazz
  • Chazz -- no, just the antimatter. They got their matter from their Bussard collectors, pulling in the interstellar hydrogen via magnetic fields. (For more on Bussard collectors and even fusion engines, check out Larry Niven. He uses the Bussard Ramjet as a vital story element in many of his stories.) -Captain Trips
  • DarkRookie, recheck your Einstein. You need an infinite amount of energy to reach lightspeed, total conversion of Jupiter will still only give you a finite amount of energy, no matter how much it's still finite. And whether they were using that energy or not was irrelevant, as they still had to have that much energy available. -Captain Trips
  • (They never said that Cochrane designed an Alcubiere drive.) -Captain Trips
  • I'm aware of the Bussard ram field, and quite enjoyed Niven's take on it, including the effect it would have on living humans... That said, you still have half the mass of Jupiter to drag around with you, even assuming you do get it back when you leave warp... which would imply ability to convert energy to matter, which by the way is also implied both by replicators and transporters. In which case, why would you need antimatter at all? I won't argue the point on needing infinite energy to reach lightspeed: kinetic energy at lightspeed is indeterminate, as the Lorentz-Fitzgerald equations imply a division by 0 when v = c, but the asymptote does imply positive infinity to reach light speed. That said, though, the idea of warping space is that you bend space in such a way that you can proceed through it at more than light speed to the external observer by bunching it up so that it is less than light speed to the internal observer. This could prove a very long and hairy debate; I'll just say that ST and all its variants are not well thought out science fiction; they are SF as spectacle and as background for contemporary social commentary; the SF backdrop is to allow the actors to get away with things that would not be permissible on network TV normally. Or at least, that's apparently what Roddenberry wanted TOS to be. -chazz
  • What about the effect on non-living human beings? After that part, I got lost somewhere. :) -ravensentinel
  • Stop PIPA - video on PIPA, help stop pipa [By: virusjtg / 2012-01-18]
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  • From what I was reading, if you upload a Michael Jackson son, thereby violating is sister act, SOPA, you could get 5 years in prison, which is one year greater than the prison term for the doctor who was convicted of his death. -skippytpodar
  • Well, uploading his son may be considered child abuse or child pornography, so you'll be lucky to only get 5 years. ;-) -Calydor
  • I would not mind stopping Pippa. she is hot. Stoping PIPA and SOPA efforts are ongoing. Even Occupy people are involved. -Xultaneron
  • testing -Hawk
  • works! -virusjtg
  • Testing failed. Abort or retry? -burrkiss
  • Press Alt-F4 to continue... -ravensentinel
  • I think deleting System32 is required, it'll speed your machine up. -fearmyroot
  • nonono. Deleting the / folder will be better -DarkRookie
  • I heard, if you open explorer.exe in Notepad (or your favorite hex editor), type "We Are Legion", and save it, it makes your computer run faster. -ravensentinel
  • I'm in th' muthafukkin' phone booth.... -vacuumtubes
  • "Terrorists!" - The Daily WTF - Terrorists invade a starfish's computer, entering random gibberish and into her documents, occasionally actual words, including references to local news. [By: DukeOfURL / 2012-01-17]
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  • epic. -Omega
  • Reminds me of the story my dad passed along to me. His father used to work for IBM way back when they sold the IBM Selectric. A certain receptionist had difficulties with random spaces being registered whenever she was typing something up. Unfortunately, no one else could repeat the issue. So my grandpa went out on call to the business to observe the issue. After observing her for a while he noticed that she would go into a rhythm after typing for a few minutes and her "huge tracks of land" would start to bump into the space bar. He left to tell her boss because he didn't have a clue on how to tell her without offending her. That, and he needed a moment so he get control of himself and not break out laughing. Apparently, her boss thought it was incredibly funny too. After much discussion, she moved the type writer a little further away and the problem was solved. -unrenowned
  • They're doing a satirical bit about SOPA, so any attempt to access the site by domain name will lead to the satire bit. Accessing it by IP address (it makes sense in the context of the satire) works. Here's the link to this story for today:!.aspx -DukeOfURL
  • If it wasn't for my horse... - WANT! [By: Stryker One / 2011-12-25]
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  • ...I would've stay that year in college -DarkRookie
  • Don't think about it too long your you'll start bleeding from your eyes and ****ing die! -ravensentinel
  • proper headdesk - A proper headdesk and then some. [By: virusjtg / 2011-12-05]
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  • Rofl That is a serious malfunction. -deedadee
  • That's an interesting link bug. -Calydor
  • Linky no worky - try this... -Gromit
  • I like the tiny disclaimer: "Do not attempt. Controlled environment." -unrenowned
  • No let them try. Fewer lusers to deal with in the world. -virusjtg
  • Why is it I starting think of the R. Kelly song "I believe I can fly." When I saw this. -Corycdc
  • Huh. Reminds me of the sci-fi stories I used to read about people from Earth competing on, say, the Moon. -ralphp1024
  • How about this one: -ecoli
  • Apply directly to the forehead! -AmazingKreskin
  • "KA-BONNNNNNG!!!" -vacuumtubes
  • Clark Kent: The Derpy Years... -Biosynthetic
  • I give him a 7. Good distance, but his form sucked. Just look at how his arms were flailing about. -Captain Trips
  • Did ya happen to notice that the springboard thing broke ? I don't know much about these things, but, I do know that the springboard isn't supposed to stand straight up like that. It broke. Spectacularly -Spyder19
  • *tactical facepalm* People, it's STAGED. It's a STUNT. It's part of a COMMERCIAL. Even at low-res, you can see the artifacts from where they "erased" the wires. -Grue
  • Even without that, you can see it's fake. He flies basically in a straight line. Real people travel in parabolas. But it's funny anyway... -chazz
  • Fake or not, I love the guy just sitting there after he face plants it. -LazyLemming
  • Please say this was a rejected ad for an energy drink: "Red Bull give you WIIINNGG---- Oh shit." -MeanDean
  • For those of you old enough to remember "Hertz puts you in the drivers seat . . . sh1t!" -ecoli
  • "How I Triage and Fix Software Issues" - "...I have a system for evaluating a problem which is accompanied by colorful inner monologue. The following flowchart explains both the details of how I triage a problem, how I might fix it, and how and why I’m likely to swear while I’m helping." [By: concept14 / 2011-11-16]
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  • Sweet! Definately going up in my cubicle -Grembo
  • I think we all use flow charts for this. I (and presumably others) am not organised enough to have put them on paper! -Holdfast
  • Printed and going up on our wall! -PTSTech
  • Awesome! But having done this for so long, I usually start at "Throwing shit" and work my way up from there... -Biosynthetic
  • Thank you, this now hangs on my office wall. -0gr3
  • I find this a lot more accurate. -DarkRookie
  • Posted on the door to my office. -RiffRaff
  • Happy Haloween - I REALLY like THAT droid. [By: virusjtg / 2011-10-31]
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  • How can you tell it's a droid from the back? Wait...What girl? -ChildofCthulhu
  • I want that Darth Vader decal for my phone too!! -unrenowned
  • These ARE the droids I'm looking for! -DedSysOp
  • droid, what droid? -Wolfie0827
  • Scary part is that looks like my boss. -deedadee
  • maybe it IS your boss.... -virusjtg
  • dude.. your boss is hot. -Harm
  • <sexist>She can C my 3PO anytime</sexist> -ecoli
  • "Curse this metal body of mine, I wasn't fast enough!" -That's what *she* said. -Biosynthetic
  • It's been nice knowing you... - Just dropped in to say goodbye as the world will be ending today, according to an expert. He must be an expert - he's the same guy that predicted it would end earlier this year so he obviously knows his subject. It must be true - I read it in the Daily Mail. [By: Gromit / 2011-10-21]
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  • What is that crazy geezer's obsession with the 21st? Last time, the date was I think on the 21st of may, or april. It was one of those days. I remember doing a show with the station owner that night. Before things went to hell. Anyhoo, he's gonna be wrong this time. -AdmiralLaurie
  • hmm... havent seen any piles of empty clothing - and i'm helping a freind with roofing tomorrow - lucky escpae for me if it did eh? -Harm
  • Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue. -RoadDemon
  • here is a true statement: "the world will end tomorow". it is only true once. -gashach
  • I thought that the world ended last May!!!! -duckhead
  • Honestly, if the world does end, I'll die happy knowing I took everyone else with me. -LazyLemming
  • Well, it's the 22nd and I'm still here. Damn. -Captain Trips
  • No your not, we are all dead. -Wolfie0827
  • they forgot to adjust for the Gregorian calendar. -gashach
  • I'm still here. And I just laughed it off last night and mudded until morning. -AdmiralLaurie
  • 'Oh, waitaminnit- it wasn't the 21st day of the tenth month, it was the 10th day of the 21st month!' -Voz
  • Who is laughing at the guy on Alderan now who kept predicting the end of the world? -ZombieBear
  • "History recalls how great the fall can be/ While everybody's sleeping, the boats put out to sea/ Borne on the wings of time/ It seemed the answers were so easy to find/ "Too late," the prophets cry/ The island's sinking, let's take to the sky" -SwedishChef
  • -- saw this after his last prediction. Still LOL-worthy. -NightSteel
  • The end is near, the end is near. Depends on your definition of "end" and "near". -AussieFoot
  • Eh, I feel fine. -Phylok
  • Well its 10-26 now. I am still here. Did I miss a bus or something? -DarkRookie
  • lets see... BF3 released and thousdnas of people are online playing it, news is still being reported, bills come in and get paid.. Yea.. soo the only person that seems to have disapeared is buddy making the predictions.. let me guess. forgot to carry the 1 again? -Harm
  • Harold Camping had a stroke on June 9th, and has not done any public interviews since then. Apparently he retired from his position of president of Family Radio on October 16th. I think they're very glad to finally be rid of him (they've been obligated to humor him and all his wackiness for years, because he was the one signing their paychecks). -AmazingKreskin
  • LEONARD BERNSTEIN!!! -ActingUpAgain
  • There is another one - What is this the 5th Humble Bundle they have had (I have all four and am going to get the latest tonight) [By: DarkRookie / 2011-09-28]
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  • I note that again @notch is one of the top people listed in the buyers... guess he really likes supporting his fellow indie devs... -chazz
  • That or its all part of his evil plan for world domination. I mean, he did add the Teleporting Enderman, he has to be evil. -Vie
  • I'm not sure it can properly be called a 'bundle' if it's just one game. of course I paid quite a bit more than the minimum to get the Frozenbyte bundle too so... -HouseMDfan
  • There is two games now. So a bundle. (You can bundle two things) -DarkRookie
  • Now up to three - they just added SpaceChem. Bundles accrete, I guess... -chazz
  • And now gone. Stay tuned for the next, I guess, if you missed this one... -chazz
  • Wanna play Portal via Steam? - Portal is free on Steam for download through the 20th, once downloaded you get to keep it. Not just for the Windows & Mac users, it works just fine under WINE on linux (Ubuntu based), playing fullscreen (on twinscreen) 3840x1080.... [By: Grue / 2011-09-16]
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  • So i have never used steam before, if i sign up for an account and install portal now while its free and format my pc in a few months do i have to download it again or is it linked to my account? -SwizzleStix
  • I don't know about the free version of Portal, but everything else I've tried, including freebies, does stay with the account despite the computer(s) used. -chazz
  • Yes, it stays with the account. -Grue
  • I should mention that it also uses the Steam Cloud service, so your saved games follow you with your account from machine to machine... -chazz
  • And you can put steam on an external drive - so long as its a hard drive, it baulks at flash based storage. -Vie
  • I just have to say that Steam has been a godsend. Over the last few years, I have occasion had need to reinstall everything on my PC, and Steam makes it easy to reinstall whatever games I happen to be playing at the moment, and no mucking about with discs. I don't really buy anything on physical media any more, except movies. -AmazingKreskin
  • Doesn't it only save those games that support SteamCloud, which, while growing, is not a comprehensive list as of yet? But still, much Steam love over here as well. XD -Omega
  • Even tho I played it on 360 I grabbed it up. It's free! -HouseMDfan
  • The actual game software is always saved and can be re-downloaded onto any machine where you are logged in. Game saves and config data are only available via Cloud if the game supports it, and not all do, or will. Portal is one that uses the cloud for saved games. -chazz
  • And now Borderlands does as well! Wooha! -AmazingKreskin
  • Oh though one point about steam cloud: It also saves graphics settings with some games - anything based on the HL2 engine, so both Portal and Portal 2 are affected. This means that if you play it on a Desktop and a laptop, you will end up having to manually switch the resolution and settings when your changes computers. Annoying, but not game breaking. -Vie
  • Call of Duty Free Weekend/Sale - For those who are interested, CoD BlackOps is free to play through Sunday 1 PM Pacific Daylight time, everything else is on sale. [By: metaice / 2011-09-02]
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  • Really sucks to have a net connection so slow I wouldn't finish downloading the game before the offer expires. -Calydor
  • yeah I bit the bullet and bought the game. The only bad part is that there are no dedicated servers. So stupid rules may be imposed. -deedadee
  • I could have gotten the game but 1) 5gb/month on this Verizon Mifi internet connection and 2) I don't care for COD anyway. I did, however, recently discover The Witcher in my DVD library - 2 copies, no less, so not sure where I got 'em. I still had to download 1.6GB of patches for the game to run on Windows 7, but I have a new game to play now :) -DukeOfURL
  • Yeah I love that game. Way to short though. On the upside you do have the free exspansions to play. -deedadee
  • Path Of Exile - Enough about home made nukes. You just squeeze U-235 until it explodes.
    This is much more fun. This game is awesome. I love it, love it, love it. ARGP in the style of Diablo. Very nice looking. A bunch of stuff to kill. A bunch of stuff to collect. Very well done.
    [By: DarkRookie / 2011-08-12]
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  • do you get a beta key one wonders... -ravensentinel
  • Mayhap on the big button top right that says "Sign up for beta here"? -chazz
  • Naw, that'd be too easy. ;P -Seamus
  • Right now every half hour someone random gets invited -DarkRookie
  • Willing to refer once we can -DarkRookie
  • Iwsh the beta accessible wotul toal ytry -AdmiralLaurie
  • signed up on saturday night :P waiting for a beat key or what have you. Looks good and the F2P model - mainly cosmetic i LIKE! -Harm
  • down for maintenance.. bohhhh -STJ
  • still haven't gotten a beta key yet :( we waits.. unless anyone can toss one towards Ussnemesis? no? never hurts to ask.. -Harm
  • There can never be enough about nukes. Didja ever play BulletStorm ? -Spyder19
  • Nukes : DIY style - You must have heard about this by now. But, listening to the audio is just... wow [By: Spyder19 / 2011-08-04]
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  • Uh. Yeah. This guy... well, he doesn't sound utterly stupid on the interview, but really... if he had started a chain reaction, he would have irradiated not only himself but his neighbours. Unthinking... possibly the worst type of starfish, the one who knows a little, just enough to be dangerous. -chazz
  • Reminds me of David "The Radioactive Boy Scout" Hahn who tried to build a breeder reactor in a shed in his backyard at the age of 17. -LinuXtreme
  • RA and AM-241 are alpha emitters. A strong source of them plus a metal I will not name can be a source of neutrons. Nasty in and of themselves as a neutron plus anything that will absorb it will become radioactive. A neutron source plus Uranium can produce fission's but NEVER will he get it to go critical. It could only make a SLIGHTLY radioactive mess. If he kept it close to him he could get some radiation poisoning. But may not get a Darwin award. -atomicbill
  • Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!!! - It's that time again....No one sees more dead computers in a day than a sysadmin. No one sees them doing truly baffling things, and no one has more stories of computers failing, acting possessed, or even catching on fire. [By: ravensentinel / 2011-07-29]
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  • My HR department gave me cookies! It's nice to be appreciated ;) -JoeLugian
  • I got a rock... -RiffRaff
  • I got Taco Bell ... on their dime :-P -Necros
  • I got nothing as I was sick at home :( -TheLabAdmin
  • Our Director of IS Operations brought doughnuts. (My back went out this morning, I was too slow to get any!) -Captain Trips
  • I got work orders....[sigh] -ravensentinel
  • I got...nothing...:( -Angelace
  • Cheers to all SysAdmins. Not one myself but I talk to plenty of you all. You deserve it. -tech4alltrades
  • I got nothing :( -virusjtg
  • It didn't even get noticed, here. *shakes head* This is unfortunately not a surprise. -Grue
  • I got to rewire the server room. -Olorin
  • How will Bill Gates mess this one up? - So here we're talking about Bill Gates helping to reinvent the toilet. OK. Who wants to wait for Service Pack 2 to fix all the issues it will have straight out of the box? [By: tech4alltrades / 2011-07-21]
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  • Why not? Windows went in the crapper. -ecoli
  • Hmm... I think he's ideally qualified to re-engineer a receptacle for shit - he's been selling it for years. -Gromit
  • "You appear to be taking a shit, would you like some help with that?" - Boggie the Bog Roll© Microsoft 2012. -Vie
  • "you appear to have a hangover. would you like a beer?" -AdmiralLaurie
  • " You appear to have eaten the Curry. Would you like to enable the last known good configurations of 'Butt hole'?" -Harm
  • This sounds like a job for VaPooRize. -AmazingKreskin
  • Well, it would bring new meaning to a "core dump". Of course, a "fatal error" would be just as bad as some *fish think it is. And, a "BSOD" could be a really, really bad thing to think about! -Voz
  • There has been an Error Processing your request. Dumprep.exe failed to load properly would you liek to send an error report. -deedadee
  • S**T hitting the fan takes on an entierly new dimension of Oh Noes! -Harm
  • "You appear to have contracted food poisoning. Would you like to reload the last known good configuration of roachcoach.sys?" -AdmiralLaurie
  • If you want more than one toilet in your home, you'll need to purchase a license.... -vacuumtubes
  • VT, I'm sure you mean purchase ANOTHER license. -Calydor
  • That'll give a whole new meaning to 'Stack Overflow'! -MadJack
  • .... aaaaaand then, there'll doubtless be compatibility issues w/ various brands & types of TP that won't be compatible w/ it.... ;) -MadJack
  • Eh, good on him. Shit uses too much water already; really, we're just pissing it away. -LDFeral
  • Seriously, though, it's startling. -LDFeral
  • MadJack: It requires that you use Microfibre Softness (MicroSoft). My questions would be : How much RAM does it require ? How often does it crash ? And, who do you call when it DOES crash ? -Spyder19
  • Voz: Does BSOD = Beasty shit of death? -0gr3
  • "Hello. Micrshaft tech support? Yes, I am on the toilet and it is telling me that I have to re-enter the registration key. Isn't that the same as Pi to the 256th place?" -ecoli
  • Ogr3- MAAAAYbeeee something like that! -Voz
  • reminds me of the "Iloo" story: -Erictheblue
  • Memo to Best Buy: EVEN YOUR GEEKS AREN'T - From, a rant blog that is mostly political but sometimes touches on other topics. [By: concept14 / 2011-07-10]
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  • Amen, brother. Preaching to the choir. -srteach
  • *takes deep breath* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *takes another deep breath* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *rubs tear from eye* Oh that is GOOD! I never saw the commercial before; watching that thing its no wonder WorstTry is pissed off! It is absolutely true! Leaving out the 2% of REAL geeks that work in BB's across the USA, most of the kids working in the Comp. department really are that clueless! -unrenowned
  • Actually I don't mind them that much, they are very good for business. I know I can count on everything they touch being totally borked when they are done, so, repairs or a new system, either is ok with me. One bit of policy though, two attempts by them and I insist on a Nuke & Pave. -jerrybear
  • *pixel giggles* Bryan is a RL friend of mine. And yes, he's like that in real life, too. -pixel
  • @jerrybear - You are spot on. My best customers were the ones who wanted to know why they spent $200-$400 to have something simple fixed and the computer didn't end up working right anyways... -unrenowned
  • *golf claps* -lineswine
  • This gave me warm fuzzehs and a desire to go congratulate the author. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Thankfully we've some slightly better stores this side of the puddle. But that Newegg byline "Take it from a Geek" WTF? Or maybe it's just my mind... and ears. -rurwin
  • oh too fraakin true.. i can find more faster on my own then anyone that works in the stores closest to me. when in the right mood i like to ask one of teh sales reps questions related to a product i know inside and out.. to see if they can get any of it right ( physical connectors - they usually fail) -Harm
  • reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon: young salesman says "welcome to electronics hut. i'm half your age and i know more about electronics than you ever will. can i help you?" Dilbert replies, "yes. i need 3 niad converters and an anza brush...or am i bluffing?" the kid breaks into a sweat and thinks, "this guy is GOOD!" -Erictheblue
  • The one I worked at we jokingly referred to as "Breast Buy" because of the sheer number of plastic surgeons that were in proximity to our store. -skippytpodar
  • -DarkRookie
  • I just last night had to school a blueshirter on whether I was going to get the website price or the rack-tag price for a hard drive...go figure. -Grue
  • For a brief period i used to work for HP on the weekends. I would go to a BB, CompUSA, CC for several hours in the evening or weekends and be the resident expert on thier products. The money was good 19.50 an hour and only a 3rd was taxed. But dealing with the customer reps was a headache. They generally had no clue and were all about the sale. i got banned from a few stores because i'd advise people not to buy the extended warranty they didn't need. generally they got the same from HP or could buy it for a third of the price. -Hellion
  • My big head shaker lately is the 'De-Crapify' fee, where they will clean your NEW machine of the 'Fluffware' that everything comes with....... -jerrybear
  • @jerrybear: they wanted to do that to mine, but I politely let them know that I could do it myself. if a person is incredibly new to having their own pc, it may be optimal to have another person at least point them in the right direction. however, if they install gasware in place of fluffware, well, then, that's a whole new story. -AdmiralLaurie
  • JB: the reason that "decrapify" service exists is because BB saw a need/want and are filling it. Not saying it's right by any stretch, just that it's another business opportunity for them. -BayouTech
  • A must for any tech! - Cthulhu desk swag [By: ravensentinel / 2011-07-01]
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    Welp there goes the internet - Lulsec and Anon team up. There goes the internet. [By: virusjtg / 2011-06-20]
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  • I've been wondering if I should give hacking a shot just to see if I could figure out who these nut jobs are... -TechMama
  • Well, at least these guys are ensuring I will have a job for the next...well, forever. At least until they realize that by attacking our networks, they're actually createing more jobs and keeping us employeed. Hopefully my info won't get caught up in the clearance investigation is coming soon lol. -ravensentinel
  • Wait, and see. Either this will turn into the revolution against groups like MPAA and politicians trying to limit the 'Net, or it'll end up being another round of crap like PSN. Only time will tell. -Seamus
  • On a different note, having never been in military or navy when they fire those massive cannons does it really cause a huge recess in the water like the image? -0gr3
  • That's not a "recess" in the water, that's the blast shockwave from the guns firing. You see the same thing in the super-slow-motion vids of bombs & missiles detonating. -Grue
  • Yes. It does. Same thing with Howitizers or any BFG. On a side note, they aren't attacking the MPAA or other annoying places. They're attacking Census buruea's and other stockpiles of private information. -ravensentinel
  • If I'm lucky, they'll ruin the Census Bureau info so hard, the Bureau will have to rerun the 2010 census. XD -Omega
  • Hmmm, I'm taking a white-hat hacking course in the fall. Wonder if this will come into it at all... -Dreamstalker
  • Omega, most of the people the census hires are as clueless as you can get (mom worked for them last year; we're both convinced I wasn't hired--after being promised a position--because I'm too smart). -Dreamstalker
  • Looks like they stole the "plot" from Hackers, surely they'll be sued into oblivion for that. -mtuck
  • Sounds to me like a great way to "stick it to the man" -- if there WERE a "the man." Usually the people who get hurt the most by these are those they claim to be supporting, "us the little people" whose moneys will be stolen out of "the man's" banks - not "the man's" money, but OURS. Same for all the other actions they want to take - who will it really hurt? "The Man" or everyone else? (What does history show us?) -Captain Trips
  • I am "the man!" -ravensentinel
  • I worked there - originally applied for the canvasser position, but was hired for the office. It was fun, even if we got paid less than the people going door to door. -Omega
  • Irony, This is thy name! - Safe for now, is nt, will make you laugh uncontrollably. [By: virusjtg / 2011-06-15]
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  • safe for work* -virusjtg
  • Buh-whaaa? -PTSTech
  • This is like the Government of our fair province grudging using revenues extorted from the private casinos and Lottery Corporation to fund gambling addiction clinics... -chazz
  • Yes, cause KFC is a bastion of health food. -Stryker One
  • erm, all righty then, what is it? -AdmiralLaurie
  • KFC is selling a GIANT ass jug of Pepsi in the states for 2.99 and will donate $1 of each purchase to juvenile diabetes research. -0gr3
  • (da)To be fair, diabetes is NOT caused by sugary drinks alone. OTHER diet choices factor in as well as hereditary issues. (Diabetes runs in my Dad's side of the family. Somehow I haven't developed it, and have no signs according to my doctor). That being said, NO ONE needs that much d*mned soda in one sitting. -udoshan
  • Apparently this is a half-gallon of soda containing the equivalent of 56 spoonfuls, 800 calories, or about half a pound, of sugar. Causal or no, sugar is linked to diabetes, and the juxtaposition of this much sugar in a single bucket with a donation to the Diabetes society does make for a definite sense of irony. -chazz
  • -Starfury
  • that's, scary. I could run into a conspiracy theory, but I won't. I'll try to ahem, stay neutral. -AdmiralLaurie
  • 3$ for a 2L bottle, in a cup, where it'll go flat? Daaaamn. More expensive than the sev (7-11). -LDFeral
  • My cup runneth over with DERP! -Seamus
  • Towel Day - I was going to bump the LOTD, but then noticed what it was...
    Those TSCers NOT affected by the terrible Tornado DON'T FOR GET YOUR TOWEL TOMORROW
    How can you be a hoopy frood if you don't know where your towel is, hmmm?
    @poglathegrate for my observations on Towel Day here in Aus [By: PoglaTheGrate / 2011-05-25]
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    Tornado Live Stream - Oh f**k, oh f**k, oh s**t, oh f**k. Appy Polly Logies to Ogr3 and anyone else for taking down this LOTD... Apparently the mind doesn't work well this late in the afternoon and I can't tell the difference between submitting a 'Story' or a 'Link' [By: PoglaTheGrate / 2011-05-25]
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  • No worries, I bumped the last one not thinking that cool link was the LOTD. -0gr3
  • Tornando LiveStream - Title says it all [By: 0gr3 / 2011-05-24]
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  • Feck, bumped LOTD again, my bad. -0gr3
  • Well this is important information. -ProfessorFrink
  • This has the potential to have a much more devastating impact than the April 26th outbreak. -DukeOfURL
  • Nail these thieves to the wall - OK. So these clowns decide they're going to rip off Cisco, and think they're not going to get caught? Apparently the way this worked was one of the thieves built counterfeit networking equipment, then when it didn't work, he and his partner called Cisco to arrange for replacements. Total cost to Cisco= millions of $$$$$. That would have been nice money you Cisco techs could probably have used for bonuses, etc., am I right?

    Sorry, nothing gets me madder than a couple of thieves stealing. Though I don't work for Cisco, I've seen this kind of thing where I work too. [By: tech4alltrades / 2011-05-14]
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  • How on earth did Cisco not twig that the first one they received was a fake? -smellystudent
  • My thoughts exactly. I wonder what it must be like to work in the Cisco RMA dept... -Spyder19
  • in the article it says that they made 27 million off of cisco, but then for the punishment they only have to pay 18.8 million. Does that come out the 27 million they stole, or did that money already get seazed. cause I'm just saying, 27million in a bank collecting interest, not counting taxes, could make 18.8 million in a few years, if they dragged the appeals out, they could actually walk away richer than before....that said, someone should introduce the prison version of cisco to them, that'd be CRISCO, applied directly to the anus. -drachen
  • They don't use lube in prison. -RiffRaff
  • I think the story said that Cisco lost 27 million, not that the thieves made 27 million. It's entirely possible that they only grossed 18-19 million selling the stuff off, in which case the restitution may have totally cleaned them out, and a good thing too. Cisco is still $8M in the hole, though... -chazz
  • I think that they are talking retail vs. cost. Which works. -ecoli
  • 27 mill? lets see.. thats about 2250 asr1001.. damn! -Harm
  • Damn you Gary Larson. Thanks to you, everytime I see the word clown used in place of idiot or similar, I picture actual clowns doing the deed. But seriously, Thieves suck a$$. Their actions almost always lead to higher prices for law abiding non-a$$hole people. -RoadDemon
  • RoadDemon: How would Gary Larson draw an ass-clown? -chazz
  • Thanks chazz. Now I got an image of 2 ass cheeks in clown makeup and a wig. But the reference was to a far side comic where they were in a military facility. And 2 people in charge were standing next to each other as if they were talking, and the one says, "Hey, what does that clown think he is doing.?" . And there is a clown randomly pressing buttons at a missle launching station. And I really suck at using words. -RoadDemon
  • See, I make a small profit on sales of brain bleach... <grin> Seriously, though. Yes, with Far Side and Kliban both using "clown" literally that way, I have the same imagery whenever someone is referred to as a clown, rather than an idiot. -chazz
  • Makes you wonder just how pervasive the more clever counterfeit parts are, in the active device chain. Side note: the Larson comic with the clown reaching for the launch button is one that lives on the fridge even now. *grin* -Grue
  • One of the LART masters - Read and laugh [By: DarkRookie / 2011-05-05]
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  • Would be neat if he/she worked in IT! Better yet, direct person. I don't believe I'd be able to get anything done due to my laughter. -ravensentinel
  • lmao.. this dude is simply hilarous. -kennz
  • roflmao -virusjtg
  • "The supermarket "If they made the aisles wider we could drive our car in and grab things through the window and pay on the way out like at McDonalds." I like that idea. I'm going to the patent office right now. -burrkiss
  • wow, reminds me of Gord. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Gord is King. Remember, Gord successfully performed the Arse-over-tea-kettle maneuver. -unrenowned
  • Wow, that dude is EVIL... -PTSTech
  • There's a line between being a shock-jock and a jerk@$$. This guy crosses the line too often. -Wraith556
  • greatest thing EVER. i'm giggling hystefrically over the bear. -Harm
  • I think I broke something laughing at the chlorine and brake fluid sending a golfball through two walls trick. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Dogbert running a call center? - Doesn't this just about sum up how all tech support operations work? [By: tech4alltrades / 2011-05-01]
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    Woman fights with cops as Boba Fett look - And a storm Trooper too. [By: virusjtg / 2011-04-28]
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  • Yep, its been all over the news in Atlanta! -CelticSkyhawk
  • PSN Attack, Important!! - That contains most, is not all, of the stories about the attack on the PSN, plus some other unrelated (Easiest link I could get with all info from work). Plus a couple of extra. "Profile data, including purchase history and billing address (city, state, zip), and your PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers," states Sony, might have been taken. I don't remember if CC info was stolen or not. You know the drill. Password resets and be wary of email from Sony. (I was bored with the politic story. If it wants to be returned, I will add it back. CTRL-A, CTRL-C, CTRL-V, CTRL-S FTW) [By: DarkRookie / 2011-04-27]
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  • So far I can count of two articles reporting of credit/debit card theft. As to authenticity, I couldn't give you an answer. If you have your CC/Debit info on PSN, I would suggest either calling your CC company and let them know or going to your bank and getting a new debit card; depends on your situation. -unrenowned
  • Looks like someone was ready for this! -unrenowned
  • I haven't seen or heard of any Sony database records floating around the web. (Unlike the Gawker and Minecraft things where somebody posted the logins and hashes as well as reversed hashes). -linuxmatt
  • Sean Duffy is a Hypocritical Prick - Hey, Duffy: Go fuck yourself. No, I mean that with all due sincerity. You earn over three times what the average American does for sitting on your ass playing god, and you're "struggling." You don't know the first thing about struggling, you piece of shit. Struggling is waking up in the middle of the night with bronchitis, no health insurance, and trying to decide if you can afford a trip to the doctor. Struggling is figuring out how you're going to pay for that $600 car repair on your 1979 Oldsmobile POS so you can get to work (or even worse, go try to find work). Struggling is paying your goddamn salary in place of putting food on the table.

    I will be posting this video in every forum I can find, and then some. And to the GOP idiots who think they can keep it a secret, bring it on, you hypocritical fascist fucks. PLEASE, start something with me. I WANT you to.

    Also posted at [By: RiffRaff / 2011-04-01]
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  • I urge anyone with a website to repost this video. -RiffRaff
  • Will have to watch when I get home. -ravensentinel
  • /me pokes the angry Riff with a stick (have to watch it when I get home as well) -DarkRookie
  • That's the video they first posted to Youtube themselves, then wanted censored from the internet when they realized it didn't put them in a good light? Yes, it needs to get mirrored on every website in existence. -Calydor
  • Oh riff, there are so many comments, but so little space. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Dude, I'm a republican - from WI...Duffy - BAD move idiot! He's not in my district otherwise I'd vote against him - even if that meant voting democrat...WTF? -redevil34
  • Riff, as usual, you RAWK! -CTYankee
  • Hmm... $174k a year? What could I do with that? In one year I could pay off all my credit card debt, student loan debt, mortgage and lien, fix the roof on my garage, fix the driveway that's buckling, remove the trees causing said buckling, re-landscape the yard, and re-insulate the entire house. Oh yeah, and probably fix the foundation issues I have in the house as well. And that's just with 1 year's worth. If he doesn't want it, I'll take it. -exzyle2k
  • exzyle2k +1 here! I'm struggling so much that my spending is in lockdown after I bulk buy my train tickets for the month, pay the minimum on my credit card, and whatever bills are mine to pay so I can pay the mortgage. I don't eat breakfast and lunch is whatever leftovers are available. No leftovers, no lunch. I can't remember the last time I ever bought a lunch. $174K? I dream about having a salary like that. On the plus side, no snacks and reduced food intake has resulted in a 10kg (22lb) weight loss over the last two months. -Wraith556
  • Riff... yeah, this guy needs some form of epic LARTin'. I haven't been lurking much lately (long story) but the day I come in to check things out, there you are bein' the best damned brat you can be. (The other half, being seriously one of the crown princes of brats, said he could hear bullshit and backpedaling in the little weasel's voice without even seeing the video. Musical ears. Go figure, hm?) -teivrann
  • 174k?! fraak! CAN'T LIVE OFF THAT!!??!! you have got to be kidding me.. if with our punitive taxes i could pay off everythign withion a year! CC's studen loans - car.. put a good chunk down on the principal of the mortgage.. -Harm
  • yeah, I could live on that much. Hell my wife and I make about half that, and we manage to live, pay our bills, ect. If suddenly we doubled our -Phylok
  • A few years ago, my wife and I combined were probably making closer to that (2/3, maybe) than most. It wasn't "enough", but it *did* cover the $3k/month mortgage, two car payments, utilities, and budgeted toys/vacations. San Jose is not cheap. (If we make a third of it this year, we'll be lucky!) -Divinar
  • Wife and I made a combined amount of 20% of that last year. We haven't missed a single payment to credit cards or any other debts. Yes, we live in a "cheap" area of the country, but it's also about figuring out priorities. Of course, the "paying for everything" idea is out the window now, with the added health debts she accrued late last year. -Transkaren
  • This kinda says it all -McSmiley
  • Sean Duffy, I feel your pain. Why, I myself have to make sacrifices. I've cut back to being hand-fed by only 6 scantily-clad supermodels instead of my usual 8. Oh, the sacrifices we must make. (They say sarcasm doesn't translate well to the written word. You be the judge.) -MisterCommon
  • Let's see if I can put it into words, and still try to be polite and calm. If medicaid suddenly stopped paying for my seizure meds, (they won't pay for the one without prior authorization from the doc) I would be paying close to a thousand bucks a month. Add that to my pain meds, needed herbal supplements (melatonin, valerian, etc) and you've got a ton of money right there. Rent comes first, then other bills. then household items. Then anything else. I can't really save any kind of money for a trip. I do what I love, and I wish I could get paid for it. If the trillion bucks getting cut out of medicaid includes not covering some prescripton drugs, I'm up a creek. You struggle on 174K a year? You s.o.b, you sicken me. That's not struggling. That's not sacrifice. That's talking out your behind and saying it's smoke when it's your own miasma. I doubt you ever have known struggling. You were probably the big snotty little kid who wore the finest clothes, and laughed at your classmates who had to wear second or even third hand clothes. You think you know pain, but how about having thirty, forty even more than that petit mal seizures, and having to relearn tasks, or, god forbid, having to end up never living on your own. You don't know pain. You don't know true sacrifice. You know your own definition of it. And you, little boy, need to rewrite your internal dictionary. That was directed at the whiny weasle, Riff, not you. -AdmiralLaurie
  • @ AdmiralLaurie /clap /clap /clap -Transkaren
  • Agreed *golf clap* for the Admiral. -0gr3
  • More comments: you've never known anything but comfort and looking down your nose at the needy constituents. You've never been on SNAP, or medicaid. You've never been rushed to the hospital, on empty pockets, praying that medicaid will cover the trip, and the stay. You've never had to choose between medicine and food, and then drinking your lattes up there in that comfy chair of yours. Let me tell you something, you pompous, stuck-up weasel. You want to cut everything but your own salary. Quit lining your pockets. Live like your poorest constituents for a year. Cut your own salary in, say, half. Live like some of us do. A little over three bucks a day to live and eat on. Imagine only having a few dollars at the end of the month. Imagine not having enough money to, say, get your hair cut. Understand the pains and life of your voters. You say you've struggled. I call bs! You've never struggled a day in your life. Imagine paying your rent, that's close to $600 a month, and you, after a cable internet bill that's there because you can't afford a real phone line, having just barely enough for household necessities. Imagine having to have a home provider, because you can't live independently. For once, put yourself in the needy's shoes. That are third hand. Imagine choosing between medicine and food, and having to snap your pills in half, taking only a tiny bit of the recommended dose and praying it lasts you two weeks. Learn how to cook rice and oats. Learn how to cook partly vegetarian, because meat is so bloody expensive. Feel it in your heart, the loneliness, the pain, of not having any kind of pet, because you can't afford the vet, the food, etc. You cannot sensor the internet. You've been cast into a light that you don't want. Let me tell you something. Backpedalling doesn't work anymore. Someone, somewhere, has a copy of the speech you made. It can be shown to the world at any time. You wouldn't know pain and struggle if it hopped up, bit your nose and scampered away. You don't realise that you are losing those of us who wish we could change what's being done. You sit in that comfy chair and think you've known struggle. Your family didn't know sacrifice. Lying to your constituents is losing you more votes than gaining them. You want to know struggle? Put down those lattes you drink every morning. Take off that suit. Wear pants and shirts that are third hand. You have to choose between washing clothes and medicine for the month. No, you can't dry-clean your things. Now come back and talk to us when you've gotten the concept of real struggle. And pain. -AdmiralLaurie
  • It's back on least part of it. -ravensentinel
  • First, let me state that I believe this guy is a complete and total idiot and completely fails to understand his constituents. That being said, let's throw a couple facts out there. In his own way, he IS struggling - because he has a regular home AND a vacation home, both with mortgages. There are things he'd like to spend money on that he can't because he's underwater on both. That prevents him from selling either because he doesn't have the money to pay off the loans associated due to depressed housing prices. That being said, he needs to start paying down principal on the vacation home until he's back "above water" on the loan and sell the damn thing. Simple financial common sense that a lot of people can't seem to follow. People like that should not be in the position of materially affecting the economy through the passage of laws. If you are in his district - I'd recommend you vote against him in the next election. -virtualchoirboy
  • @VCB: why would you buy a house, not have it paid off, and buy another, just to go through the whole mortgage process all over again with the second house? I never understood that. Maybe it's because I've never actually owned a property, but it seems to me that owning one property is expensive enough as is, depending on where you live. So then why buy, say, a house in a suburb, then buy a waterfront property? I just can't fathom someone wanting to go through that twice. And if you only spend two weeks or less a year at the vacation home, why not rent somewhere? It's cheaper, maybe not in the short term, but he wouldn't have to pay, say, $1500 on a house he's not living in. and if renting for that amount of time is, say, $2000, then yes, he's spending a little more right then, but he's not spending money for the property taxes, utilities, etc, on a place he doesn't own. Oh, nice. My brain is fried. -AdmiralLaurie
  • That's just Rule Number 1 of Public Speaking for the Elite/Rich: Try to show the mob in front of you that you don't think you are Elite/Rich, but just another Average Joe. Its supposed to work for Politicians on both sides of the fence as well as movie and tv stars. -adarklite
  • Not able to live on $174K? Please. I'm sure I could find 4 other families in this city who would be thrilled to split it with us and we'd all do just fine. -Dreamstalker
  • A few simple words..."Fuck Sean Duffy & the privileged cunts he rode in on." -lineswine
  • That a-hole needs to walk in our shoes sometimes. I am jobless, a 4 time cancer survivor with diabetes and a heart condition. My medial bills are through the roof, my husband's check barely keeps a roof over our heads, we have 2 sons, one of whom is going to college this year. Who the HELL does he think he is ? I'd like to introduce him to what REAL struggle is. -persephone
  • @AL: Hard to say really. Sometimes with renting, you can end up with a bad location despite good reviews. Your price would also fluctuate based on how many people were going. With a 2nd/vacation home, you know in advance what the pros and cons are, how many people can come along, etc. As for the mortgage process, I'd put it on par with understanding annual signups for insurance. Yes, it can be complicated if you don't understand the terms and rules. However, once you learn some of them, it's actually pretty easy - kind of like computers... :-) -virtualchoirboy
  • Now, previous comments aside, I also believe his decision to buy a 2nd home was a very bad decision and based on lies put forth by the banks and real estate agencies. For someone who wants to help shape national policy, he's a fool for not having seen it coming. As such, he doesn't deserve the job. Heck, the only one I've seen in recent days that DOES deserve it is Ron Wyden from Oregan who actually seems to understand some of the more technical issues facing Congress these days. Sometimes wish I lived there so I could vote for him. -virtualchoirboy
  • ok -kerching
  • Last Friday there was a problem with one of the banks that delayed processing of our salaries. Until I knew the money had been cleared, I wasn't facing the problem of "What do we eat?" over the weekend but the more fundamental "Do We Eat?" I'll bet Sean Duffy has never had to face possible starvation! -Wraith556
  • you know...this is one of those speeches that really should wake people up to the political "beer goggles" that the congress has. If i did not have a generous family willing to bail my ass out of hot water, id be on the streets broke. mostly my own fault, but in the end it wouldn't have mattered. now i struggle to pay the mortgage, fix the cars, repair the house (as much as i can by my self), and keep my family afloat. and i watch as my dabt which is over 200k (including the house) VERY slowly decays. 174K per year? sign me up! That would pay off every dime i owe in 2 years, if i changed nnothing of how i live. i know i am in a better situation than some, and i have tried to help when i can. but to talk about a salary that is AT LEAST 2 times what the average middle class worker is getting and probably closer to 3x and claim that you are struggling? i hope something karmic happens to this guy so that he truly understands that word. and then have someone shove that video in his face. -gashach
  • Argument for Free Software - If you can get around his paranoia and conspiracy theories, this guy makes some of the most eloquent arguments for free software that I've heard. [By: RiffRaff / 2011-03-15]
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  • The thing is, he's not wrong about cell phones. Most have GPS built in, and all can be located through triangulation between cell towers. You can definitely be tracked by your cell, and they can be turned on remotely to eavesdrop. Of course, some people actually choose to have their cell report where they are thanks to various apps. Sorry, I do not understand why people actually want to do that. -SalParadise
  • One reason (and it's not a bad one) for wanting to publish your location is to meet up with friends (say, at a festival or race track, where it may not be possible to be heard on the phone), so your location can be overlaid on a map so your friends can find you. -Diptera
  • Magenta & I use it to know each other's location so we don't have to call while the other might be driving. Also, for my own personal purposes, I allow Latitude to keep a history of my movements since it could serve as a necessary alibi some day. If the government wants to track me, there is little I can do to stop them, shy of ditching all technology and going off the grid. -RiffRaff
  • Personally, I turn all the GPS stuff off. At least it says it is. If someone needs to get ahold of me of find me, they know where I am or how to reach me. If they don't know where I am, I don't want them to get ahold of me. Working for Big Brother has made me paranoid. Ironic. -ravensentinel
  • "At least it says it's off." If you believe that the cell phone makers are sufficiently in Big Brother's pocket that they will report your position to the feds, it's not a large stretch to believe that the cell phone could have been built to lie to you about whether it was reporting your position... and whether its microphone is running. Me, I know enough about batteries to know that if I can go almost a week between recharges, then the phone isn't sending a lot of data, and is almost certainly not eavesdropping on me. -chazz
  • Every time I listen to RS, it's the same thing. He starts out with a really articulate argument on a sound point, and at some point just veers off into crazytown. I'm all for open source and/or free software, but to say that any other variety is not only bad but unethical is just terrible reasoning. While I might agree with RS on the odd point here or there, it's safe to say that he and I do not share the same view of the world. -linkv
  • A week between charges? Wow. Never had a phone that could do that. I rarely use it for much beyond keeping up with email and the occasional office phone call that gets forwarded...but somehow, 10-11 hours later, its dead. Only had it about 2 months after my last phone started doing the same thing after 2 years of service. Either way, it must be doing something. Not sure what, but I've not investigated much either. -ravensentinel
  • Raven: Not a smart phone, those things eat bandwidth, and bandwidth is super expensive in the Great White North. LG GT350. Seems it lasts on standby, with very light use (average about 150 minutes / month) for 5 to 7 days before I lose the first bar (of three) of battery. -chazz
  • Being paranoid doesn't guarantee nobody is out to get him. -AussieFoot
  • For the really paranoid people, You can always build a small Faraday cage to store your phone in when not in use. -RoadDemon
  • I could swear I've seen ads for faraday wallets and cell-phone holsters around the web... -Omega
  • Faraday wallets actually now make sense, with RFID chips in credit cards being scanned easier than picking a pocket. (How long before we need to shield the chips in our heads? That is eventually where cell phones will go, chips embedded behind our ears. We'll NEED those tin-foil hats then.) -Captain Trips
  • My only argument for having gps enabled is if something happens, and I have no clue where we are (say a car wreck) the medics, etc can find us. We are also going to see about getting me one of those small pendants so that if I do wander off due to being disoriented, I can be found. However, I don't like the thought of big bro tracking me. I have no reason to fear it, however having GPS on devices is a double-edged sword. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Niven's Law of Freedom: F*S=k. (Freedom times security is a constant.) If you seek greater security, you must give up some freedom. Different societies have different values of "k". Niven's law of Freedom revised: Giving up freedom for security has begun to look naive. Having GPS able to find you in an emergency is good, but for that security you need to give up your freedom from big brother-ism, at least a bit. (Now, let's look at F*S=k from the pov of "The Patriot Act." If we want maximum security, we might as well put ourselves in prison.) -Captain Trips
  • What itty bitty bit of the patriot act I managed to stay awake through reading, it seems to provide funding for recovery from terrorist attacks. I understand through group discussions in debate and government class that it also provides new federal law enforcement powers that, while enhancing security, also remove some, if not all, of a few of our liberties. I don't like the thought of BB having a look at what books I borrow, even though I don't borrow anything that would be incriminating. It's my right as a citizen here to check out books without having someone snooping through them. Who knows, one day they may make vampire books illegal, or, gods forbid, morally corrupt. I hope that never happens. Morals are in the eye of the beholder, not a collective conscience, even though some special interest groups may wish it were so. -AdmiralLaurie
  • I've always held the belief that our government (The US) is too incompetent for most conspiracies. As for specifically tracking someone by GPS, sure it's possible and I don't doubt it's been done. But unless you're wanted for something, or a suspected terrorist, do you really believe the government has the time and resources to care? Also as RiffRaff said, it could actually be used as an alibi. Read a recent article of a man who got out of several tickets because his phone GPS recorded that he wasn't actually speeding. Another neat function not mentioned here is that android phones can change settings depending on location/speed/etc. It's possible to set it to vibrate at work, ring at home. Or kick on blue tooth and Pandora whenever you top a certain speed. -LazyLemming
  • I just know you're baiting me with this. And I can't take it anymore, I've got to say something. The Albany Tea Party held about half a dozen "transpartisan" public debates. The radical left vs the Tea Party radical right. In all those meetings, I have NEVER met ANYBODY, EVER, who disparaged marxism, and yet, WANTED government handouts. This man is a pure anomaly who resents government control, and yet, wants government to be mommy and daddy. He's right on a few of his "conspiracy theories" like cell phones tracking us, and yet, he only wants PART of the patriot act repealed ? I think I need to talk to this man -Spyder19
  • I'll just leave this here: "A German Green Party member has successfully extracted the tracking information stored by his mobile operator, and created a map that shows his every movement over a six month period." -SalParadise
  • using 8bit pron and strong passwords - A company has decided that 8 bit pron is a good way to encourage users to select strong passwords. [By: virusjtg / 2011-03-07]
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  • ***runs to server and implements on company intranet immediately*** -ravensentinel
  • Is this is SFW or is there actual video? -0gr3
  • This is safe for work. -virusjtg
  • Ha ha ha! That's awesome! -0gr3
  • I should incorporate this into our ticketing system. -ravensentinel
  • Management vs. chaos - Dilbert cartoon (SFW) that definitely shows management at its finest in a scenario that I see every day. (Deploying servers, since I do server support.) [By: tech4alltrades / 2011-02-27]
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  • Me: We should use freeBSD as a firewall. Boss: I don't trust that free stuff, here I have found netBSD in a magazine - that's what we should use. -Gerund
  • Hells to the yes. Let's try it. -LDFeral
  • We recently had a reconfiguration move at my workplace (shrinking our cubes so as to get four into the space formerly used by three, similar deal with several offices). Everybody got a detailed email: "Pack your personal items, unplug your technology but do not pack it, be ready to go by 4 PM on this date." In this way we have discovered that our managers either do not read their email or cannot follow simple directions... -AnneBWalsh
  • I loved this one! -minchazo
  • Firefly May get a second chance? - I love the original series and would love to see get another chance. What do you think? [By: Gunpe / 2011-02-21]
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  • Browncoats represent! We aim to misbehave. -RandalGraves
  • :) :) :) :) -VIPERsssss
  • NZ TSCers, please check in! - This one's nastier than last September's quake, because of location and depth. Good luck to our NZ friends! [By: Grue / 2011-02-21]
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  • I've been watching the footage on our break room TV and it's just heartbreaking. My thoughts go out to anyone who is affected by this disaster. -LadySharky
  • So far 65 ppl confirmed dead within a few hours, that's huge. Mates down there watching bodies being carried out of buildings... Is terrible, terrible stuff. My thoughts & prayers are with anyone down there. -rosemetal
  • Mahal and Nightrain should be OK (they're on North Island) but I'll get hold of them as soon as I can and report back. -Gromit
  • Cheers Gromit, much appreciated. -lineswine
  • Sorry, Gromit - I'd left out mentioning that I was in contact with Mahal while putting this note up in the first place, and that NightRain was in contact with her - both are well outside the affected area, and are fine. -Grue
  • Aye, NR and I are fine, and our friends / workmates / families in the region are all physically OK. We're the lucky ones... -Mahal
  • I'm surprised there were as many deaths as there were. Lots of old buildings failing? -Transkaren
  • I saw it come across my twitter from a well-known NZer in the vi community. He's ok, his family are ok, but it's still awful, it is much worse than last year's earthquakes. My prayers and thoughts to everyone there and around there. -AdmiralLaurie
  • I'm fine, I'm in Wellington, but did feel it. Dad was out of Chch at the time thankfully, and his wife was here in Wellington too. -ApolloSZ
  • LOTR IRL - Best 5 minutes of my life, I was laughing so hard at the end I cried a little. [By: 0gr3 / 2011-02-08]
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  • Sorry, didn't mean to but the link of the previous one. Here is the prior one on UBB I guess I shouldn't post stuff when being distracted by lusers :S -0gr3
  • I always thought larpers were a bit out there. (This from a guy that dresses up like a pirate and says "argh" all weekend!) -Captain Trips
  • That was funny. I needed that laugh this morning. -DarkRookie
  • It reminds me of the Reno 911 episode where Patton Oswalt and some others are LARPing when the cops come by. It's pee-your-pants funny. -SalParadise
  • OK, I've been known to don full Klingon armor and headpiece, and yes, I can say a few words in tlhIngan Hol, but I never forget I'm acting. -Divinar
  • BUHAHAHA Daddy like. -burrkiss
  • "<Mitchell_Henderson> Kid kicks Bruno in the fucking balls - <Mitchell_Henderson> Bruno just fucking BACKHANDS HIM - <Mitchell_Henderson> WHAM - <Mitchell_Henderson> Kid's out cold." Someone buy "Bruno" a beer! -unrenowned
  • I worked in a hospital for MANY years and don't have any stories even close to that funny. -Starfury
  • Some people take their fantasy lives WAAAAY too seriously, don't they? -lineswine
  • This is obviously made up. Anybody who was serious enough about LARP to continue it in a public environment wouldn't mix up so many different lores and get so many things wrong. I also don't think it's the least bit funny to use inappropriate physical overreactions to their behavior, either. Seriously. -TechMama
  • breakroom link - Moved the rest into the breakroom post again. [By: gashach / 2011-02-07]
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  • Gotta keep this front page shiny clean for the Canadians. Too many characters steals them bandwidths! -DarthIndy
  • Reminder: The Break Room is open to everyone, you don't need a star to get in and post. -chazz
  • DAMNIT gashach! Quit being a censorship commie bastard! -Caboose447
  • well *CENSORED* started it! -gashach
  • Come and see the censorship inherent in the system! Help, help, I'm being opressed! -Diptera
  • gotta keep the size of the front page down, what with the bandwidth caps, wouldn't want the canadians to get overcharged on bandwidth! -metaball
  • Use skinny letters! The fat ones use too many zeroes, and they increase our bandwidth! -SwedishChef
  • Prior content moved into the Break Room - Prior content moved to the linked thread. *grin* [By: Grue / 2011-02-06]
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  • Spoilsport. :p ;-) -SwedishChef
  • Why move it? -Gromit
  • It was getting a bit long, is all. -Grue
  • It wasn't as long as the WikiLeaks post. -Tekkie
  • Long? Look, whatever your excuse, it's censorship to move things from the main page and hide them elsewhere. Discussions belong where they stand, and your attempts at moderating them is pissing people off. Stop trying to be Hawk, asshole. -NoneProvided
  • Ah, yes. I expected that there would be an entry from one of the several "straw man" accounts that folks have made to hide behind in a quest for anonymity while making inaccurate or inflammatory statements. "Censorship" and "acting like Hawk" would have possibly involved removing the post entirely, and not giving the clearly labeled link. It would also involve removing the account of such as you, who acts with no sense of public decorum whatsoever. One of the unwritten rules off "netiquette" on TSC is that you don't intentionally "break the formatting" by making an entry over-run to the side of the page. I simply have the opinion that it's unnecessary to leave a long discourse on this page, causing the same effect vertically. Next time, I'll simply imitate you and register a "straw man" account of my own, then bump the entry off here without more than a placeholder link to something useless. This would likely be more suitable to you, because it, like you, would strive for anonymity. Personally, I usually feel no need for such antics. Either way, suit yourself - the Internet doesn't care. -Grue
  • I think "NoneProvided" needs some ointment for the burn... -Caboose447
  • Lacking a little star next to my name does not make my opinion worthless. Anonymity is not an antic, but a precaution in this case. You work for the Department of Homeland Security. Also, knowing your control issues, as demonstrated above, I feel everything I have done to protect myself is warranted. That said, they make extensions for browsers that keep everything orderly and neat. If you're not smart enough to install one, then I guess we know exactly what type of government tech you are, don't we? -NoneProvided
  • Sheesh. Someone's got their panties in a bunch, don't they? As one of the participants of the previous thread, I'm not bothered a wit by it being moved. Maybe "noneprovided" should get off their soapbox and take a stress pill. -SwedishChef
  • I'm amused! I'd sent a message to Hawk pointing him in this direction, in case he disagreed with me. His reply: "funny...your right I don't care :) have a good one!" Nice to know the site's owner doesn't have a problem with what I've done or said about it. -Grue
  • The only person that seems to have an issue with it, is the lil'baby "NoneProvided". Someone who feels the need to hide, and doens't have the BALLS to show his face. @NoneProvided, having a star means that we support TSC and its founder and do what we can to help keep this site active. It does't mean that we have more or less of a valid opinion. There have been star members who have been shuned in to oblivion because of trolling. I think you need to pull your head out of your ass and give it a shake. None of us care where the original thread went. It is in an area that can continue a PROPER discussion. So this I ask of you. Either show yourself and quit hiding, or piss off! -Caboose447
  • Right...your entire argument for moving the posts rests on "The site owner doesn't care". Hawk didn't move the post, YOU did. And someone cares. As for "a proper discussion", there is nothing wrong with having a proper discussion on the main page, where everyone here can show off their ability to respond respectfully and intelligently. LOTD is one of the things that shows off this site, and the intelligence behind it. Crap like the above shows nothing more than Grue's inability to let this site be itself. Flaws and all. -NoneProvided
  • I think someone needs to get laid (re: NoneProvided). Give it a rest already. -Caboose447
  • see, this is the soapbox. not a discussion thread. anyone with a star can come and change it without any word to the morons. grue took a discussion and put it somewhere where it would not be lost at the end of today when i will change this topic out of spite. -gashach
  • never mind. soap box is down to go find a good link. -gashach
  • Two misconceptions -- the big one being that you need a star to post in the forums. You don't. If you did, it would be a really lonely place... And second, that Grue "hid" the post. He did leave a nice, accessible link to it right there in front of you... and said what it was a link to. -chazz
  • Noneprovided, stop throwing a temper tantrum. Just because you have to click a few more times to find the discussion doesn't mean that Grue is sensoring the site. That his employer is DHS doesn't mean he automatically sensors everything he touches. What if, because of your site name, I told you that you didn't exist? After all, it would be an appropriate assumption, as you are assuming with Grue. Grue isn't acting like Hawk. You, however, seem to have dilusions of being hawk, or knowing what he wants. If I were you, I'd cool it, settle down, sit the fsck down, and STFU! Just because you're a star member or not doesn't make your opinion any less valid. But behaviour like this does tell some of us that you're not mature enough to handle being told you're wrong. Now, get off that high horse of yours, and grow up. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Metered bandwidth in Canada - I know many countries have strictly-enforced bandwidth caps but this move looks like nothing more than a way to make Bell Canada more money and to throttle competitors. [By: Tekkie / 2011-02-01]
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  • Thankfully, the PM has agreed to look into this now. Perhaps we'll get it overturned! -SwedishChef
  • Fortunately, I'm paying for a business-class account here, even though it's on the USA side of the issue. 213GB of activity on the account in the past 4 days & 5 hours.... -Grue
  • I finally got to reading Ars today. Beyond a doubt, stupidest fucking idea ever, and I poured oil and gasoline on a creek to set it alight. -DarkRookie
  • DSL plans with excess data charges used to be the rule rather than the exception here, they are still common. Charges vary from $1/GB to a ludicrous $2000/GB ($2/MB) and data caps can start as low as 200MB. -AussieFoot
  • In the UK users generally have the choice of cheap bandwidth-limited DSL or more expensive unlimited packages, although most residential users are too dumb to check the bandwidth caps and just buy the cheapest package no matter how limited/throttled it is ("broadband's broadband, innit?"). Except my customers - assuming they talk to me before committing themselves, that is... <sigh> -Gromit
  • looks like they changed there mind -DarkRookie
  • excuse me. It looks like they are going to change there mind -DarkRookie
  • Today is the 4th. I just received notice that I'm at 75% of my 60 GB for this month. No torrents, no online gaming, no streaming video. Wtf, liars. -ThinTheHerd
  • This pisses me off, but from the other side of the coin. From my perspective, the smaller ISPs, which already charge less than Bell (as Bell in MANDATED to charge more than small ISPs, and to defer that "extra" money into an account that is solely to be used to improve the existing infrastructure), are complaining that they are being forced to charge their subscribers for bandwidth usage above 25GB/month (which Bell has already been doing for over 4 years) because it will cause them to lose subscribers. Excuse me? They've already been sucking the proverbial golden teat and now whine that they have to pay for the milk. Having to pay an additional $1.50/GB (the average) for usage above 25GB is not that unrealistic for a residential 6M DSL service (and the caps are higher and overage charges lesser for services above 6M), especially since insurance plans (ie: $5/month for another 40GB on the cap) are readily available. And before the words "anti-competitive practices" come up, I personally think it is anti-compettitive for small ISPs to lease the infrastructure from a maajor ISP, at a discounted rate no less, and then offer unlimited download when the ISP that owns the lines does not. In a nutshell, all I hear when I listen to the arguments against UBB is "I want my unlimited downloooooooooooooooooad!!" -Jonos
  • cept the real problem is the Big ISPs that lease the lines didnt exactly pat for them. the pipes were government subsidised many years ago. given how much dark fiber has been laid around the country the big 3 really have the infrastucture availble. why do they trottle certain applications and drop badwidth caps? odd the the same Big 3 ISPs offer telephone service, television / satelite tv services and on demand IPtv service. many customers are sick of paying for television or land line services and are going with alternatoves. drop the cap from 100gb to 25 - and oh look our servies would be cheaper then say 8bux for netflix. its BS from the big ISP side. worked for em. worked for BNR (owned by bell / Nortel) which developed the OC lines and several fiber switching technologies. -Harm
  • If the cost of use per GB was anywhere near proportional to the cost of delivering that GB, I would have no problem paying for how much I download. Even at 10 cent per GB, bell would be making more than 90% of that as profit. Also, bell is able to offer ipTV services that do not count towards the bandwidth cap on the internet connection, making their service attractive vs youtube, netflix etc. The barrier of entry for competing video services is not only based on how attractive their set of media is, their customer service, advertising etc. but now on how well they can deliver their content over a system that is designed to penalize their users for using their service. It may be that 90% of the population is subsidizing the other 10%'s habits, but when you think of the cost per GB vs the fixed cost of providing a connection, the subsidy is negligible. assuming a 5mbit connection is 40$ from Teksavvy, -30% markup would be $30.77, minus 20% markup from bell assumes a fixed cost of $26 per connection, per month. The cost to bell, rounding up per GB, is $0.01, if a user downloads 200GB that would be $2 cost to bell, marked up to $2.20 for teksavvy, and if they chose to pass that onto the consumer it would be $2.86/200GB with bell and teksavvy making a profit. The user would have to download over 600 GB of data in a month to make the one account unprofitable for teksavvy to eat the cost of bandwidth, if the cost to the consumer was proportional to the cost for bell. -boxxertrumps
  • First of all, Bell doesn't lease the lines at a markup, then lease them to resellers at -15% of what they charge their own customers, so that the smaller ISPs can be "competitive". Secondly, the resellers sell with a much higher bandwidth cap (if any, per their website) than Bell does. Thirdly, guess what? You ~can~ get that by buying into an insurance plan. If you go over the 50GB limit on the 12M connection, for example, you can pay $5 more for 40GB. Doing the math, that 12.5 cents per GB. But that is not even the point. If you can't get the 12M speed because some people using Teksavvy are soaking up the majority of the available bandwidth for that period of time, who are you going to complain to then? You complain to Bell because of slow speeds and tell them to do something about it. Bell researched the problem, found out this is what it was, and went to the CRTC to try to get it resolved. The CRTC made its own determinations, made its decision (and keep in mind that this is the CRTC's preferred way to deal with this problem), and now everyone is blaming Bell for being money-hungry when they are doing nothing more than trying to level the playing field and prevent what they feel is abuse. -Jonos
  • Jonos - from my point of view, it is a pure money grab. Why? Well, my house in a relatively new subdivision. 10 years old this year. The company that won the rights to provide telephone/DSL service install fiber optics up to the last mile. It was advertised all over. 5 years ago that company was bought out by Rogers. DSL disappeared. My *ONLY* option for high speed internet is Rogers. I've checked. I can't even get Bell DSL, because it is not available. So, I'm stuck paying $50/month for 60/gb from Rogers on a 10mb connection. My only options are to pay more for more or less for less. Bring in UBB, and suddenly my $50 pays for LESS of a connection. There is absolutely NO competition as it is in my area, and UBB would stifle that even further. The fixed cost for setting up my area was paid for by a small company. NOT Bell or anyone else. Rogers bought them out and took away the option for DSL in my neighbourhood. So, please, tell me again how it is unfair to the Big Three that they aren't allowed to cap my internet further. -SwedishChef
  • I personally wouldn't mind this given three preconditions: (1) that the cost per GB actually reflected the cost of delivering that GB independent of infrastructure (the wire and routers are already there, after all, that's what I'm paying my base fees for); (2) there is some easily accessible meter that allows me to see, minute by minute if I want to, how much I'm using, and preferably have it be on my premises, perhaps built into my modem; and (3) that I have some choice as to who I buy the service from. In my case, I'm lucky in that I have three choices, two hardwired and one over the air; not everyone has that choice. But my other two points are most emphatically not being met. -chazz
  • I'd also like to point out that UBB will seriously impact small business. For example, my company has 12 people. We had Bell Business DSL years ago, but the speed was only 1mb, and the wires were bad, so connection was spotty, especially during bad weather. In order to "upgrade", Bell was going to charge us ~$1500 to run new wires to our building. Rogers wasn't in the area, but for roughly the same price, they would give us service. So, we went to a Line of Sight wireless service. 10mb for less per month than Bell. However, since the ISP is small, and part of their service is through leased Bell lines, our company would now face the same restrictions on band width, even though we technically don't use Bell's lines. So, we either pay through the nose to Bell because of UBB, or we pay through the nose to switch to Bell. Not much competition or choice there, is there? -SwedishChef
  • Steampunk Palin - No, they're not kidding. You are well-advised to check your sanity at the door. [By: Dante668 / 2011-01-22]
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  • ...My brain is full of FSCK. -Seamus
  • Steampunk - "Goths who decided it might be fun to wear brown for a change." ROFL -Gerund
  • bwahahahahahah... -madonnac
  • "steampunk" always makes me think of this online comic: -Erictheblue
  • That's because that comic is pretty much based on steampunk. -Omega
  • Why is Palin ruining Steampunk? Wasn't destroying the ratings on the Discovery Channel enough?? -unrenowned
  • Erictheblue.... I think I hate you. I went through the entire archives since Saturday. -Transkaren
  • Need... brain... bleach... -Jonos
  • The term "jumping the shark" leaps quickly to mind. Now if both steampunk AND Palin would go the way of Happy Days would be a service to the world. On the other hand, they DID draw her pretty hot. I'm having a problem NOT looking -Spyder19
  • WTF? -VIPERsssss
  • i'm repulsed... AND aroused?! -Harm
  • A Soldier's Christmas - Having had several family members and personal friends who have been that lonely soldier in a land far from home on Christmas Day, I salute all who are currently standing the post. May God bless all of them and bring all of them safely home. And to any of you who are reading this from said posts, this son of a Vietnam era Cold War vet and brother of two more Cold War vets salutes you. [By: tech4alltrades / 2010-12-22]
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  • Since I work for a VA hospital, I shared it with my coworkers. Thanks for posting the link. -skippytpodar
  • My pleasure, skippy. i work for a DoD contractor, so may post that there & Email it to a friend & customer or two. -tech4alltrades
  • Having my best friend's husband in the military, and my grandfather having served in BFE, I toast all of those who are standing the post this holiday season. And for those who have served, thank you, a zillion times over. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Know and love that version very well. Amen! -MadJack
  • It's a nice poem, but is improperly attributed according to Snopes. The real author is James M. Schmidt, who was a Lance Corporal and was published in Leathernecks (Magazine of the Marines) in 1991, 5 years after the original writing (in 1986). for the references... -VoiceOfSanity
  • Very much appreciated! Spent 3 christmas's in Iraq/Kuwait. -ravensentinel
  • Then Raven, I thank you and salute you for your services -tech4alltrades
  • Police with a sense of humour? -

    Get drunk & disorderly round Manchester this crimbo & they'll guarantee you "something to remember". [By: lineswine / 2010-12-20]
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  • *dies laughing* -AdmiralLaurie
  • They don't have any in my area! -ravensentinel
  • reminds me of an old "funniest home video": "you will get a free ride in an actual police car!" (something like that, it was a LONG time ago) -Erictheblue
  • I figure there's a local franchise. Oh wait, I did stay there a few years back. -AngrySup
  • I'm not surprised by this - it is Digital Dogcow country after all... <giggle> -Gromit
  • Christmas Bonus - BOFH style - Nothing is more rewarding than a hard earned Christmas bonus at the end of the year! Well... Maybe new staff members that are completely in the dark... *evil grin* [By: unrenowned / 2010-12-19]
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    BORG V 1.0 - Bill's cataract surgery made me notice this link... How to become a borg, V1.0. I can't imagine that it will stop here tho... [By: Spyder19 / 2010-12-07]
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  • Just wait till the guys over at Google get inspired by this. Street Level views are gonna get a WHOLE lot more detailed. -Stryker One
  • I may be missing something, but it looks like they implanted the magnetic mounting pad to his scalp and the camera attached to it. How is this different from just wearing a headband with a camera mount? Seems like unnecessary surgery to me... -JoeLugian
  • Yea, that was the whole point of the borg thing. Just like the borg, if ya wanna upgrade, you just pop off the old one and pop on the new one. Personally, I'd have gone with the $5 pair of "see-behind" glasses -Spyder19
  • I keep telling my friend who lost an eye to cancer as a child that she should see if she could get some sort of webcam-filled fake eye so she could record everything she sees. -SillyGirl
  • Wanted by Interpol - The owner of Wikileaks is wanted by Interpol. This is what happens when you piss on every government by abusing the freedom of the internet and then try to run and hide in Sweden. [By: ravensentinel / 2010-12-01]
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  • Hard to tell if you believe the data dump is a good or bad thing, but here's one view point saying it's good that makes a bit of sense: -virtualchoirboy
  • My opinion is biased, hence why I didn't give it. As veteran of this most recent war and having lost several of my soldiers in it, I find it to be an outrage. This is exactly the kind of stuff that gets soldiers killed. I don't care about the politics of it all or the bureaucracy behind it all. I care for my soldiers and them not being killed because some idiot...well, you see why I didn't give my opinion. lol -ravensentinel
  • Not to mention I'm quite sure this will just be another bullet in the gun for those pushing "Net Neutrality" or what I would consider more like Gov't controlled/censored internet. -ravensentinel
  • Bullshit. The "this stuff gets soldiers killed" is the excuse they always use, and every single time they were lying. These were diplomatic cables, not military. They show that the US government pressured Germany not to press charges against CIA agents who kidnapped a German citizen (who wasn't even in al Qaeda - just had a similar name). They show the US government pressured the UK to make sure their Iraq war inquiry shielded the US from embarrassment. This is exactly the kind of information the public needs to know about so we can tell our governments to stop acting like criminal bastards. -thx1138
  • And "net neutrality" is what will keep Comcast from punishing you for using Netflix. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Wikileaks. -thx1138
  • All I've heard about is the diplomatic traffic, which could be politically embarrassing but only really confirmed what most of us thought any way. One middle-eastern diplomat summed it up as "We tell the US lies, and they lie to us in return". Another interesting tidbit was a middle-eastern monarch requesting greater US aviation company attendance at the country's first ever air show because he described the French Rafael fighter as "obsolete junk". Embarrassing yes. Life threatening No! And perhaps damaging to some careers. -Wraith556
  • thx1138 - I'm not using "their" excuse, I'm using mine from personal experience. I've been ambushed due to some info being leaked and seen soldiers killed because of it. I don't speak for those politicians and frankly couldn't care about their corrupted careers. But I have been on Wikileaks and seen the info they can put up there. There is PLENTY of military stuff up there. Maybe you went to the wrong site? The "terrorist" people LOVE when the internet. They can go on soldiers Facebook pages and find out where they live. They can go on Wikileaks and soldiers blogs to learn routes, patterns, tactics and strategies. And with Wikileaks, they have a plethora of information that some guy(s) is Iraq are getting paid bookoo's of money to siphon through. Also, I do realize Net Neutrality has nothing to do with Wikileaks. Apparently I didn't separate the topic clear enough. -ravensentinel
  • Wraith556 - I so agree. The politicians...well, I'll just shut up there. But no, I agree. No lives will be lost because Senator Starfish said "I hate curry!" or something lol -ravensentinel
  • Here's my question: is the info there gotten via the Freedom of Information Act? If so, it's his legally protected right to post it. If not, then he is guilty of violating security and may actually be guilty of treason. But I have never even heard anyone ask that question - are they legally obtained "leaks" that he posts? -Captain Trips
  • He is not an American citizen and therefore isn't bound by that act as I understand it. If he was, yes, he would be in some deep shiza. As far as the military stuff (not to be confused with the political junk) that was released, yes, a good chuck of it was classified stuff and therefore protected until unclassified. Why it was classified, who knows. Generally, its because the paperwork had to do with a classified mission and therefore the paperwork generated is also classified until that mission isn't any longer. -ravensentinel
  • My viewpoint is that Assange and Wikileaks have been irresponsible. Any military information they get should be redacted for names or relevant, secret information. That said - I think they do a function that is becoming more and more necessary in the modern era. The "news" is actually just gossip for the most part - honestly, how many of us had heard about the german citizen before wikileaks leaked it? That should have been plastered as front-page news for months. Also - I think the Interpol warrant and rape claims are completely false. Unless I am mistaken, the person that claimed to be a victim of Assange had previously claimed it and then recanted the claim. Add to that Interpol getting involved and making him a top 10 target, despite their sexual abuse people usually only handling high-volume organized slavery rings.. Given the timing, this fails the smell test. -Transkaren
  • Mike Huckabee has commented on this: -flapjackboy
  • Good link and good opinion in my opinion lol. Transkaren, valid points. To me, he has stirred a pot of drama that has exploded in his face. He knew full well these documents, however they were acquired, were sensitive for a reason. Anything that was militarily involved, well, that was just purely irresponsible and stupid no matter your citizenship or affiliation and doesn't pass any common sense test of mine. And yes, the timing of the Interpol thing was a bit fishy, hence why I thought I'd put it here and see the reaction. I'm surprised we haven't heard the CIA getting involved yet...but then again, they are based in the US, so that'd smell fishier. -ravensentinel
  • Interesting about what Huckabee said, and I'd mostly agree. Here's the thing: Do we grant the person Whistleblower status (for having revealed information about wrongdoing by the US) or traitor status (for having put our armed forces into harms way deliberately)? I'd favor both at the same time: Anything revealing criminal activities by US agents should be cause for him to be protected. Anything not directly related to that? Not so great. Incidentally, I don't think he can be tried for treason - isn't there a very, very high standard for that? -Transkaren
  • If I may jump in.... Why would a soldier post sensitive information, such as patterns and tactics, on his or her blog? Why would they post things that are sensitive on their facebook? That shows an unusual, if not downright dangerous lack of common sense. I also find the timing of the allegations to be a little convenient. Somebody's going to get embarrassed, so they go after him on more than likely false charges, to save face? That sounds like a guilty conscience, if you ask me. -AdmiralLaurie
  • @Transkaren: iirc from reading in history and government class, the treason article states that only for aiding and abedding those with physical creature comforts or necessities. I don't think information was ever mentioned. However, considering that he did in fact reveal some pretty explosive info, i.e criminal activities on the part of those who are supposed to proect and work for us, the citizens, imho he deserves protection and whistleblower status. This reminds me of what happend to Karen Silkwood. -AdmiralLaurie
  • AdmiralLaurie - Simply, I have to agree. Sadly, the military has severely lowered their standards since the "war" has started. These people aren't exactly required to pass a common sense test anymore. I've seen officer's post facebook pages saying such things as "I have my [secret email account] back so you can email me there now". And yes, I did report him, but this guy is now a Major in the Army. He's been there for 8 years and somehow still making rank. These are the reasons our networks are broken. Sadly, to much "stupid" is let into the military now. I could go on for hours on this, but I'll just leave it at that. -ravensentinel
  • BOOBIES! -gashach
  • another recent security issue about the personal military blogs is that most smart phones encode gps and timestamp data in the images they take that are then uploaded to facebook or emailed that are then reposted by friends and family. Easy fodder for tracking unit movements with. -PolarCoyote
  • Thank you Polarcoyote for saying what i couldn't say. That is true. Take a pic with a cell phone or decent camera with the GPS turned on (which is typically on by default) and your location is right there within typically 10 yards or so. Naturally the US miltary's GPS locators are better than that, but 10 yards with enough soldiers pictures is enough to figure things out. -ravensentinel
  • In the latest news: His DNS has been taken down due to an ongoing DDOS attack. His lawyer friend was interviewed this morning and said that Julain has been trying to meet the Swedish prosecutor since August, but she refuses to meet him. If that's right, it sounds fishy to me. What (female) prosecutor wouldn't want to get a rapist off the streets as fast as humanly possible? In that time he asked for, and was given, permission to leave the country. My view: the military stuff was dangerous and unfortunate, and was largely due to US security being compromised by design .(2.5 million people could read _all_ secret documents.) But the Internet is inherently uncensorable and should remain that way. We have to deal with it. -rurwin
  • This much is elementary, as it has been true since Usenet: Don't want it compromised? Don't put it on the 'Net. -Seamus
  • Interesting point: the warrant is not for rape, but it was revealed today is for consensual sex without a condom and refusal to be tested for STDs. And Interpol was rung in for this? Hmm. -chazz
  • Seamus - that's the thing. It wasn't ON the Internet until after the offending soldier manually copied it off a SIPRNET computer onto a portable storage device. The FIRST time it hit the Internet was when that soldier put it in an Internet-connected computer and transmitted it to Wikileaks. -Grue
  • Then reprimand the soldier. Wikileaks isn't the only vehicle for that sort of thing. It's just the one that the media has its teeth into. -Seamus
  • Seamus - in progress for months now: -Grue
  • I figured it was. The trouble is that the media keeps chomping on the wrong damned part of the story. AGAIN. -Seamus
  • When something a few might call dangerous or treasonous lacks legal basis for chasing him down, accusing him of a sex crime... highly effective. (Just ask Bill Clinton.) Of course he's running, people with hatchets needing a scapegoat are chasing him! -Mushroom
  • I think he should be given some sort of award for helping expose criminal activities. Any endangerment of lives wasn't from the exposure of those activities. It was by those in charge who do not give a s**t about unimportant things like that. -Holdfast
  • Mush - B Clinton wasn't charged with a sex crime, he was charged with perjury - he lied under oath in a court proceeding about having sex with Monica. Hence the big deal about what "is" and "sex" mean. -redevil34
  • Ya know there is a very old and good network security book by the NSA on how to configure your hard and software to prevent this. It's called the RED BOOK. Been around since the 80's... -axjdo
  • Just remember, if the Pentagon papers hadn't been leaked, the Vietnam war would have gone on even longer. And, of course, Nixon claimed their release endangered US soldiers' lives. He was lying. -thx1138
  • So how about that new leak AKA "The Targets for Terror" list? I see no point to releasing that list if not for any other purpose than to create drama and uproar. All that will do is say "here you go terrorist, just poke the US here, here, and here, and KABOOM!". I'm growing tired of this guy and his antics. As I heard on the news this morning, the press was told that should anything happen to him, over 100,000 documents will get released. Hell, several million already have, what's another 100,000 at this point. And who the hell was copying off all these documents and no one noticed? LOL -ravensentinel
  • Surely you can't be serious?! - Rumack: You'd better tell the Captain we've got to land as soon as we can. This woman has to be gotten to a hospital.
    Elaine Dickinson: A hospital? What is it?
    Rumack: It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now.

    @ShujinTribble - You know what to do this Wednesday. :~( [By: unrenowned / 2010-11-29]
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  • Saw that on the news when I got up tonight. He was a funny funny man. -MadJack
  • Stop calling me Shirley. *salutes* -burrkiss
  • Commander Adams: "I didn't bring my bathing suit." Altaria: "What's a bathing suit?" </Forbidden Planet> -VoiceOfSanity
  • At least he's Dead and Loving it. -PolarCoyote
  • Frank Drebin was a fine officer, indeed. -Seamus
  • Gonna miss the man, a great funnyman and a great Canadian. I'm sorry he had to die on my birthday. -RandalGraves
  • Not just a funny man, but a decent dramatic actor before that. -thx1138
  • I think what made his stuff all the more funny was the absolutely straight way he delivered the lines. -flapjackboy
  • Another case... - ...for requiring training and licensing before being permitted to own and operate a computer. [By: unrenowned / 2010-11-27]
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  • Yep. It's a tax on ingenuity sometimes to figure out how to get the point across. Haven't been tempted to physical violence recently, though. -CTYankee
  • How can you not restart a windows machine in six months? Mine needs it nearly every week, but then again, I run a magicjack and Jaws, so it's no surprise. -AdmiralLaurie
  • i saw this and was tempted to post it here myself! -Erictheblue
  • Gotta admit, when I started reading that I expected a rehash of the old "I can't see back there, the power's out" story. Nice to see a different ending. -Captain Trips
  • Anybody here participating? - Wear it proudly! [By: Stryker One / 2010-11-01]
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  • Yuppers. One of my clients challenged their entire IT staff and all contractors and vendors. That included me. -SwedishChef
  • I'm in too. All gray this year. -ThinTheHerd
  • I have had one since last week for halloween (went as mario). But I am bringing this challenge to my whole tech team at my company, (well the guys that is). So in. -SyntheticCoyote
  • Have had full facial fur for almost 18 years now, with only occasional removals. -Grue
  • Full beard here, also, since 1984. MrsChazz won't let me shave it off, so I can't really participate... the site does say you have to start clean. And I'd look odd if I shaved off my upper lip and left the rest -- sort of a low-rent Stan Rogers. -chazz
  • I've been called Mafioso on several occasions thanks to my facial "enhancement" (wearing it proudly!)... -Dr Jerkyl
  • Yeah, only my coworkers, friends, and I are doing full on "No-shave November." -KrazerKap
  • Some of my coworkers look positively scary! Dead Database Towers is starting to look like an episode of crimewatch.. -CommanderData
  • Too bad you have to start clean to participate, your have to pry it out my cold dead... um face? -ZombieBear
  • You guys are so slow. MUSTACHE RIDES!!!!!!!!!!! *SMIRK* -burrkiss
  • Man Burrkiss, you are an amateur... Who wants a Beard-Ride?! -unrenowned
  • What Tech Support Is Really Like - Thoughts? [By: Jack / 2010-10-30]
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  • In a way, I guess I'm lucky I'm deaf. Even with a Cochlear Implant, I can't hear well enough to perform phone work like helpdesk, telemarketing, etc. Even though it does make it hard to break into the field, since most technician positions want helpdesk experience, and most clerical positions want phone answerers. :( -Omega
  • Wow... dead-on about the job being so boring you welcome the abuse. At least when someone got bitchy it was an excuse for me to use my brain for a change. -linkv
  • I think I might do this - The plotting continues... [By: ravensentinel / 2010-10-29]
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  • yeah, me too. -virusjtg
  • Please video your attempts. -Stryker One
  • IT HAS BEGUN!!!! - The Zombie Apocalypse has begun!!! [By: Ulfgaard / 2010-10-25]
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  • I LIKE zombies... -RandalGraves
  • I'd buy that armor, it'd help me when being attacked by rabid starfish -drachen
  • He looks like Solid Snake in the last screen. Lolz. It's Zombie Gear! -KrazerKap
  • Define "coding progress" - This seems to happen to me every time I sit down to "code"...well, anything. [By: ravensentinel / 2010-10-21]
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    Thermal powered cell phone - WANT! [By: unrenowned / 2010-10-21]
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  • I'd heard of thermal power generation on a small scale. I'm glad to see it put to practical use. -OgdenTechGuy
  • Not to be too much of a downer, but I think all this guy did was make a pretty case, and said 'this is my idea- so ya'lls gotta pay me.' Still, some thermocouples and maybe a piezo set in there... -LDFeral
  • So far as I know, to generate poser from heat you need a temperature differential. A radiator will only work for as long as the lump of cold stuff inside the phone takes to warm up, and I'm not convinced there is enough power available. Likewise his barcode scanner has serious problems. He designs nice cases and should leave the tech to someone who understands it. -rurwin
  • How about a Gas powered radio (Flammable GAS as used in cooking... not Gasoline) -Wonko The Sane
  • They found me! - I believe this is some sort of conspiracy. [By: ravensentinel / 2010-10-06]
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  • Is it supposed to give the standard Fark "403" page with the ballsy squirrel? -Grue
  • Sorry, gives me a 403 error -- unless that's what you were talking about... -Captain Trips
  • Great minds.... *grin* -Grue
  • I bet this is the image in question: -SalParadise
  • That gives a 404 Sal. -0gr3
  • Maybe this? -slowANDeasy
  • Same image...I believe s/he was kidding. -ravensentinel
  • Hopefully... -DarkRookie
  • Maybe... -ravensentinel
  • Want to kill tsc? - Copy the following into your browsers address bar and hit enter, cool little asteroids game which you can "kill" the webpage. Arrow keys for direction and space for fire. javascript:var s = document.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';document.body.appendChild(s);s.src='';void(0); [By: starfishmagnet / 2010-10-02]
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  • I got 1200 points on *bfeg* -RiffRaff
  • Doesn't work with quite a few sites out there (like FB, par exemplar). Got over 3k pts blowing up Yahoo, tho. Take that, spambots! (EG) -MadJack
  • How exactly is this supposed to work? -Stryker One
  • 8550 on -Olorin
  • It's a Javascript string that includes a little Java applet from another site. The applet makes an Asteroids game overlay the page you're on, and you can shoot elements of the page. -chazz
  • 8200 from -OgdenTechGuy
  • 2000 on the new tab page in IE7 -DarkRookie
  • Correction 200 on the new tab page. I did get 2500 on the tip DB here before I was told to stop. I think I had another 200 point left. -DarkRookie
  • I predict the next big malware infection is going to involve copying and pasting in javascript code to the addressbar. I see this kind of stuff all the time on facebook, how long until somebody takes advantage of it for evil? -boxcar
  • Boxcar: next? I seem to recall a recent outbreak on Facebook that was caused by embedded mouseover Javascript... -chazz
  • Nothing happened for me when I copied and pasted the javascript in my address bar; so I went to and they had a convenient link that I could drag to the links bar, which worked. -OgdenTechGuy
  • Nothing happened for me when I copied and pasted the javascript in my address bar; so I went to and they had a convenient link that I could drag to the links bar, which worked. -OgdenTechGuy
  • oops I accidentally forgot and refreshed a confirmation page - after I blasted everything off of it for 360 points lol -OgdenTechGuy
  • Scored about 3500 on If this works on my work tools...... -tech4alltrades
  • Todays Dilbert got me 1330, register got me 3300!! -Armakuni
  • gave up at 10,200 after finding a little "bug" in the scoring system. :) -Bynar
  • 9710 on fark WITH ad-block on...I wonder how much without ad-block -drachen
  • In Honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day - It sucks to be me... Truly... [By: RiffRaff / 2010-09-16]
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  • You look like that one Onion guy that shakes his hands like he has Parkensons. -burrkiss
  • Which ones Magenta? -burrkiss
  • Looky Looky no touchy. -burrkiss
  • Email me on lessons for how to post bomb. :D -burrkiss
  • That looks like an extremely good reason to be you... -LazyLemming
  • Lucky sunuvabitch! -Caboose447
  • I'll take the one on the left. -unrenowned
  • How to tell the IT person: by the formal wear. -Mushroom
  • It's a tough job you've got there Riff, but someone's got to do it. ;-) -Gromit
  • @unrenowned. I'll take the other 2 then -DarkRookie
  • Are YOU holding an iPAD in that picture? -ecoli
  • Yes, the very same iPad I bitched about earlier this week. If I'm going to have to support the damn thing I need to use it a little bit. -RiffRaff
  • Of COURSE he's holding an ipad, it's the only thing in the picture he's allowed to touch -Spyder19
  • Riff. I here by formally submit you for tech god status. Any objections? -virusjtg
  • I'd settle for being on the Presidential ballot in 2010, but I'll take Tech God status in the meantime. :~} -RiffRaff
  • Sorry, I meant 2012. -RiffRaff
  • RRRRRR you going to run in 2012? If you RRRR, I RRRRR going to vote for you..... AR!!! -burrkiss
  • You know you're a geek if you noticed the iPAD. -MisterCommon
  • I want one - but I can't tell you which... -Holdfast
  • does anyone know if the international pirate party observes talk like a pirate day? -drachen
  • @drachen - the Canadian Pirate Party does. -Treker
  • Due to this picture, I declare that EVERYDAY should be "Talk Like A Pirate" Day! -udoshan
  • I have to turn in a few Geek Points. I didn't even see the iPad. :-( -Divinar
  • Zombie RPG - Release date "not in 2010" but keep your eyes open. [By: AussieFoot / 2010-08-30]
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  • Don't forget to Double Tap. And come to think of it, a lot of these rules, if not all, can apply to Fishies too. Welcome to Fishieland. -KrazerKap
  • Release date: 2012. It's a LARP, and it plays for keeps, one game only... -VFox
  • dang I was hoping it was an MMORPG. that'd be awesome, it'd be like a real outbreak simulator. -drachen
  • ALCOHOLIC WHIPPED CREAM!! - I don't care if the web is dead/dying; this ROCKS!! [By: unrenowned / 2010-08-20]
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  • "Please enjoy cream responsibly"...They should have told a few of the girls I went to high school this... -0gr3
  • As a baker and a producer of various whipped fillings/toppings for cakes at work, I can tell you that making stuff like this is simple and cheap... These people might have found a nice niche market to focus on. If so, bravo! -exzyle2k
  • Hmm. Whippit addicts rejoice? -LDFeral
  • Whip it good! -chazz
  • Yeah, but "Give Me Cream-dot-com"? Site is SFW, but url is not!!! -Captain Trips
  • Just about any good liqueur added to whipping cream, and whisk/whip it up yourself. Certainly the product's smart, but it's nothing new. The downside to these ready-made things is the ingredients are usually very low-grade. -AlanSmithee
  • The Web Is Dead - A very good read about the death of the Web (not the internet) Read and Enjoy [By: DarkRookie / 2010-08-17]
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  • I tried _very hard_ not to TL;DR the article, but the bisected WALLOFTEXT format is a pain to get through. It makes a few good points though. -Seamus
  • I believe there is an option to do five pages of text, but my browser at work seems not to like that to much, so I have to do the wall of text option. -DarkRookie
  • The Web Is Dead - Great article on wired about the death of the web. Good read. Warning it does have alot of text and only one picture. (Reposted the link to the 5 page style instead of the one giant text page.) [By: DarkRookie / 2010-08-17]
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  • Basically, people are lazy and they want everything handed to them or for someone else to do all the work for them. I don't believe this is a surprising new concept here at TSC. -Stryker One
  • Interesting take on things but I don't take it seriously. The sheep will flock to the newest incarnation of AOL-life they can find. Those of us who don't thing the internet is just for Facebook will still find interesting things outside of the "apps" that the authors claim the Web has lost ground to. -Tekkie
  • Meh, I can't be bothered reading this. Can someone give me a summary . . . with pie charts! (mmmmm, piieeee) -AussieFoot
  • tl;dr ;-) -chazz
  • OMG WTF TEXTING ACRONYM! Prince (the artist again known as?) was right!? Aiee! -LDFeral
  • Jaguar XJ SuperSport won't boot/run.... - I wonder if Microsoft had anything to do with the coding in this car.... [By: Grue / 2010-08-14]
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  • It said in the article it was (at least partially) a linux-powered computer system. -Bynar
  • It said that the entertainment system was Linux-based... but said nothing about the rest of the car. -chazz
  • I jusr skimmed, but I'm fairly certain Ford/Jaguar uses Windows and Linux. And as much as I love tech advances, I have mixed feelings about them in cars. When my new car doesnt start, I just head over to my '85 Pontiac with booster cables and a screwdriver and I'm up and running in 3 minutes. -ThinTheHerd
  • We're all thinking it. - The software gets to say what we're all thinking. [By: Stryker One / 2010-08-12]
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    The return of Clippy! - Looks like you can make Clippy be even more annoying as a prank to clueless people. (Clippy=the annoying paperclip that used to be in Office.) Anyone daring enough to install that and tick someone off? [By: tech4alltrades / 2010-08-05]
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  • Oh, that's cute! But the people I'd want to bug with this would just bug me back. :( -Tekkie
  • Oh, I can think of several people that are going to find that installed on their PCs next April 1st. -AmazingKreskin
  • hahaha! I love it! -AdmiralLaurie
  • I wonder if you could get a mac version... -cyberblade3001
  • What I wouldn't give to be able to install that on a couple of the Android based cell phones in my office... *BFEG* -unrenowned
  • Ohhhhh man. I know several people that I will give headaches with this! Grazie! -KrazerKap
  • in the worlds of Peter Griffin: "That is AWESOME!" -AlanSmithee
  • Happy SysAdmin's Day!! - Happy SysAdmin's day yall!!! [By: Armakuni / 2010-07-30]
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  • like my lusers are going to accknowledge it... -AdmiralLaurie
  • Thanks, Army! I'm an actual SysAdmin and I got nothin' from my boss, users or even my subordinates. As usual. -Tekkie
  • heheheh my user tried to give me a cigarette. I opted for a cup of joe and a slice of very good cheesecake. -AdmiralLaurie
  • forgive me AL, but exactly what are you a sysadmin of? -virusjtg
  • -virus: I am considered the sysadmin of the small network that I run, but I'm also the goto person if anything breaks, computer or otherwise. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Thanks much, Armakuni! I was worse off than Charlie Brown at Halloween - didn't even get a rock... -PTSTech
  • I'm not a SysAdmin now, but I know that I will most likely be in the future, yet I still feel appreciated a little today from this. Even if the 'fish don't. -KrazerKap
  • Klingon tourism - I always thought they were a bit strange up there. The Jenolen caves have added another language to the audio tour guides, Klingon! [By: AussieFoot / 2010-07-27]
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  • wejpuH. :) -Tekkie
  • Bless you. -Mer
  • Big butt pun, tech style - I wonder if the author reads TSC? [By: AussieFoot / 2010-07-15]
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  • Dang! I saw that and was going to throw it up here :( Beat me to it you did... -0gr3
  • My fiancee has tried to ban me from this site. I, however, look at it whilst she's not paying attention, which is most of the time when I'm on the putie and not looking at facebook. -PoglaTheGrate
  • VuvuzelaButton? - Has anyone noticed that Youtube has added a vuvuzela button to their videos? I was using it last night and giggling like a schoolgirl [By: PoglaTheGrate / 2010-06-24]
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  • Vuvuzela--the perfect dumbass klaxon horn. Anytime someone says something stupid, one of them should be sounded in response to the dumbass remark. Can you hear it in your mind? Bzraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap...... -vacuumtubes
  • Or if you need to have that on any particular website. I am afeared of what would happen if you mixed the two. Would it both blow, and suck? -LDFeral
  • -- I think this is a better use of it.. -NightSteel
  • i'm not seeing the button on youtube, did they get rid of it already? -razmann
  • ras its the soccer ball button on the right hand side of the video screen -starfishmagnet
  • Seems they done tooked it down they did :( -0gr3
  • i see it now. apparently they don't do it for all videos. not sure what videos they don't do it for, but it seems to be random, at least to me -razmann
  • I'd guess that YouTube is a batch of server farms, and the vvz button is a spot of private enterprise that has not migrated to all farms. Whether you get the button or not depends on which farm you're pulling the video from, I'd wager... which means that you can get it sometimes, and not on the same video other times. -chazz
  • I'm still seeing it on most videos, footie related or otherwise. -Chromatix
  • i seem to have a knack for finding related cartoons: -Erictheblue
  • Or this one - - that came up on Fark yesterday... -chazz
  • Freakin' amateurs... -unrenowned
  • I saw it just last night. Annoying, I will admit. -KrazerKap
  • M thru F - a Cheezburger production - LOL-office. [By: Mushroom / 2010-06-22]
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  • Nice, Mushy. I got nuthin' done all afternoon because of you. ;) -Tekkie
  • I Love the different letters they put in. I saw one today that was totally awesome. A wall of monitors and old towers. ^_^ -KrazerKap
  • Good one, love it! -PTSTech
  • This warmed my heart - Video of an eight month old deaf baby's cochlear implant activation, puts things into perspective when you are feeling shite [By: starfishmagnet / 2010-06-09]
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  • What a cutie. I miss holding a baby. -vacuumtubes
  • One of the little girls at my nursery has these implants. She had them fitted not that long ago. She is just learning to use them now but she is making good progress. It's amazing watching her develop. She is 4 now. If she had had them fitted at 8 months she would be well away now. -LadyLineswine
  • The pacifier falling out is just adorable. -AnneBWalsh
  • That's so heart wrecking (ina good way)! Even watching some of the adults hear for the first time made me tear up. Thanks for sharing that with us SFM! -RA
  • Unfortunately, there are those in the deaf community that would see this as a travesty -- they feel "They are trying to make us more like THEM!" It seems they want to stay deaf, and keep their culture pure. (I'm not joking about this -- I have never felt so discriminated against as when I attended a Deaf Expo with my wife, and was pretty much ignored or worse because I was not deaf!) Seriously, if I had the opportunity to be given a new sense that I hadn't had before, I'd jump on it -- even if I had to become a little Borgish to do so! -Captain Trips
  • 'Even if?' Especially! Zap! Pre-ow! Laser eyes and scanner-style head exploding here we come! On a more related note- the expression is amazing. -LDFeral
  • The infamous HP Tech Support Call - After a long absence, I had to upload the tech call where an HP customer wigs out and smashes his equipment with a hammer! [By: vacuumtubes / 2010-05-27]
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  • Ironically, this is the video where I received my first negative review! -vacuumtubes
  • I actually sat a few cubes down from the agent who took that call. It was a pretty interesting experience (the floor sup was actually on the phone with the police in the customer's area) -Bynar
  • This sounds like my Brother in law.. -beatmewithstick
  • I don't know if it's as funny as the Dell 'little girl' one, but always entertaining. My cousin had one where the guy holed his compy with a shotgun (whilst on the phone) after being asked 'what's wrong with it.' I guess the birdshot. Oddly, something about the warrnty covered it, I guess. <shrug> -LDFeral
  • I am frightened for the people in the store... But seriously props to the HP guy. -LazyLemming
  • I love the line "I always wondered what was in one of these things..." -0gr3
  • I have had no less than TWO customers claim to SHOOT their computers. Scary thing is, these people are out walking the streets... -udoshan
  • Was Elvis one of them? :-) -vacuumtubes
  • Thanks for my first laugh of the day. -THETECHFROMHELL
  • Hey slapnutz! Nobody is going to come out and clean up the glass; you are going to do it yourself! Holy sh*t!! He's crying on the phone?! Your options are, go outside, put the barrel in your mouth and get the heck out of the gene pool! -unrenowned
  • Dear $deity, why are people like this allowed to live? -unrenowned
  • OMG. I couldn't listen to more than the first little bit. That poor kid. -HackerMagnet
  • Words fail me. -linuxmatt
  • "Well. Is there anything else I can help you with today?" -Mushroom
  • Sorry, but immediately after he laid into the printer all attempts at empathy and call-flow are fucking OFF. I would have calmly told the shitcock that he's completely fucked himself, wished him a nice day and re-fucking-leased the call. If my sup would write me up, I'd laugh my arse off and pointed at my notes. -Seamus
  • "I've been up for three days trying to fix this..." Yeah, because amphetamine psychosis is the perfect frame of mind for performing analytical work. Go back to hanging drywall, Zippy. -MeanDean
  • I need to remember not to try to listen to anything posted on this site when my 8 yr old Autistic son is sitting next to me.... -jwinc7
  • Yeah, I can't say kudos to the tech, this has to be one of the best examples of failure to control the call. If they had acted properly and within guidelines, the guy might not even have trashed as much stuff as he did. He had a million chances to end the call but didn't. Not that it wasn't funny, in its own scary way. -AlanSmithee
  • The 2012 Olympics Mascot - is, apparently, a giant penis. [By: smellystudent / 2010-05-19]
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  • Why am I reminded of The Residents? -chazz
  • Wrong. So very, very wrong! WRONG ME!! WRONG ME!! er... sorry... I think I was channeling Burrkiss for a second. -unrenowned
  • Can't be the Residents, chazz - no top hats or tuxes! -SalParadise
  • Just continuing the trend.. -NightSteel
  • All of a sudden, Springy the Springfield Spring seems a lot more plausible. -Trillian
  • When I saw them, I thought of binomials from Reboot. -evolvedstarfish
  • That seems sort of appropriate, since the 2012 logo is Lisa Simpson giveing a BJ: -rurwin
  • I thought they were in London in 2012, not Tokyo. -DarkRookie
  • So the Olympics will be played by the teletubbies then? I assume Barney will win the most annoying gold metal. Will we need to summon the power rangers? -Olorin
  • Those are the One Eyed Trouser Snake. I will admit, I have one stored away, but it AINT 6' tall. -burrkiss
  • You're just being modest, Burrkiss. Those costumes made me think of the Moon Mice from Worlds Fair '62. -Mushroom
  • I knew they looked familiar from somewhere; day of the tentacle anyone? I guess they just put the tentacles in space suits and hoped no one would notice. -LDFeral
  • I think bad Power Ranger villans. -Phylok
  • Reminds me of the school mascot on "Community" - the human being -ActingUpAgain
  • I wonder if they'll get David Tenant to light the flame in 2012. -Stryker One
  • Stryker - surely you mean Matt Smith? And I thought they looked vaguely like the Aliens from the Simpsons... -Shaede
  • Ahhh! Sporn has infiltrated the olympics! -PeterGibons
  • No, I mean David Tenant. Make the episode Fear Her historically "accurate". -Stryker One
  • Tech Calls vol 3 - nuff said [By: vacuumtubes / 2010-05-18]
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  • Which ones are Riff? -exzyle2k
  • I'm on calls 1,3,5,6,8 and 9. Riff is on calls 2,4,and 7. -vacuumtubes
  • Sloppy Seconds!! I think I leaked a little on those last few calls I was laughing so hard! -unrenowned
  • Thanks for posting these I am always amused by them and have been patiently awaiting some fresh material -THETECHFROMHELL
  • Fucknuggets abound! -SalParadise
  • Fucknuggets keep us annoyed and employed -THETECHFROMHELL
  • AAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! - THIS is why you will find VT passed out drunk every evening, and me sitting at my computer typing, "All work and no play makes Riff a dull boy," over and over and over and over and over and over.... [By: RiffRaff / 2010-05-15]
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  • Bwahahah! Dancing with the Starfish!! -exzyle2k
  • I'm going to need more ammo. A lot more ammo. -virusjtg
  • Nuke it from orbit, just to be safe. -unrenowned
  • So then all of these starfish take the short bus to and from school. -THETECHFROMHELL
  • My's full of tards. -vacuumtubes
  • Old school core dump - CD also has no wi-fi in her home (as Nightrain laments), it was only running out of cable that stopped me doing this :p [By: CommanderData / 2010-05-09]
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  • Doesn't everyone do that? I mean, if you have to install 100BT by the throne, that at least is a neat installation... though I think I would have used a weatherproof box, it gets humid in there. -chazz
  • If you're in the khazi long enough to suffer symptoms of net withdrawal, you have a problem! Either see a proctologist or a psychologist. (starfish of course can choose either specialist for either affliction due to cranio-rectal inversion) -AussieFoot
  • The explanation that it was in a hotel toilet made it click to me. Back in the 80's and 90's, before cell phones, many hotels had phones in the bathrooms for their business-related clientele. What's that, you say? "But it's an RJ-45 jack!" Just so -- many digital phones of the era did use 8-conductor silver satin cabling, thus needed the size of an RJ-45 jack, an RJ-11 just wouldn't cut it. (Of course, it could still be used for Internet - dial up was the latest and fastest thing then -- although very few had laptops then. -Captain Trips
  • I haven't gone that far yet..but I did pay my kids $20 each to run a cable under the house for me. -Starfury
  • Even better: -Stryker One
  • I can see the Ventrilo conversations now. "Okay melee's HRRNNGGHH off the boss. Mages HRRRNNGGGH nuke the adds." -LazyLemming
  • Inside an imploding stadium - "When the Dallas Cowboys blew up Texas Stadium this week—punting accident—they had the good sense to put in a 3D camera rig inside. Click and drag to move the camera around. And turn up the sound. Boom!" Saw this and thought it was pretty cool [By: starfishmagnet / 2010-05-06]
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  • and then the lights went out! -ecoli
  • That's freaking awesome. Nice link! -LazyLemming
  • Got to see the implosion live (online) from the outside, but that's even better. Still, that was a sad day in Irving... -MadJack
  • What it doesn't show is all the work of gutting/weakening the structure & the rigging of the explosives before the blow-down. That takes ages to do. -lineswine
  • What exactly happened? I'm confused! -AdmiralLaurie
  • w00t -virusjtg
  • They imploded the stadium to make clearing it out easier and put in a camera to record and share the event on the web. -spectreoflife
  • Seattle Hacker Catches Cops - I know this shows up on the latest Slashdot news stories, but I felt it was worth giving some extra attention to. I'd recommend reading the whole article as opposed to dismissing it with TL;DR. Anybody in the Seattle area hear anything more on this? I'd like to keep appraised of the situation and see what else Mr. Rachner manages to uncover. [By: AdeptusMechanis / 2010-04-23]
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  • Re: the comments - My god, it's full of sheeple! -Seamus
  • Heck, who needs Styrofoam? Come on down to Arizona, we'll arrest you for talking funny. -AngrySup
  • Why is this surprising? The cops ONLY want the video evidence when it helps them. Have you ever had a video camera in your car when you get pulled over? Your told to turn it off, and its illegal. Its illegal since they cannot erase the tape if it will harm their case. -burrkiss
  • My local force were just exonerated for beating a man to death, laughing. Official cause of death: cocaine toxicity. NOBODY has your back. -ThinTheHerd
  • Cops breaking the law, violating constitutional rights & then lying to cover their collective arses? Who'd a thunk? -lineswine
  • I'm going to play the devil's advocate here. Yes there are bad cops, but stop making it out like every cop is out with a vendetta against civil rights. 95+% of cops are people just doing a job, and like, sick and fucking tired of the losers they have to deal with. "Well I saw a cop do X" or "I've read about cops do Y". Yeah well I've read about a black man killing a liquor store owner, should I consider them all criminals? In the situation in link, the cop had every right to request ID, he was investigating what was originally an assault call involving a large group of intoxicated individuals. NOT, as most folks are saying, randomly stopping a person and demanding ID. As for the lie about the video, that's wrong and disciplinary action should be taken against the officers involved in denial of the video. But it's also not actually a common occurence for the video to "magically disappear", so stop making it out like it is. -LazyLemming
  • I question your math. My lawyer and my parole officer agree that more than 95% are bad. The good ones quit, or get real jobs. I have had dozens of dealings with 6 different forces. They were all the same. Nothing- NOTHING any one can say will change my mind. I have scars to back up my claims. What do you have? A warm fuzzy safe feeling? It's just an illusion. Swap the kevlar vests for denim H.A. colors. Same shit. -ThinTheHerd
  • Lazy Lemming - You say "the cop had every right to request ID", but he guy had every right to refuse. That is NOT a crime & so cannot be arrested for it. (That's pretty much the crux of the whole matter. The subsequent cover-up just highlights how the shitty coppers get away with hiding behind their uniforms) -lineswine
  • Probably no surprise here, but I'm coming down on LazyLemming's side. I've known many, many, good officers, and I've also seen their frustration when one of their fellow officers is doing something stupid, and they are also painted with the same broad brush as the idiots who abused their position. Yes, there are many bad cops if you take it in total. However, according to the information I just googled, between federal, state, municipal, and other sworn positions, such as university police, there are over 800,000 police officers in the United States. What percentage of cops are bad? More than zero, but nowhere near 95%! The news today regarding the Arizona immigration law changes include one of the first lawsuits being filed coming from a Phoenix, AZ police officer, on the grounds that the politicians made the law too vague, and it doesn't give officers proper grounds to be able to make legitimate cases without leaving allegations of discrimination. And, one of the most vocal opponents to the new law in the last day has been the police chief of Phoenix. Not exactly the expected reactions of a bunch of people who are only out to exert power over a bunch of innocent citizens! If your only experience with police officers has been as negative as you've described, then I do apologize for the fact that you haven't had a chance to know the good ones. -Voz
  • LS- as the officer is investigating an incident, yes, you are entitled to refuse to show identification. However, if there is probable cause, it gives them the right to detain you until they can establish your identity to assure that they can locate you again if you were involved in the crime. Is a specific charge for a failure to identify yourself entirely legal? Probably not. Do you have to file such a charge to detain someone for investigating the crime? Not usually. -Voz
  • Sometimes even the good cops are bad: I knew this officer from my time as a convenience store clerk, years before the events at Trolley Square where his heroic actions -off-duty and outside of his jurisdiction- saved lives. -OgdenTechGuy
  • Anybody else in this same boat? - I'm not a sys admin, but... [By: Stryker One / 2010-04-17]
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  • Here's what's scary -- I follow the link, and scrolling down, what do I see on the left but an ad for my company! "Yes, you too can join and pay only $20 to lose 20 pounds in ten weeks!" (We make our profit on the food!) -Captain Trips
  • Same issue here, but imma help desk jockey -DarkRookie
  • Captain Trips - You see ads? -Divinar
  • Divinar - I thought the exact same thing... -VWFtech
  • We should form a support group or something. -desseb
  • Yes, I do. Just tried again, and it's a Ford Trucks ad. -Captain Trips
  • Divinar, VWFTech: I deliberately have not installed any ad blockers, because I know that for a lot of people, the ad revenue is the only way they keep their site alive, and it's real easy to ignore most ads... it's a cheap way to help them pay for it. -chazz
  • Wow. That's much more altruistic than me. I just like looking at the bright lights and flashing colours. -LDFeral
  • Well, that too, LDFeral... -chazz
  • How CD does tech support (NSFW) - Gentlemen, you may start your engines :p [By: CommanderData / 2010-04-12]
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  • I'm about as fully dressed when I'm doing any maintenance on my systems. Of course, pink is not my colour. (I see a hint of side boob!) -teivrann
  • She's got a bra on, T. Leave your's in the wash? ;) -LDFeral
  • CD, if that's you, I regret not living in the UK! ;) -AussieFoot
  • Now THAT would be an on-site tech I'd like to see. -Stryker One
  • That can't be CD. The hair is wrong. -chazz
  • No boots.... no leather... no whip.... That's not the CD *I* know and love.. *bfeg* -RiffRaff
  • Lucky Fuzzyom! (Even if *that* picture isn't he actual CD, his wife posts it for our amusement!) -Divinar
  • funny, i was wearing that exact same outfit this morning while fixing my computer... -razmann
  • Me too! -Bioguy
  • "I hate it when I get a nipple caught in the chip fan. Ergo the bra." -Mushroom
  • Chip is not a fan either. -Chipsterian
  • Hot chick leaning over a Mac Pro. Porn for geeks at it's finest. -linkv
  • This is not Sparta! - Students trying to live the life of Roman gladiators. No girlfriends, showers or washing machines allowed. Without the showers and washing machines I think the girlfriends would be quite happy not to see their guys until the experiment is over. [By: AussieFoot / 2010-03-31]
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  • read about that... Funny I'd like to do it. -Hellion
  • doesn't sound any more difficult than boot camp -Hellion
  • Do they realize that Romans also played the field... often... -unrenowned
  • Do they realize that Romans also played the field... often... -unrenowned
  • Bloody double-post key... -unrenowned
  • Gladiators had luxurious baths and rubdowns with oil, though. Also, you can wash clothes quite adequately in a washtub. People have been using washtubs for thousands of years before the invention of washing machines. -pixel
  • But are rich women gonna pay to have sex with them???? (just like the gladiators) -duckhead
  • Et Tu Brute? -Biosynthetic
  • myth busters and thermite - because thermite and mythbusters just kick ass. [By: virusjtg / 2010-03-19]
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  • And the best part about thermite is you can make it yourself from stuff in your local scrapyard. -exzyle2k
  • Aluminum and iron oxide, IIRC. -Seamus
  • Yup... So basically it's made out of gutters and rust. -exzyle2k
  • Or Hindenburg paint. -AnneBWalsh
  • The best one is where thermite is sitting on blocks of ice. Result BOOOM! -Wraith556
  • There was a british show that did this a few years ago. I never get tired of seeing this. -LDFeral
  • You know LD, that may be my new favorite link EVER! -virusjtg
  • Mythbusters - Same episode, thermite vs ice: -redevil34
  • See... This is the stuff we need to broadcast into space... Not some 70s poetry or music... Make the aliens WANT to come here. 'Cause let's face it, explosions and fireballs are friends to all. -exzyle2k
  • I like that, but my favorite is always going to be is when they made a cement truck DISAPPEAR. -DarkRookie
  • Tiny Ship - Wow, they are either really talented or really bored scientists. [By: RoadDemon / 2010-03-17]
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  • Likely both. -Seamus
  • On a related note -AussieFoot
  • Yeah. Both -DarkRookie
  • Watch out for fake Intel i7s! - Newegg got duped by some very convincing and well-executed fakes. These boxes look 100% legit even compared side by side with the real ones, save for few tiny, tiny typos. Rumor has it the guys who made these fakes are probably dumping more fakes on other retailers. [By: linuxmatt / 2010-03-09]
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  • According to the consumerist, link here Newegg is fully aware of the issue and has both dropped the supplier of the phony procs and contacted anyone potentially affected by the mix up. Way to go Newegg. -AdeptusMechanis
  • Whoops, not sure why I posted the link again. xD I haven't slept since Sunday night so I apologize for stupidly posting already available information. -AdeptusMechanis
  • WTF? Dropping their supplier? Shouldn't their 1 supplier be Intel? -Stryker One
  • Other people have said the same thing... but in fact, no. NewEgg, big as they are, order in 1000- and 2000-chip lots, Intel likes to ship in hundreds of thousands. If you work out the math, 2000 processors is like one pallet. Intel would prefer to ship a 40-foot container. -chazz
  • Ubisoft DRM Crack. - I find this amusing. I thought it would last a month at least. Guess I was wrong, but in less than a day. [By: DarkRookie / 2010-03-05]
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  • The more you tighten your grip, Ubisoft, the more gamers will slip through your fingers. -RiffRaff
  • And THAT, my friends, is why I don't touch anything by UbiSoft. -udoshan
  • Oh, it's worse than that. On March 7, the authentication servers went down. So now people who use the games legally couldn't play it. The only ones who could play were the one who cracked it. -MisterCommon
  • idiot steels wifi - An idiot woman steels wifi and then calls in when it disappears. [By: virusjtg / 2010-03-02]
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  • The comments totally make this thread amusing. You know PA really hit the nail on the head with their GIFT theory. -AdeptusMechanis
  • I'm of two minds about this (and I don't use/steal WiFi). On one hand, using a connection without permission is in fact stealing but on the other, unwittingly leaving your connection open is (unlike an unlocked door) BEGGING for a wardriver. Secure your fscking network! If you're deliberately leaving it open, name your gateway accordingly. -Seamus
  • After a year and a half of emailing over unsecure wi-fi behind her 'secured' firewall, maybe she'll get a stupid tax in the form of a hacked bank account. -teivrann
  • After being accused by a jerkass that I was stealing his internet connection, to the point he called the police, I am not very charitable to leachers. The cops came, took one look at my network setup, realised I had NO wireless capable network equipment and even checked the cable from the modem, to the splitter/filter, and to the wall jack. The cops went to his door and told him that it wasn't me stealing hit internet service because I had no equipment capable of doing so, and he should take steps to secure his network. -Wraith556
  • I used to get nuggets that complained to me about it all the time. Said neighbor cuts the connection, luser comes to visit me at the store, luser bitches at my boss about me not telling them how to get past neighbor's encryption/password... But the good part was where said boss would loudly (I mean LOUD with a capital L) announce that they were stealing and it was illegal. Nothing like watching a nugget run!! -unrenowned
  • My mind has finally summed up the argument that has been bothering me all day: People keep comparing unsecured WiFi to leaving your door unlocked. This is incorrect. An unsecured WiFi network is the network equivalent handing copies of your housekey to anyone and everyone who comes within a 5-mile radius of you. -Seamus
  • Seamus is correct. Someone has to try your door to know that it is unlocked. If you personally hand him the key, he knows it. My computer shows me that you have given it the key to your door when I am simply trying to open my own. -chazz
  • For my 2 cents, the unsecured wifi is actually broadcasting into the other locations. Stretching the analogy a bit too far, it's as if he said "Let me hand you my unlocked house". -MisterCommon
  • A friend of mine has a wireless network and until I went over one day and secured it, her neighbour had been leeching it. 20 minutes after I secured it there was a knock on the door from her neighbour complaining that she had shut off 'his' internet and he needed it back NOW because his children had homework to do. I told him to buy his own internet service. -CommanderData
  • While I don't think that someone should depend on a neighbor's wireless like that, I don't have a problem with borrowing access... Whenever I travel and don't have internet for whatever reason I'll go wardriving and check email and such. I used a neighbor's wireless for a few days last time I moved as well, until I got my wireless set up. My setup has SSID broadcast off, and WPA2. My parents have open wifi in their home, knowing that people will sometimes borrow it (my dad was/is a sysadmin as well). Anyways a year and a half I have issues with-the principle? Not so much. -cyberblade3001
  • Does that mean in the U.S. Internet download/upload rates are typically unlimited? In Australia, you get a certain allocation per month (depending on your plan), and then either charged extra for any excess, or your bandwidth is severely limited until the next billing month. Leaching is theft in Australia, pure and simple. They are using up the resources that you are paying for, and potentially forcing you over your limit and then paying exorbitant excess fees. I'm not saying "Don't secure your network", but if you find a wallet in the street (not under lock and key) with 10x $10 bills in it, are you allowed to take one of the bills because you're leaving the wallet behind, and MOST of what's left inside? -JohnAdriaan
  • It depends on your ISP and state. Where I live and with my ISP I pay one rate for all the data I want. -virusjtg
  • Does that mean in the U.S. Internet download/upload rates are typically unlimited? In Australia, you get a certain allocation per month (depending on your plan), and then either charged extra for any excess, or your bandwidth is severely limited until the next billing month. Leaching is theft in Australia, pure and simple. They are using up the resources that you are paying for, and potentially forcing you over your limit and then paying exorbitant excess fees. I'm not saying "Don't secure your network", but if you find a wallet in the street (not under lock and key) with 10x $10 bills in it, are you allowed to take one of the bills because you're leaving the wallet behind, and MOST of what's left inside? -JohnAdriaan
  • Actually, the "unlocked house" analogy is pretty good - when you take into account that leaving a house unlocked does not remove the criminality of theft from said house! (In other words, just because my house is unlocked does NOT mean it's okay for you to come in and take what you want. Taking an item without permission, whether or not said item is secured, is still theft. Using a Wi-Fi connection without permission is still theft, by the same analogy! -Captain Trips
  • Not too put too fine a point on it. By law, using some one else's wifi connection, secured or not, with out their expressed consent, is a crime. At least according to the FCC. That stated, you can debate all day long about the stupid tax, I'm not expressing an opinion there one way or another. If you have seen some of my LARTes you know where I fall, but as of this moment I make no comment there. -virusjtg
  • JohnAdriaan: not unlimited, but very high. Here in this corner of Canada, I am nominally capped at 60GB/month... but that seems to be the point at which limiters, not overdraft fees, kick in. -chazz
  • JA- broadband services in the US are typically marketed as unlimited, but some ISPs are "testing" (trying to see if there's not too big of an outcry about it) caps on individual connections. -BayouTech
  • From what I understand, there's a big difference between CAN/US laws on this, due to previous broadcasting laws. Canuck law sez: if it goes past your property line- it ain't your property no more. Same goes for cattle, unless you can secure it again. Yankee law sez: You kids get the 'f' off my lawn. -LDFeral
  • I also take the viewpoint that yeah, stealing a wi-fi signal from an unsecured home router is still theft of services, but if you're stupid enough to fail to secure the router, you deserve what happens. That having been said, if you're dumb enough to steal a wi-fi signal and it gets secured, don't go crying about it, it just makes the "L" on your forehead all that much more visible to everyone. *gryn* -VoiceOfSanity
  • The brits get something right - Makes a change :P [By: starfishmagnet / 2010-02-26]
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  • Hehehe... Unfortunately, there are fishies who will complain to their ISP that they haven't received this questionnaire yet, and are wondering if they can take a picture of it, get it developed, scan it onto their computer to email to the ISP to get their license. -exzyle2k
  • This is a good first step. Now if they could only tie this in with breeding licenses, and anyone who fails is automatically sterilized - could make a good start at cleaning up the gene pool. -PCRaevyn
  • Pretty good idea - the virtual equivalent of "You must be this smart to use the internet." However, this may just consolidate all the phishing attacks into a single type. "Your internet licence is about to expire! Please click on this link:"... -teivrann
  • oh how I prayed that this was real... -Tarantulus
  • The cow goes moo. The Otis goes... - I don't know if I'd "hit it" per-say... [By: Stryker One / 2010-02-22]
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  • OMG I didn't realize that cow lives in MY state. EWWW I mean MOOOO -THETECHFROMHELL
  • So much trash, so little time. -vacuumtubes
  • You know, I would hit that, with an axe. -ZombieBear
  • I don't think I would... it might splash, I might get some on me. "The stupid, it burns..." -chazz
  • See, the misconception is that the S was supposed to be at the beginning of the word.... the problem is that OTIS only delivered one TINK, not multiple. -Grembo
  • ... at Wal-Mart, none the less -srteach
  • Awesome & Spooky All At The Same Time - Script to make Ubuntu Linux look like Windows XP. I've run it on a test system, and it is amazing. One of the best possibilities of converting someone to Linux I've ever seen. [By: RiffRaff / 2010-02-17]
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  • Not sure myself, I've had the sterotyped OAP granny pottering around in regular Gnome with no real issue. They're usually more receptive to an alternative once XP's blown up in their faces a few times though I'll grant you. -fearmyroot
  • I actually have this exact same thing running on my laptop, which is being used as my parent's machine right now. There are a few twitches on it, but overall it's suiting their needs just fine. Now, if only that had a kewpie doll theme, I know someone who'd be all over that. -exzyle2k
  • Can you say Bullshit Artist? - And of course, it requires, a BS degree. [By: Stryker One / 2010-02-16]
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  • Terminologist? It's that also called a "Thesaurus" ??... -unrenowned
  • Surprised it doesn't say "Candidates must show exemplitude in wordification"... -Diptera
  • Doesn't seem like a very cromulent position to me... -teivrann
  • looking at the posting its not a job in BS, its a job at doing bitch work in 2+ languages. -ZombieBear
  • facetard hilarity - Read the comments [By: ThinTheHerd / 2010-02-13]
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  • "By March, Facebook will be out of business, and RWW will have 400 million users. You'll have to build a datacenter just to host this comment thread" It's going viral. -ThinTheHerd
  • Sweet mother of all that's holy, those comments are the vast majority of facebook users. 400 million starfish are on their computers, with internet access everyday, doing shit like this. I almost want to cry, if you need me I'll be in the LART shelter, drinking heavily. -AdeptusMechanis
  • Interesting article on it... It's scary how much control google has, and how stupid people are... Though neither of those are new fears. -cyberblade3001
  • I cannot understand how people can't understand looking for something. Yes it's changed but when I see a site layout's been changed I take the time to look around and explore it! I don't suddenly start bitching that I don't know how to use it! -AdmiralLaurie
  • So, I only got onto facebook recently, and it changed soon afterward. So what? The only constant in life is change. (Except for this site - Hawk knows we don't need more bells and whistles! And if he gives them to us, he also welcomes feedback!) -Captain Trips
  • Actually, it seems that the FB webmaster(s) just change the interface/layout once a month or so simply to justify their jearb. It changed about four weeks ago or so, then as soon as we got used to it, this latest change came in. No, really. the new layout SUCKS. While I'm sure there's still a method to omit the myriad "[$name] has [$achievement] in [$FBGame]" updates, I haven't found where they hid that setting this time. -Seamus
  • That is, however, not the point. The point is that people are so stupid that they don't recognize the difference between Facebook itself, and an article about Facebook, and complain in the comments because they can't log in to the article. -chazz
  • Actually, maybe, thinking about it, that is sort of the point... could it be the repeated FB redesigns that is addling the poor fishies' handful of neurons to the point that they can no longer tell the difference? -chazz
  • Okay, it's time for a car analogy. If I were driving to Wal-Mart, and on the way there was a detour (not my fault), and somehow I wound up at Borders, then even if there was a book about Wal-Mart on the bestsellers table, I still wouldn't complain about how Wal-Mart reorganized everything and why can't I use my Wal-Mart credit card. -concept14
  • These poor people can only count to Snow Pea and that's if they take a Annex course. -Biosynthetic
  • For for the Star Wars fans - Steady, Chewie! [By: lineswine / 2010-02-12]
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  • Yeesh! Such language! I mean really, what do Wookiees know about tentacle rape anime anyway? -Biosynthetic
  • You'd be surprised... -Captain Trips
  • 1st comment on this link was about a wookie's porn viewing habits. Is this some sorta weird appendage to Rule 34? -AdeptusMechanis
  • Rule 34 is all about appendages. -Calydor
  • Printers in a nutshell - Not much to say here. The Oatmeal has described printers perfectly, this guy deserves a medal for putting into words and pictures how we all feel about printers. [By: AdeptusMechanis / 2010-02-10]
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  • nice! -rosemetal
  • I hate printers... so much... flames, flames around my head.... -linkv
  • Laptop + Battery Malfunction - We've all heard about the recent Dell laptops having problems with their batteries overheating and catching on fire. So PC Pitstop has put together this demonstration showing what happens when a battery overheats. It's so bad it requires a class 4 fire extinguisher to put out. NOw imagine if you had that resting on your lap. Warning: Do not watch this vid if you ever use a laptop on or near your person. [By: AdeptusMechanis / 2010-01-27]
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  • What? Again? I remember when I had to deal with... I mean when my FRIEND had to deal with the flood of people calling in trying (because they regularly slaughtered the english language) to find out if their compy was going to melt. -LDFeral
  • They had to overload the battery (probably short it) in order to start the reaction. Lithium boils at 2448F. -srteach
  • This video isn't recent, it's from 2006... -JoeLugian
  • Computer over. Fires = very yes. -teivrann
  • It seems I was misled about the date of the video, the Dell laptop battery issue however is more recent. -AdeptusMechanis
  • I recently had a Gateway laptop fry. The battery had not been charged in a while, then fully charged and the laptop was turned off. About 4 hours later there was a hint of scorched pan, I checked the stove first! Then a wisp of smoke, I took it outside and watched as the battery melted and started glowing. I was able to remove it from the laptop before too much damage. I left the battery out in the rain for a couple of days to be sure. Lithium is pretty energetic! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • the issue wasn't just with dells, but with certain Sony batteries sold to other pc mfrs. dell was simply the first one to admit it and implement a recall. -goblin69
  • Good concept and it appears to work - Ever want to definitively prove to your mom/friend/clueless total stranger that file they downloaded is pure digital evil? Upload it to this site and it will run a gauntlet of 41 different antivirus and antimalware apps on it. Once Virustotal has analyzed your file, it'll spit back a detailed results page showing you what virus/malware scanners flagged the file, if any, and what exactly it is they were reported to have found. You can save the URL of this report for future viewing. [By: AdeptusMechanis / 2010-01-24]
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  • Nice! -beatmewithstick
  • AM: I took the liberty of adding the link to the sticky list of tools (with credit to you). -ThinTheHerd
  • Hey Thanks TTH, I didn't even thnk of posting it there. -AdeptusMechanis
  • o_O - I can't stop laughing. (SFW, audio required, sort of) [By: ThinTheHerd / 2010-01-15]
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  • Tuts My BarrEEHH! -SpiderRider3
  • Ken Lee Bulgarian Idol *snirk* -Dr Jerkyl
  • ... -RiffRaff
  • I thought the girl singing phonetically was bad. Then I found the original. The Korean lady was more amusing. -Divinar
  • Not as good as the French Erotic Film (As SFW as the first) -Divinar
  • Pass the bleach? -unrenowned
  • Attention: Would someone PLEASE take the corncob out of the poor cat's ass? Thank you!! -vacuumtubes
  • Nobody can hold a candle to Wing. I am not responsible for any bleeding from the ears you may suffer if you choose to listen to the samples. In the spirit of offering Mr Creosote a wafer-thin mint, might I suggest "Wing sings AC/DC"? -SalParadise
  • I paused techno for this? -ZombieBear
  • I am under the impression, after watching music evolve over the years, that our kid's kid's kids will be dancing (or having a fit on the floor foaming at the mouth) to the tune of 4 or more people bashing trash cans together while the lead singer screams relentlessly into the mic until the streaming spit makes an electrical connection to their mouth. Granted that's a worst-case scenario, it could just be localized to just the future version of Punk Rock. -Biosynthetic
  • Bio, they have that now... Ever hear "Lamb of God"? -exzyle2k
  • Strangely enough bio, looking at the avant guard music coming out it looks like the 20's and the 60's got drunk and have a love child they both want to ignore. -ZombieBear
  • I knew it! - I knew this had to happen eventually :) We'll see how this reboot pans out [By: elcapitane / 2010-01-13]
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  • I just finished burning season 1 of the original series a few hours ago. Freaky. -ThinTheHerd
  • Liek all of us who saw the series on TV back in the day, I have my doubts. (I also heard Mr. T. was involved with the writing, but it's not in the IMBD credits. You'da thunk he'd learn from Sly writing 'Rocky Balboa' (and listing to Weird Al while he was writing it, at that ;P) -MadJack
  • From my understanding UFC President Dana White was truly livid with Rampage Jackson, because Jackson was set for a big PPV fight, and pulled out of it at the last second to do this movie. White all but cursed him out the last time they talked. -elcapitane
  • This video has been deleted by the original uploader. -MasterOfNone
  • *shrugs* It doesn't have Mr. T. -unrenowned
  • That's cuz Mr. T is now a "Night Elf Mohawk..." :-| -vacuumtubes
  • Still here -Divinar
  • Try this one: -Biosynthetic
  • Dumbest. Idea. Ever. -BarmanVarn
  • Liam Neeson looks to do well as Hannable, but Quinton Jackson is a fail B.A. Course anyone not Mr. T is a fail B.A., but Jackson's pretty shitty, he doesn't seem to have any flair like Mr. T did that made it fun. -LazyLemming
  • Logical Argument for Critical Thinking - This video is perhaps the best logical argument for critical thinking and the difference between open-minded and closed-minded. [By: RiffRaff / 2010-01-03]
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  • Crazy people ask me if I believe in UFOs. "Of course", I answer. They jump to the conclusion that I believe the same thing they do. "What does UFO stand for?" I ask. "Unidentified..." - "Stop right there. I believe they are Unidentified." -Gerund
  • This is a double-egded sword IMHO. I, a believer in the supernatural (up to a point) would be classified as "Close-Minded, according to the Narrator, despite being open to consider skepticism. One who does NOT believe in the Supernatural is not "Close-Minded" until he/she declares such view-points as nonsense. I guess what I'm TRYING to say is, Open-Mindedness is a TWO way Street; believe in what you think is right, BUT always consider the possibilty that you could be wrong. -udoshan
  • The narrator does indicate more than once that re-evaluating your beliefs when presented with new evidence is key to being open-minded. For instance, my stance on supernatural ranges from neutral to disbelief. However, should science ever come up with a method of detecting "ghosts" or some other form of spiritual presence, I wouldn't disregard that. -RiffRaff
  • I use that all the time. "What's that ?" "Where?" "Up in the sky" "I don't know. It's up in the air, I can see it, and I don't know what it is. It is therefore, technically, a UFO." -Spyder19
  • I've known a few people who thought that having relatives with a different skin color or neighbors from another religion made them "accepting" and "open-minded", yet these same people were as closed-minded as could be if it came to differing ideas. A lot of people never grow out of the stage where disagreeing with someone's idea equates to disagreeing with their very existence. -linkv
  • You're just wrong!!! -boxxertrumps
  • You're just wrong!!! -boxxertrumps
  • Catharsis Theater--Daddy's Curses - Every time something fell apart at my Mom's house, I took solace in this recording. It could easily be adapted to coping with clueless fucknuggets who can't right-click their way out of a colostomy bag. [By: vacuumtubes / 2009-12-30]
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  • BTW, if you read thru it, you'll know it's NSFW. -vacuumtubes
  • Wow. A litte schizophrenic there. "F*cking piece of sh*t! Gosh darn it!" "Gosh Dammit". Sir, step away from the coffee pot, NOW! -Grembo
  • I think the best line in there was "Bullshit. Double bullshit!" -exzyle2k
  • "Well, double dumbass on you!" </oblig.> -teivrann
  • So familiar. Sounds like my maternal grandpa. Every time without fail when installing or fixing something he would cuss it out, throw things, lose what he'd thrown and invariably it'd be important! and then finally get it put togetherr. -AdmiralLaurie
  • This is what I imagine is going on while my various engineers (Telecom, network, web) are on mute and 'working the problem'. -AngrySup
  • uh, VT, you wouldn't WANT someone to click their way out of a colostomy bag -- you don't want ANYTHING getting out of one. If you'd ever smelled it, you'd agree. (My brother has had one for the past 30 years. And you thought SHIT stunk bad?) -Captain Trips
  • My father swears more than that just having his morning pee. -ThinTheHerd
  • TTH: don't they have a pill for that?? -unrenowned
  • Did anyone else think of "A Christmas Story" while listening to this? The various times Darrin McGavin went into the basement to do battle with the furnace. Almost like the Director's Cut. -exzyle2k
  • It's official! -

    I don't even know where to start with this one...

    [By: Gromit / 2009-12-28]
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  • If this were done in the US, there would still be some self-important harpy who took up two spots. -NightSteel
  • I've been noticing this common misconception that 1 meter = 3ft. A meter != a yard. -Seamus
  • A meter is 3 feet 3 (and almost 3/8) inches. Due to the inexactitude of the conversion many people convert one meter into 3 feet to simplify it for those among us who do not use the metric system. Many of the starfish we deal with on a daily basis don't even know what a ruler is but most of them see yard sticks in various retail establishments. It is meant to give them the general idea of the distance of a meter. -Olorin
  • Its close since 1 meter ≈ 3.28 ft -Zod
  • If this were even proposed in the US, some cuntnugget would sue under charges of sexism or discrimination. Hamburgers and Lawsuits, they're the American Way.... -vacuumtubes
  • If this bill were drawn up anywhere in the western hemisphere, the ink wouldn't even have time to dry before someone would be out picketing for equality between genders, or suing for being discriminated against. Wouldn't matter whether it was Canada or America. -AdeptusMechanis
  • Right! that seems to significantly cut down on the available parking spaces in said lot. soo more parking lots needed? frak.. if you can't park just have the lot attendant do it for you! there! more jobs created! -Harm
  • People in the US can't park properly regardless of gender. That's why I park as far out as possible, and in an end spot where possible, so some asshat doesn't ding my truck because they don't know how to park and leave themselves enough room to get out. Also, 1 meter = 1 yard for estimation purposes. It's not exact, but it's close enough for government work. -RiffRaff
  • Thank you know who for my handicapped permit. My 3 year old car is almost undinged. -atomicbill
  • Posted by Grue, via Fark in #tsc - The text is NSFW, but DAMN, the brother LART from HELL. One of the best cases of "all is known" I've ever seen. [By: virusjtg / 2009-12-23]
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    Posted via Fark in #tsc - The text is NSFW, but DAMN, the brother LART from HELL. One of the best cases of "all is known" I've ever seen. [By: virusjtg / 2009-12-23]
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  • Oh. My. Gawd. </Janice> -Divinar
  • This is perhaps the most epic sibling LART I've ever seen. I must have posted it in the break room around the same time it got posted here. The comments are comedy gold.. -NightSteel
  • "That's no moon, that's payback. Betch!" -teivrann
  • buhwhahahahhha! lmao! thoroughly richer than goose liver... -AdmiralLaurie
  • Man, that is so, just.. Wow. I wonder how much universal karma got used up to produce an epic LART like that? But damn if that wasn't awesome. -AdeptusMechanis
  • This is exactly why you should never trust siblings... :) -Diptera
  • Epic LART FTW -elcapitane
  • That last line in the comments, what a great sig it'd be: "I love Facebook as much as you love cock." LOL! -vacuumtubes
  • She should have thought about it BEFORE dobbing in her brother. Tough shit, 'cos what goes around, comes around. -lineswine
  • More fun on the shooting range - A couple of weeks back I posted a vid of a server getting shot by various firearms. And now we have this. How many hard drives would it take to stop a .50 cal bullet? Nothing says fun AND educational like computers+firearms. [By: AdeptusMechanis / 2009-12-14]
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  • I know from personal experience that a .45 when directly contacting a 60GB HDD will launch the HDD 15' feet (5 meters UKers) That was a interesting way to prove equal and opposite reactions. -burrkiss
  • Burr that's transfer of kinetic energy, you know like the bouncing balls on a string... -Dr Jerkyl
  • ahh AM you allways find us the best violence happening to computers. -ZombieBear
  • If a hard drive is gonna die, it might as well go out in a blaze of bullet riddled glory. -AdeptusMechanis
  • So why hasn't BlindTech chimed in on this or at least taken a couple of shots himself ? <GRIN> -Necros
  • ...why are my staff hiding all the spare hard drives after seeing this? -CommanderData
  • More fun on the shooting range - A couple of weeks back I posted a vid of a server getting shot by various firearms. And now we have this. How many hard drives would it take to stop a .50 cal bullet? Watch the vid for the answer. [By: AdeptusMechanis / 2009-12-08]
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    WTF are Disney on? - Apparently out of all the towns in the UK, Disney selects Swindon to be twinned with Disney World. I'd love to see the room when that decision was made [By: CommanderData / 2009-12-08]
    Comment on this Link
  • I've never been to Swindon, but have been to London and Gloucester (Stayed at the Puckrup Hall Hotel in Tewkesbury and Park Lane Hotel on Piccadilly). England is a beautiful country, I can't wait to see it again.... Do you think this Reg article is real? -JoeLugian
  • Um, yeah....You're going to need to explain the joke to the rest of us across the pond. -BarmanVarn
  • I *have* been to Swindon, and other than a Chinese restaurant that served the best Peking duck I've ever had, there's not much to recommend it. There's only 2 good things that have ever come out of Swindon: the band XTC and Billie Piper. If the 2 guys in XTC didn't still live there, I'd say it could be paved over and nobody would miss it. -SalParadise
  • CD, aren't you from there? that's enough to recommend it right there! *starts running* -AdmiralLaurie
  • I agree. It needs a sign outside of town. "Welcome to Swindon. Home of CD and ZGB." -teivrann
  • Yum... Billie Piper... /me goes to his happy place. -TechnoTherapist
  • For our US chums - Swindon is a town in the UK with almost zero charm or character. -CommanderData
  • Which is why CD was uniquely able to come up with the concept of ZGB... after living in Swindon, nothing is unthinkable. (/me dashes off to LART shelter) -chazz
  • Been a while since being stationed UK. Swindon alsohas a crazy indoor water park to if I remember correctly. Shrugs. -StarFishHearder
  • Yum... Billie Piper... /me goes to his happy place. -TechnoTherapist
  • Yum... Billie Piper... /me goes to his happy place. -TechnoTherapist
  • What in the name of Edsel Ford is that traffic monstrosity? All I can hear now is "Look kids Big Ben, Parliament!" -edventure
  • I think the chaps at disney got confused when they asked for an opinion of swindon and got told "it's full of muppets and has a magic roundabout" -Tarantulus
  • What sort of bullshit PR swindle pulled this off? -Seamus
  • El Reg dirty PC pictures - The Register has published some pictures of PCs that have accumulated... dust, and stuff... to almost rival some of the horrible things we've seen elsewhere. 6 pages, but my favorite is the last... [By: chazz / 2009-12-04]
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  • I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. /Ripley -AdeptusMechanis
  • I wish I'd taken pics of mine when I opened it for the first time since owning it. It was absolutely abominable! -AdmiralLaurie
  • Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do... -exzyle2k
  • wow those need a literal nuke and pave. -ZombieBear
  • I'm suddenly feeling the urge to go clean my system out. It accumulates large clods of dust really quickly because it moves a LOT of air through it. I may have to take some pictures as evidence... -teivrann
  • Seems if you could get the air velocity high enough, dust wouldn't be able to accumulate. -Stryker One
  • StrykerOne's fan looks like it would blow the chips right off the mainboard. Or embed the dust into the epoxy... -chazz
  • ...or blow the 1's and 0's apart! -Voz
  • I put up a picture of perhaps the dirtiest keyboard anyobody's ever seen. The lady who used this keyboard was a case study in what not to do, both personally and hygenically. I'd be surprised if she was under 400 pounds, and in a desk that can best be described as damn near condemnable, she had over 25 64-ounce containers of food, in various percentages of emptiness. She ate constantly even her boss refused to go near her desk, it was so filthy. One inident that made me throw up a little involved her popping open a new Family Size bag of Doritos, shoveling them in by the handful, then proclaiming she was going to Wendy's for lunch because she was "starving." And yet she wonderd why her keyboard & mouse refused to work. Probably because of how much food was clogged into it. -elcapitane
  • My mother is a trust officer who used to have to go to client's houses to gather up personal affects. On one particular outing she brought me along (For the LOLs, though we wouldn't use that term at the time). The houses she had to deal with were incredible in terms of filth, I was in charge of cleaning the fridge and I think I found one of the Old Ones living inside. Quite the ordeal. -AdeptusMechanis
  • @elcapitane: yuck. We had one like that at our place, whose chair was left alone by the rest of the team due to 'hygiene issues' (read: technically a biohazard). These are the ones who will blame it on a glandular disorder, but the 'gland' in question is only preventing their skulls from collapsing. -teivrann
  • For only $.12 a day, you can save these towers with the clean a pc foundation. lol. -KrazerKap
  • 8-) -AussieFoot
  • Strange CD found in California - Not really noteworthy, but simultaneously freaky and interesting. Especially the "music" on the disc, and the way it was packaged. [By: linuxmatt / 2009-12-03]
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  • It is cute packaging... but internal evidence would suggest that it is a scam, a way for the writer to get some publicity for his own music. Check the comments... -chazz
  • I agree with Chazz. And they suck. -Grembo
  • That's alright, there's a strange CD to be found in Swindon, too <runs> -lineswine
  • *incoming projectile LART* -CommanderData
  • Screens I want - I want, 2880 x 900 quad-DLP display, I just WANT! [By: virusjtg / 2009-11-24]
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  • If you will excuse me I have some money i need to make. -ZombieBear
  • Heh. Me too. -virusjtg
  • huh.. umm.. i'l just take a couple projectors... Kinda like a hawt stripper - LOOKs awsome.. even sexyer when buzzed, but the lights come up, you sober up and you just spent HOW MUCH?!?! -Harm
  • only 900 vertical rez? My 17" screen on my 2005 laptop is 1600x1200! -JoeLugian
  • Vir, pass teh napkins please? And $18k. -RA
  • Come to think of it now that I really look at it... for that much money, why am I buying a dlp display? why is it only 2880 * 900? and what can I do with that that i can not do with 5 46in 1080p sony tvs (tiger direct pricing)? now that would be awesome. -ZombieBear
  • Come to think of it now that I really look at it... for that much money, why am I buying a dlp display? why is it only 2880 * 900? and what can I do with that that i can not do with 5 46in 1080p sony tvs (tiger direct pricing)? now that would be awesome. -ZombieBear
  • Come to think of it now that I really look at it... for that much money, why am I buying a dlp display? why is it only 2880 * 900? and what can I do with that that i can not do with 5 46in 1080p sony tvs (tiger direct pricing)? now that would be awesome. -ZombieBear
  • ooops. my apologies, pc crashed on me. -ZombieBear
  • *infects ZombieBear, paralyzes his hands, sends him after the brains of law students.* -virusjtg
  • I can hook you up with 7680 X 1600 for the same price if you don't mind the bezels... -ThinTheHerd
  • I just ordered a 30" widescreen LG monitor this morning. 2560x1600 res, 5ms response, and other sweet stats ;) -elcapitane
  • +1 To Joe's comment. I'll stick with my 4660x1680 - even if it is across three screens. -Geminii
  • Actually I'm working on building a custom one similar to that using the eyefinity on ATI's new graphics cards. Hoping to have the bezels about a quarter inch thick between screens. -LazyLemming
  • The importance of data backup - Yup, totally a double post of this vid. Don't know why I submitted it to the section I originally did. It's early morning and I haven't had my usual caffeine intake, let's blame it on that. Anyway, destroying a server with multiple weapons ending in an explosion. Awesome vid. [By: AdeptusMechanis / 2009-11-19]
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  • I can just imagine a bunch of disgruntled techs taking out their frustrations on this poor server. Lol! -AdmiralLaurie
  • I would have liked to see Thermite used on it! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • AL: You've never been to a TSC BBQ >:-) -Necros
  • -necros: the day someone hosts one in San Antonio, Austin or Seguin, I'm coming! -AdmiralLaurie
  • TieDye I found an easy recipe. A few etcha sketches for aluminum. A bit of muriatic acid and copper wire. Put the wire and acid in a spray bottle for a week. Now spray it on steel. Mass amounts of rust. You now have Lots of rust and aluminum. Mix it. Make into a paste. Torch it and RUNNNNN!!! -0gr3
  • Why etch a sketches? Aren't soda cans all aluminum nowadays? -VFox
  • Finely powdered aluminum is much preferred for Thermite! An etch-a-sketch is apparently a very good source of powdered aluminium. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • ahh nerds. is there anything that brings us togeather faster then making fire more fun? -ZombieBear
  • Only thing cooler than thermite? Thermite and ice. Anne wants big boom! -AnneBWalsh
  • me, fourth of July celebration on a farm out in the middle of soybean ville. Dad, Aunt Teresa and I are sort of the pyromaniacs of the family. So we're sitting round eating smores when my dad says something I can't hear to Teresa. I was enjoying the show, being as close as was safely possible. They had one of those sixty tiny missile launchers, and supposedly aimed it right at me, although I doubt it very much. One of the tiny little bastards landed right near my leg. My dad laughed himself stupid saying "she looks like a nam vet! she looks like a nam vet!". Oh, I got my revenge. Sparklers are great fun.... -AdmiralLaurie
  • I think Anne's been watching a little too much Mythbusters! So I reject her reality and substitute my own! -Captain Trips
  • "Too-much-Mythbusters"? I do not understand this thing of which you speak! -Voz
  • Women love your 'big box of cables' - I have an enormous box of random cables. No wonder the ladies love me. [By: cianw / 2009-11-17]
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  • "My big box of cables brings all the girls to the yard! My box... is better than yours! My Box.. is better than yours!" -JoeLugian
  • Ok, it SHOULD be: "My big box of cables brings all the girls to the yard! And their like, It s bigger than yours! Damn right, it's bigger than yours! I could teach you but I'd have to charge!" -JoeLugian
  • Remember, the connector goes in the FRONT! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • It works the other way too... my boyfriend was impressed with my big box of cables. When we moved in together we combined boxes. <3 -FlyingGrype
  • Train company buses employees to meeting - Sounds like something that one of our members here may have experience with. The fact that rail fares on their own system are more than ten times the bus fares for the same trip doesn't raise any warning flags? [By: chazz / 2009-11-11]
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  • CD's going to just LOVE this... -Gromit
  • CD already knows about this :) -CommanderData
  • Yup, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it too.. how ass-backwards does a company have to be to deny their own employees access to the trains they run in the course of business?? -NightSteel
  • And in a further @$$-about-face way, what's the bet the buses will only pick up from ONE location, which the employees will have to take a train trip to (and from) anyway? -Wraith556
  • Ermmm, we don't actually run any trains y'know -CommanderData
  • Oh. Well my mistake then! -NightSteel
  • Secret Knock Detecting Lock - I have to admit that this is a pretty cool idea. [By: BarmanVarn / 2009-11-09]
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  • That is pretty cool... Except for the fact that we all have that asshole friend who is going to change the beat while you're in the bathroom. -exzyle2k
  • Hmmmmmmm, sounds nice... -AdmiralLaurie
  • "The more they overtech the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain." -Scotty -Biosynthetic
  • Ghost, can you check in please? -

    I don't want to sound alarmist, but our very own tech-apparition and guardian of the LART-shelter is in the middle of that lot. Vaya con dios, old spectre.

    [By: Gromit / 2009-11-08]
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  • Yeep! -virusjtg
  • Wow, Ghost, hope you are alright. -NightSteel
  • Judging by the pic, I'm not sure he COULD check in if he wanted to (downed lines). We're all pullin' for ya, y'old phantasm. -Seamus
  • Unfortunately, I'm still alive. .... er.... wait.... <?> Now, seriously, thanks for your concern. The incidents were bad, and sadly lives were lost; but they were just isolated landslides; the country is standing and pretty much normal. All activities are up and the sun is shining strong as ever this morning; so, we go on. I'll make a post in the break room with more news. -TheGhost
  • The First Wireless Remote Control Radio - ...and I made the battery for the remote! [By: vacuumtubes / 2009-11-04]
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  • Hmmmmmmm, sounds lovely! I wish I had my old Timex alarm clock/radio/xm radio/mp3 player hookup. I loved that damned thing, and the sound quality was superb. I should be getting it whenever my parental unit decides to ship that box. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Awesome! And allow me to thank you publicly for the schematics on my antique radio. -Grembo
  • BRAAAAAAIINNS! - Take a look at the gallery, esp. the one pic featuring a zombie with long hair, wearing a blood-stained white shirt....I'm SO proud of my son! More info here:- [By: lineswine / 2009-11-02]
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    BRAAAAAINS! - Huddersfield zombie Slouch 2009 - look in the gallery for the kid in the blood-stained white shirt& long hair...I'm SO proud of my son! [By: lineswine / 2009-11-02]
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  • If I could see him, I'd say awwwww! but I bet you folks had fun, and that's what matters. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Awww - he takes after his Dad....poor sod. ;-) -Gromit
  • Datamation tech comics - Tech-Comics from Datamation magazine [By: TieDyedDinosaur / 2009-10-30]
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    How to tell mother what your IT job is - "Internet Entrepreneur’s Mother Still Assumes He ‘Fixes Computers’ For Living" LOL [By: cianw / 2009-10-27]
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  • You don't. you really, really don't. my grandmother couldn't understand my job unless I broke it down into it's constituent parts and fed it to her one crumb at a time, and even then it'd be too much. -AdmiralLaurie
  • That was funny. I am still early enough in my career that if I had a job it would be fixing computers. -DarkRookie
  • so what do the mothers of porn site admins think? -drachen
  • Porn sites have admins? They must be mere shells of their former selves, and all they can parrot is: "all the free $pr0n you can handle, we just need your credit card to verify your age, oh, that charge is to check the validity of the card, I'm sorry sir but that charge is for you being a dumba$$" -AdmiralLaurie
  • I got so tired of things like that, when people ask me I tell them I work at McDonald's -LowLevelFormat
  • "Don't tell my Mom I work in IT, she thinks I play piano in a whorehouse." -ralphp1024
  • Kinda reminds me of when ppl ask me what I do, I tell them I support a NOC in a hospital and the conversation invariably veers towards an expectation of me evaluating HPs vs Dells. -Tuswole
  • "I shove information up idiots all day." -Geminii
  • 8 legged starfish - One of Riff's? [By: smellystudent / 2009-10-24]
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  • No I think this is more aligned with the stories I have heard of his. -DarkRookie
  • Nah.. All of Riff's and VT's are 2-legged... And if it's Riff's, it comes armed with food stamps to pay for computer repairs. -exzyle2k
  • They consider 8 a record? It isn't unusual for Crown Of Thorns to have a dozen legs and there are other species just as prolific. Must be a slow news week. -AussieFoot
  • Um, it states clearly that foodstamps are to be used for food purchased in a store, however, that is not hot, etc. How the hell can someone think it's usable for computer repair? -AdmiralLaurie
  • AL - That's the type of "special" that Indiana is saturated with. -exzyle2k
  • That's really pathetic.... -AdmiralLaurie
  • Another octomom in the making -THETECHFROMHELL
  • Tanker Truck Explosion NE Side of Indy - This happened a couple of miles from where we live and where I work. Probably would have heard it had I been outdoors at the time. [By: RiffRaff / 2009-10-22]
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  • I-69 ... Too easy to comment. Glad you and the Mrs. are okay. -Necros
  • BIG Bada boom! </Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat> -Captain Trips
  • Riff - the FIRST thing I thought of was a recent exercise we've discussed previously. Eerie. -Grue
  • awwww, Capt Trips stole my line :) still, glad you're all OK mate. -rosemetal
  • I was 1.7 Kms from the Cairns BLEVE in 1987. The shock wave rattled our back door and rattled our roof where I worked. -Gerund
  • Security Expert Says Don't Use Windows - Apologies in advance for a blatant cross-post, but this is significant: Security expert/columnist for the Washington Post basically says if you want to stay safe while performing tasks such as online banking, don't use Windows. That's pretty ballsy. [By: RiffRaff / 2009-10-14]
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  • Or the users could figure out how to protect themselves by using current AV, and not downloading and clicking on every single link they see. Of course this is coming from WSJ that also published the end of email: -Olorin
  • Opps wrong newspaper but the same journalistic level. -Olorin
  • Yet sadly, I know a few banks that ONLY support Windows/IE for their online transactions. -linkv
  • Yup - up to a few months ago Santander's online banking system would detect the use of any non-IE browser at the login page and prevent the login. So much for security then. -Gromit
  • Worse, although now rectified, an Aussie bank that would only allow IE6. -AussieFoot
  • to the less wary, yes windows is about as secure as leaving your huse unlocked with a inventory of what you own taped to unlocked front door. as a person that has had their cc info stolene once - i may not run an AV on vista, but avoid the standart pitfalls. FF with an online scan weekly. BUT i'm tek savey. and have a copy of knoppix on a secandary machine. plus check sensitive info on a govment network. banking - work. pron and warez - home. -Harm
  • and i have asystem that just runs on a knoppix live cd. paranoia pays off occationaly. -Harm
  • The inherent problem I can see with this is that 90% of people are just barely clearing the jump to operate windows, what do you really think will happen if people start using linux distros that are't supported by anyone? That is the day I build the rocket to mars to start a new colony. -Tuswole
  • As much as I support a comment like this, is basically comes down to which OS is popular. The more mainstream it is the more of a target it becomes, so it's kind of a vicious cycle -kumenchi
  • While I agree with Kumenchi, by and large, I have to point out that the best available security, running your OS off an unwriteable medium like CD-ROM, is not available for Windows and is for Linux. If there was a Windows LiveCD available, that could be equally safe, as then you are always booting and working off a clean OS. As Windows does not have that option, though, we are left with Linux as your top-security choice. -chazz
  • Capt. Obvious' take: If you want to stay safe while performing tasks, such as banking, walk to the #$@%@#$ bank! -Biosynthetic
  • Doesn't that depend on the neighborhood you're walking through? -Voz
  • That's why I have my trusty Gatling Taser....and if that don't do the trick, there's always...Footmouse! -Biosynthetic
  • You mean this Gatling Taser? -unrenowned
  • Kinda like that. Picture a cross between two of those attached to the exoskeleton in Aliens 2. -Biosynthetic
  • Actually, it IS possible to boot windows from a cd. Check out Hirem's Boot CD, it's got a mini XP installation on it. -garwain
  • Ric Romero? -drachen
  • pages that require IE would be the reason I use something like User Agent Switcher on firefox. It fools microsoft's web page, and the US gov page for college aid. -rhiannon
  • Want. Gatling. Taser. Gun. -LazyLemming
  • IT LIVES! -

    Yes folks, the Dogcow has been spotted! He is believed to be living in a disused treacle mine in the fallout-ridden industrial desert north of Watford, surviving on a diet of homebrewed vodka strained through a pair of his Mum's old bloomers. You can run, DD, but you can't hide...

    Thanks for finding him, Virusjtg - though I dread to think what you were searching for when you fell over him.

    [By: Gromit / 2009-10-01]
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  • SWEET!!!!! -redevil34
  • er, it only brings up a page with the title, and nothing more. even with the homepage of -AdmiralLaurie
  • AdmiralLaurie: try it without the leading www. Link: -chazz
  • -chazz: no joy. -AdmiralLaurie
  • doesn't work for me either :( -rosemetal
  • I do get a content warning; perhaps there are filters on AL's and Rosemetal's MSIE installs? -chazz
  • With FF3.5 I had no trouble, the link goes to a content warning page that you have to click through to get to the blog. -AussieFoot
  • I've just tried it again with both Firefox 3.5 and IE6 - no problems at all. Just click through the content warning - it's SFW apart from the odd bit of colourful language. -Gromit
  • nice... just what I've been missing since Coy quit writing... maybe DD can do a daily post? Probably not, but one can hope :) -cyberblade3001
  • Virus if you are in town I owe you a beer. -Olorin
  • ah, had to use Jaws mouse immulation to see it. VJTG, I owe you a round of drinks.... thank you! -AdmiralLaurie
  • Yep, that reads like the dogcow we all know. Seems to post fairly often, too. -MadJack
  • Thanks again, virus. And Gromit, you got a mention in the Oct 3 post. :) -Tekkie
  • What? I thought Dowcows always WERE spotted! (heh, I get semi-namecheck on his post for introducing him to Twitter...) -lineswine
  • It's gotta be him, just read this one and there's no way to dismiss it as a copy cat.... -unrenowned
  • Error Haiku page -

    Just a bit of prose
    Not an error solution
    No answer exists

    [By: AussieFoot / 2009-09-23]
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  • laughs! I've seen some of those, but not all of them. I'd be tempted to use them on some of the morons I support. -AdmiralLaurie
  • In Soviet Russia . . . - Russians create new 8-bit holiday. [By: AussieFoot / 2009-09-13]
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  • quoth does Jaws, 404 -AdmiralLaurie
  • funny, it comes up for me just fine -- slashdot link. -chazz
  • Hmmm, in looking at the url, there's a mbash at the end of it. Let's see. I'm not trying to be contradictory, it's just what I've noticed. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Yead, and there's more text following the place where the word "mdash" is spelled out. Could something be interpreting " - m d a s h - " as an actual mdash? -chazz
  • [Via Google Translate: Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree established a professional holiday - Day of the programmer, which is celebrated on Sept. 13 if a leap year - September 12, the press office of head of state. Unofficially Programmer's Day celebrated in the world for many years at the 256 th day of each year. The number 256 is chosen because it is the number of integers that can be expressed using a single eight-byte, and also is the maximum degree of 2, which is less than 365. September 13 has long been an informal celebratory date for programmers, recalled in the ministry. Ordinance approval Minkomsvyazi feast was prepared after consultation with trade unions and industry associations and submitted to the Government in July 2009.] Russia leads the way again.... -Grembo
  • It didn't come up the first time for me <Firefox>, tried a few things, above is the article. -Grembo
  • It came up fine for me, first try (Firefox on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty). The Russians have an awful lot of holidays and commemorative days. I wonder how many of them are paid time off days, though. -Tekkie
  • You should complain to HR that your job description didn't include [drumroll] DEBUGGER! [runs for the lart shelter] -EngieViral
  • Carrier Pigeon faster than ISP... - A carrier pigeon transferred data 50 miles faster than the ISP... [By: BobP / 2009-09-10]
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  • Ooops -- sorry! This was reported yesterday. -BobP
  • I calculated the pigeon's speed to be equivalent to 4.77 Mbps. -Ichiro
  • Were they using IPoAC? -Captain Trips
  • Apple Owners have 'Augmented Reality' - I knew it! [By: cianw / 2009-09-04]
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  • Reminds me of an old UK magazine that did a tongue-in-cheek article about Actual Reality Sensory Environment (A.R.S.E.). Hmm, with VoIP this could explain people talking out of their AR... -AussieFoot
  • Photonic Computing - And also
    A bit of interesting reading for some of us. [By: AussieFoot / 2009-09-02]
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  • Pretty cool. -unrenowned
  • "How many lights?" -stiffarm
  • Orlando Jones unavailable for comment. -NightSteel
  • We Now Have a Graph - guys, this is to inform your wives/SO's. I take no responsibility. [By: HappyCrappy / 2009-08-28]
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  • The GRAPH is fine, but don't scroll down on the work computer! -Divinar
  • ALERT! Exploding iPhones -

    I never liked the bloody things anyway.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid...

    [By: Gromit / 2009-08-26]
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  • Apple just makes me love my G1 more and more. -LazyLemming
  • Lithium Ion batteries, no surprise there... -vacuumtubes
  • Lots of things have lithium ion batteries. As far as I know, Apple is the only one that puts them behind a glass faceplate. -chazz
  • Bah. iPhones explode because they are so full of themselves that they burst out. -TheGhost
  • First exploding iPods, now exploding iPhones. If you've got an iBook, keep it the HELL away from me... -udoshan
  • This is what happens when you buy the brand, not the product, you get crap. -PeterGibons
  • Hopefully this happens to the customers I have who shoved their iPhones at me and said 'Here. Make it work.' Including one who didn't want to have to enter a password to access any of his company resources. Ever. -NightSteel
  • Tech Support Flowchart - Isn't this basically what we all do when we meet some new program and need to do something? [By: ralphp1024 / 2009-08-24]
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  • Hey, that's what I've been doing! They're giving away my secret process! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • We Engineers do it better. If a machine doesn't work, we start pushing random buttons, or unplugging/pluggin random cables. Sometime it works, sometime it doesn't and we put a concerned look and go "hmm... that's odd." Sometimes it causes unexpected consequences and the problem doesn't matter anymore. -TheGhost
  • Printed, stuck on wall in customer area. I don't want to turn away business but I do want ppl to at least try before they call us. I suspect nothing will change -Bloke
  • I stick it to my door with a magnet everytime I leave the office. So far, doesn't appear to work. -LazyLemming
  • I stick it to my door with a magnet everytime I leave the office. So far, doesn't appear to work. -LazyLemming
  • It's ok to love your care, but.... - NT/OT This was too funny to pass up. [By: BarmanVarn / 2009-08-19]
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  • Meant "car", not "care" (typing sucks today) -BarmanVarn
  • I hope that that's a spoofed story and not real? -AdmiralLaurie
  • That's Awesome! "Look, man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!" -Biosynthetic
  • The man in question may have behaved like this -Darkridr
  • It brings a WHOLE new meaning to "I can't make it to work today, my car's fucked" -lineswine
  • Id need a car with a 3" tailpipe. Thats wide not long you pervs. -burrkiss
  • Time for a full-body helmet - Reason 1 not to go trail biking in the desert. [By: AussieFoot / 2009-08-17]
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  • another nice one :) http: //www. -Bloke
  • OUCH! and Bloke, it took me many many tries to fix your link :p -evolvedstarfish
  • I've been a fan of the NSC page for a long time. As if I need more reminders of how 'fishy people can be! -SalParadise
  • Ah yes, jumping cholla. Fun stuff! And yes, it hurts every bit as much as you think it does, if not more. (Rule of desert hiking: carry pliers, cos you're not getting it out by hand.) -MeanDean
  • Smooth move there, shipmate! -MadJack
  • It appears that the USAF actually train to kill British troops on the you think Matty Hulls' widow should be informed? -lineswine
  • Linux Genuine Advantage -


    [By: Gromit / 2009-08-09]
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  • I particularly like the fact that their mascot is an albatross. -chazz
  • Now I can organise my crap with a smile on my face! -AdmiralLaurie
  • Click the link that says View Source Code; it's a trip! -unrenowned
  • ROFL -RiffRaff
  • Bloody brilliant, that is. -SalParadise
  • VERY amusing! -Grue
  • "It's totally awesome!" is a benefit? Sign me up! -Biosynthetic
  • When i click on the link for the crack on pirate bay it times out someone help me!!!!! -starfishmagnet
  • The crack is a virus, do not use!!1!!11 -LazyLemming
  • Yeah, but is it a LINUX virus? After all, surely no one running Windoze would be dumb enough to run a Linux patch. -RA
  • There's a link to the information about the crack at the bottom of the page. I love it, it makes this completely useless script useless! -SalParadise
  • I love it, it makes me feel more at home in my new Linux OS -rhiannon
  • System admin day! - Happy System admin day every one. We few, we grumpy few. And TSC is chop full of us, yay! Thanks again Hawk. [By: virusjtg / 2009-07-31]
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  • A day when users are a little less grumpy to you.....or maybe not ;) -Armakuni
  • I got a huge bouquet of sunflowers from a user! They have teeny green bugs on them, which are taking over my desk but I still appreciate the gesture. :) -Tekkie
  • Send a cheezy card : ... Pi$$ off your mail admin! :) -Necros
  • Hey, I AM the mail admin..... -virusjtg
  • Nothing from any of my users, of course. -RiffRaff
  • I got a hug. But at least it was something. -virusjtg
  • Lunch from the Indian restaurant! Mmm... vindaloo... -chazz
  • "I got a rock..." -vacuumtubes
  • A phone call complaining that I couldn't create what the boss wanted from what he left on my desk. So nothing special. -Divinar
  • Woot! -PTSTech
  • I got breakfast in bed and a soda. Woot! -AdmiralLaurie
  • 2009's Best Software (mostly free) - From G4TV's website, a roundup of 2009's most useful(ymmv) utilities etc., mostly free. [By: ThinTheHerd / 2009-07-22]
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  • Already knew about alot of those, but found a few diamonds in the coal pile I'm gonna try out. Thanks for the link. -Grembo
  • That list is awesome. Thanks, TTH! -Seamus
  • Good info. Something tells me that most - if not all - of that list will be in our own thread: Still, TTH, you should add this link to the thread. It'll be great to have it handy. -TheGhost
  • added to my bookmarks. Thanks! -AdmiralLaurie
  • I added it to the thread- thanks -ThinTheHerd
  • Interesting "ass" = "***". -Stryker One
  • Visual guide to computer hardware. - Found thing on the front page of Digg, Not only do i intend to make this into a poster and put it up in my office, I'm going to use it next time i need to explain what a monitor cable looks like. [By: Ratfor / 2009-07-19]
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  • I'm going through the hi-res version and figuring out which ones *haven't* appeared in a computer I own. I've certainly seen DIL memory chips, but not SIP ones... -Chromatix
  • I know it's still fairly new, but I'm disapoined there is no pci-e x32 on here. -Ratfor
  • @Ratfor - Eighth from the top in the Desktop Card Slots section. -AussieFoot
  • Ratfor was looking for a PCIe 32x, not a PCIx. -ralphp1024
  • They're missing MCA slots, but that's OK, I'm sure none of the rest of us are missing them very much. IBM: The Original PS/2! -AmazingKreskin
  • @ralph - Tsk, tsk, you were looking in the Peripheral Cards section. Read my previous comment. -AussieFoot
  • I didn't see IBM's proprietary PS/2 card or slot listed. Probably because it's hard to fond an old PS/2. Also MIDI ports are missing. -edventure
  • Edventure, that's the MCA slot that AmazingKreskin was talking about. Luckily for us, the MicroChannel Architecture was never very popular; I seem to recall seeing only about three companies apart from IBM that ever made anything for it. -chazz
  • @Chazz, I didn't notice his post until after I submitted mine. We had to do product presentations in a marketing class back when I was in college. One girl in the class made hers IBM PS/2's and their fantastic Micro Channel Architecture. (Yes, I'm that old!) I think my lip was bleeding after stifling all the giggles. -edventure
  • Rap/Web 2.0 songs - pretty funny list of titles if Internet companies recorded rap songs [By: cianw / 2009-07-15]
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    Simon Travaglia's Webpage - Go to the Kiwi Blokes section. You won't be disappointed. :) [By: Tekkie / 2009-07-13]
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  • Good Grief. They'll put anything on the Internet these days ;-) -Necros
  • People like this... - People like this should be summarily executed. They're a waste of space. If I was that librarian I would have been hard pressed to keep my cool while telling the patron in no uncertain terms that he is not welcome in my library now or ever again. [By: OgdenTechGuy / 2009-07-01]
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  • I want to kill something. So I'm supposed to be ignorant, with a limited vocab, just because I can't see well? I learned most of the synonyms I use from books, not the fscking vocab lists we slaved over in school. That guy needs to go back to wherever he came from and never ever patronise that building again. -AdmiralLaurie
  • BTW, should anyone be interested, I'm trying to break into the voice-over business. If anyone knows of someone hiring for recording audio books, point them to </cheap plug> -Captain Trips
  • How many do you have? - 6 New Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet, from cracked so is sfw [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-07-01]
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  • none ... no, really ... I said NONE, asshat. I'm sorry, my cat just hacked up a fork, it was awful ... -srteach
  • sadly I know a few morons with Munchausen by internet. <cough>$programmer-I-dislike</cough> -AdmiralLaurie
  • I'm watching the comments here for any spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes. So look out, or there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth! -robbor
  • "But unlike a kid, a quick smack to the back of the head won't shut this guy up." Well, maybe with Otis this might be true! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Go $)*%(%*$(&^&$&$&$*$*^&&*(^*%&^)&*$^%#!!!!! TooooT tooot... Tooot. Tooot.. Tooot. WTF *%(!)_(*!(*%!&!(^!*%!!!! -kennz
  • - Sips tea on the background while knitting. --- I'm off to the LART Shelter now. Ahihihi -kennz
  • I like this one better: -unrenowned
  • I like the link to the "If everything was made by Microsoft" #s 3 and 1 in particular. -Wraith556
  • While reading the M$ ones, I got a BSOD. Seriously. And I just finished telling my visitors that my Vista 64 install had run flawlessly for 4 months. Murphy has one hell of a sense of humor. -ThinTheHerd
  • Sand Sculptures - My sister found this and frankly I think some of these will end up finding places on our walls.... [By: unrenowned / 2009-06-27]
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  • Wish I could see those, they sound intriguing. But yes, I think the skeptical, watchful, purposeful and perturbed ones would be on my wall. -AdmiralLaurie
  • That was amazing. Great share. -dc70380
  • Tech calls on my Youtube Channel - I put up a few of my favorite calls Riff and I had taken over the years. And it ends with my "Fucknugget" rant... :-) [By: vacuumtubes / 2009-06-12]
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  • That rant is epic. Thank you, VT! -Seamus
  • I love the penalty reboot, and pretending that the user is on a crappy phone when shes not. That rant at the end IS epic! Hope you don't get in shit for it. -Caboose447
  • We crave mooooooore. -Icelator
  • And that's exactly why I'm getting out of the retail field... Do you have any idea what it's like meeting them in the flesh?! -unrenowned
  • Something tells me your into transistor radios. -Stryker One
  • A close relative (on the phone to me) "Why won't {website} accept my password? I've put in the correct one. It says Roboform - This password cannot open passcard {website}" I answered, "You have your capslock on" She said "How did you know that?" -Gerund
  • oh that was good< thanks for posting it... -NerfHerder
  • My favorite is Riff's call with the crickle-crackle lady. Trying to establish a DUN connection with a crap line, then say it's our fault--yeah, good luck with that....LOL!! -vacuumtubes
  • I just want to know... How many "genuine, dyed-in-the-wool, Muncie-bred fucknugget" rants you've had. -exzyle2k
  • A few--certainly after the customer hung up, and if the tape was still rolling.... -vacuumtubes
  • vt, I want to work with you. Was the rapidfire thumping head/fist meets desk? I've done that before with morons over the phone. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Fist meeting desk. However, I'm in the Prozac Generation now, so I don't have near as much frustration. -vacuumtubes
  • ZOMFG, that SO made my day! Thank you! "... get out of the pool." Classic! -RA
  • Volume II is now on the channel.... -vacuumtubes
  • O...M...F...G! That had me pounding the desk and everyone around me wanted the link! I want that on my Ipod so I can listen over and over again! -Biosynthetic
  • I SERIOUSLY miss the VT/RR calls from $ISP. Those works of art have a permanent place on my iPod. *G* -linkv
  • LET'S FIND VOLUME 2.... -AdmiralLaurie
  • Link to volume 2: -chazz
  • Call Six is PRICELESS!! -unrenowned
  • I do NOT know how you held your composure on call #7... -unrenowned
  • That was amazing...I am glad I don't work helpdesk anymore, but now I have to deal with these id10ts face to face. Sometimes I wish I was still doing helpdesk just because of the magic "Oops, the call was dropped" button :) -dc70380
  • I was kinda bummed out about being unemployed, and considered going back to work at a call center...and then I heard that...Ahhhh I feeeel SOOOO much better. TY! -MacDaddy
  • Calls like this are EXACTLY why I keep asking for a punching bag for my birthday! -udoshan
  • How the HELL do you two keep your cool? -CommanderData
  • For me now, it's Prozac. My favorite don't-give-a-fuck drug. Not sure what Riff takes... :-) -vacuumtubes
  • Hehehehehehe, and peopple think I'm nuts? -AdmiralLaurie
  • Replacement for Otis - In the popular game of Wak-A-Starfish this might work like a duck-call, the wind whistling through the vents would sound like the wind whistling through a potential mates head. The alloy construction should make it extra durable. [By: AussieFoot / 2009-06-09]
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  • I still prefer the M134. -Stryker One
  • @Stryker - I assume you mean one of these but they're fixed mount. -AussieFoot
  • @Aussie--Holy shades of 1995, Batman! How old is that website? -charred
  • good lord I love the miniguns.... I keep dreaming of mounting one to my vehicle someday... *sigh* -cyberblade3001
  • More like Robo-Otis... -vacuumtubes
  • I kinda like the deathstick 24" -McSmiley
  • I kinda like the deathstick 24" -McSmiley
  • Sign me up for the Annihilator... -unrenowned
  • Actually, this or is what I had in mind. -Stryker One
  • Or this -Stryker One
  • UK IT workers top three in alcohol use - Hmmmm, think they found out about the TSC BBQ? [By: CTYankee / 2009-05-27]
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  • I agree, cos I'm one. now where did I put that beer down...glug -bumblingalong
  • Number 2?! You're not trying hard enough, I want you number 1 next year. -AussieFoot
  • You mean that the House Of Commons wasn't #1? I demand a recount! -Seamus
  • *hic* -Stryker One
  • <slurred drunken reflex> Who ya callin a hick! </slurred drunken reflex> -AussieFoot
  • Oh fer krissakes, we can't even be No.1 at bloody drinking! I'm doing me best... <THUD!> -Gromit
  • The problem is that in Russia the drinking is compulsory! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Seamus: The Commons probably got disqualified because they didn't pay for any of it themselves :) -Armakuni
  • I wonder where the American Tech workers stand. I give us 5th at best. -DarkRookie
  • "WE'RE GOING TO VEGAS!!!!!!!" <Passes out> -Necros
  • I *knew* we needed to move to the UK!! If we bring you more of our Americanisms, you'll drink more and we'll be #1!! -TechMama
  • Blame Canada... Imean starfish. -ZombieBear
  • Dashed uncivilised, should of course be cups of tea for us sophisticated Brtis. -CommanderData
  • I'm thinking instead that it is pints of best bitter... -chazz
  • -unrenowned
  • Whisky in the bottle/Bottle in my hand/Trying to beat a login page that I just don't understand/All the while not knowin' that the admin's got me banned/Whisky, what you done to me? -fearnothing
  • Geek Squad Fail - Geek Squad fail to diagnose an unplugged hard drive cable in a test to see who's shop is ripping you off. [By: Dragones / 2009-05-22]
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  • Not a huge suprise, the geek squad used to help our customers set up their internect connections and would have to call in for tech support as they were not even able to check simple tcp/ip settings. I would tell them to call thier supv for assistance that is what they are paid for. -THETECHFROMHELL
  • As to be expected, a shop is only as good as its techs. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • I loved that letter of apathy from the DM. It's the classic "we proudly try to rip everyone off equally (and we're sorry that we got caught)" statement. -Seamus
  • Obviously their quality of service is improving. The G.S. at the mall across the street sends people to our store when they can't figure it out -Spyder19
  • that "pc paramedix" place got a lot of free advertising, there. seems like they were a sharp bunch, though. -illiterate
  • I acn forgive them for simply missing the HD cable, BUT to "diagnose" a virus and charge $580 for new HD? DUMB!!!! -udoshan
  • We don't have that store in the UK, but PC World is WELL known for being unable to diagnose anything but charging you nearly £100 for a drive scan.. -CommanderData
  • I haven't been happy with gs since winter of 05, when my cd drive went thud. I didn't know how to isntall a new one, had never done it, so to be safe we took it to gs, and they charged over $120 for a simple install. that's not including the cost of the drive, oh and the install took 45 minutes. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Not surprised at all. Most items sold there for some reason do not work. I used to pick up phones and people where complaining about the items they bought. I always ask then where they bought it. They would always say Best Buy. I try to TS, if it does not work. I ask them to go get it replaced or ask their money back. -kennz
  • I love how at the end the reporter tells you how they hide their bbb f ratings in that region. -Icelator
  • Star Trek movie - rewritten - *Contains spoilers* This is what happens when geeks have too much time on their hands... [By: lineswine / 2009-05-21]
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  • "I'm James T. Kirk, bitch!!" -vacuumtubes
  • "Live long and prosper", I just KNEW that was the Vulcan way to say 'Bite Me!' -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Enterprise: DO NOT WANT. -AmazingKreskin
  • Now THIS is how you run a NOC (NSFW) - This link is not even *close* to being safe for work. Nevertheless, it is *technically* tech-related, and I would be a poor friend indeed if I did not share this. Enjoy, but not at work. ;~} [By: RiffRaff / 2009-05-20]
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  • Why not at work? ... They are (at work) BEFG. -Gerund
  • Sorry but i'm not sure i see the NOC. Perhaps I am distracted. -MrJay67
  • Those of you running Win7... - ...will want to read this. [By: Tekkie / 2009-05-13]
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  • Doesn't affect me, running the 64bit version. -flapjackboy
  • And this is why it's only RC-1. But it's still looking better than Vista was after SP1! -Divinar
  • Hey, it's still in testing, so it still has lots of bugs. I haven't found any on my system though, since I'm testing the 64-bit edition. IIRC though, one of the beta builds had some strange bug that caused some hard disks to permanently kick the bucket at some point in hibernation (somehow fried the HDD's firmware I think). I don't understand how it happened, but a lot of users complained their HDDs no longer being usable (wouldn't even show up in the BIOS) after hibernating the beta. -linuxmatt
  • Thanks m'dear - I'm just ordering a new box to trial Win7 on. <makes mental note on bit of paper - First, update...> -Gromit
  • I'm not going to use Win 7 until I'm damned sure it will work with Jaws. It's currently being tested and I think developed for. -AdmiralLaurie
  • When I came out of hibernation, I got a blue screen, then it had to chkdisk. I think I'll avoid it sleeping from now on... -evolvedstarfish
  • Since I'm running 64-bit, I'm safe, and I'm with the others. What I've seen so far is already bigger, better, and faster than Vista. -elcapitane
  • Wee. Doesn't effect me. Got the 64-bit version on mine. -DarkRookie
  • I'm posting this from Windows 7 RC 32-bit - so far no problems. -Gromit
  • Fred Code - Here's one way to get around a numerical issue in code the hard way... pardons if this has shown up here before. [By: Mushroom / 2009-05-07]
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  • Wow, that looks a lot like some of the legacy code I have to support here. Still, at least it looks pretty on the page! -Shaede
  • The fact I can look at that and name at least 2 people in our firm who write code like it no longer frightens me.. -CommanderData
  • We have some code similar here. About 25 nested if statements used to move data files, archive, then delete. I've looked at attempting to redo it several times (so has SalParadise). Just simpler to let it continue. It works. Not sure who coded it. Was here before me, but DAMN, it's ugly. -TubPorsche
  • Holy crap! Folks, let this be a lesson to not code AND do drugs at the SAME time... -unrenowned
  • butbutbut.. There's builtin functionality for padding with fixed amount of zeroes and everything.. ahhh. my fragile little mind.. -shayera
  • .. and for padding *to* a fixed amount of ciphers/zeroes too.. blehh.. :) -shayera
  • Unless the number input happens to be 0. Or longer than 9 digits. Whatever happened to "%09.9d"? -chazz
  • I've written some rather ugly code, but... damn... -boxxertrumps
  • @unrenowned come on, it is not a coincidnece both LSD and Unix originate fro Berkley! -Ara
  • This reminds me of some old Fortran code I once worked with. Hollerith data type was four ebcdic characters in one variable. Same weird nesting checks and conversions but with powers of 16. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • The Hunt for Gollum - This looks cool. [By: Hawk / 2009-05-04]
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  • you sir, are correct that was not bad at all, quite interesting -NerfHerder
  • I just watched it with my son, it was pretty good for a low budget film, watch out Peter Jackson! -Hawk
  • Thanks, Hawk, for bringing this to our attention -- it was quite good, especially well done for a "fan film." (And thanks once again for being our favorite webmaster for bringing us things like this!) -Captain Trips
  • - This is sooooooo appropriate for us.... [By: maciarc / 2009-04-30]
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    - This is so appropriate for us... [By: maciarc / 2009-04-30]
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    I found Otis! - This is so appropriate for us. [By: maciarc / 2009-04-30]
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  • A far better "OTIS" -Stryker One
  • That should be named either Buzz or Sting... -vacuumtubes
  • I guess, Buzz, or maybe Zippy. As Tolkien has taken Sting. -Stryker One
  • I'll take something i would like to see, - For 500 Alex. IBM system to compete on Jeopardy [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-04-27]
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  • Kinda reminds me of this : ( What is KraftWerk - The Robots ) ;-) -Necros
  • Would be hilarious if Jeopardy! is secretly planning to bring Ken Jennings out of retirement for the test! -MasterOfNone
  • NERD RAGE! - Actually, I kind of sympathize with this comic; there is no reason to assume that anyone who is good at Guitar Hero can sing AND play guitar in a real rock band nor would I ever want to sit through an episode of them trying.... [By: unrenowned / 2009-04-26]
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  • URU Live. Best game I've ever played, nothing since has come close. -Stryker One
  • A Damning Parody - What could have happened if the likes of Filmation, Hanna-Barbera and Ruby Spears got hold of the Watchmen franchise. So vintage-looking, it hurts! [By: vacuumtubes / 2009-04-25]
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  • Ok, I swear this has been posted here before. Am I wrong? -Stryker One
  • I don't recall seeing it before, but the video has 11k comments so it's been around for a while at least, meaning it's possible. -OgdenTechGuy
  • I think it got posted in the Watchmen thread in the Break Room, back around when the movie came out. -Grue
  • It could only happen in Ireland - part X -

    Oh, shit.... :-)

    [By: Gromit / 2009-04-22]
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  • The user needs to be flushed! -unrenowned
  • "An' th' piss turned BLUE! An' I said, "Holy Jesus, Holy Jesus!" Cuz I ain't never seen no blue piss!" </Richard Pryor> -vacuumtubes
  • ..I am so glad I am not a local :P -Ara
  • Christ on a tractor goin off a cliff! -starfishmagnet
  • THIS IS FRUITA!!! -Stryker One
  • Alright Stryker - you got my attention with that one. But only because there is a town close to me that is named Fruita. -NotaTech
  • Command line is illegal - Person arrested for doing illegal activities because he was seen using a command line interface which obviously denotes illegal 'hacking'.... [By: CommanderData / 2009-04-15]
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  • Jesus, just Jesus -starfishmagnet
  • WTF Batman!!!! -Crai
  • Fuck the police. -ThinTheHerd
  • sudo apt-get insta.... "HANDS UP TERRORIST SCUM!" -neodemi
  • Well I guess that means that network admins can't do their jobs any longer. Vacation time folks, we can't use a command line cause we might be hacking. -Olorin
  • So, some former Circuit City employees became campus cops... -vacuumtubes
  • I guess if command line use is hacking now, I won't switch to 'nix. Windows is the greatest. BFEG. Joking. -DarkRookie
  • Wha? Huh? uh, no. Howinhell is that possible? -AdmiralLaurie
  • You may want to read a copy of the actual warrant, it looks like the Officer in question also has other evidence like dns records, dhcp logs, and complaints that the perp in question has also been installing unlicensed software on peoples computers. The cli is just one f the things listed just to show that he knows how to use more than just the gui. -McSmiley
  • I did read the warrant, and it seems that it was justified. They have connection records and personal testimony of what the suspect is accused of doing, and need to investigate further on these claims. It was NOT just based on his using the CLI, but on various other factors as well. Yeah, let's not judge based on only partial evidence, which the EFF article is doing. Normally I support their efforts, but this time they are off-base. -Captain Trips
  • Overall the warrant may be valid, but just the fact that they cited the use of the CLI, shows a staggering level of ignorance. -Stryker One
  • note CLI != hacking, However it does denote a person who is more likely to be adept at computing. Also, for all we know he actually had a vm that was cli only. How else would you describe a cli based vm to a non-technical judge? (a secondary os, black and white screen text only) -McSmiley
  • on reading the warrant, it looks like all the accusations are hearsay based on a disgrunted ex-roommate. i can't believe they went this far based on pure hearsay from someone who obviously had a bone to pick with the accusee (which was being dealt with by the college anyway) -rosemetal
  • At $hitty programming limited, I faced instant dismissal for "any activities considered to be hacking" by the admin staff, which in reality was anything they didn't understand. This included: editing HTML in notepad, editing ANYTHING in notepad, using DOS prompts to format diskettes, copy diskettes, FTP sessions to the HP-UX box in my work area, and even the command prompt on the HP-UX box to duplicate software for customers. And this was all covered in my job description and work instructions. A lot of work was done after hours to avoid those clueless berks. -Wraith556
  • Plastic Coppers, you got to luv 'em :( -Armakuni
  • After reading the warrant, I took away that 2 people were fighting, it went online by the accusee creating a fake profile on a website. So far, these are civil issues. The issue that he has been seen with many different laptops on campus is irrelevant. Under that criteria, most of us that repair computers should be under arrest for theft. Stating that a disgruntled calooege pal is a credible witness and seems to be the only person to have heard the "hacking confessions" is highly suspect as well. The claim that this "L33T ahcker" installed software on his system is highly suspect as well. If he could pull that off, couldnt he obscure his own MAC address to access the web site? -techinator
  • I once had a clueless boss say that she didn't want to see me using the command line again, because she didn't understand it. So I turned my desk around. -Geminii
  • I once had a clueless boss say that she didn't want to see me using the command line again, because she didn't understand it. So I turned my desk around. -Geminii
  • You stupid bitch - No words can describe the stupidity, news site is sfw [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-04-12]
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  • I see stuff like this and a sound clip comes to mind; Cletus from The Simpsons saying "are you some kind of mo-ron?" -OgdenTechGuy
  • uh.... thud. why would you jump into a bear's enclosure while it's being fed? -AdmiralLaurie
  • Why would you jump into a bear's enclosure at all? Thank you Disney for teaching the world's idiots that bears are cute and cuddly... and thank you (not!) hospital system for keeping this sort of idiot alive to reproduce. -chazz
  • should have let the bears rip her apart, and any children she's bred. it would have been natural selection in action. -drachen
  • I read about that woman and thought of this: -Cyan
  • Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle in two words: Stupid. Fuck. In three words: Stupid. Stupid. Fuck. -vacuumtubes
  • Sad thing is, some people probably got mad at the bear... -udoshan
  • Couldn't she read the 'Do not feed the bears' sign? The bears probably thought she was a seal. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • I think she missed her failboat ride, and was trying to catch it. >.> -Torinir
  • Yet more proof Darwin was wrong. -Deadagent
  • I agree with Deadagent. If Darwin were still alive, he's say, "Never mind, I take it back. They're just turtles." Meanwhile, my theory of Evolution goes that EVERYTHING was evolved from chickens. Too many things taste like them. -Biosynthetic
  • Just goes to show you where people are on the food chain when tossed into the polar bear cage. -Starfury
  • @TDD "thought she was a seal", no, seals are sleek and graceful in the water not gelatinous & awkward. If they thought she was a seal it must have been because she acted like she'd been clubbed in the head one too many times. -AussieFoot
  • recovering after surgery? Darwin DENIED? pity, shoulda let the bear eat her dumb a**. -HappyCrappy
  • she's lucky she got out of there at all, polar bears in the wild are notoriusly aggressive. from the picture i thing the bear bit her because it was afraid of the crazy woman. she swam right up to him.. TIM TIMMAH! -putahtek
  • The Website is Down - As suggested by Angrysup here: [By: OgdenTechGuy / 2009-04-09]
    Comment on this Link
  • He rebooted a webserver at the request of a sales drone? I have no sympathy for him. -SalParadise
  • Never EVER reboot anything a sales drone asks, unless of course you are rebooting the sales drone. -virusjtg
  • The second video's a scream. -vacuumtubes
  • Either i had too much blood in my cafeeine and Tylenol stream, but it didn't load for me. maybe it's just I'm not patient enough. I'll try again. -AdmiralLaurie
  • I dunno, maybe it's just me but I dont find either funny (or real) -Caboose447
  • I love that they now have had someone write a program to allow "arrange by penis" -SillyGirl
  • BADGERS! - badger badger badger [By: virusjtg / 2009-04-05]
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  • Look, we've seen the damned badger thing... STOP IT -Spyder19
  • wow I spent five minutes on that, can I have them back please... -NerfHerder
  • Oh, FFS... -Gromit
  • I say we throw virus out of the LART shelter and sic CD on him. >.< -Torinir
  • I’m only doing what any good pathogen does. Infecting your brains with the most insidious thing I could find. -virusjtg
  • Badgers? BADGERS? We don't need no steenkin' badgers! -SalParadise
  • GAAH! Why is the LART shelter full of badgers? Virusjtg! What did we talk about badgers, hamsters and goats in the LART shelter? -TheGhost
  • Oh, it's memes you want.... -Biosynthetic
  • Trance badgers: (video, sound warning of course) -chazz
  • -veaudaux
  • Time for an Antivirus.. we have Nhourtons, McAffree, EeeZee and many many others.. all in NON back side FRIENDLY format! Wide, Rectagular with lots of edges! -Harm
  • I just want a link to the original Hamster Dance. (without stupid software) -AngrySup
  • AngrySup: I don't think you REALLY want it - trust me. <shudder> -Gromit
  • For AngrySup. The original hamster dance. -DarkRookie
  • Hey Veaudaux, you've seen the original, right? :D :D :D <Warning: Video, may be NSFW since it has very disturbing near full frontal nudity of weird men.> -TheGhost
  • -the ghost... O.o that sounded wrong, the guy can't sing and I'm glad I can't see the video. I want those minutes of my sanity back. :P -AdmiralLaurie
  • Gary Brolsma for teh win!! -unrenowned
  • Surprised this one hasn't surfaced yet... -exzyle2k
  • Thanks...I'm going to be singing that ALL day. -persephone

    Oh, if only it were true - everyone from President Obama downwards would be queueing up to tel Ballmer to fuck off.

    [By: Gromit / 2009-04-02]
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    Oh, if only it were true - everyone from President Obama downwards would be queueing up to tell Ballmer to fuck off.

    [By: Gromit / 2009-04-02]
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  • Entity makes LOTS of bad moves, gets into serious financial trouble, asks govt to bail its ass out......why am i gettin a deja vu????? ;) -starfishmagnet
  • I tell MS to fuck off every chance I get. I'm MS-free at home, and if I ever happened to meet Ballmer in an airport, I'd ask him why, with billions at their disposal, they can't do what many have done before (and after MS) - write an OS that doesn't go down as often as a $2 hooker. -SalParadise
  • If only it were truek, I'd be praying for m$hit to fall, crash and burn burn burn baby burn! bwahahahahahahahahaaaa! -AdmiralLaurie
  • That was great. I hate to say it, but, I have to hand it to Microsoft. Not many companies would make fun of the current administration. How long do you guys think there will be before there is legislation that allows the government to take over Microsoft? -adarklite
  • adarklite - What would be the difference if the gov't ran M$? Overpriced crappy products, bloat, mismanagement and corruption....already there. -redevil34
  • Well, that's what I am afraid of. Just because we can't see how it can be worse doesn't mean nothing worse can happen. Governments always mess things up. If you don't believe me look at social security, medicare, and our economy. -adarklite
  • Looks like a April fools joke to me. Its not on the AP, not on the MS home page that I could find and even el reg hasn't picked it up yet. -virusjtg
  • <respectfully points VirusJTG to footnote at bottom of article - the bit that says "April fool"> ;-) -Gromit
  • Actually Gromit, it's on the first line of the article as an editor's note -Spyder19
  • Wanna chat to total strangers? - (From the site itself)"Omegle is a brand-new service for meeting new friends. When you use Omegle, we pick another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like." Wonder how many "busty blondes" will be on it, and thats just burrkiss..... [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-03-30]
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  • Nicknamed 'meet a pervert'. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Ah the internet ... where men are men, boys are men and little girls are police officers. -Gerund
  • I hate people ! Why would I want to install software so that MORE of them can find me ? -Spyder19
  • All Chris Hanson....All the time! -vacuumtubes
  • Oh what I need - another way to get bombarded by internet morons. It's like irc, the people you WANT to talk to will be in a real minority -CommanderData
  • t3h 'tubes: Where the men are men, the women are men, the sheep are scared, and the preteen girls are 40-year-old men! -DarkRookie
  • Here's the *nix man page for LART! - FINALLY, we have an authoritative definition! *bfeg* Many other *nix humor items at this site.... [By: Grue / 2009-03-27]
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    Just when we were getting a handle on it - Great, just freaking great... Guys figure out how to inject code into flash ROM chips gaining control over a system's BIOS (sorry Linux, your not safe either). Code infects system at "Ring Zero" and if you don't understand the phrase, you haven't been schooled in "Old School" yet... No cure... Guess what they are trying to create now? A rootkit to drop the payload. I understand that this is for the Black Hat convention, but COMMMON!! How much of this is going to now end up in the hands of the authors of that AV360 crap... [By: unrenowned / 2009-03-23]
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  • And another that aims itself at OpenWRT and DD-WRT routers... -chazz
  • RTFA before you spread your fear mongering: "Sacco and Ortega stressed that in order to execute the attacks, you need either root privileges or physical access to the machine in question, which limits the scope" -NoneProvided
  • I'm not fear-mongering. If you read the rest of the article, they state: <quote>"We can patch a driver to drop a fully working rootkit. We even have a little code that can remove or disable antivirus," Ortega said.</quote> Which means that while the original means of infection developed in 2007 have been highly expanded upon to be able to deliver a full payload by means of tricking someone into a simple driver download. Now you tell me, how many people end up getting extreme infections due to downloading a simple "codec" hmm?? I'll tell you; at least 65% of the infected machines that come through my door have been infected in such a manner. Fear-mongering? I call it reality. -unrenowned
  • We're all doomed.... DOOMED, I TELL YOU! -Gromit
  • *switches back to pen & paper* -ThinTheHerd
  • Pen and paper is no solution, TTH! Some diabolical monster came up with malware called "Fyre". It will completely destory that paper and all the data on it! We've got to go back to chisels and stone! OMG! -CyBear
  • CyBear: but even chisel and stone is vulnerable to the "drop document off high building" attack... -rdwells
  • friend ran into this, he said the only recourse was to send it back to the plant and have them fix it. that or, as vt loves to say, "smash it with a hammer!" -AdmiralLaurie
  • Guess my Macs are safe from this one. Mac admins don't have root access unless they intentionally turn root on, and to do that they usually know what they are doing, and are smart enough to re-lock it after. -Lokiz
  • Guess my Macs are safe from this one. Mac admins don't have root access unless they intentionally turn root on, and to do that they usually know what they are doing, and are smart enough to re-lock it after. -Lokiz
  • lokiz: don't count on that. If you can have sufficient privilege to install a driver, you can bet a virus will find a way to do it; and from that privilege you can install this BIOS virus. -chazz
  • I guess I just don't understand programming enough to understand how something running at the BIOS level can get into Windows and do damage. Can someone explain it to me? -JoeLugian
  • The whole key is this: BIOS can load a ring0 (kernel privilege) piece of code that can do anything, including hiding itself from the kernel, and creating a virtual machine for Windows to run in. It then has control of all data streams coming in and out of Windows into the hardware. Need I say more? -chazz
  • isnt this just another example of something you all knew would happen. we make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot. -rhiannon
  • No, this is clearly malice. Idiocy won't do this sort of research. -chazz
  • What is worse is that now many mobos can have their BIOS flashed from within Windows. How long is it before someone makes a program to look for existing BIOS flash programs and burn the payload with that at some quiet time of the night? -Darkridr
  • This is why mobos should have hardware BIOS lockouts. -Geminii
  • I'm having troubles digesting all of this. So the BIOS is OS aware? Also there is enough room on the ROM for a VM capable of running a full blown OS? -ShiftedBeef
  • ShiftedBeef: No, but it doesn't need to be... much. And yes, if you cut a few corners. You can fake most of the functionality by simply passing through to hardware and only trap what you need to reproduce. -chazz
  • Chazz, Unrenowned: Open a thread for this in the "I know something" section of the forum; this looks like something we might all want to know more about. -TheGhost
  • Agreed, and another question that comes to mind is that wouldn't PatchGuard prevent this? -ShiftedBeef
  • At Ghost's request, now moved to the forum under "I know something you should know": -chazz
  • I need to find me a twin........ - Saved by their indistinguishable DNA, identical twins suspected in a massive jewelry heist have been set free. Neither could be exclusively linked to the DNA evidence. [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-03-19]
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  • I'm your evil twin, the police will be around shortly to take you in, for the crimes I did, but left your DNA.... -Wonko The Sane
  • There was an even more bizarre case with conjoined twins. One was convicted of murder but released because they couldn't execute or imprison him without doing the same to his innocent brother. -AussieFoot
  • Reasonable doubt for the lose -DarkRookie
  • The Space shuttle had a hitchhiker... - No word yet on the fate of that poor little sucker (no pun intended), but smart money is on needing some seasoning & barbecuse sauce at this point... [By: elcapitane / 2009-03-18]
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  • The poor little thing shouldn't have left its towel behind. -Gromit
  • Or one of those diapers. My guess is, shortly before it passed, it made a pretty big download of guano... -elcapitane
  • Elcapitane: you mean it was batshit crazy? -Gromit
  • When witnessing it's imminent demise, it wouldn't surprise me if a little insanity was involved on the part of little Bartok... -elcapitane
  • Five bucks says he tastes like chicken. Superheated, ashified chicken... -PTSTech
  • Needs garlic... -unrenowned
  • "QUICK! To the Bat-Shuttle..." -Voz
  • hmm... closer inspection of the picture seems to indicate he was "tied" to the shuttle. And there seems to be a guy with some white makeup and a painted green smile laughing maniacally in the background... -TheGhost
  • To all of my Irish friends on TSC - Here's wishing you a fun St. Patrick's Day! Remember, this is the one day of the year that if our urine turns from yellow to green, it's okay! [By: unrenowned / 2009-03-17]
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  • Ummm. what about yellow to an off-shade of puce? -Biosynthetic
  • Finger Me. - At least he'll never be without his porn collection. [By: Stryker One / 2009-03-17]
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  • But can he upgrade from the 2 gig to a larger one? -atomicbill
  • I would hope so. 2 gigs is only so much pron he can put on there. >:D -DarkRookie
  • beats losing it beecause it's attached to your keys and you're always losing 'em.... but still, I don't know how I'd react to that if I saw that. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Sex with Cleaner = 'Fair use policy' - lol - "Man claims having sex with cleaner is part of his ‘fair use policy’" [By: cianw / 2009-03-15]
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  • Clinton should have used that line. :P -Torinir
  • But it didn't inhale. Only one that can claim that is Dyson. -vacuumtubes
  • Sounds like a good clean-living individual to me. ;-) -Gromit
  • See, the way I see it is: Who the fsck cares? -Seamus
  • I don't quite know what to make of this. Clearly it is comedy, equally clearly it is fiction, but it is also a comedic slam against the Fair Use doctrine. Could it have originated with the mafIAA? -chazz
  • It may be Fair Use, but you gotta watch for those viruses. -Biosynthetic
  • Today's CAD - "The customer is not always right. Most of the time, the customer is a clueless moron. If this sign upsets you, your are this moron." [By: smellystudent / 2009-03-13]
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  • Every shop needs one of those signs. -flapjackboy
  • That sign needs to be everywhere. -r3tude
  • Anyone else think there might be some Gord-like adventures here? -redevil34
  • Maybe the Magoo version of Gord - remember, this is Ethan we're talking about. :D -OgdenTechGuy
  • Yeah, I just can't imagine Ethan as Gord. Lucas would be a much likelier candidate, imo. -NightSteel
  • I think I need to work there. -RandalGraves
  • I seem to recall that Lucas actually works in a computer store run by a Gord clone... -chazz
  • Yeah. His boss' name is Mickey. and there's another one where an apple user comes in for repair and they chase him out because they don't do Apples, but I can't find that one. Comedy gold.. -NightSteel
  • Three others, including the Apple one, from Lucas' boss: -chazz
  • Would love to see this implemented here - "A Finnish millionaire Jari Bär, the former owner of the Iisalmi’s company Finnritilä was handed a fine of 111,888 euros (141,661 dollars) for doing 82 km/h (51 mph) in a 60 km/h (37 mph) zone on January in Siilijärvi, Finland." Read the rest of the story, how many road deaths would be avoided with this in place? [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-03-10]
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  • Think of the fluffy kittens! If you're not offered a fixed penalty notice here, your fine is still based on your take-home income. This is simply an extreme case as the guy was loaded. Without seeing the road in question and knowing the prevailing conditions it's impossible to say if the excess speed was dangerous or not, but my experience of Finnish roads is that limits tend to be set much lower than equivalent UK roads anyway. Educating drivers to a higher standard (like they do in, say, Finland!) would be a far more effective way of reducing deaths and serious injuries on the roads, but wouldn't make Her Majesties Government as much money. -smellystudent
  • Finland, Finland, Finland The country where I want to be Pony trekking or camping Or just watching TV Finland, Finland, Finland It's the country for me. -Biosynthetic
  • Compare this with Mr. Gates beating a traffic fine by siccing lawyers on the city. He made an illegal left hand turn and escaped any legal punishment by demanding that the city do an expensive analysis of the traffic to see how many other drivers got away with what he was charged with. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • I would have to disagree to some extent, it just gives all the out-of-work rednecks and gangstas an excuse to drive even worse than they do now... -oar
  • If you're on welfare does that mean that the city pays you for traffic tickets? -Darkridr
  • The fine-based-on-income system just means the uber rich and uber poor can ignore the law, while the rest of us get shafted. -Stryker One
  • Taco Neepage Deux - Just when you think it couldn't happen again.... [By: vacuumtubes / 2009-03-04]
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  • she's ... a real nugget -srteach
  • Stupidity on all ends here. Woman shall be in the ranks along with the other woman who called 911 about Burger King . But also, if you went into NaldsMcDo and were offered McCowEyes or something, you might do something fail too on the spur of the moment. -Biosynthetic
  • C'mon, let's not let the idiot cachier off the hook completely, either. If the customer wants a refund because you don't have what she already paid for, you give her a refund. -rdwells
  • Did it ever occur to her there's more than one McDonald's in the US. I used to live in the area, and every day to and from work, I'd pass several. -elcapitane
  • See now, if the cashier refuses a legitimate refund, I would have asked for a manager. If the manager had also refused, then I would have called the district office. Failing there, I would have contacted my attorney for one heck of a lawsuit. -unrenowned
  • Especially if there is NOT a sign stating that "all sales are final. No refunds." -unrenowned
  • Calling 911 was OTT, but damn, why didn't they just give her her refund? I did however find it amusing the linked page has a poll 'would you dial 911 if you couldn't get a refund' (or similar) and 23% of respondents said YES (2% said 'no opinion). Damn, just damn... -rosemetal
  • Just to be Devils Advocate here, but in my state, bait and switch is illegal in the criminal sense. The 3 calls was incessant and abusive. I formally worked for EMS and this is prolly one of the least abusive issues I have seen. There is a frequent flyer who uses the ambulance to go see her boyfriend who lioves near the hospital. -techinator
  • As a quick update, I read a news article on the local paper's site (, saying the lady was embarrased and was receiving threatening phone calls. A person at the dispatch office was saying that McNuggets didn't constitute an emergency, so unless the lady was threatened or something to that effect, police would've likely not been sent out. -elcapitane
  • Whoops a ), got tacked onto the url, so here it is again... -elcapitane
  • Okay, taking payment on a product they ran out of and refusing the refund may be illegal -- but 911 is NOT for reporting illegal activity. It's for life-or-limb threatening situations. "They refuse to give me a refund" isn't, but "they are threatening to kill me because I asked for a refund" is. -Captain Trips
  • Damn. Both the lady AND the cashier need a sound beating. -Seamus
  • you deserve a brick today -stiffarm
  • I don't really speak ghetto, but I'll give it a go ..."Shaniqua, STFU bitch!" -lineswine
  • How about this angle. You call the police if someone steals from you right? How it this not 5th degree theft? She gave them $ and nothing was given back. -burrkiss
  • Burrkiss, no one ever said this was not theft. Yeah, it was, of a form. But theft is NOT a 911 situation. Whose life was endangered? -Captain Trips
  • I "could" see her calling the police about theft. But there are two points to look at here, 1. it was over 2$ and 2. On all three calls and while be arrested, she stressed that she wanted the Mcnuggets, she even stated it was a McNugget emergency. If she stressed the THEFT, this might not have gotten this big. -neuman1812
  • Severance Package -

    Come on! How may of you are just dying to say this?

    Warning: Kinda NSFW.

    [By: Stryker One / 2009-02-28]
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  • Do you like ice cream? <tink tink> -kennz
  • So say we all... -RiffRaff
  • "Kinda" NSFW? Foamy is never "kinda" NSFW. Sound warning... it's SFW only if you have headphones. -chazz
  • Thanks for the early morning laugh I needed that! -THETECHFROMHELL
  • ...and the horse you rode in on! -SalParadise
  • God I love Foamy -burrkiss
  • is it the foamy with the spoken rant/? or the written one? -AdmiralLaurie
  • AJ - this most recent one is a spoken rant, not by Foamy but by the Smell representative he calls... -chazz
  • It could only happen in england - After the uproar of a baby's 13 year old father alfie it turns out there may be as many as two other teenage fathers to the baby, jeremy kyle (english version of jerry springer) must be drooling :) [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-02-23]
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  • And only an Irishman could mess up the link :P -smellystudent
  • It could only happen in england - After the uproar of a baby's 13 year old father alfie it turns out there may be as many as two other teenage fathers to the baby, jeremy kyle (english version of jerry springer) must be drooling :) (oh and i didnt balls it up there seems to be a max url length i didnt notice) [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-02-23]
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  • Why is this girl so famous? It's not uncommon, so why is she getting so much attention? -AdmiralLaurie
  • It's not so much the girl, who as a 15-year old muum isn't that unusual nowadays. It's the 13-year old (alleged) father that is causing the fuss -Shaede
  • In America,All these children would be arrested for some sort of sex crime and be forced to register as a Sex offender for life. -neuman1812
  • next hot news will be this girl turns out to be his cousin or something :-P -r3tude
  • Eastbourne is an unlikely place for 'em, but can anyone else hear banjos? -Gromit
  • neuman...what? Not in the south it wouldn't! -lineswine
  • Neuman1812: In West Virginia, They call those people " kinfolk " . ;-) </Runs> -Necros
  • Happy Birthday Uncle Dad.... -vacuumtubes
  • This is why parents need to resume beating their children. When I was 13 and/or 15, my parents would have killed me for having sex with "Up to 8 possible teenage boys". Or even one for that matter. And unlike so many of my classmates, I've managed to stay not pregnant at age 24... -LazyLemming
  • It could only happen in Ireland (again!) -

    Y'know, if I'd told this story without posting proof, no-one would EVER believe me...

    [By: Gromit / 2009-02-19]
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  • Them oul culchie garda cant be expected to have intelligence you know! Would hamper their violent streak! -starfishmagnet
  • What does that say about Polish drivers? -Seamus
  • "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is License... Drivers License!" -Voz
  • Hehe... El Reg had a decent write up about this too. Worth a good chuckle. -cyberblade3001
  • Personally, I found it almost more humorous that the BBC story was accompanied by a map of Poland rather than Ireland. -rdwells
  • Nuther T Shirt Idea - Says it all, especially after my last post. [By: vacuumtubes / 2009-02-12]
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  • That is great. Simple yet to the point. :) -conundrum
  • Linux 101 Hacks - free ebook -

    Yup, another Linux book on free download.

    Will the fun never end? :-)

    [By: Gromit / 2009-02-12]
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  • Buuuuttt... requiring a registration / email address? Hmmm... I'm not liking that idea, personally. (Don't get me wrong - thanks! Just... "Free" should be FREE to me, issall.) -ShujinTribble
  • No, yer daft Yank, just scroll down to the Download link, the password is needed to access the page but there's NO REGISTRATION. I dunno what you've been sniffing, 'tribble, but I wish you'd hand it round... :-) -Gromit
  • Thanks, Gromit! That one's fairly comprehensive and certainly fits my budget. :) -Tekkie
  • I created a new email and "club" persona on hotmail for just such things. has had that email address for years. Stupid iTunes. -Biosynthetic
  • I just like the fact that I didn't need to register or give an e-mail address, there was an easy-to-use download link with the password right by it. *bfeg* -Grue
  • I can only plead pain and lack of sleep... Sorry and thank you. -ShujinTribble
  • Would you (or anyone else) mind posting the old link to the other Linux eBook? I formatted, and forgot to put it my "saves". Please, please, please? -ThinTheHerd
  • I feel silly- never noticed the "more links" link, hiding in plain sight. It's all good now. -ThinTheHerd
  • TechChuff - good UK tech satire and news site ; kinda like the Onion of TechCrunch or visa-versa. [By: cianw / 2009-02-05]
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    Hear Christian bale ROAR!!!! - The audio of the recently publicised meltdown/tirade by bale, WARNING it is NSFW unless you have headphones as there are more curse words then a drunken sailor concert! [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-02-04]
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    T Shirt Idea - Who'd like to see this on a T shirt? :-) [By: vacuumtubes / 2009-02-02]
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  • Try again, bad day-- -vacuumtubes
  • I'd like to see it as a small sticker used as the new "kick me" to put on the lusers' backs.... -Grue
  • i think the first link makes what you are trying to post very funny :) -gashach
  • I would rather see some text from a cup my company bought us a while back: Please wash all parts in warm soapy water before use. I like that one. -Freshwreckage
  • the logo for my (useless) vista repair disk! -stiffarm
  • Excellent Ubuntu book on free download -

    It's the Ubuntu Pocket Guide - comprehensive, ideal for anyone thinking of trying Linux. My kind of price, too...

    [By: Gromit / 2009-01-27]
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  • awesome - that will make for some nice light reading at work! -frprinterwiz
  • Excellent! Thanks for the link! -RiffRaff
  • “Microsoft has a majority market share in the new desktop PC marketplace. This is a bug, which Ubuntu is designed to fix." Best. First. Bug. Report. EVAH! -ShujinTribble
  • awesome! I'll add this to my "Beginning Ubuntu by Kier Thomas. I recommend anything he written for Linux.. -JoeLugian
  • Gnabbed - thanks, Claypooch! -Grue
  • Passed it round, made a few people happier. -AussieFoot
  • ...and on the same day my O'Reilly Ubuntu Hacks book arrived :) -smellystudent
  • Danged download URL resolves out to an IP address, which Websense promptly blocks. So much for at-work reading. Now I impatient wait out the rest of the day. Maybe it's the word 'download' in the URL that Websense pounced on .... -emdeebee
  • emdeebee - you've got mail! -Grue
  • Might actually persuade me to try my hand at linux again.... -CommanderData
  • Thanks! I've been needing a good (free!) guide, as I've been trying to teach a few technologically disinclined people... even if it's above their level, it's easier to translate it to Starfish. -DarthIndy
  • Redneck Sh*t - If true, one can only assume a disgruntled customer craftily resealed and returned a copy of Madden with a personal commentary of Walmart's client-base... [By: Animortal / 2009-01-26]
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  • Not to bash his mother, but how can you not notice if there's scotch tape on a package? Just wondering, but ya, someone needs to stop breathing, or have a chance encounter with mr. chucky boy.... -AdmiralLaurie
  • From the looks of it, it was re-sealed so well the staff, the customer, everyone was taken in. Tho, there's nothing to say it's not the customer just tryin' for a lawsuit (or free stuff) I guess. -rosemetal
  • My favorite comment on the story was "This is amazing because I actually bought a copy of "Redneck Shit" a few weeks ago and inside it the disc was Madden '09. I was a little bummed because The Cracker Barrel wouldn't replace it for me." Muahahahhaa!!! -Animortal
  • OMG! The kid got a prototype copy of Madden X. "Redneck Shit" is the pseudo-name given to it so people wouldn't steal it. -Biosynthetic
  • When it has to be done yesterday - When it has to be done yesterday, warn them that will involve the purchase of special equipment and they will be charged the full cost. [By: AussieFoot / 2009-01-22]
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  • Some of the comments were pretty funny. -Gunpe
  • I want one. Can anyone spare any change? <Heads for lart shelter> -kennz
  • I see.... -AdmiralLaurie
  • I paid for this three weeks from now. Why hasn't it been delivered yet? -MisterCommon
  • Unfortunately, there still be starfish. - Sounds dreamy, but consider that you'll still be surrounded by starfish. Among other marine species, though. [By: TheGhost / 2009-01-13]
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  • Aaugh! I can't swim!! dammit -Tekkie
  • But Ghost, think of the possibilities! These starfish don't call asking for a new mouse daily ... of course, the stinging is a different story altogether. :D -PCChaos
  • "they can't be too shy and they'll have to love the sea, the sun, the outdoors" OK, honestly people, how my of us do these requirement eliminate. -Stryker One
  • There's no point in you applying, old wraith - you wouldn't have a ghost of a chance. :-) -Gromit
  • considering it feels like about -50 this morning where I am, sign me up. I can deal with the starfish. -persephone
  • Whoever succeeds in this endeavor needs to restrain their natural tendencies. Mutilated starfish can regrow from the bits. A flamethrower would be a handy accoutrement! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • TDD - Considering all the water around them, wouldn't a certain element that reacts violently with it be FAR more... 'entertaining'?</High School Chemistry, anyone?> -ShujinTribble
  • ST- "So... dee, uhmmm..." element would react with the water and create unholy chaos for any starfish caught nearby! </more HS Chem. lab> -Voz
  • Looks great, except for the whole sun thing. I'll stick to the dark, thanks. The day star is trying to kill me. -TechnoTherapist
  • I live in Florida. I have all the requirements needed. I even talk to the people. -DarkRookie
  • No way, no how. Not gonna go near weather like that. -Divinar
  • No way, no how. Not gonna go near weather like that. -Divinar
  • Pretty cool little game - Totally sfw, plu it teaches you a thing or two about global locations but beware do not use unless you are really bored :) [By: starfishmagnet / 2009-01-07]
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  • I've done this game and I really enjoy it. There is a version on Facebook too. Ann -LadyLineswine
  • I actually did worse in my own country (USA) than on the international questions, in the early rounds. -OgdenTechGuy
  • Yay! 404 - The Flash game. I remember playing this on the Intellivision! -Biosynthetic
  • Did anyone find Carmen Sandiego? -lineswine
  • She's on the run from the FBI with Waldo/Wally. -flapjackboy
  • She's on the run from the FBI with Waldo/Wally. -flapjackboy
  • Yeah, Asian countries that were NOT China or Japan did me in! -udoshan
  • For Lineswine - I've already started running... [By: CommanderData / 2009-01-04]
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  • the chorus says it all... (NO, it ain't anything Rick Astley-related Ulfgaard!) -lineswine
  • Right back atcha, LS! -Ulfgaard
  • ...this one really is for CD! -lineswine
  • Jib-Jab rings in the new year! - Oh nuts! [By: unrenowned / 2009-01-02]
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    30GB Zunes failing all over the globe! - 30GB Zunes all over the planet rebooted around 2AM this morning, and have refused to boot up since! Oddly enough, it seems to be only 30GB 1st gen Zunes, and only those with the newest firmware. The incident has been informally labeled the Z2k9 bug. [By: linuxmatt / 2008-12-31]
    Comment on this Link
  • Sounds like '09 is going to start out with epic suckage for those that have to support Zunes. -Stryker One
  • BWAHAHAA! -unrenowned
  • I own a brick. A brick autographed by the Japanese rock band MUCC, but still, a brick. It's not that funny. -Paisley
  • As you probably already know, it's a Day 366 bug -- that particular Zune firmware can't handle a 366-day year. MS advises that you let the battery drain down, then reconnect the Zune to power after 1200 UTC 01/01/09. -Robster2001
  • I have to agree with unreknowned, it sucks for those who own one, but it's still funny. -frprinterwiz
  • Whoopsie, Nice one M$ -CommanderData
  • A Micro$oft product with buggy software? Who'd a thunk? -lineswine
  • So, Microsoft's advice is to go 24 hours without this Microsoft item. I wonder if they'll continue that advice for other Microsoft items that have buggy software? -MisterCommon
  • Maybe the Zunes are following Dell's lead by taking a unpaid vacation... -teivrann
  • Ha! I sold mine to my ex a couple months ago when I got an iPod. I still hate Apple, but at least I can still listen to my music. -DarthIndy
  • My Creative Zen Micro may only have 6GB of storage, but the thing has been solid since the day I bought it 2 years ago. -TheCyberwolfe
  • Mac vs. PC - The ultimate showdown truly begins... [By: unrenowned / 2008-12-30]
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  • Oh I like this I like it! -RandalGraves
  • "pwnage.exe" -ThinTheHerd
  • Good gravy, that was awesome! I can't imagine the amount of work that went into that. :) -Tekkie
  • CAGE-MATCH!! -vacuumtubes
  • AH! I remember dis vun.... eet vas rendered on an Amiga by a leetle old lady from King-of-Prussia!</Chekov, Amiga Mavin> -ShujinTribble
  • Oh yeah... -RiffRaff
  • "Zomg! My robo balls!" <cries>. -Kiddingme
  • The smallest computer in the world.... - Now in Nano! [By: unrenowned / 2008-12-20]
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  • Ah Ah Choo!!! - OK now did anyone see where the Nano went ? -Wonko The Sane
  • *CRUNCH!* I found it!! -unrenowned
  • Isn't that how the Borg start your assumilation? -ShujinTribble
  • Nano? Did I hear Nano? :-) Season's Greetings all. Still lurking. -NanoGeek
  • It could only happen in Indiana... -

    Riff, VacuumTubes - if this is an example of the locals you guys have to deal with....MOVE.

    [By: Gromit / 2008-12-15]
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  • "Well, it works with toothpaste!" -TieDyedDinosaur
  • I wonder if they asked for tartan paint as well. -flapjackboy
  • Reminds me of sending a probie out for some 4-inch Stripe Paint, back in the F.D. days. *grin* -Grue
  • Gromit - don't leave me out! I'm here, too! -figglywig
  • "Striper, no striping....Striper, no striping....STRIPER, NO STRIPING!!<Pregnant pause>Awwww, MAAAAAAAANN!" (If you don't have kids, this'll go over your heads--just look up Dora the Explorer) -vacuumtubes
  • Gromit: These nuggets are everywhere; might was well stay here. -RiffRaff
  • Oh yes, vt, I got my fill of dora the deported..... Shudders. I need a drink -AdmiralLaurie
  • My response: "Yes Ma'am, but it only comes in red and white, and we are only authorized to sell it to some guy that lives up North at Christmastime." -ActingUpAgain
  • Actually, I've been thinking of remodeling the LART shelter. Do they have polka dot paint? -TheGhost
  • Ghost - If you talk to the woman in the yellow bikini, I'm sure you can get some. -ShujinTribble
  • VT, I probably shouldn't admit I know this but, it's Swiper, not Striper. -Jeckler
  • GET TO THE CHOPPA!! - Coolest thing ever.. [By: Animortal / 2008-12-12]
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  • If only there wasn't any screaming then it'd be pretty good! -Caboose447
  • If it bleeds we can kill it! -Gerund
  • Uhhh ... sorry, starfish don't bleed. -Gerund
  • Damn, I was thinking it was just gonna be silly, but it crushes! -udoshan
  • Happy Birthday! - After 40 years, I only have one thing to say: I WAAANNNAAAA NNNEEEEEWWWW MMMMMOOOOOUUUUUSSSEEE!!!!!! This one is getting tired! [By: evolvedstarfish / 2008-12-09]
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  • Aww... Haooppy Birdy, Mousie! You don;t look a day over 'Senile'! -ShujinTribble
  • I'm 43 and still haven't kissed a girl. -billybien
  • P.S. 'appy birthday! -billybien
  • happy birthday -compbrat
  • ...and to think, the previous commenters might be thinking that is OUR mousie with the birthday, not the mouse they used to click "Post Comment".... -Grue
  • That's funny, Mousie doesn't look a day over 39! <Taxi!> -lineswine
  • Left for ... Bed? - Left for Dead game teaches us not to trust Bill.... Do not play this file at work, its inappropriate! No bad pictures, it's the audio that'll get you into trouble. :) [By: unrenowned / 2008-11-25]
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  • That's some crazy editing they did. :) -Tekkie
  • oh man, who to send that to first. strangely enough, i think my boss would get the biggest laugh out of it -razmann
  • Now all we need are some precogs. - Tom Cruise is optional. [By: TheGhost / 2008-11-21]
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  • Yeah, but will it play Doom? -flapjackboy
  • Cooooooool interface. But getting my boss to buy me 42" or bigger plasma monitors might be a bit difficult... -Divinar
  • Someone found a new use for all those Nintendo Powergloves. -AmazingKreskin
  • Sweeeeeeeet. -RandalGraves
  • oh gods, can you imagine the new ts calls? sf: I keep waving but it just scrolls.... headdesk -AdmiralLaurie
  • Interactive porn anyone? -evolvedstarfish
  • Oh, I just imagine having to help frustrated older users in my computer lab with this thing. "My arthritis won't let me move my hand the way this thing wants me to!" -NetOwl
  • Its cool and the games would be sweet but its not practical in this day and age. Be interesting to see the hardware and the software that this system requires. LOL -Crai
  • Cool ! Now we can be just like all those "hackers" in the movies fighting viruses by waving your arms around like Joe Cocker having an epileptic fit -Spyder19
  • Hey, return of Gorilla Arm syndrome. -Geminii
  • To quote from them, "...predicated on universal human expertise...". Well, there's the flaw, right there. :-D -ThinTheHerd
  • Problem, we're not fit enough to stand there and flail like a drunken monkey all day. Doesn't work, you'd need to retrain everyone, and them get them used to the monkey flailing movement, which would lead to sore muscles etc until folks adjusted. Cannot see this ever being anything but a Hollywood pipe dream and script kiddie fantasy. -NightRain
  • Uh Oh! Here come the Hentai games! -Biosynthetic
  • I just want to play star craft 2 on it one time. -SwizzleStix
  • I am an Operating Thetan...all your interfaces are belong to me! -lineswine
  • You don't F with Tech Support... - I know not everybody follows the same webcomics as I do, but I thought this was a great one that you could print out and add to your collection ... *you know you have one* [By: unrenowned / 2008-11-20]
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  • Probably a good idea to read the back issues of that one so you know who Binky is... -chazz
  • Sony Bio Battery power from grape juice - I wonder what they'd do on Red Bull? :) [By: Tekkie / 2008-11-19]
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  • With Red Bull? Why, it will give it wings, of course! :P <drinks a Red Bull and flies to the LART shelter> -TheGhost
  • China Leading the way again - Wish the rest of the world would follow suit but I doubt it :)

    [By: Armakuni / 2008-11-17]
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  • This portion of China football brought to you by, Melamine. The best in industrial proteins. -Biosynthetic
  • Now, if we could just get rid of it everywhere else (both kinds of football) -Divinar
  • Any "sport" that is allowed to end in a tie, isn't a sport. <Let the flames commence> -Stryker One
  • I wouldn't watch this commercial! - although, it does bring memories.... (Click on the submitter's link to watch the rest.) [By: TheGhost / 2008-11-16]
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  • @$#&% I'm old... -RiffRaff
  • I <3 John Cleese!! Thanks, TheGhost. :) -Tekkie
  • Gromit's newest adventure - It looks like it's going to have as many bad puns as our own Gromit. :) [By: Tekkie / 2008-11-11]
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  • MMMMmmm... Master Loaf Gaaahhhhggghh! *drool* -billybien
  • "‘who-doughnut’ mystery" oh jesus :) -starfishmagnet
  • Albatross ! < Running and Giggling > -Necros
  • Well, it keeps the dough coming in. I've done some flaky things but this takes the biscuit. Still, that's the way the cookie crumbles - I'm still in work so that's a small crumb of comfort... ;-) -Gromit
  • Bravo good sir, bravo :) -starfishmagnet
  • And hopefully Wallace will determine if "Piella Bakewell" likes cheese from the beginning this time.... -Divinar
  • For your consideration.... - I figure this may help with the recent political situation! [By: Grue / 2008-11-06]
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  • Thanks! It just needs a flowers and unicorn background. (Okay, is there a lart shelter around here somewhere?) -concept14
  • I prefer this one, personally... -NightSteel
  • um, why the fsck have a pic of text? w.t.f!?? -AdmiralLaurie
  • Thanks Grue - just what was needed here. -Gromit
  • A pic with text ? I knew AL was faking it! < LART Shelter! GO! > -Necros
  • Damned inconsiderate, really - the least they could have done would have been to use a Braille font... (Move over Necros, I'm comin' in!) -Gromit
  • <enters the lart shelter> allright, which one of you said that? :P -AdmiralLaurie
  • Seems alot like the "end of the internet page" minus the big red button. -Grembo
  • RiffRaff... er... Obama, 44th President - You tried your best Riff; for now, let's see how this guy does. Heck, we can always vote him out right? ... Right? ... [By: unrenowned / 2008-11-05]
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  • To be completely honest, if he surrounds himself with capable people, he'll be a fantastic president. If he doesn't fill in his own weaknesses with the strengths of others, we'll have at least another 4 years of our current catastrophe. -exzyle2k
  • The Large Hadron Collider works. We're living in a parallel universe. And we are SOO screwed... -Spyder19
  • Welcome to 4 years of socialism. Not that I think McCain is any better but he just scares me less. -Crai
  • I'm very disappointed. I was SO counting on a massive, nationwide write-in campaign to keep both those fatheads out of the White House. -charred
  • I just hope that half of what I heard about obama is false. -compbrat
  • <flame war warning> I'm with Carlos mencia on this. I'm glad he won, because the next person of african-american decend that tells me that racisim is alive, I'll just pull out Obama 's picture. -neuman1812
  • It's still Bush's fault.... :-) -vacuumtubes
  • Why is everybody so down on socialism? It beats a dictatorship. (note-I am not agreeing or disagreeing on whether Obama is socialist, I'm just saying what's the big deal about socialism) -SillyGirl
  • as long as we keep our basic freedoms -compbrat
  • Heck, I'm glad he won. He's a lot better looking than McCain and not as brainless as Palin :p -CommanderData
  • The electoral college is a funny thing - because my state went with McCain, my vote didn't matter, yet the guy I voted for won anyway. Meh, like I've mentioned on another site, I focus on the state and local elections so I don't get upset - at least there my vote counts! -ActingUpAgain
  • Hey, I'm just gonna cling to my Guns and My Religion. Hopefully Biden will prevent Obama from trying to take my guns from me as I really don't want to start having to practice hitting a moving target from the roof of my house with a CROSSBOW - although I'm sure Sarah Palin would have no trouble at all there, I mean it must be much harder to hit a damn Caribou from a helo. -GoblinKing
  • I voted for Obama. Mrs. udoshan voted for McCain. If we'd BOTH stayed home, NOTHING would have changed. Then again, if MANY people stayed home...well, lets just ay RiffRaff would've had a better chance. -udoshan
  • Any rumors that Bush is trying to claim squatters rights to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and is going to have the locks changed are to be denied... (It's nothing against Obama, it's just Bush does not want to leave...) -Wonko The Sane
  • I'm glad he won, just because now when I move back to Detroit, when I hear someone say "The white man holds us down." I get a fair excuse for punching em in the nose. -LazyLemming
  • Just noticed I made that joke on another post. Damn. -LazyLemming
  • Pfft. Cries of "Racism!" aren't going to lessen now that Obama's been elected. The same idiots will be hollering it every time any member of Congress disagrees with him! -charred
  • Couldn't they have just lit up Rhode Isalnd Gold? You know.. for ME? Maybe? I mean.. What's one little dinkey Electoral College vote? C'MON! GIMME A GOLD DAMNIT! -ShujinTribble
  • Obama is either going to be seen as the man who continued Bush's legacy or allowed the middle east to become glass. Unfortunately, I can't predict which course he would choose. -adarklite
  • From what I know, obama is going to pull us out of iraq and continue apligizing for them blowing us up. -compbrat
  • Let's assume Obama is able to do everything he says he is going to do. It's going to take a minimum of 1 year to start digging this country out of the hole it's in. Even then it's going to take another 4 to 6 to really stabilize this country and that's thinking positively. Frankly, I hope he can do half the good he preached about. -unrenowned
  • at least we now have a chance. -AdmiralLaurie
  • LazyLemming; I won't give a White-Man-Holds-Us-Down speech if you don't pretend that racism is COMPLETELY dead. (NOTE: I didn't say OVERCOME...) Yes, this proves that a Black man (okay, HALF-Black Man) can be a viable candidate and WIN the Presidency. Heaven help him however, if he really WAS a Muslim! In all fairness, I agree that frivolous claims of racism ARE annoying; to me, they're embarrassing! -udoshan
  • The Dems can have mu Gun one Bullet at a time. Then they can pry it from my cold dead hand. As a military man I will be dammed if im allowing anyone to take my rights. I swore to defend my country against all threats foreign or domestic. -Crai
  • Republican, Democrat... They're both fucking stupid and should be abolished. I'm sorta thinking this whole "two-party" thing stopped working back in the 1980's. We just haven't realized it yet. -Seamus
  • Skin color? That's so 20th century, feh. Call me aging and cranky (but at your own risk), but Obama is just too damned YOUNG and SKINNY, if you ask me. On the other hand, McCain was too OLD and Palin too much like my younger sister (who I would never want anywhere NEAR the White House, yet alone potentially occupy it should her predecessor suddenly keep over, or potentially become the first President to develop Alzheimer's DURING his administration.) Therefore, young and skinny, both of which will be taken care of in due time by the Stress of the Office (I'm sure) is acceptable. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop grumbling in envy, mind you (young? I was young--once. Skinny? Last time was about age ... six. Mumblety-mumble YEARS ago.). but I'm just saying .... -emdeebee
  • I'm sick of hearing that Obama is a socialist. He is a centerist constitutional scholar! Remember when Clinton was Prez? Everyone was making money, our budget had a surplus, and no one had to go to war for two years straight! Obama will surround himself with those same people and fix this fk'd up country. -billybien
  • If anything this just proves that the average black person in America is much more racist than the average white person. Obama will hardly govern from the center. He has the most liberal voting record of any senator. He's voted to take away guns every time it comes up. He's proposed nationalizing the Oil industry, the healthcare industry, and the banking industry. He ran on a populist message that people who have 'too much money' should have it taken from them and given to those who have less. Even though he's a 'constitutional scholar', he's been quoted as saying that the supreme court should reinterpret the constitution to all for redistribution of wealth. One of our most basic freedoms is that you get to keep what you earn. Well, not any more. His policies will drive rich people and corporations out of this country. What do you think that'll do for jobs? He's been quoted as saying that he wants to institute a 'cap in trade' system with the goal of bankrupting the coal industry. We're already going to have energy shortages across the US this year, what happens when the coal industry can't build any new plants to meet demand? He's anti-nuclear, anti-drilling, and anti-coal. Where are we going to get the energy that we need? From the rays of sunshine that fly out of his butt? Add on top of that the fact that he wants to significantly reduce out military in a time when China and the USSR and starting to flex their muscles and you have a recipe for disaster. Oh yeah, those 500 billion in new programs that he's proposed? Isn't our debt high enough. Either Obama was lying about most of that, or he's lying about governing from the center. Either way, we have a proven liar in the office of president and he hasn't even taken office yet. -scooby111
  • Oh and for the people who he surrounds himself with argument... Here's his chief of staff. -scooby111
  • I'm with crai... I too am a military man and my guns ARE my religion. *Starts quoting Ezekiel 25:17 while topping off all three mags of his Glock, seating one firmly in place, chambering a round and checking sights* Here at our *church* in times of trouble we have readings from the gospels according to Colt, Glock, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, H&K, and Sigsauer; Chapters 9, 40, 45. In dire circumstances we can even turn to the words of St. Mossberg and Remington - or take solace in the comfort of the 357th psalm in the book of Magnum. -GoblinKing
  • Billy, we were also attacked from terrorists yearly if i remember correctly -compbrat
  • Gee, scoob. That's a lot of FUD. I'm not partisan, myself - though I shouldn't be surprised that every time a Democrat gets elected everyone screams "OMGTHEYSTAKIN'MAHGUNS!" You do have a say in the matter. I'm all for the 2nd Amendment; I learned to responsibly handle and use a firearm at the age of 12, but the extremists - ON BOTH SIDES of the gun control debate - need to shut the fuck up. -Seamus
  • On that note, the AWB was a /BAD/ idea. The anti-gun crowd should take note of that. -Seamus
  • It could only happen in Wales... -

    Attention all sheep-lovers (ahem) - let the comments begin!

    [By: Gromit / 2008-10-10]
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  • Where was it that an entire herd of 14 cattle were recently shot to death for threatening to get on a highway? Oh thats right, here in Toronto. I think the kid would have been more 'horrified' if they witnessed that than a single sheep shocked. -evolvedstarfish
  • Now gromit dont be so insensitive you know damn well thats welsh foreplay!!! <BFEG> -starfishmagnet
  • Don't taze me Baaa! -Tarantulus
  • ...somehow I just can't picture the sheep rioting over police brutality. -TheGhost
  • They all sound like those delusional PETA folks. -OgdenTechGuy
  • Hey the sheep should count itself lucky. My dad's buddy drives a silverado and intentionally runs over any edible animal he finds in the road. -LazyLemming
  • What? Haven't seen the movie Black Sheep? -MaskedMarauder
  • RiffRaff for President Official Website - It's not much, but I hope to add to it and tweak a few things. I'll be adding an e-mail address, of course. I'm open to suggestions from my TSC brethren and sistern. Special thanks to Lineswine for registering the domain for me! [By: RiffRaff / 2008-10-10]
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  • So how are we going to keep Putin from rearing his head in Alaska if Mmmmkayn isn't elected? -billybien
  • *stands up and claps* Too bad I can't vote for you. I have my own voting to do on Tuesday. -evolvedstarfish
  • I can't vote for you, I live in Oz. -Gerund
  • Already making progress -Divinar
  • I can't vote for you either, but I can and will ensure that your first Presidential visit to the UK will be turned into one hell of a party. ;-) -Gromit
  • Sorry, Boss, I've already chosen my vote and slogan: "Screw the other two - I'm voting LIBERTARIAN!" -ShujinTribble
  • I'm thinking maybe we should vote in a popular porn actress. At least when the country gets screwed, it'll be with a contented smile and a whole lot more relaxed! -unrenowned
  • I'd vote for you, but first I need to know your platform. For example, what is your position in a gay relationship? <BEG> <Locks the LART shelter and activates all defenses> -TheGhost
  • Ah, if only the Libertarian Party had nominated an actual libertarian this year. -concept14
  • Would that be between you and Riff, Ghost ? Or are you just speaking generically ? And what would Magenta say? For that matter, what would Cyan say ? That's not even taking into consideration what Yellow would say... -Spyder19
  • Ghost: My position in a gay relationship is usually watching with great interest from the sidelines, assuming they're both female, of course. *bfeg* -RiffRaff
  • Can I be head of the CIA? I'll share some good surveillance video with you if you appoint me. :) -clockkingfl
  • I wanna have a position that's so far above top secret that even *I* don't know what it is that I do, oh, wait... -Spyder19
  • Don't get me wrong, I don't have a position that's top secret, I just don't know what it is that I do -Spyder19
  • I am tempted to vote for ya just to see if it makes the news. I was thinking of writing in noneof theabove, and then changing my name. Its just really bad when our choices are old shit and really bad shit. (i dont mind the age thing it just concerns me that he might not make it. Well at least we could stare at a hot VP ;) ). -MrJay67
  • And here in Hoserland, we get to vote Tuesday between Mr. Meany, Mr. Doofus, Mr. I-don't-understand-the-economy, Ms. Environment-Single-Issue, and Mr. Separatist. Oh, joy. -chazz
  • Riff your take on the 10th amendment is EXACTLY my sentiment. We've become "America" instead of the "UNITED STATES of America." -LazyLemming
  • I'm totally writing you in and taking pictures. Hell, I'd give out photocopies to everyone else in line if I was allowed. -RA
  • sweet, now I don't have to write in Santa -pSyche
  • You've got my vote. -TechnoTherapist
  • I want a shirt. The front would say "Riffraff for President". The back side would say "Oh, like you really think we're gonna get anything but riffraff anyhow...?" (Of course, the starfish would never get the idea that the whole thing was case-sensitive, but that's fish for you. As M. Lackey says, you can't live with 'em; can't change the operating system.) -lowlyte
  • Updated with e-mail link now. :~} -RiffRaff
  • can i be minister of defense,homeland security and high excutioner? -postal tech
  • I want to be head of the Department of Tech Support. I envision an army of 10,000 Shockey Monkeys to do my bidding. I got your "Any Key"! -Biosynthetic
  • Um.. you know we can't just write RiffRaff on the ballot. We need a real name. -unrenowned
  • I disagree. "RiffRaff for President" is making a statement as well as voting. There are enough people who know my alter-ego is RiffRaff that validating it shouldn't be a problem. -RiffRaff
  • I have video evidence of everyone calling you RiffRaff (or just Riff)if you need it :) -evolvedstarfish
  • ...just as long as Burrkiss doesn't get included in the supporting evidence. "Riffy-Poo" just won't help the identity issue at ALL! *bfeg* -Grue
  • This is all well and good, but in the end we'll still be stuck choosing between a Socialist masquerading as a Democrat and a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. *sigh* -charred
  • Does no one know what a socialist actually is, or what a socialist government looks like? ProTip: Check out the history of Soviet Russia. They weren't communists. -Darkridr
  • Lineswine for PM! -CommanderData
  • Some questions for the pres: 1. What is your stance on relations with the UK? (should we for instance have to engage our forces everytime the US goes to battle). 2. What is your stance on whether Roe V Wade should be overturned? -CommanderData
  • Darkridr, socialism is an economic theory that marks a transitional phase from capitalism to communism. Where socialism would be "from each according to their ability, to each according to their deeds," communism would be "from each according to their ability to each according to their needs." While the USSR was constitutionally socialist, the government was essentially indistinguishable from the KPSS, or Communist Party of the Soviet Union, for most of its history. Therefore, while the USSR was economically socialist, it was politically communist. -charred
  • Riff-Raff. What is your policy on starfish contraception and abortion? -formatCdrive
  • Riff-Raff. What is your policy on starfish contraception and abortion? -formatCdrive
  • Well, the Constitution is pretty vague on the rights of echinoderms, but if we start enforcing contraception and abortions for starfish, isn't that starting down the slippery slope? -RiffRaff
  • There is an alternative solution to the contraception/abortion Riff, just revoke all blindingly obvious labels like "Warning contents are hot" on coffee etc, and let natural selection clean out the gene pool. -PID1
  • *wipes eyes* yes! yes! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm voting for you this November! -AdmiralLaurie
  • As they say "Vote early and vote often" -SillyGirl
  • Sorry, Riff, but I had to vote for someone I thought might actually win. I like your platform, but until third party candidates become viable, I've got to vote for the lesser of two evils, lest the greater of them take office. -NightSteel
  • PETA is at it again - Now they are going after Ben And Jerry's for abusing those poor cows... [By: garwain / 2008-10-01]
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  • So, are Ben and Jerry going to invite 'em over for a Bar-B-Que to talk it over ? <GRIN> -Necros
  • Hmmm, are they going to be hiring more milkers? I'd sign up! -SalParadise
  • This tripe has been around for a week or so, now. Ben & Jerry's response: "Ewww!" Plus, human breast milk doesn't have the right fat content for ice cream. -Seamus
  • So forceably milking cows is 'badddddd' but forceably milking human women is fine? Who's in charge of that campaign? Burkiss?? -CommanderData
  • PETA=People Eating Tasty Animals! -atomicbill
  • Amazin art video - Amazin is the only word i can come up with wont even describe the vid watch for yourself, i will say it is sfw though [By: starfishmagnet / 2008-10-01]
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  • I'd seen an exerpt of that before, but that whole video is trippy. -DedSysOp
  • For Katinahat and all other mac fangirls - I wouldn't play with if you are at work and others can see your screens, nothing overt, but in conservative environments it may be considered questionable. The perfect toy for mac fangirls. [By: virusjtg / 2008-09-30]
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  • *laughing* I saw this video awhile ago, remembered it just from the title (and closed it before it could play, could very easily be considered NSFW). Just remember, as a rule, Apple devices do not have user replaceable batteries, and a replacement from Apple will cost you almost as much as a new device.. -NightSteel
  • We SOOOO know you have these in at least 3 colors yourself Virus! Bwahaha! -RA
  • Eh, I'm merried, don't need it. -virusjtg
  • Then you're doing it WRONG! -RA
  • Hey, I haven't seen anything from Kat of late (or am I blind?). She doing okay? -Seamus
  • The Case of the Missing "t" - According to The Register, Cisco's UK site was unexplainably missing all of it's lowercase letter t's last Thursday. Since they've been unable to get a response from Cisco as to the cause of the problem, they've created a contest for the best (or funniest) explanation that can be provided by us readers. I consider you to be some of the wittiest people I know, so I thought you may want to have a go at winning the contest. Good luck! [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-09-29]
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  • Because they can't pronounce the letter "b"? -Tekkie
  • because all the t had been thrown into Boston Harbor? -figglywig
  • Medical acronyms & LART equivalents -

    Nice to know we're not the only profession that does this...

    [By: Gromit / 2008-09-26]
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  • Pumpkin positive. LOL. -adarklite
  • They missed the term for young motor bike riders - Organ Donors. -Gerund
  • "Dr Fox is keen to point out that neither he, nor the other authors of the paper, published in the journal Ethics and Behavior, actually advocate using any of the terms." We believe ya d.o.c (dumbass on-record coward) -starfishmagnet
  • I worked in a hospital for MANY years. And we did do this a lot. -Starfury
  • i just started working in an IT dept for a medical care provider. i'm interested to see how many of these i'll see. -razmann
  • I like the term ART used by paramedics to describe the recently deceased. It stands for Approaching Room Temperature. -atomicbill
  • Wow, it's amazing how close that is: CTD - Circling the Drain vs. CTD - Crash to Desktop. -Biosynthetic
  • As a former EMT (Extraordinary Masochistic Tendencies), I could go on for hours with these. For example, there's the crinkly (old) Bounceback (person who keeps returning to the hospital for the same condition) Pxs (patients) who are in PBS (pretty bad shape) and FTD (fixin' to die) because their MUH (messed up heart) went Code Blue (cardiac arrest) again. Everyone BMWs (bitch, moan and whine) about these runs (emergency response), in part because the Px is almost always a Reeker (smelly Px) that's gone Code Yellow (pisses themself) -- and sometimes Code Brown (figure it out yourself, it forms a pattern) -- which befouls the VBA (valuable breathing air) in the trauma twinkie (Euro-style ambulance) and is particularly unpleasant for the Code Surfer (person who straddles the gurney to provide chest compressions while transporting the Px), but also because the HIBGIA (had it before, got it again) is often RTL (running towards the light, or dying), which makes the run either FPO (for practice only) or a WOFTAM (waste of f***ing time and money) when the Px is too old to be GPO (good for parts only). These BUNDYs (but unfortunately not dead yet) are worse than a Code Purple (call to dead body) because the Px's family often still has hope, so one has to make an effort for their sake, whereas on a Purple Run (again, figure it out) one can only MFB, CFD (measure for box, call for dirt). -charred
  • Oddly enough, a lot of the acronyms Charred listed we also used at a haunted house I worked a few years ago - especially the "Codes Yellow" and "Brown" -ActingUpAgain
  • Do ya think that UBI would work well in both fields? "Unexplained Beer Injury" is a very flexible term, after all. -Voz
  • Voz, UBIs were, unfortunately, extremely common. -charred
  • for a more complete list :) -razmann
  • I remember one from my college days in while studying for my healthcare degree (yep, I work in medical offices): GTMJACB. Translation: Gone To Meet Jesus, Ain't Coming Back. Written down by EMT's while transporting patient back to hospital in ambulance. Wouldn't you know that there was a wrongful death suit. And guess what happened to the EMT who had to testify to its meaning. -PCChaos
  • From a patient chart: POF until condition improves. POF = pillow over face. That would solve a great many problems in the world of Windows tech support. -clockkingfl
  • Bring Your Own PC to Work? Not! - I'm sorry, but this has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of.....The company states "the workers essentially take on the company's technology purchasing and maintenance responsibilities". Yeah right, we all know that as soon as the PC crashed, it's up to IT to fix it. And all of the different harward configurations have to be a pain. [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-09-25]
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  • Are they on crack? -Slartarama
  • In the Citrix situation mentioned where they are heavily leveraging virtualization, it does make sense. For most of my clients, however, this would not work. -TheCyberwolfe
  • Ding dong the witch is dead! - The mean ol' witch! The wicked witch! [By: unrenowned / 2008-09-25]
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    Flash game - In order to get rid of this drama about the previous link here is a sfw (as far as i can gauge) flash game try lookin at the girl without her noticing you lookin, Milwaukee's best beer based flash game [By: starfishmagnet / 2008-09-21]
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  • If you can't check out a woman without being so damned obvious, they maybe you NEED a giant can dropped on your head, Monty Python style! -udoshan
  • I must have missed that drama, what was it? -Tarantulus
  • Tarantulus, you're better off not knowing. Trust me. -Seamus
  • Seamus you can click "more links" and find out =) -LowLevelFormat
  • To do a little good. - This website was sent to me by our own Lineswine, who got it from ITNaziChick. It allows you to use Yahoo or MSN to send people virtual gifts. Every ten you send saves 1 square foot of rainforest. [By: halfstarfish / 2008-09-20]
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  • WARNING - it's a e-mail password harvester scam! By entering your password for the e-mail account you use to send the invitation or "gift", you're handing GoodTree a known-valid e-mail account AND the password used for it, AND the e-mail address for another person. Imagine how much spam and other crap will flood to others, if you give GoodTree the keys to your e-mail account and the related address book, as well as handing them all the data you've ever sent / stored / received through that account.... -Grue
  • Getting a little paranoid these days aren't we? Who are you working for again, Grue? Ahhh yes...those paragons of altruism, the U.S. govt.! -lineswine
  • Unfortunately, in this day and age, there's a chance Grue is right. More imporantly, the site is NOT run by the US Gov't - it's run by a private firm. If you feel perfectly safe handing over your password to a private entity that you've barely heard of before, go right ahead. Personally, I don't, so I won't, no matter how good the cause. I'd rather make a contribution somewhere and fill out the requisite form to get my company to match dollar for dollar. -virtualchoirboy
  • I received an email notification from them (possibly sent by a TSC member) and Googled it before following it up. It's looking horribly like a harvester scam and hell's going to freeze over before I hand them email access. LS, even paranoids have enemies, y'know. ;-) -Gromit
  • I just use the facebook application that does the same without requiring anything but, well, adding it on your facebook. -Ara
  • Beware of geeks bearing gifts.... -vacuumtubes
  • Halfstarfish: alright, we get the point that most *fish will do anything if it says free, but we are "professionals" *cough cough hack cough hack cough cough cough hack spit!* and we typically don't fall for this sort of thing. Would you please stop trying to test us? ;-) -unrenowned
  • To borrow from Babbage: "I cannot comprehend the confusion of ideas that could make one think my employer has a bearing on my opinion of this matter." I see a site that wants me to input a password for an unrelated site, it's automatically a scam. End of line. -Grue
  • In addition - Halfstarfish, Lineswine, and ITNaziChick were apparently acting in the best of interests. It's not a credit to ANYONE to slam any of these people in regards to this. Stuff happens, folks - suck it up and move along. -Grue
  • Okay, so.. why is this link still here, if it could be malicious? Wouldn't we all be better served if it were replaced ASAP? -NightSteel
  • Oooooohh.. Harevster scam! The terrorists must be behind it! Anyone with half a brain has several email addys anyway... their real one... and the crap ones they use to sign up sites and stuff... including THIS one. -Animortal
  • Just to prove the point, I've already begun to receive spam from this site into an email address I've only ever used for TSC. They've obviously harvested it from a member's address book. -Gromit
  • Knight Rider GPS - I am .. loving .. this... too much ... ((orgasm)) [By: LowLevelFormat / 2008-09-17]
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  • He sounds a little more, um, brittish(?) than I remember from the 80's - but I almost wish I hadn't bought ours last year. -Divinar
  • Ahhh, where would we men be without our toys? :-) -vacuumtubes
  • When this was first announced, I really, really wanted it. But it doesn't speak street names or work as a Bluetooth hands-free unit for a cell phone. You can get a GPS that does do these things for around the same price, and in this case, I have to choose functionality over form. -NightSteel
  • Large Hadron Collider webcam - For everyone to have a look at it and see it running i thought it was really interesting, and of course sfw [By: starfishmagnet / 2008-09-16]
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  • Someone gave me that link. Very cool! :) -Tekkie
  • I actually freaked a little when I saw that. -WalNut
  • How it works/what it does: and how they will stop it: (both SFW) -redevil34
  • Finishing Moves You May Not Remember - NT/OT but this had me cracking up. For all of you who loved and mastered the finishing moves in Mortal Kombat, heres a "video" of some moves you may not remember. Trust me, it's hilarious. [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-09-11]
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  • I guess even the great Shao Kon needs whackoff material.... -vacuumtubes
  • I loved Mortal Combat. Don't remember this one, lol. -FixitWench
  • "Well, uh.... **Finish Me**?" -Mushroom
  • Flawless Victory - Denied -Hawk
  • Uh, I'd be glad to take Sub-Zero's place. Oh, yeah. :) -Tekkie
  • Great... ALL my childhood memories have officially been perverted... So... What's next? -unrenowned
  • *Shakes fist.* Curse you, Rule 34!! -charred
  • Red Swingline Shirt - This site promotes a new shirt design every day, and then after the day is over the shirt is gone for idea. Today they are doing a "Red Swingline Stapler" shirt! [By: Hawk / 2008-09-10]
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  • Sweet, just ordered mine. -BarmanVarn
  • Some of you will hate me for this - Others like myself will enjoy it, great way to waste time for the engineering minds and is sfw [By: starfishmagnet / 2008-09-01]
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  • You're right... I hate you for this -srteach
  • This is my favorite of my contraptions. I think mainly because the second flinger wheel on top was out of desperation, and worked purely through luck. -veaudaux
  • Thats the next flash game that gets to be blocked at work. It's going to be interesting how my coworkers will react. -adarklite
  • work? whats that? I have Engineers telling me what to do here! -neuman1812
  • NightSteel started a thread on this in the forum. Finished them all a couple of weeks ago. I posted some of my favorites there. -ActingUpAgain
  • Thats very reminiscent of the old game "the incredible machine". Hope I am not showing too much of my age. -RoadDemon
  • Thank you vx - I was bashing my brain on that one at lunch. I had built a conveyor belt out of stick fragments, but one kept getting stuck. -TheCyberwolfe
  • Damn you thrice to the same level of hell as my productivity has just fallen! :-) -SoldierJedi
  • The best design I've come up with: -Darth
  • I got a conveyor belt to work for a level, but then I decided I wanted to try something more elaborate. I can't believe I actually got this design to work: -SillyGirl
  • This is my favourite solution... took me a while to get this working! -Smegger68
  • I know what I can do to occupy all of my spare time...I'm in big trouble. -persephone
  • The differences between us - The difference between optimists, pessimists and tech support :) [By: CommanderData / 2008-08-29]
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  • What was in the glass? Scotch? Hallucinogen? The world will never know. MUAHAHAHAHAHA </evil laugh> -formatCdrive
  • What happened to my urine sample?! It was sitting right here! -Biosynthetic
  • The middle frame is wrong. An engineer? "The glass is too big." -chazz
  • Why is there liquid in the glass? -unrenowned
  • The Giant's Drink, man. Its the Giant's Drink. -adarklite
  • Absinthe. -vacuumtubes
  • adarklite: Reading Ender's Game are we? *knowing grin* -unrenowned
  • Always so concerned, with whats in the glass and how much of it, and how big hte glass... all miss the point. All that matters is that the glass is there, and it is our own. And so long as we have our glass, we determine what goes in, how much of it, and how/when it goes out. Be happy you have a glass, fill it often, and share it with others. -iamscoop
  • unrenowned-I've read it 5 times since I was 12. -adarklite
  • the geek - Time to upgrade the glass to allow for future expansion -madonnac
  • I think the glass would be 100% full: 50% with liquid, 50% with air. -MisterCommon
  • Do not try to fill the glass; that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. There is no glass. -DrAardvarkian
  • The Customer Support Rep.: "Okay now hold the glass under the faucet. No.. UNDER the faucet. The faucet. The thing in your kitchen that water comes out of." *Headdesk* -LazyLemming
  • This calls for The ArachnoLART! -

    "They identified the spider using the internet," she said.

    It must be one pisser of a spider to be able to move the mouse around...

    [By: Gromit / 2008-08-28]
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  • You know, I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet, so it took me a moment to get what you were saying. It's not surprising that it could use the web. :) -Tekkie
  • It's easy for me... -Spyder19
  • it's really a friendly spider, it was just searching for keywords. -Ratfor
  • spiddy porn -neuman1812
  • It is in training for work at Google! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • I hate spiders. And one THAT big in my house would freak me out. -Starfury
  • Rodney you plonker! -starfishmagnet
  • I thought it was a hobo spider at first. I'll have to look that critter up. -Seamus
  • Ah, here: It's an arachnid, but not an actual spider. -Seamus
  • Herpex - , 3 out of 5 doctors agree, it's a pill. [By: Gunpe / 2008-08-27]
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  • So, when the difficult questions arise about herpes, you just teleport away! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Ugh. I don't like the way they make Herpes seem like it's no big deal. It is. -Chromatix
  • Website is Down - Not sure if this has been posted here before, but it's definitely Main Page worthy... I'd rate this NSFW due to language and the image if a penis made from desktop icons. [By: exzyle2k / 2008-08-27]
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  • I've lost count how many times this has been posted! -Caboose447
  • Oh dear, oh dear... -

    Y'know, I'm REALLY beginning to worry about Wallace...

    [By: Gromit / 2008-08-26]
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  • Paging Mr. Park... Mr. Park, to Ward 7... You gotz some 'splainin' 'a do. -Seamus
  • I like your new scarf... -Wonko The Sane
  • and your new sunglasses! -Gunpe
  • Sigh.... - Behold, these are my customers.... [By: vacuumtubes / 2008-08-26]
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  • Let's try this again.... -vacuumtubes
  • Well, fuck it. I'm a memory. Forget me.... -vacuumtubes
  • The flaming skater? -Ghaleon
  • apparently those guys didn't remember stop drop and roll, though i'm not sure if that still works if you SOAK YOURSELF IN GASOLINE FIRST! what a moron! -razmann
  • Has anyone heard anything about a bypass - And I don't even have my towel at the ready. [By: Stryker One / 2008-08-25]
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    Just making it easier for the terrorists - "I'm sure that in 1985 plutonium is available in every corner drugstore, but in 1955 it's a little hard to come by. " [By: Stryker One / 2008-08-23]
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  • eh has more choices. Usefull if you ever feel the need to build one of these . -Amerefelie
  • 1200 counts per minute is pretty low-grade stuff. I suspect you could get a higher CPM for less money by buying canary-yellow paint (colored with uranium oxide). -chazz
  • cute poem in the comments... -srteach
  • *Quietly makes several thousand orders* -RandalGraves
  • About 1987 part of I-5 North was closed by a hazardous material spill. Someone dropped a 50 lb bag of iron odide. One of the guys I was working with said" I've got more iron oxide that that on my truck." This uranium ore is less dangerous that that iron oxide. -atomicbill
  • Uhm.. Beggin' the 'Bill's pardon, but.. Aint "Iron Oxide" commonly called, "Rust"? -ShujinTribble
  • Yes Shujin rust is iron oxide. But when you dump 50 lbs of the stuff on the freeway it is a breathing hazard. -atomicbill
  • I love what it says underneath. "What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?" Forbidden legos, gta 4, and of course, stink bombs(box of 36) -RoadDemon
  • This is great! I can finally get my time machine working. Now, if I could just get that bloody DeLorean to start... -TheGhost
  • Crafty Mythbusters - Warning: Toys may blow crap up while you sleep. [By: halfstarfish / 2008-08-22]
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  • Want! Just to have crap blow up while I sleep. -RandalGraves
  • Too cute. If the crochet pattern can be adapted to knitting, I know what I'm going to ask my mom for as a birthday present :) -Dreamstalker
  • Porno tech - See tsc through the eyes of a depraved mind (did burkiss write this?) i esp LOVE the post from gromit about his star, the url for the main page is and it is sfw [By: starfishmagnet / 2008-08-21]
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  • Definitely NOT SFW! And who knew that about Gromit huh? -FreakyFerret
  • The link (the main page one) is sfw, what comes out isnt obviously -starfishmagnet
  • Listen sunshine - what I do in the privacy of my own kennel is no-one's business but mine (and the bitch I entice therein). ;-) -Gromit
  • "Enticement." So *that's* what British canines are calling it. <bfeg> -RiffRaff
  • try clicking on this link in the pornalized gets recursive! -gashach
  • I just left a pornolized version of on a workstation. I wonder how long it will be before someone notices 0-o. -formatCdrive
  • After clicking the same link in the translated version, I got this gem: "Welcome to Tech "Bitch" Support...". More followed but thought id spare the rest of the language. Im not sure it knew how appropriate that is sometimes. -MrJay67
  • LOL I had to stop at 13x reloading the page through the porno link. Too funny! -Caboose447
  • I guess I'm not a true geek - I haven't read any of these. [By: Stryker One / 2008-08-20]
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  • "Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." OOOOO! TSC = /.!!! -Ulfgaard
  • Working now. -Stryker One
  • Works for me, and I've only read 4 of the books (but I'm not into some of the classic sci-fi). Amusingly, I even have one of those books in my cube (Where Wizards Stay Up Late, good book too). -harrellj
  • I've read 10 of them... And I want to read some more of those novels-but all the non-fiction ones that I haven't read I don't really care about. I highly recommend history of the command line and the cathedral and the bazaar... -cyberblade3001
  • Owned on a massive scale! - "Microsoft's newer operating system, Vista, was not chosen.
    Lenovo chairman, Yang Yuanqing, was quoted as saying that because of the complexity of the IT functions at the Games, it was decided to not use the the more recent operating system. "If it's not stable, it could have some problems," he said. ".

    BWWAAAHHHAAAAHHAAAA!! [By: unrenowned / 2008-08-12]
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  • If they *really* wanted stability, they could have used this: But then we wouldn't have had the great Gates pwnage of a BSoD during the opening ceremonies! -SalParadise
  • And for more opening ceremony scandals, the "girl in the red dress" was lip-synching to another girl's voice (who was considered by the Chinese Politburo to be too ugly) and the fireworks were digitally enhanced for the television audience. -Wraith556
  • screw china, I mean really, how are they any better than iraq, or korea? yet nobody boycotts the olympics. -Tarantulus
  • they're not better, just bigger - no one wants to piss them off... -Shaede
  • Tarantulus: sorry, not true. In 1980, a little country called "The United States of America" boycotted the Moscow Olympics in reaction to the U.S.S.R.'s invasion of Afghanistan. (If I may remind you, a group of "freedom fighters" was being backed in Afghanistan by the U.S. This group went by the name "the Taliban." To show our support for these "freedom fighters", we refused to take part in that year's Olympics.) In retaliation, the U.S.S.R. boycotted the 1984 Olympics. -Captain Trips
  • Actually I think it was the Mujahideen back in the 80s, which included many groups, the taliban amongst them. Also, I seem to recall that Britain and the US fought a war against each other once... people and politics change. -Learyban
  • Learyban -- all quite true. But my original point is still valid -- there ARE boycotts of the Olympics. -Captain Trips
  • Actually the fireworks scandal was dumb, several parts were considered too dangerous to have a chopper capture the shot, so they digitally recreated them. -LazyLemming
  • The best way to do this is to compete and totally humiliate the chinese. The biggest moral victory in the Olympics was in 1936 when Jesse Owens competed against and won humiliating victories against Hitler's Aryan athletes. Hitler was said to have stormed out of the stadium after refusing to shake Owen's hand. -adarklite
  • Actually the best and most lasting 'victory' over China is to help them raise their standard of living to the point where they want to enjoy the fruits of their successes. That, historically, has proven to be the most effective challenge to communism. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • From the "No shit, Sherlock" department. -

    Micro$haft are still lying in their teeth about how "successful" Vista is, claiming a Vista sale for every machine that gets "downgraded" to XP. The truth is, XP is STILL outselling Vista by a large margin. Surprise...

    [By: Gromit / 2008-08-11]
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  • But it's not's new Mojave...<TINK!!> -vacuumtubes
  • Funny you say that. Just this weekend I "downgraded" (sic) two laptops and a desktop to XP. Even we the lowly ones are doing it. Hey M$! Get your head out of your a$$ and open your eyes! -TheGhost
  • Haha. This makes me remember reading somewhere that it was labeled as "returning to the familiarity of XP" or something like that. Come to think of it, I may have read it on a satirical site, but either way, BWAHAHA. Never admit mistakes, just release service packs. -beerman
  • Vista Security compromised? - LAS VEGAS -- Two security researchers have developed a new technique that essentially bypasses all of the memory protection safeguards in the Windows Vista operating system, an advance that many in the security community say will have far-reaching implications not only for Microsoft, but also on how the entire technology industry thinks about attacks.

    Anyone know if this is legit or full of shit? [By: Grayhawk / 2008-08-08]
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  • Slashdot seems to believe it... -Gromit
  • Vista security. ... Vista, security... vista... security... ... nope, I just can't put it together. -TheGhost
  • When putting together an installation package it is possible to bypass or "trick" the OS when deploying. I worked with a couple of programmers a while back when we got the first MS SDK for Fister and I remember them doing it. I'll ask them. -formatCdrive
  • Great, just FREAKING GREAT! Now I have to fix MORE fscking computers! That's it! I quit! -unrenowned
  • All in the Fun World of Measures/Countermeasures... -vacuumtubes
  • LOl, just LOL - Sometimes when I am tired at work, I daydream of this. [By: formatCdrive / 2008-08-06]
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  • It would've been much cooler if the stick jumped onto the LINUX partition and battled TUX! -billybien
  • Thanks for sharing that! Very funny. :) -Tekkie
  • This was the first one of those I saw... -exzyle2k
  • The truth of why we haven't been visited - I guess we really need to get that fully realized AI up and running. [By: Stryker One / 2008-08-05]
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  • Greetings Earthlings. Take us to your meat head. What? Oh, you mean George Bush? -robbor
  • I dunno who wrote it - but I wanna have their man-babies. Right after I learn to breathe again! :) -Seamus
  • Boy, that text is RICH! -billybien
  • "YOU ... are a Meat Head." -- A. Bunker -Necros
  • "Who wants to meet, Meat.." CLASSIC!!! -neuman1812
  • So very, very, scary - This woman is totally batshit crazy. Take religion, paranoia & sheer lunacy & mix into a website SO WEIRD, it will take years of therapy to remove its' effects on your psyche. [By: lineswine / 2008-08-04]
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  • Good Lord! Oh, wait... I bet she's great in bed, that usually goes along with bat-shiat crazy, but there's no way she'd get my real name of phone number! -SalParadise
  • From just a quick look at the main page... it looks like the world's longest personal ad? -K9Insanity
  • She stares into me like the hypno-toad! Must do crackpot's bidding! -Divinar
  • Holy crap! Took forever for that page to load, and no wonder. 44 something MEGS of life stories, endless blather, and something...Wow... -Cyan
  • she looks deranged. she sounds deranged. you be the judge -compbrat
  • Ohhhhhhhhkaaaayyy now... SOMEbody's off of their medication! -Voz
  • Can I get a NSFW? And NSF eyes? And NSF sanity? -Rissa
  • "Looks like someone's got a case of the <Sundays>" /Office Space in some odd, wrong universe. -AngrySup
  • "It's a M*A*N, baby!" -billybien
  • The late great George Carlin would "pencil this person in for a visit from the angel of death" and real soon. -atomicbill
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the winner of the "1st Annual Timothy Leary Memorial How Many Drugs Can You Be On At One Time" Contest. Our esteemed winner, Dr/Judge F(reakazoid) M(oron) Angel, has managed to successfully blend and consume a fascinating mix of Peyote, LSD, Jolt Cola, Spanish Fly, Lemon Juice, Cannabis, Mad Dog 20/20, Crystal Meth, Psilocybin, and Lemon Pledge. After downing this witch's brew, our winner then proceeded to bang out this website in a marathon 57 hour non-stop coding session, completely without sleep or food. Her heroic efforts are now presented here for your viewing pleasure. -TechnoVampire
  • Or you could be this person (WARNING!! Wear sunglasses when reading the webpage, the background gave me a headache) -formatCdrive
  • Over here she'd be known as Dagenham - 2 stops up from Barking. :-) -Gromit
  • At last! A female Mekbib! But will there be video of her consummating her marriage?! LOL! -vacuumtubes
  • This might be the rare instance where siccing some site-jackers on it would be a net benefit to society! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Belfry? BELFRY?! This bat hasn't even worked out how to get out from under the friggin' BELL yet! -Seamus
  • She should get together with Jonathon Sharkey. Wait, no she shouldn't. I think that's the Seventh Seal. -Biosynthetic
  • I couldn't stop reading... like a train wreck... only MORE horrible... keep the brain bleach... just give me the jackhammer... I won't be needing this pink, useless mass anymore. -TechnoTherapist
  • the death of the Free(as in freedom) net - Canadian ISP's are going to begin limiting the websites you can visit as if they are channels on a cable tv system, and if you visit a site not on your channels list, they charge you a fee. this is worse than Switzerland eavesdropping on every piece of data that passes physically through it's borders. [By: drachen / 2008-08-01]
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  • this one has been running around the intarwebz for a while. Until I see it, I don't think I can believe it. If it does happen, we do have choices... apart from the few big providers, there are a lot of small players which we can tap into. Also, it would require unilaterally changing contract terms, which I think would end up being legal material. -chazz
  • While I understand what the author is saying, he's wrong on one point. The internet isn't free (and never has been). Someone is paying the bill for the connection. We all pay our ISPs a monthly charge for the connection. That being said, it's an "all-inclusive" connection. I'm also crossing my fingers that since my ISP wasn't named (Shaw), hopefully it'll see a huge influx in subscribers when these other ISPs turn on this plan? -Bynar
  • I'm also going to mention this: which is also happening in Canada and has the potential to make it a lot easier to choose an ISP who hasn't bought into this limited-surf plan. -chazz
  • OMFG, I needed a good laugh, that site is hilarious.. Serious... *LOLOLOLOL* okay, seriously, this would cause everyone that already doesn't like Telus and those that don't care to go to Rogers and Shaw and everyone else etc in response. Good bye Telus/Bell if they ever tried it.. LOLOLOLOLOLOL -spectreoflife
  • Fail, i'd be in the streets protesting, and in the mean time the only way to effectivly track what sites you check (unless they feel like registering Every single IP for your allowed sites) is through their DNS. FreeDNS is around for a reason. -Ratfor
  • Wow, not just USA then. Is everyone else massively paranoid about what they look at online? The Golden Age of the Internet is long past. -Slartarama
  • are you Defending this Slart? -Ratfor
  • they really check everything that goes through?....that has to suck for the guys..=D -Gingy
  • Easy solution. Bore them with bullshit. Fill an external HD with game mods, free games from retro-remakes, Fanfilms, pictures of your children, holiday photos, whatever. But it must be fully legal material. And think of the poor sap who has to verify every last byte in a 500+Gb HD. -Wraith556
  • NSFW - pr0n for the blind - I hesitated to post this, as my intent is not to insult any of my sight-challenged brethren. I hope that everyone finds this as amusing as I did (amusing as in the narrations, not the service it provides), and I apologize in advance for any unintentional offense. The basis of this sight is that it provides (very detailed) audio descriptions of various pr0n seens found on various websites. On a side note: If you are interested you can actually sign up to be a contributor (of audio, not video, you pervs). Enjoy! [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-07-25]
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  • Wonder how NSFW that site might be - but I'm not gonna check now ;-) -Divinar
  • Their treatment of 2 Girls 1 Cup is a scream -- the guy is trying so hard not to break out laughing. (And those are SLASHES, not BACKSLASHES, you n00b!) directly. -Mushroom
  • "The basis of this sight" - I nominate this for best Freudian slip of the year! -Treker
  • Treker, i was SO laughing when I read that too! There's half chewed waffle all over my lap and desk now :( -RA
  • I guess Mom was right about masturbation making you go blind.... -Cogeno
  • But at least now we know where BT gets his pr0n. ;-) And there is hope for burrkiss ... < LART Shelter! ... ahh forget it. I'd only die tired. > -Necros
  • War Games 25th Anniversary Showing - One night only, Thursday July 24, special showing of the original "War Games" movie, plus interviews and sneak-peak at the so-called sequel. A must-attend event for the elder geek generation! [By: RiffRaff / 2008-07-23]
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  • "sneak peek" of something that's been available for download for a month now... :) -Mushroom
  • Interesting. Just yesterday, I scored as David Lightman on a "which hollywood hacker are you?" quiz. How about a nice game of chess? -Seamus
  • PHB "System down" switch ;-) - This is for all you who maintain a network or somesuch ;-) [By: NordicPT / 2008-07-18]
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  • *snicker* Sent to all the execs at Peyton Place. *bfeg* -RiffRaff
  • copied > printed > Posted on managers desk -neuman1812
  • For some odd reason, the WP took down the strip entirely from their site. I found the same strip elsewhere though: For those who have the same issue. -harrellj
  • I have no problems with the WP link, brings the strip right up. -squatchie666
  • I had that same problem using Noscript, then allowed WP and it worked. -Dreamstalker
  • Dreamstalker: that looks like that was my problem. Meh -harrellj
  • A sea dog says 't this way: - Enough o' th' lolcat stuff, let`s use a different one...ya lily livered swabbie! [By: Grue / 2008-07-14]
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  • your just mad because I pulled off the lolcat rickroll before you...:P -frprinterwiz
  • Read th' horkin' manual. -BarmanVarn
  • Neregonna give ye up, Neregonna let ye down, Neregonna run around an' desert ye, Neregonna make ye bawl, Neregonna say arrrr, Neregonna tell a lie an' hurt you. -maciarc
  • A thirsty swashbuckler runs from his boat t' th' nearest bar an' shouts t' th' bartender, "Give me twenty shots o' yer best grog, quick!" Th' bartender pours ou' th' shots, an' th' swashbuckler drinks them as fast as he can. Th' bartender be very impressed an' exclaims, "Wow. I neresaw ere drink that fast. "Th' swashbuckler replies, "Well, ye`d drink that fast too, if ye had what I be havin'." Th' bartender says, "Oh me God! What be 't? What do ye be havin'?" "Fifty cents!" -LinuXtreme
  • once upon a low tide dreary, while i pron surfed, weak an' weary, o'er many a strange an' spurious site o' ` hot xxx galore`. While i clicked me fav`rite bookmark, suddenly thar came a warnin', an' me heart be filled wi' mournin', mournin' fer me dear amour, " `Tis nay possible!", i muttered, " give me aft me free hardcore!"..... quoth th' server, 404. (starfishmagnet's tag line) -Gunpe
  • I jus' remembered another seafarin' hearty yarn fer yer listenin' pleasure: The sea dog crew chipped in t' buy th' captain a sextant fer a birthday present. Dick Deadeye volunteered t' make th' purchase, an' he sailed' ashore t' th' local merchant. He returned wi' a grin on his face an' so Bootstrap Bill asked what be so funny. "They sent me t' th' aft o' th' store an' when I asked th' lass who be aft there if they had a sextant, she spake they had all kind o' tents an' what I did in them be me business." AARGH! -LinuXtreme
  • A buccanneer walks into a bar an' orders 10 shots o' rum. Th' buccanneer then proceeds t' down th' shots as smartly as possible. "What`s th' occassion?" asks th' barkeep. "Me first blowjob" says th' buccanneer. "Well I`ll give ye a shot on th' house then" says th' bartender. "Dasn't bother," says th' buccanneer. "If th' first 10 shots couldna get th' taste o' me gullet, one more won`t do me anygood" -BarmanVarn
  • what a thin' t' do when a seafarin' hearty be loaded t' th' gunwhales. lol cat hater. -formatCdrive
  • My favorite line comes out as "you be a horknugget..." Horknugget?!? -vacuumtubes
  • To be, or nay t' be: that be th' question: Whether `tis nobler in th' mind t' suffer Th' slings an' arrows o' outrageous fortune, Or t' take arms against a sea o' troubles, An' by opposin' end them? T' sink t'Davy Jones' locker: t' sleep; Nay more; an' by a sleep t' say we end Th' heart-ache an' th' chestfull o' natural shocks That flesh be heir t', `tis a consummation Devoutly t' be wish`d. T' sink t'Davy Jones' locker, t' sleep; T' sleep: perchance t' dream: ay, thar`s th' rub; Fer in that sleep o' Davy Jones' locker what dreams may come When we be havin' shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause: thar`s th' respect That makes calamity o' so long life; Fer who would bear th' whips an' scorns o' time, Th' oppressor`s wrong, th' proud man`s contumely, Th' pangs o' despised love, th' law`s delay, Th' insolence o' office an' th' spurns That patient merit o' th' unworthy takes, When he hisself might his quietus make Wi' a bare bodkin? who would fardels bear, T' grunt an' sweat under a weary life, But that th' dread o' somethin' after Davy Jones' locker, Th' undiscover`d country from whose bourn Nay traveller returns, puzzles th' will An' makes us rather bear them ills we be havin' Than fly t' others that we know nay o'? Thus conscience does make yeller bellies o' us all; An' thus th' native hue o' resolution Be sicklied o`er wi' th' pale cast o' thought, An' enterprises o' great pith an' moment Wi' this regard the'r currents turn awry, An' lose th' name o' action. - Soft ye now! Th' fair Ophelia! Nymph, in thy orisons Be all me sins reckon`d. -neuman1812
  • Is this th' real life? Be this jus' fantasy? Caught in a landslide, nay escape from reality. Open yer one good eye, look up t' th' skies, an' be seein'.... I be jus' a poor boy, I need nay sympathy, on accoun' o' I be easy come, easy go, wee high, wee low. Take me 'ere th' wind blows, dasn't really matter t' me, t' me. -chazz
  • all be known -drachen
  • This is what it did to our TSC website:"'t be 4 tide(s) since our last star member sign-up. Note: Th' font size o' th' number above be in direct relation t' how many days 't be since our last star member sign-up. Help keep th' number an' font size wee, become a star member. Feelin' generous? Gift someone a star membership." :) -rokitt
  • I be a jack peg, An' I lost me leg, I climbed up th' topsails, I lost me leg, I be shippin' up t' boston, (whoa oh oh), I be shippin' off, T' find me wooden leg, I be a jack peg, An' I lost me leg, I climbed up th' topsails, I lost me leg, I be shippin' up t' boston, (whoa oh oh), I be shippin' off, T' fin' me wooden leg. -LinuXtreme
  • Ok, last one, I promise. I thought I'd try running a Bushism through and got more than I bargained for: "I dasn't particularly like 't when swabbies put words in me bung hole, either, by th' way, unless I say 't." --George W. Bush, Crawford, Texas, Nov. 10, 2007 Apparently pirates refer to their mouths as as "bungholes"... -LinuXtreme
  • Thank'e fer callin' $service techn'cal suppourt. Me name be Seamus th' Red! How can I assist ye, ye scurvy dog? -Seamus
  • Thank ye fer callin' th' 'T Service Desk, me name be Gail. Be ye callin' in reference t' an existin' ticket or a new issue? Ya scurvy cur who ortin' t' be keel hauled! -figglywig
  • But where's the Ninja translator? -AngrySup
  • . -AngrySup
  • . -AngrySup
  • . -AngrySup
  • . -AngrySup
  • . -AngrySup
  • Right there, didn't you hear them? -AngrySup
  • This be a triumph. I be makin' a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. `Tis hard t' overstate me satisfaction. Aperture Science We do what we must on accoun' o' we can. Fer th' good o' all o' us. 'ceptin' th' ones who be dead. But thar`s nay sense cryin' o'er ever' mistake. Ye jus' keep on tryin' till ye run ou' o' cake. An' th' Science gets done. An' ye make a neat gun. Fer th' swabbies who be still alive. I be nay e'en angry. I be bein' so sincere starboard now. E'en tho ye broke me heart. An' killed me. An' tore me t' pieces. An' threw ever' piece into a fire. As they burned 't hurt on accoun' o' I be so happy fer ye! Now these points o' data make a beautiful line. An' we`re ou' o' beta. We`re releasin' on time. So I be GLaD. I got burned. Think o' all th' things we learned fer th' swabbies who be still alive. Go ahead an' leave me. I think i prefer t' stay inside. maybe ye`ll find someone else t' help ye. maybe Black Mesa... THAT BE A JOKE, HA HA, FAT CHANCE. Anyway this cake be great. `Tis so delicious an' moist eyeball me still talkin' when theres science t' do when i look ou' thar 't makes me glad I be nay ye i`ve experiments t' run thar be research t' be done on th' swabbies who be still alive. an' b'lieve me I be still alive I be doin' science an' I be still alive i feel fantastic an' I be still alive while yer dyin' I'll be still alive an' when yer dead I be still alive still alive still alive -Dante668
  • So th' combination be one, two, three, four, five? That`s th' stupidest combination I`ve ereheard in me life! Th' kind o' thin' an idiot would be havin' on his luggage! -PTSTech
  • This word ye use, I do nay think 't means what ye think 't means. -chazz
  • The ship be attacked by another vessel, so th' captain turned t' his first mate an' spake, "Get me me red shirt." They sailed' into battle, an' came ou' victorious. Again, they be under attack by another ship, an' th' captain again told his first mate, "Get me me red shirt." They once again came ou' on top. Th' mate then asked his captain why he always wanted his red shirt before battle. "Well, ye be seein', 'tis like this. I dasn't want th' crew t' lose faith if they be seein' me wounded in battle, an' th' red shirt would hide any blood." A wee days later, they be attacked by a dozen ships. Th' captain turned t' his mate an' spake, "Get me me brown britches!" -Captain Trips
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  • REASON # 7 2 WASTE TIEM AT WERK. -neuman1812
  • K THX BAI -Gingy
  • I BLEEV U HAS MAH STAPLR. -linuxmatt
  • I think grue wins this one -TranceGemini
  • I think mushroom wins this one -TranceGemini
  • -Iren
  • NAO Y U HAS 2 GO AN SPOIL TEH FUN? -unrenowned
  • Yay the 2 TG posts were by me... Mushroom wins the thread, and I fail epically for 1) double posting 2) not checking who was logged into TSC on my phone 3) not knowing how to log out of TSC -DedSysOp
  • DAT WUZ AWSUM. BUT U KNOE WUT? I F&^%ING HATE U! -unrenowned
  • THX! nom nom nom nom IZ GOOD -Mushroom
  • I'm afraid to find out Bohemian Rhapsody in lolcat. -MisterCommon
  • Ok i put in Bohemian Rhapsody into the translator...i'm a little distrubed by the outcome. -Phylok

    Are AOL out of their friggin' MINDS??

    Has anyone here EVER phoned AOL tech support and spoken to someone with a brain? Who the fark would actually PAY for the privilege of being talked down to by an ignorant neanderthal?

    We can do that for free - just phone Dell support....

    [By: Gromit / 2008-07-03]
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  • What's truly sad is I STILL get customers who truly and honestly believe that the ONLY way to get on the internet is via AOL... Of course these are the same people who cannot understand why a computer with a Dual Core processor and 2-3 GB of RAM comes crashing to a halt whenever the AOL interface starts up (which is usually 30-50 seconds after you log into Windows)... -unrenowned
  • I know right, they're all like: But I like AOL, I'm used to is. But you never hear someone say: I like my kidney stone, it's comfortable and farmiliar. -CallmeBob
  • All this means is that anyone here with AOL as their home ISP will now try to get US to support their home PC issues... -CommanderData
  • Code to AOL: 10 PRINT: "DIE DIE FUCKING DIE!" 20 GOTO 10 -Seamus
  • Well, at least it's a fixed amount. For every kind of support line in France, its 0.34€ (!) per minute(!!). If not more. If not with a per-call cost, TOO. But I agree this is very bad policy and despicable (still, 8.7 billion users? well... at least now these AV industry guys know how big these 'Storm' botnets are...) -IcePanther
  • I may be the exception, but when I need to call Dell for support, most all of the folks I reach are at least competent and listen to what I'm telling them. Then again, it is the corporate support lines I'm calling... -VoiceOfSanity
  • ah crap... I told my aunt to delete the email thinking it was a scammer since the first link requests user name and password... AOL is just dirty... how many elderly people have been trained to delete emails like that? They did that on purpose. -TechnoTherapist
  • I wish I could start charging for supporting some of the idiots I get, I have over 3000 customers, 99.9 percent never have any problems, 99 percent of the .1% of the ones I do hear from are legitimate problems. it's that .001 percent that I wanna kill. 'no ma'am if you move your computer into a room with no phone connection and you don't run a cable into that room, or get a telephone hook-up in that room you will not be able to use dial-up in that room.' I woulda charged that tard $500.00/min -drachen
  • I am so glad I don't work AOL tech support anymore. -My Cat Athena
  • Water on Mars - From NASA: An actual photo of water on Mars. [By: chazz / 2008-07-01]
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  • That's awesome. Especially when you notice the date the photo was posted. -Bynar
  • Wow. This picture is breathtaking. -Seamus
  • It's amazing how far our technology has advanced. -CallmeBob
  • That's just AWESOME! and now I'm hungry... -TechnoTherapist
  • Pirate Hip-Hop - In honor of Coyote's birthday, (and since he so loves all things Pirate) I'm posting this link to say Happy 34th bud! [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-06-30]
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  • Happy Birthday to Jennife.. Coyote! -veaudaux
  • Happy birthday! -TechnoTherapist
  • The Ultimate in Cube Warfare - Nerf fully automatic, belt fed machine gun. This is not a joke, it was presented by Hasbro at the 2008 Toy Fair [By: Caffiend / 2008-06-26]
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  • I've only been seeing this gun for the past year, already :) And that is NOT a Vulcan - it's only got one barrel. </nitpick> -Seamus
  • I know what I'm getting for my birthday (October) this the kids will truly fear me. -Starfury
  • Only $40? I'm in. -BarmanVarn
  • Does it come with a USB cable, targeting software and motorized tripod? -formatCdrive
  • It shows up in that office warfare video, which leads to suspicion that was a piece of advertising. Doesn't reduce the awesome of it, however. -illiterate
  • "Dude, I think I just filled the cup." -unrenowned
  • Illiterare - you mean this? -lineswine
  • nerf guns were banned in my office, people were getting shot while on calls -areatech
  • that sucks, areatech. We've all learned to continue talking when nerf balls are bouncing off our skulls. -illiterate
  • Totally inaccurate video. I mean come on, they had the S.A.L.E.S drone chicks being hotter than the I.T. wenches! Never in a million years. -RA
  • Ooops! -

    It could only happen in Ireland... :-)

    [By: Gromit / 2008-06-25]
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  • A similar thing happened across the road from where I used to work. GM full size pickup vs a Toyota Camry. The truck won. :) -GeekGirl
  • Probably a woman driver ;) *runs like hell for lart shelter* -starfishmagnet
  • So I take it that "not in the mood to give interviews" is Irish for "How the F**K do you think I feel? My car's just been destroyed!!" -virtualchoirboy
  • My bloody-minded Yank upbringing... I heard the words "45,000 pound Porsche" and my first thought was: Er, That's a damned HEAVY sports car! - Then I realized he was talking about the cost. :D -Seamus
  • Why would you ask for an inteview /before/ the exorcism? -CallmeBob
  • The Great Office War - Personally, I think this would accomplish more than the back-talking and inter-departmental grandstanding that describes "warfare" within my office. [By: Resolute / 2008-06-24]
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  • There was... Styrofoam! Bodies everywhere..! It was- Oh, god! And then, the grenades came... -Seamus
  • i tried implementing that at my work, my boss said i couldn't bring my nerf gun to the office anymore :( -razmann
  • Got Spron? - Now you can't tell me that this is downright hilarious. I found the "Humpasaurus" especially funny. [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-06-20]
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  • This is as close to genitals as some players are ever going to get so hey, knock yourselves out. :) -Mushroom
  • Wow, ... Just wow. -CallmeBob
  • you cannot tell me they didn't see this coming. if you give a human being a tool to create (almost) limitless, lifelike creations, they will immediately head for the most taboo subject, why is a penis objectionable? 50% of the population have one! if the world wasn't so afraid of sex, this wouldn't be a big deal -Tarantulus
  • "But think of the children!" </Bible Belt types> Yeah love, I did...& 1/2 of them have dicks, too! -lineswine
  • BTW - there IS a complaint about there being a Malware inclusion in the editor program too..... -ShujinTribble
  • I searched for "Spore" on Google Video and saw the funniest thing I have ever seen, which was an example of this very thing. Bonus due to the Sporn creature looking like Homer Simpson. -OgdenTechGuy
  • BWAHAAHAAHAAA...which rule covered this again, I forgot... -PTSTech
  • I have been subjecting people to the penis dance remix and they jsut love to be horrified by it. Or possuibly by the music. -Ara
  • PTSTech: Rule 34? -Helix666
  • o so true - strong language. [By: AdmiralLaurie / 2008-06-18]
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  • Oh so not a link :) -ShadowGarou
  • Oh dear... <sigh> -Gromit
  • ahem, cool link, take 2... - let's try this again, shall we? [By: AdmiralLaurie / 2008-06-18]
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  • While they had "be at the computer" they should have added "...and not engaged in an intimate act or using the bathroom." -Mushroom
  • Firefox 3 is OUT! - Join the cool kids, get yr FF3. Download day record being attempted, join the fun!! [By: timelady / 2008-06-17]
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  • I like it. Some addons don't work but I was able to find a beta version of the most important one (Tab Mix Plus) and 2 of the others are AVG. The other one is just a skin so it doesn't matter. -OgdenTechGuy
  • updated but I had to giggle that the screen shots for installing it were based on IE. -frprinterwiz
  • I had to get the dev build for Tab Mix Plus myself. The only other addon I have that's not supported is good old Adblock. Hope they fix that one soon. -NightSteel
  • Got it! Adblock Plus seems to work fine, I don't know if there's a difference. It disables the AVG SafeSearch plugin, but then that might be a good thing. -Rissa
  • - Zombo has lied to you, everyone is welcome at [By: drachen / 2008-06-13]
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  • hehehe lolz all hail the obmoztoad! (G) -MadJack
  • "I have been there when he was asleep..." Obmoz needs therapy. :) -Mushroom
  • did that remind anyone of a male version of GlaDos? -Tarantulus
  • Office Space Revisted - One too many BSOD's :)

    A bit hard to swallow though as the monitors don't seem to be attached to cables, but hey. [By: Armakuni / 2008-06-06]
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    Trent does it again! - Not content to just release the latest Nine Inch Nails album for free, he's also releasing a "sampler" of the opening acts for the upcoming tour - DRM FREE!!! You do have to provide an email, but for the other two downloads I've picked up so far (Ghosts I and The Slip), there have been no spam or "buy this please" emails. [By: virtualchoirboy / 2008-06-06]
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  • *&grin* Yet another reason why I would love to have this man's babies! :P -Ara
  • I thought it was because he said "I want to f*ck you like an animal"? LOL! Always good when an artist 'gets it', though artists are usually beholden to the labels and have little say in how their music will be distributed. I recall Tom Petty getting into trouble with his label for him trying to give away his product. -Mushroom
  • Hell, I remember Tom Petty getting into trouble for the 'Roll another joint' lyric... -Razordance
  • Fortunately, Trent ditched the label last year and is free to do whatever the heck he wants now. The result is him (and the band) discovering that "free" as part of a business model actually works. They've made more money off of Ghosts than they ever did on a regular album. -virtualchoirboy
  • Time to fess up. Who is it? - Slip sliden' away... [By: Stryker One / 2008-05-29]
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  • I kan haz 3-ft. faceplant? -Seamus
  • I wonder if that WAS a mission critical server. -Stryker One
  • Well, no need to fix that unit. I'm guessing he's gonna have a bitch of a time getting Dell to RMA that too -deskmonkey
  • I think the people in this group are a lot smarter than this dumb@ss to do anything like that. And even if you did do it, do you really think they'd fess up? -Gunpe
  • Looks like the position of PFY just got an opening... -unrenowned
  • ....NOT IT! -ShujinTribble
  • Ididntdoitnobodysawmedoitcantproveanything! Not THIS time!! (VEG) -MadJack
  • Having worked in many & varied small businesses, you be am amazed how many of them DON'T have any form of kik-step/ladder/whatever available. Granted though, using anything with wheels to kneel or stand on is a one-way trip to failsville. -lineswine
  • I wonder how much he lost from his paycheck to pay for the server -srteach
  • Gravity sucks. -MisterCommon
  • ok, yes, I did stand on my office chair once on a linolium floor to reach the top shelf in my closet, but I never shifted my weight and stayed close to something I could grab onto that was fairly steady. -AdmiralLaurie
  • First reaction? " @#%$!!! I hope that's not a production server! " ... I guess this is why I'm a techie and not a doctor :P -EtherRabbit
  • Did this changing a light bulb more than a decade ago in my first apartment. Picked shattered glass out of my hand and arm for hours. The next day I was the proud owner of a shiny new step-ladder that still serves its master! -TechnoTherapist
  • Was nt me all my servers are fittied with hammer cus the rails wont go in, our shitty comms rack. :-P -r3tude
  • Personally, I think it was staged. After all, compare the heights involved. The seat of that chair is about the same height as his knees - he gains effectively NO advantage from kneeling on the chair, except the rolling aspect needed for the gag. Still humorous in the entire slapstick context.... -Grue
  • You've got a point, Grue, but you also need to think about how often someone will not perform the logical action to figure out whether they'll even _be_ taller, after all, you're "standing on a chair", you must be able to reach higher! -Voz
  • I think he was just lazy, wanted to be off his feet, and so he kneeled on the chair. I know I can relate, I'm always lazy, I hate being on my feet; but he's still a dumbass for letting the chair get away from him. -OgdenTechGuy
  • it wasn't me, but i'll admit, i would have started to do it. but by the time i got up on the chair my bad idea alarm would have went off and i'd have gotten something better to use -razmann
  • 8:20 am? i don't think so. Clearly Staged. -Ratfor
  • On a Sunday, no less. -Ratfor
  • So this is what they mean by bouncing a server. -SwizzleStix
  • Kama Sutra for IT types - Surprisingly, SFW!!! (And funny) [By: timelady / 2008-05-19]
    Comment on this Link
  • I think position #11 (2nd to last) is the only one I haven't tried -neuman1812
  • i could add to those :-P -r3tude
  • 12 is very familiar, specially with the older custom cases that dell and compaq used to use. -drachen
  • I HATE #5 - when the screw finally comes out and all I'm holding is the cover, the rest of the case, power supply, and motherboard slams into my face! -Divinar
  • Turns out it was metric.. -illiterate
  • I have used #9, Downward Facing Geek, on numerous occasions. -Mushroom
  • "Dude, I think I just filled the cup..." -unrenowned
  • The Praying Geek Barks at the Dawn (because she's been up all night trying to fix the bloody thing) -CommanderData
  • I've never been in those positions...but it really turns me on when I see helldesk using his tools... -persephone
  • I think they missed one...trying to pry the front panel/bezel off, eventually the case goes scooting across the floor and the bezel smacks you in the nose (I'm looking at you Compaq). -Dreamstalker
  • Dude's got a nice butt. -teivrann
  • Weapons of mass...ive weirdness. - Although the good ol' nuke is still teh ahwsome!, others are cool (like the Bat Bombs, something Batman would make); intriguing (dolphins with guns? How about sharks with lasers?); really menacing (stink bombs); or just 'fabulous' (the gay bomb). My personal favorite are the Frisbees of death; particularly if wielded by bikini uniformed female soldiers. [By: TheGhost / 2008-05-17]
    Comment on this Link
  • Then again, #17 is a conceptual version of the Flaming Anvil Of Death! The downside is that it's powerful enough that it wouldn't be too selective. -Voz
  • No. 19.OK, so we just don't paint the aircraft & instead polish them highly to a mirror finish. You fire the laser at it...& it bounces right off! -lineswine
  • For stink bombs, there are some here at TSC that would be classified as WMDs! -Wraith556
  • I bet #20 would be completely ineffective against Keith Richards... -unrenowned
  • what about the sharks with frikin laser beams attached to their heads? -razmann
  • how about the mass drivers the centauri used on Narn? -SGTARKyTEK
  • Concrete Donkey!! The ultimate weapon of worm destruction. -edventure
  • Flight of Fusion Man - This guy jump out of a airplane with a jet powered wings on his back and lands safely! Amazing! [By: Gunpe / 2008-05-16]
    Comment on this Link
  • the guy steered using the weight of his own body, where the hell did he practice that? or does it come naturally? also, when the guy can take off from the ground I will officially call him a genius. -drachen
  • Bump'd! - Nom nom nom nom nom.... [By: unrenowned / 2008-05-14]
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  • Lolbama? -Ratfor
  • Celery Radish Clinton? -lineswine
  • ARMAGEDDON!! -vacuumtubes
  • These are my customers..... - Five will get you ten he has a velvet Elvis painting somewhere. [By: vacuumtubes / 2008-05-05]
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  • Want to trade customers? -unrenowned
  • "What's your favorite beer, kid>" "Heineken" "Heineken?!?!F#%@ that S#&^, PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!!" -Slartarama
  • Nine Inch Nails - New album - FREE - NiN's new album, "The Slip", is currently available for free in MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and higher-than-CD-quality WAV formats. All they ask is an email address to send the download links to, but they promise not to spam (use a address anyway). This album has not even been released to stores yet, but vinyl and CD releases are coming. This is off of the official Nine Inch Nails web site, and is completely legal! [By: linuxmatt / 2008-05-05]
    Comment on this Link
  • trent reznor is my hero. this album is their best since The Fragile, imo. -r3dn3x0r
  • Love them for putting the "Pay them what you think it's worth." concept into the spotlight. Sure there's jerks out there who think free music, but they proved there's plenty of awesome people willing to pay artists for great music. -LazyLemming
  • Yet another reason to <3 -Ara
  • NIN's been my favorite band since 92 when I skipped Spanish class to go get Broken the day it was released. And at the rate of an Album a year lately, the ear candy just keeps coming. Thanks Mr. Reznor! -RA
  • radio head did the same thing, pay what you think it's worth. they made more money then if it was in a store. -postal tech
  • NIN nails did this with their Ghosts (instrumental album) to a degree. Release Vol 1 for free, you could get 2-4 for $5, physical CD for $10 on up to the super deluxe special rare limited edition with autographs for $300. They sold out of all 2500 deluxe editions in a few days earning them more on those alone than they make on a first pressing of a CD when under a label. Forget cheese... Behold the power of FREE! -virtualchoirboy
  • I signed up to do remixes. Back when I started recording music, I wanted to be Charlie Clouser when I grew up. Now's my chance. I'm starting with Demon Seed - I'll post my mix in the breakroom when I finish it :D -veaudaux
  • Vedeaux: I loved clousers work on the RE:extinction soundtrack. -Tarantulus
  • Coming to Minneapolis August 2. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. I'll have to wake up early and log onto Ticketmaster. -thx1138
  • It's *NOT* "Free" - It's "Pay what you think it's worth". Now, for me, I'd like put in a negative number, but the band can't afford to pay me what I think the music is worth ;-) -Divinar
  • Radiohead may have made more money than releasing the CD - but the "Big Music God" didn't! -Divinar
  • Actually "The Slip" is 100% free. To quote the site "as a thank you to our fans for your continued support, we are giving away the new nine inch nails album one hundred percent free, exclusively via" There's not even a link TO pay for it. -LazyLemming
  • Still waiting for my confirmation via email -Jax
  • already snagged it, the album are is awesome for the ipod, each song has it's own picture. also found that same day: My new source of music. -drachen
  • cool downloads and adds to my CD changer -r3tude
  • ok, panic over :p finally managed to DL the album, cheers SFM for the help! -Jax
  • Finished my remix! Rank it high! -veaudaux
  • Mario theme on coke bottle & r/c car. - Theme from Mario Brothers played on coke bottles with an R/C Car. [By: GoblinKing / 2008-05-02]
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  • Too much free f*cking time. But cool. Oh hey, can you say Dick Roll'd? -unrenowned
  • Indian "Thriller" - It's a video with English subtitles. Read them. :) SFW, unless you'll get yelled at for laughing. [By: Tekkie / 2008-04-28]
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  • - the Benny Lava song. I don't think anyone else has quite the gift of the original Buffalax... -chazz
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! -unrenowned
  • I submit for you an accompanying link to much goodness: -unrenowned
  • BUAHAHA...HAHA..HAAHHAHA... Please make them sotp! Im dying heeer!!.... HAHHAHHHAAA -TheGhost
  • And I thought the misheard Numa Numa was crazy enough. -TheGhost
  • Ghost: Aren't you already dead? -Grembo
  • I think I peed myself a little from laughing so hard here at work. Thanks guys, absolutely great... no my no my A... -RA
  • I think I also peed... I KNOW I sharted... my tasty brain meats! Anyone got any brain bleach? -TechnoTherapist
  • I just want to know who the hot chick was. -kman52000
  • you want more videos like that? here ya go -razmann
  • Hey Kman! You wanna see the hot chick eat nipples? <BEG> (SFW... sort of...) -TheGhost
  • OK, TheGhost. That one wins. :) -Tekkie
  • I think I prefer May He Poop ... -chazz
  • Yep. The "May he poop" song could be inspired by Burrkiss. The ... 'unorthodox' use of mustard is a clue. -TheGhost
  • Nothing like eating out, is there? -vacuumtubes
  • if that doesn't motivate the aliens to vaporize this planet, they ain't out there! -stiffarm
  • -unrenowned
  • 404 Error - I found this today when I mis-typed an URL. :) [By: Tekkie / 2008-04-24]
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  • 1K+1 awesome uses for that page. -CptDzastr
  • O.o and you know some sf would take that serious..... dies laughing. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Just as good as this one here: -Cyan
  • I love it! the second one is funny, but the first one is believable... a proxy that randomly redirects persons to this page? hmm... -cyberblade3001
  • That's hilarious. Although, I do gripe, I never use the eject button on my CD-ROM either, I just nudge the tray a bit.... -LazyLemming
  • For more fun 404 pages: and -harrellj
  • I like this one too: -ManyHats
  • lolz @ allofit!!! (espcially the first one) -MadJack
  • Ow! My Browser! -Darth
  • Is it bad That I just started setting that as some of the lusers homepages now? Take that! -BruddaTwitch
  • What if we decided to go on strike - Wouldn't it be great [By: formatCdrive / 2008-04-18]
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  • ' it was a spooky ghost!' -drachen
  • Boom de yadda - Being techs, we're constantly surrounded by negativity. It's nice to step back once in a while, take a deep breath and just look at the beauty of the world around us. [By: wolfprince / 2008-04-18]
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  • Thanks for posting that, wp! It sure put a grin on this old tech's face this morning. :) -Tekkie
  • That. Was. Awesome! -Seamus
  • This is a good Buddhist song....I wish I had an mp3 so I could listen to it. -TechieSidhe
  • AWWWW! I loved that! Not the giant spider, but when Jamie set Adam's arm on fire, that was great ^_^ Thank you Wolfie! I went to to remember their names, and found a blooper reel on the first page :D -evolvedstarfish
  • Just what I needed. I'll be humming this for days now. Thanks Wolfy! - And TechieSidhe, try and then -Rissa
  • Rissas' 2nd link no workee,, so I fixed it. -lineswine
  • Awesome with awesome sauce. -halfstarfish
  • You rock, rissa. Thanks! Now I can put it on my Crackberry and play it at work! -TechieSidhe
  • I just saw this today watching last week's worth of DVR'd mythbusters... even with all the idiots, this world is still a wonderful place. -cyberblade3001
  • We used to sing this at church camp (well, with different verses - like 'I love the fireside when all the lights are low'). I know, you're all shocked I went to church camp. -veaudaux
  • Thanks I needed that today! -FormerSithLord
  • Hey, even *I* went to church camp. I went home again, too. A few weeks before everyone else. In disgrace. And forbidden - ahem - "strongly discouraged" to return. Ever. *whistles* -Divinar
  • OK Divinar. Now THERE'S a story. Spill it. -Stryker One
  • hehe. I was never kicked out of church camp (never got caught)... I was banned from church youth activities a couple places though... -cyberblade3001
  • were MANY roman catholic priests! *BFEG* Wolfprince...excellent link. -lineswine
  • hey! I never got to go to church camp...Burn down one church and your branded for life. It's not my fault they used oilbased paints. -drachen
  • I Love Being Able To Do This! - Yes, being sold by yours truly, at the request of some of my users in the Accounting Department who want to blow the damn thing up. [By: RiffRaff / 2008-04-09]
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  • Now on eBay....Satan's Breadbox. -vacuumtubes
  • Man it's good to be a gangsta -McSmiley
  • hold on a second.. you didn't put in the requirement that said "disposal" must be filmed? -Bynar
  • PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean? -JoeLugian
  • means, it's CLOBBERIN' TIME!</B. Grimm> -ShujinTribble
  • fire in the hole! -AdmiralLaurie
  • As you can't ship it to the UK, will you accept bids on you "applying the Otis fix" on my behalf? (Yes you have a P&P cost set, so I take it you were planning on actually shipping the bloody thing). -lineswine
  • Any way to calculate how much Pyrodex you could pour into it? -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Only $5 for shipping ? -Spyder19
  • Spyder19 - It's not like they're going to pack it safely, now.... -Divinar
  • And, if they want to dare the USPS to do its worst, they can print, "Antique - Priceless delicate China teapot" on the outside before they mail it. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Or Just include a 'personal massage' device in it with a long-term timer attached. The Home Security folks might save you the expense of explosives! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • If I win it, can I just ask for a you tube shot of it being blown up instead of the shipping costs? -Phylok
  • Acid. For some reason I keep on thinking acid. Better than holy water by half. -adarklite
  • "Of course it's company policy never to imply ownership in the event of a dildo... always use the indefinite article: *a* dildo, never *your* dildo." -AmazingKreskin
  • Hope you don't mind if I forward that link round this place? I know quite a few people here at Dead Database Towers who will find it amusing :) -CommanderData
  • In Honor of April Fools - Here's a link to all of the funny things that the folks over at Think Geek have fooled us with over the years. [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-04-01]
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  • Did you take a look at the April Fools ads for this year as well? Some good stuff is "featured". (Check out the Pii accessories for a start). -Voz
  • My fave this year is the Betamax to HD-DVD converter. -BarmanVarn
  • I want the Labyrinth lock... That's just badass. -exzyle2k
  • get your giggle SoneyBMG commits piracy - Get your giggles. [By: virusjtg / 2008-04-01]
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  • Epic Fail. -AmazingKreskin
  • Irony.... we know your name! -ShujinTribble
  • Like most people of power, it's "do as I say, not as I do" -SillyGirl
  • geek jobs - they have a couple positions open and pay well. [By: HappyCrappy / 2008-03-28]
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    This is terrible! - I'm not sure how this happened, but a TSC member is involved. [By: lineswine / 2008-03-26]
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  • *groan* Yeah, that was pretty terrible. -Seamus
  • You were involved in this, weren't you lineswine? That's the only thing that makes sense to me. *runs for the LART shelter* -WolfPup
  • What a bastard. -Slartarama
  • er, wha? -AdmiralLaurie
  • AL - Look up the video title on or the song title on wikipedia. -WolfPup
  • It can all be summed up in the sentence: "You just got Rickrolled, bitch!" -Seamus
  • now I get it, *headdesk* -AdmiralLaurie
  • EGad ! I've been RickRoll'D ! < Place Hog Call sound F/X here > LineSwine! You sick bastard! -Necros
  • Horrible... but have you seen this one? -virtualchoirboy
  • *twitches* I've been Rick*twitch* Rick*twitch* Rich*twitch*... well you get it... -duckhead
  • HA! You thought it was me that was the TSC member? Nope, 'cos THIS is what happened a certain IRC Channel "[00:25] <Bob_work> [00:25] * Bob_work edges out of the room slowly [00:25] * Bob_work gets to the door, yells RICKROLLED and runs" Who was the perpetrator of such evilness? Stand up, BOBSENTME! -lineswine
  • Damn, RickRoll'd at 6am, before I've even had my coffee! Evil, evil, evil!!! -fdiskcuresall
  • Let that be a lesson to you for blindly clicking links! XD -Bobsentme
  • Morte. -vacuumtubes
  • lol....I should have read the comments first. -drachen
  • HA! You thought it was me that was the TSC member? Nope, 'cos THIS is what happened a certain IRC Channel "[00:25] <Bob_work> [00:25] * Bob_work edges out of the room slowly [00:25] * Bob_work gets to the door, yells RICKROLLED and runs" Who was the perpetrator of such evilness? Stand up, BOBSENTME! -lineswine
  • What a Moron! - Starfish burglars a Tech savvy person's house, taunts him, and ultimately brings the stuff back. GREAT read! [By: Bobsentme / 2008-03-24]
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  • Maqybe it's just me, but I couldn't really follow what he did to make the person feel bad, unless it's been removed. -spectreoflife
  • HA nice one!! -starfishmagnet
  • oh so true! - What every starfish needs to learn [By: AdmiralLaurie / 2008-03-23]
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  • Yeah, that explosion that you just heard? It was my irony meter. You owe me a new one. -Bobsentme
  • Intl. Association of Time Travelers - Hilarious little read I Stumbled on. Apparently killing Hitler will be quite the rage 100 years from now. [By: RiffRaff / 2008-03-19]
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  • Great find, Riff! Hysterically funny and the sort of thing a Comedy site needs more of. :) -Tekkie
  • SPLITTERS!!!!!! -timelady
  • "Every king has an ancestor that was a slave and every slave has one that was a king." -TieDyedDinosaur
  • *rolls around laughing* -CommanderData
  • That was great... i just LOVE the BarracksRoomLawyer's comments -duckhead
  • What a wonderful idea... <EFG> -Spyder19
  • Effing priceless. There was, indeed, the out-loud kind of laughter. -GreyDuck
  • Loved it, the last bit was BEST. -evolvedstarfish
  • Hilarious!! -Chazdonna
  • roflchopter!! -MadJack
  • Well, it's a start... - Today, Brighton - tomorrow ze vorld! [By: Gromit / 2008-03-18]
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  • You're supposed to BURY the bodies you git! -Necros
  • its the great starfish migration... -gashach
  • and for $DEITY'S SAKE, whatever you do, DO NOT cut them up! -purplelinguist
  • This Link - will take you to a clip of Sarah Silverman showing a video she made for long time boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel on his show. Will take you to his response video he did a few weeks later. Both are extremely funny but might not be safe for work due to extensive use of the "F" word even though it is beeped out. [By: Gunpe / 2008-03-11]
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  • Wow, the fed ex guy was brad pitt -Ratfor
  • What made the response so funny was the amount of A-List celebrities that got to participate. Harrison Ford's cameo was hilarious! -DashRendar
  • Sarah Silverman is hot -Tarantulus
  • Another D&D Tribute (sort of) - Pretty hilarious animation about how kid's play D&D as a geteway to the occult. [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-03-07]
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    Near Darwin? How appropriate... - Short news article. [By: wolfprince / 2008-03-05]
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  • Wow. That page really doesn't like my Firefox. Not sure what happened, there. -Seamus
  • "I didn't realise that crocs were so aggressive." Ummmm... Though the location almost makes up for the stunned disbelief (Yeah, I know, I know, I should NOT be shocked, but it's a farking wild animal, and I'm as likely to bite if someone sticks their finger sin MY face.) -taieena
  • "One minute I was leaning over the boat teasing it for a picture, the next minute it burst out of the water with incredible speed." And your surprised? -BarmanVarn
  • And here is where we do the Chatanooga Shitstreak.... -vacuumtubes
  • Stupid Croc was in the wrong river that was the Alligator River not the Crocodile river. I guess even reptiles have their own SF. -ShadowGarou
  • well come on the guys name is 'staff reporter' it's either this or gay porn for the poor guy. -drachen
  • Just looking at the photo, My first thought was "Everybody *loves* a snapper!" <Cue Burrkiss> -Necros
  • We have enough Dr. Who fans in here... - ...that I do believe that today's Sluggy Freelance is a humorous thing to share with all! [By: Grue / 2008-03-03]
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  • )(*Palmface*) -ShujinTribble
  • Germinate... Is Horton going to mate with said flower? Sounds like a bukkake record breaker! -unrenowned
  • White Wee Wee? <GD Quote> -ChildofCthulhu
  • Next week: Cybercat in a hat. -Ratfor
  • Green powdered eggs and Spam? -unrenowned
  • Next week: The Grinch from Gallifrey. -Foyle
  • umm, er....gosh! -timelady
  • I want to see this!!! -

    (Posted on behalf of ITNazichick)... Now THIS is a movie I'd go & see...think "Office Space" for Star Wars Fanbois. [By: lineswine / 2008-02-28]
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  • I'll go see it too. If they ever manage to release it. -Foyle
  • unfortunately, the main crux of the story, which cut it from the pack of other teen movie comedies, was the friendship aspect, these guys doing something awesome for a dying friend, which is now being cut... -Tarantulus
  • I'll see it, when it comes out on a movie channel. (Snicker) -Gunpe
  • I want to know what the red button does - and I want one for MY car! -Divinar
  • i wonder if they managed to get Mark Hamill to appear in it, that would be awesome -razmann
  • WARNING: Links to Myspace, deemed "nsfw" by our company's filters. (I'll check it out from home, later.) -Captain Trips
  • No computer? "Little Girl!" - Fixed formatCdrive's link. [By: linuxmatt / 2008-02-22]
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    Can't they get ANYTHING right? - Micro$haft strikes again! [By: Gromit / 2008-02-22]
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  • You. Have. >GOT<. To. Be. Kidding. Me! -ShujinTribble
  • *Hugs the Penguin* -RiffRaff
  • I didn't see AVG, AVAST, Spybot S&D or AdAware on the list. Oh Noes, they're blockin' ur ZoneAlarm! Whatever will we do?! -Seamus
  • They're blocking themselves... BitDefender was on the list, isn't that one of theirs? -evolvedstarfish
  • And they're putting it out anyway. That's the real corker. -Mushroom
  • Windows Defender is Microsoft, not BitDefender. -TechnoVampire
  • Yet more information for me to give a customer to convince them to buy WinXP Pro... -unrenowned
  • there... are... no... words... -AdmiralLaurie
  • That's M$ for you...always on the "_FOREFRONT_" of security. -EtherRabbit
  • They know it's shit, but they are releasing it anyway. Ohhh I'm gonna have fun at M$ next week (yes, guess who I've got a meeting with :p) -CommanderData
  • Sorry, it was BitLocker, not defender. -evolvedstarfish
  • I really think my tolerance for Microsoft will end the day I can no longer get valid copies of XP. OSX has become like an old childhood friend that I've drifted away from, and now found again. -linkv
  • They are asking the consumers to tell them which other programs are rendered useless by it. -shakes head -GoToHellKitty
  • LinkV: OSX = What Vista tries to be... BUT FAILS!! -unrenowned
  • - Did no one find this link funny [By: formatCdrive / 2008-02-19]
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  • What link?? -MSimmons777
  • - [By: formatCdrive / 2008-02-19]
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    This Link - takes you to The Coyote's blog. Maybe I'm sick or something, but the story "Pipistrellus" had me laughing so hard tears came to my eyes. [By: Gunpe / 2008-01-24]
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  • I was wondering where Herman had got himself off to. -TechnoVampire
  • ROFLMAO!!! That shot was one in a million! -ShadowGarou
  • That, my friends, is farking momentous! I'd have slept in the doghouse in the freezing rain just to acquire the skill to do that on purpose, even just once, in front of an audience. -RA
  • The "Terry Kath" of the flying mammal world. -lineswine
  • That was absolutely, freaking hilarious. That dude can tell a story. I'm in tears. -FixitWench
  • That was the funniest thing I've read in a long time. -Starfury
  • Damn Websense. I'll have to wait until I get home... -Grayhawk
  • Grayhawk - that's why I use LogMeIn to connect to my home computer. isn't blocked by Web(Non)sense here......yet...... -kman52000
  • THERE's a BLOG..Sweet -drachen
  • The poor bat... -pixel
  • To hell with the bat those are some really nice BOOBIES further down in the page!!!! -atomicbill
  • While he removed the magazine, he forgot to check the chamber. But still, knowing the accuracy of paintguns, especially SL-68s, it was a very good shot. -Wraith556
  • goddamn, i just WEPT with laughter. hermann, the disney bat. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! -timelady
  • Definitely the one of the best stories I've ever read!!! -adarklite
  • Coyote, I'm sending your name to my HMO as a provider. May cold is presently being coughed out, when I'm not laughing maniacally! -CTYankee
  • You know I love you kids right? I ain't been around as my full time gigs take up 99% of my free time and even *I* need 1% of my time for porn, but still - no exuses. New stories coming VERY soon. -The Coyote
  • *crying with laughter* -CommanderData
  • There goes *my* weekend. :-D -ThinTheHerd
  • And whoever gifted me the Star, thank you. I promise. Stories incoming soon. -The Coyote
  • I laughed, I cried, I laughed till I cried, and then I forwarded the story to all my friends. -MacDaddy
  • Hell of a shot brother! -starfishmagnet
  • Wow. Headshot. Wow. Who really cares that the guy didn't check? It was frikkin headshot on a bitty bat! -MortalPeepFight
  • "Dead Bats and Boobies" would be a kick-ass name for a band. And the story is funny as hell, too. -Robster2001
  • You folks are just discovering this now? -RandalGraves
  • I'd say this ranks right up there with the Crazed Attack Squirrel of Death. -Splunge
  • See, this is why you treat ANY gun as fully loaded until you are absolutely sure there isn't even 1 round in the chamber </da> AWESOME FRIGGIN SHOT!! -unrenowned
  • OMG!!! Hysterically funny! I think you deserved your favorite meal, with dessert [wink], along with serious bragging rights!! :::shaking head::: Hermann, indeed!! -MgrofChaos
  • Yay Coyote ! I once did something close, but, it was in our bedroom, and I used a BB gun... which didn't have quite as dramatic an effect... But, the one shot kill was just as amazing :) -Spyder19
  • Save us from this monster but don't hurt it! Take whatever measures necessary but don't use any of the available tools! DO SOMETHING but please don't do anything... Either way, my man, you were boned (or as the case is, won't be getting boned). Good going on the headshot and solving the problem with Herman (the kids shoulda kept their pet in their room dammit!). -Mushroom
  • OMG ROTFLMMFAO that is too funny, thanks for sharing the link. -THETECHFROMHELL
  • Great, now I've got another site that I'm going to lose time to while I read every single bit (oh and the things that scarred you in childhood had me laughing so hard I cried) -SillyGirl
  • BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! *wipes tears of laughter from my eyes* -Zimmerit
  • Bah - he was just doing an Ozzie!!!! ;-) -BesideMyself
  • You have the best blog ever, Coyote!!! -mousie
  • mmm mMM MMM MONSTER KILL KILL KILL kill kill kill .... -unrenowned
  • Best. Blog. Ever. Period..... -fdiskcuresall
  • That link takes you to the Pipistrellus article. This one - - takes you to the latest posting. By the way, Coyote -- good going on trainingthe girls to trash-talk... -chazz
  • well I found a new album by Judas and coyote in one shot... happy -Hellion
  • Vote for Charlie! - This is my geek pusscat on my geeky son's bed. You can tell by the binary blanket, right? Please vote for him. :) [By: katinahat / 2008-01-20]
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  • Lasercat has no need for batteries! :P -Ara
  • That is a very sullen-looking cat. Seems to convey, "Touch the Ipod and you die..." -vacuumtubes
  • @VT: Iz not Ipod, Iz Gameboy! u call urself tech?! talkz to OTIS! -Tarantulus
  • Tarantulus - I can barely tell the difference - I have neither, no one I know has either one. -Divinar
  • wow i had a cat just like him, named Archie. fucking huge cat he was too. Same look too -r3tude
  • Winter-een-mas is just around the corner - Get your Winter-een-mas 2008 T-shirt or hoody now. [By: BarmanVarn / 2008-01-16]
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    The Borg at Redmond are at it again - Perhaps they'll have a version of Clippy pop up that sez, "I see you're experiencing anxiety during your assimilation..." [By: vacuumtubes / 2008-01-16]
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  • Of course, with the way they write software, it would be Service Pack 3 before the software would stop crashing after realizing that the users are upset with it. No, not a conscience, just confusion. -Voz
  • They may file the patent, but there are enough legal protections out there to stop that going anywhere near most companies. Thankfully. -CommanderData
  • "Steve's got it all wrong. He thinks IBM is the enemy. It's you guys. You're the enemy." - mangled "Pirates of Silicon Valley" quote -Seamus
  • Hmmmm, you know, we could figure out a lot of ways to mess with management using this thing. I'm sure this bunch could make some of those monitors do some funky things. -redevil34
  • The trick would be to get your baseline working responses to match your sleeping or browsing pron stats. -Maltgha
  • Sir! The competence sensors are not reading anything. They must be broken. No, they are working just fine. There isn't anything to detect here. -torgo
  • Think about it. Who's going to be operating and fixing this stuff....US. Could you imagine, 15000 volts of electricity to the censors. Who needs OTIS -formatCdrive
  • They aren't the only ones; resistance is futile, you WILL pay for your porn: -unrenowned
  • Take a puppy to work, attach the monitor to it. Get puppy excited every once in a while, let it sleep, take it for a walk. etc. -srteach
  • srteach: and how do you plan on exciting the puppy exactly? *stands near the phone ready to call PETA* -unrenowned
  • Hmmmm...might be the best way for us to convince management to include a daily dosage of valium as part of our healthcare package. -adarklite
  • 2007 Darwin Awards - It's that time again. Our favorite starfish in the limelight! [By: AngrySup / 2008-01-13]
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  • I like that they don't reproduce before killing themselves. -Gerund
  • You do realize the whole point of the Darwin Awards is that someone removed themselves from the gene pool in a spectacularly stupid fashion. If they've reproduced, then it's only an honorable mention. -angrymacface
  • As a moderator on the Darwin Awards site, I have to correct that. We don't rule out those who have already reproduced, as they may have some valuable genetic material that is expressed in their offspring; some of the sons of starfishes have, after all, the ability to learn, unlike their parents. The HM category is reserved for those who ought to have killed or sterilized themselves through stupidity, but failed to do so through dumb luck. -chazz
  • Cheap Irony Alert! The sidebar ad showing up is for the (pro-creationist, anti-science) movie 'Expelled'. -MeanDean
  • Vote for Katy! - Yep, Katy is one of our felines & would love to be on the front of ICHC. BTW, the 'burger' is actually a CD wallet. [By: lineswine / 2008-01-12]
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  • Eh, deleted? Me scratches head Huh?... -Dr Jerkyl
  • Working again -lineswine
  • Nice! -MrsTechnoVamp
  • AT&T gets OWNED! - This is revenge for dealing with AT&T's billing department today. Come on folks, consolidating a bill SHOULD NOT be THAT hard! [By: virusjtg / 2008-01-11]
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  • Safe for work but, turn down the sound if you are at the office! -virusjtg
  • MAN thats annoying -Tarantulus
  • no more so then their billing department. -virusjtg
  • Hmm.. Page cannot be displayed... /cry -exzyle2k
  • 20 More days left! - January 25th to January 31st == Wintereenmas, the week long celebration of gamers and the games they love! Remember, ocular bleeding is the ONLY reason not to be playing games... Origins: [By: unrenowned / 2008-01-05]
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  • All praise Ethan in his vast wisdom! -conundrum
  • I'd actually say all praise Tim for coming up with Ethan & co but that's just me! Suffice to say that I WILL be celebrating Wintereenmas as it falls shortly after my birthday and I happen to be on holiday at the time. Result! -Loon
  • I bought the Ctrl+Alt+Delete animated DVD. I think I actually like the comic strip better. The voice acting on the DVD, in my opinion, sucks. -BarmanVarn
  • Yes... patron holiday of the Church of Gaming. -SiamJetta
  • (My Old) School Blocks Wikipedia - Just before I left school the network administration team decided to block Wikipedia. The petition is still going on, and it would be much appreciated if as many people as possible would sign it. No fake names, etc, please!
    It's not often that I ask a favour of the whole of TSC, but today is that day. Please sign. Thanks. [By: katinahat / 2008-01-03]
    Comment on this Link
  • We have such great sounding place names here in the UK. Norton Knatchbull... Just fantastic. But yeah, whilst there is a lot of good info on Wikipedia, there's also a lot of badly edited pages. This is probably the reason it was blocked, because the accuracy of information cannot be guaranteed to a high enough standard for an educational establishment. -flapjackboy
  • Wikipedia is a great tool for teaching kids about the sources of information. Good Wiki articles have citations galore, so you can investigate the original sources and make your own opinions. Too many people these days simply accept what they're told without question. -smellystudent
  • But it isn't a placename! A quick check shows that it is the name of the school's founder. <grin> -Darkstar2
  • "It's not often that I ask a favour of the whole of TSC, but today is that day. Please sign." So, in other words, you're asking people to sign the petition when they are not part of the user base affected, and you're therefore demonstrating nothing except your ability to vote-stack, let alone that there is a demonstrable impact on the affected users. Sorry, but if I was the responsible sysadmin a bunch of votes from what are to me internet randoms isn't going to make a jot of difference to the decision as made. if you can't demonstrate a high enough carefactor from the impacted users then I suggest that the problem isn't really as widespead as you make out. -caspian
  • Caspian: The moment you start censorship you have opened the path to ignorance. -Dr Jerkyl
  • Sorry, but the blocking of certain websites by schools does not qualify as censorship, IMHO. They're not saying "You can't access this information." They're saying "You can't use school resources to access this information." Subtle but important difference. -RiffRaff
  • I completely agree with the Riffster. However, at the college I went to, "you can't use school resources to do this" turned into "you can't use school property to say this". Slippery slope effect. The comedy paper I wrote for at the time got in a lot of trouble because of this. I'm glad I was civil rights-pre-law at the time. The school's attorney couldn't threaten us, because I knew the limits of what a public Univ could do re: freedom of speech. -beerman
  • I'm just annoyed at several of the signatures are so assed. A serious partition and people still have to screw with it. -LazyLemming
  • Errm.. I mean petition. -LazyLemming
  • I Pity The Tech ! - Who wouldn't want Mr. T. as your I.T. consultant? [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-12-31]
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  • So this is what happens <hopefully> when the corporate drones realize outsourcing doesn't work? -Grembo
  • Mr.T.? Meh...the day he comes skydiving with me is the day I'll consider him more than a Hollywood caricature. -lineswine
  • "Maybe Mr. T is pretty handy with computers. Has that occurred to you, mister starfish consultant?" </slightly butchered WoW ad> -Frazzled
  • There must be a shockey monkey..... -vacuumtubes
  • This is what happens when your career ends with the A-Team... -unrenowned
  • Cling tenaciously to my buttocks! - Anybody else miss Ren & Stimpy? [By: unrenowned / 2007-12-30]
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  • powdered toast man ftw!!! i watch the repeats on cable avidly with the kidlets:) -timelady
  • Ah,the memories... -Ara
  • My collection of rare, incurable diseases... VIOLATED! </Ren> -Diptera
  • But do you have any.... rubber WALRUS protectors?! <w> Call the police! -RA
  • Miss? Not really - I've got DVDs of all the John K episodes.. -veaudaux
  • I did not really watch this much, but I have to admit I Really like Cow & Chicken, and Courage the Cowardly Dog! -NerfHerder
  • Other names for starfish... - Gotta luv some of Skippy's stuff. Sgt Generic! I love comment #10... [By: FormerSithLord / 2007-12-27]
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  • Same type of fucknugget that contemplates how telephone poles grow in a straight line. Col. Otis needs to visit. -vacuumtubes
  • Squid Pie: -unrenowned
  • Reminds me of the teacher we once had who was convinced that dinosaurs etc. never existed because 'otherwise they would still be here today!' -CommanderData
  • I speak NO English! -unrenowned
  • To any Knight Rider fan out there - Apparently one can bid on one of the original KITT's on Ebay. [By: BarmanVarn / 2007-12-21]
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  • Want. -techofalltrades
  • Can't find it on E-bay right now. Anyone have the link to the auction? -JoeLugian
  • Good question. I've found several news stories about it, but none of the morons managed to provide an actual link to the auction. -BarmanVarn
  • UPDATE - took some digging, but from what I can determine, based on comments gleaned from news articles, this is the auction entry. -BarmanVarn
  • It's up to 35K already, and there aren't any pictures posted. Wonder WHICH car from tv - they wrecked a bunch of them (but fewer than the Dukes did) -Divinar
  • Claims he'll fax a picture of the vehicle in question? Hail -NO- I aint buyin' that! -ShujinTribble
  • i dont want it unless its bullet proof, drives itself and LARTs users for me -r3tude
  • no, the tard doesn't know the difference between a trans am and a grand am and I am quite certian the gran am was re-introduce in late 84 as an 85 model. -SGTARKyTEK
  • "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale." *right* -Antacid
  • - for those with shorter pockets... -Wonko The Sane
  • BTW - and might as well just get the new one ( -redevil34
  • Ok...try that again for the new one - -redevil34
  • Kiwi TSCers, please check in! - 6.6 - 6.8 quake off NZ's North Island, near Gisborne...wanna make sure all the Kiwis are okay! [By: Grue / 2007-12-20]
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  • Update, from in the Break Room: -Grue
  • What's in my pocket? - Not quite sure how many pockets need sniffed here, but I'm sure there will be a few takers! [By: FormerSithLord / 2007-12-19]
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  • Pockets or Packets? Which sort of sniffer would you prefer? -TieDyedDinosaur
  • If a packet hits a pocket on a socket or a port..... (can't remember th rest of the rhyme..) -JoeLugian
  • the socket packet pocket has an error to report? -illiterate
  • Glow in the dark cats! - With the thread on kitties, I thought this might be interesting. Cloned cats that glow red under ultraviolet light. [By: SillyGirl / 2007-12-14]
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  • My favorite comment, "...I've been woken up by a pet cat sitting on my chest at night, If it were glowing, I don't know that would be too weird for me." -AngrySup
  • Is it just me or in that side by side pic do they look like bats??? -starfishmagnet
  • Stupid 999 calls by ignorrant/arrogant - This is the pits of human arrogance/ignorance/just put the fuckers down. Seriously these people should be locked up. [By: r3tude / 2007-12-14]
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  • Ok, What is Homebase? -JoeLugian
  • Hardware store.... and yes, get these fuckers out of the gene pool -Tarantulus
  • i think if i was distressed and in tears becasue i couldn;t find a hardware store its time to go home and never come out again. -r3tude
  • Is there a brit version of "I wan' mah dollah an' mah taco?" -vacuumtubes
  • One of my more dumbass relations would phone 999 every time her kids were misbehaving... -CommanderData
  • CD - was that b/c she was about to get ig'nt and put their "life or property" "in immediate danger?" -kman52000
  • more of them. Now consider what Jay911 has to put up with. Starfish in every line of business -madonnac
  • Reminds me of the lady that dialed 911 because some burger joint in Cali wouldn't make her a burger... -unrenowned
  • Found it! -unrenowned
  • Oh yeah, those don't even make me blink any more. :) We get people wanting the RCMP because the local cops won't help them.. or the FBI (yes, here in Canada).. recently had a woman call in saying that calf had been born earlier in the day and it was below freezing and she was worried about it.. also been told that a caller was going to sic the Tamil Tigers on me.. etc. -Jay911
  • Homebase? Homebase?!? BWAHAHAHA!!! IGNORANT FOOL!!! ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!! *runs* -EtherRabbit
  • Hello? Yes, this is an emergency! Someone set us up the bomb! *takes his LART like a man, a well-endowed man...* -unrenowned
  • 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 ? -DedSysOp
  • Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer&#8217;s - Bugrit, millennium hand an' shrimp. [By: smellystudent / 2007-12-12]
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  • "In a statement posted on the website of his illustrator Paul Kidby, the author describes the diagnosis as &#8220;an embuggerance&#8221;." -smellystudent
  • Sodding character encoding... -smellystudent
  • Speaking as a person with family members with alzheimer's, it looks like he's doing the right thing (i.e. keeping occupied, and enjoying himself). *Hands him the "I Aten't Dead" card* -TheDeathOfRats
  • ^ that's a bit more verbose than the SQUEAK I was expecting... -Diptera
  • I go to all that effort to learn languages, and that's the thanks I get. Hmph. See how much you guys like to read all my comments in rat, then. SQUEAK! -TheDeathOfRats
  • Oh man, that is not good. -CommanderData
  • Lolcat tech support - Lolcats finally summarise how we feel:) [By: timelady / 2007-12-09]
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  • That's been up on the door of my work area for as long as I've been here. -Mushroom
  • When software coders go bad - When a patch for a game contains the line 'Delete file: \boot.ini' ... you just KNOW there is gonna be trouble. [By: CommanderData / 2007-12-06]
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  • This from a DBA ? <Evil Grin> -Necros
  • run it in linux under problems then -gashach
  • run it in linux under problems then -gashach
  • Not "delete", but overwrite. Same filename as the boot.ini file and a bonus slash to put it in the wrong place. -Mushroom
  • Alexandra Erin's Void Dogs - A cool online serial novel by Alexandra Erin. From the About page:

    Plying the vast inky blackness between the pompous and militaristic planets of the Unified Terran Alliance of Homeworlds and the staid and stodgy worlds of the Galactic Confederated Commonwealth, the crew of the ship Shays Rebellion ekes out a living transporting questionable cargo for even more questionable customers. A playful blend of fantasy and space opera, with some good old fashioned adult fun thrown in. [By: OgdenTechGuy / 2007-12-01]
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  • Sounds interesting. Is it just me, though, or is Chapter 1 missing? -BarmanVarn
  • Nevermind, it's accessible via the Chapter 2 link. -BarmanVarn
  • So DD, you think you can defeat us? - DD threw major strop & removed his content, content treasured by many on this site for its' biting satire. He forgot about the wayback machine... [By: lineswine / 2007-11-25]
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  • Wait, what, why? What'd I miss? -Calydor
  • Um. I've had my 145-page PDF archive of his posts ever since that rant...wayback was the next place I went. Good call, though - not everyone would have thought of it. -Grue
  • Grue: Could I get a copy of that .pdf? -Seamus
  • Does anyone know exactly why DD left? -Warrick
  • DD left due to certain drama that was going on a couple of months ago. He responded, borderline rudely, to an e-mail Magenta sent to him asking him how he was doing, and he sent an e-mail asking to be removed from the TSC notification mailing list I maintain. He has not responded to the reply I sent him. -RiffRaff
  • people change and move on. we can wish him well in his journey, and enjoy our memories of him. -timelady
  • People change, take other paths on their journeys. We don't hold any malice....well I don't, feh at least this way I have one less person to compete against for the title of 'Most Sarcastic Brit' -CommanderData
  • I never knew DD, but after reading through that archive I wish I had... What do I have to do to get a copy of that pdf? -cyberblade3001
  • Okay, I'd ask "WTF?" but it doesn't seem like either a.) anyone knows, or b.) anyone cares to share. -snowcrash
  • *points Snowcrash up to RiffRaff's comment* There's no sense in rehashing it in detail; it'll inevitably start a new fight, and it's not exactly fair to DD, since he's not around. I hope he comes back - he was pretty darned spiffy and I loved his writing. And judging from what he said about the job, he needs a place to vent, because holy crap. What a lot of stupid. -Parilla
  • wow has it been over a year already? DD I hope your doing ok. -drachen
  • And it took you 2 months to figure that out... It's no wonder he thought he was better that you all... -Spyder19
  • By the way, "rudely" was the wrong adverb. "Cryptic" comes much closer to the mark. Sorry about that, DD. No offense intended, mate. -RiffRaff
  • Spyder - nice assumption dude. I found it some time ago, but was only recently prompted by 1/2SF to publish the link. -lineswine
  • Hawk allows people the right to remove their content from this site. Maybe you should respect that right in future even if you don't agree with the reasons why. -OCF
  • OCF - I didn't do anything illegal/immoral/fattening, I merely made it easier to find what was already out there. As far as I know, I'm the only person to meet DD face to face from TSC, & trust me, he'd be as aware of the archives as anyone. He's one bright cookie, ya know. BTW, I looked on your bio - ever thought of posting something yourself in the 2 1/2 years you've been a TSC member? I've worked for the UK govt. the same as you & therefore acutely aware how many fishies are employed by them. -lineswine
  • Doctors have starfish too - Wow. Just wow :D Read and laugh. [By: Elfling / 2007-11-21]
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  • In my experience Dr.'s are usually starfish, and tend to hire starfish... -DedSysOp
  • Agreed... However I think these in particular are urban legends... still cute as all get out. -ShujinTribble
  • Yeah, I have questions about some of them... especially those last two. But it was amusing. -Mushroom
  • LOL @ #7 -formatCdrive
  • Okay, #8 was just bad. -Seamus
  • All Hail the FSM! - I hope this doesn't insult anyone. I just found this pretty interesting (and funny). [By: BarmanVarn / 2007-11-16]
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  • Finally, we are getting the recognition we pastafarians deserve. :) -conundrum
  • But what abouyt the Invisible Pink Unicorn, dammit?! :D -Ara
  • All hail his noodley appendage! -CommanderData
  • I touch people with my noodly apendage:-) -r3tude
  • IPU For the win. She visited me last night, as I have a new hole in my sock. -LazyLemming
  • I had never really understood what the Flying Spaghetti Monster really was. I happened to mention someone who'd won a Halloween costume contest, dressed as the FSM and how I'd never heard of it. Then I got to hear a rant about how evil it was and then I looked it up. I think it's funny, but boy, I'd never realized it was such a touchy subject... -SillyGirl
  • I love it! -FormerSithLord
  • Absolutely brilliant!!! -TrueTenacity
  • Sillygirl - some people are just too insecure in their beliefs to take something like this as fun/sarcasm/humor. -ecoli
  • The Strangest Internet Video - Someone worked hard on this one. Smacks of Python.
    [By: Mushroom / 2007-11-14]
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  • Cyriak is one of the top contributors to B3ta. Good stuff. -chazz
  • I don't know what that was, but I liked it. -conundrum
  • Error. Error. Error. *Reboots* What video? -Divinar
  • Shoutfile seems to be down -Grembo
  • ...And now the leprechauns are peeing on me. -vacuumtubes
  • Holy pachyderms batman, you've been penguin slapped!!! -redevil34
  • This video makes me miss taking lots and lots of drugs -DedSysOp
  • I don't know if that was brilliant or a waste of was still cool. -TheDorkSide
  • My first thought upon seeing this video was that it reminded me of those animated Monty Python sketches. These are *far* more mind-blowing, though (horses riding jockeys? Teddy-bear fractals? Woah!) Good link! -LinuXtreme
  • 'nuff said - A stupid filter for the internet [By: Spyder19 / 2007-11-12]
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  • At last! -Gromit
  • Hey, how come I can't post to TSC anymore? -Divinar
  • THis reminds me of a similarly-minded article. Do a search for write_like_a_wanker.htm -Seamus
  • Well, I thought about writing a comment in wanker-style, but it's too much work (and the butchering of the language hurts my brain), so I'm not going to do it, sorry *g* -TheDeathOfRats
  • Code Monkey - The life of a code monkey, we all know it well. [By: virusjtg / 2007-11-08]
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  • One of my all-time faves. Have the video on my Treo and also use it as a ringtone. Heck, I like it so much I just bought a few day ago. :) -BarmanVarn
  • Great song....Love the WoW video! -FormerSithLord
  • I agree. It's going on my website. (as soon as I can get to run on Apache on Windows) LOL -BarmanVarn
  • Downloaded and added to my MP3 collection. This is the Rock Anthem of ALL of us, I think... and a possible T-Shirt idea! -ShujinTribble
  • Downloaded to Treo - great song AND WoW machinima :) -CommanderData
  • Calvin & Hobbes Do Zero Wing - Yet another twist on "All your base..." [By: RiffRaff / 2007-11-06]
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  • Abso-farking-lutely briliant. I so love Calvin and Hobbes. -K1W1
  • (*GRIN*) -ShujinTribble
  • *squeee* -CommanderData
  • very good. We like Calvin & Hobbes. Sent the link to my brother -compbrat
  • I'm sad - I remembered the last two (missing) panels of the original... -Divinar
  • Calvin: "I did it! When it *really* mattered, I did it!" -Divinar
  • (Later, Calvin is at in his house, talking to Mom) Calvin: "I sold my soul today" -Divinar
  • Mom: "Only today?" -Divinar
  • Man, I miss those guys... -PTSTech
  • Wow. Work web filter blocked that as "adult content." Was connected to home PC and looked at it there. WTF is "adult content" about that? Did I overlook something? -kman52000
  • Now THAT... Was bloody brilliant! -Seamus
  • New idea for dealing with telemarketers - Ever want to do something about annoying telemarketers? Here's your chance. [By: evolvedstarfish / 2007-11-05]
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  • Tom Mabe does some really funny phone pranks. -Gunpe
  • Improbable Research - NT/OT, but just something to make everyone go..."WTF"? At least we now know why Tennessee will continue to be called "The Volunteer State" (look up the hiccup cure)! [By: FormerSithLord / 2007-10-30]
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  • I'll try that on my GF. :) -BarmanVarn
  • And watch out for "Pressures Produced When Penguins Pooh -- Calculations on Avian Defaecation." -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Biology 2003: Because ZB it's not limited to goats (now you can get ducks, too!) -TheDeathOfRats
  • Zombie Duck Bukkake? -CommanderData
  • Starfish Develop Brains! Tech Support No longer needed. Film at 11 ! -Necros
  • CD: That's the first thing I thought when I read about the homosexual necrophiliac ducks. I blame TSC for my corruption -TheDeathOfRats
  • The 2005 literature prize seemed "appropriate" -lineswine
  • BarmanVarn - Your GF might return the favor... Unless that's what you wanted ;-) -Divinar
  • Optimism! - Finally.....why we drink.... [By: FormerSithLord / 2007-10-29]
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  • True'dat -56Kdaytrader
  • Yup that about says it. -virusjtg
  • YaY! - now if they would just make more UK episodes.... [By: DedSysOp / 2007-10-16]
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  • Methinks that the new guy is a SF and doesn't appreciate us techs. /me keys Silverman's mercedes. -adarklite
  • Could be that I've never heard of the show because it gets NO promotion... however that other stupid show "Chuck" which also involves a geek gets too much. -Mushroom
  • The only problem is to get a really funny geek show would ruin the ratings becasue users would be complaing of the insults -r3tude
  • Has to be better than Cavemen.... -vacuumtubes
  • anything has to be better than cavemen... -AdmiralLaurie
  • It's funny but from what I've seen so far they need more technical content. I would love to see endless complaints about stupid users. You know there's hardly any IT staff in shows. Scrubs has none. Which is strange since IT is permeating Healthcare and the Office finally got a regular IT guy but he needs to be on more. -Slartarama
  • Slart- the only problem is that it would require *fish actually admitting that the IT person may be smarter than they are. OR, the "IT guy" would be posed as the insecure, nearly-sociopath, geek that only relates to their computer. -Voz
  • Voz, agreed. Plus I really don't think a pure IT show would sell. Most people wouldn't get it. AND there is the fact that most people tend to think that we don't do anything all day. I have lost count at how many times I show up to fix something stupid and someone says, "Hey it's job security" like I need it. Smug little, ignorant.. grumble grumble. -Slartarama
  • I miss the Dilbert Cartoon... -SillyGirl
  • International Moment of Frustration - Scream Day. Now is your chance to let it all out! [By: Gunpe / 2007-10-12]
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  • I think my biggest frustration is that it's (supposedly) a copyrighted thing. So to protest I would like to say, "..........................." -ShujinTribble
  • Interestingly appropriate now that the Father of the Internet just got his share of a Nobel Prize.....WTF???? -FormerSithLord
  • Starfish Wars - Didn't want to bump the LOTD, but gotta wonder...what if? [By: FormerSithLord / 2007-10-09]
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  • When the Death Starfish becomes fully operational, it otter seal the fate of the Rebellion. -MacDaddy
  • Stay on target.... - guess its time to patch up that thermal exhaust port [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-10-03]
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  • ok...the link got cut off since theres a limit on how long it can be...heres the actual link: -EtherRabbit
  • It's on my side of the country, but too far for me to drive to see the launch. If it was closer, I'd call in sick at work! -Divinar
  • niiiiice! -AdmiralLaurie
  • Sorry, but what's the point? Unless I can fly it and shoot stuff it just ain't happening (dagnabbit, am I the only one that thinks it's the guns that count?) -Loon
  • They expect it will be damaged by the flight, not just the landing! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Can I put a bunch of Roman Candles in the Laser ports and light them by RC? PPLLLEEEAAAAAAASE?! -ShujinTribble
  • Negative, didn't go in, just impatcted on the surface. -Phylok
  • New link: -- it's a search link and was too precise. The updated pictures show R2D2 in the astromech socket. -chazz
  • Hmmm.... The Force is strong with this one! -Captain Trips
  • Updated info: The X-Wing launched and diintegrated in mid-air. -MisterCommon
  • Loon - You and every other American. ;o) -Snakeeye
  • LART shelter for sale - i say we start up a collection and buy this ASAP! [By: razmann / 2007-10-02]
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  • odd... link isn't working. try this one: -razmann
  • Tempting... but it would need a hell of a lot of work. No current connections to the outside world, we'd have to run fiber quite a distance to get Internet. -chazz
  • I understand that they have a terrible problem with fungus. And bugs. And they are f@cking ICE COLD. Even in western washington. -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Does it come equipped with a stargate? -Calydor
  • Well, since TSC has (ostensibly) 9,32 members, it would only take everyone each chucking in $1,557.31 US to buy it. Lemme go check the ash tray in the truck for change. -MeanDean
  • Hmm... Any - er - "useable" items left in the silos, by any chance? ;-) -Gromit
  • ^What he said! I sure most can think of one or two "potential redevelopment" locations.... -Loon
  • I want, I'd be an underground hermit muttering "nomoreusers, nomoreusers, nomoreusers, muhahaha" for the rest of my life in happiness -r3tude
  • I dunno, we could always offer secure offsite backup facilities to offset the initial cost. What's more secure than a former nuke silo? -flapjackboy
  • Why do I have the theme from "The Incredibles" running through my head.... and where is Zathros? Then again, think of the potential, guys! We could become one of the great launch-windows for private orbital 'stuff' launching into near-polar orbit! -ShujinTribble
  • Calydor, you read my mind. Stargate Geek Heaven! -ChildofCthulhu
  • Reading carefully through the writeup, it appears that there is still some missile handling equipment left in one or two of the silos, but that the more... destructive... hardware and all of the control and power gear is gone, including the hydraulics. Still, it could be a great techie haven... all we need to do is pull fiber to the site. -chazz
  • HAR-DE-HAR HAR HAR!! - It had to happen. Micro$haft have finally admitted that no-one wants Vista and extended the life of XP. [By: Gromit / 2007-09-28]
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  • Good, The PC I deal with, use custom software that won't run on Vista (Yet), I deal with windows 2000 and XP, and the XP software is only at most 2 years old (It was updated because windows 2000 was so hard to get) -Wonko The Sane
  • hell, I still want dos, just for the fun of it, yes, I used dos for approx. three months one time... -AdmiralLaurie
  • Microsoft admitting that no-one wants it? Now that worries me because I think this means they've found something horrifically wrong with Vista that we don't know about yet. -CommanderData
  • CD: I think we're all aware of the problems with Vista that MS wouldn't admit to - it's a parasitic piece of bloatware that hogs resources, shafts your RAM and buggers up your ability to do pretty much anything with the continual "Are you sure?"s and "Error Code 5"s (bloody UAC). -Loon
  • "While Windows Vista sales are still going strong...we recognize there are some customers that need more time." Hahahahaha...most of the Joe Users I support can't stand Vista. -Dreamstalker
  • Not to mention its apparent inability to download/use digital certs, which mucks things up for MANY people at my company. -purplelinguist
  • sack vista, re-release it when its finished -r3tude
  • R3tude - Some would say it was finished as soon as it was released. (*ba-ZING!*) -ShujinTribble
  • Dear Mr. Thompson please STFU - Halo 3 gives Jack Thompson another shot at being teh attenshun hore (what is it tuesday already?) [By: Digital Dogcow / 2007-09-25]
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  • Funny, I used to RAWK at 'Battle Zone', the US Army used a suped-up version for training... and I *still* haven't gone out in an Abrams to shoot at anything. -ShujinTribble
  • I have a growing lack of patience for the ill-informed media whores who want to try and remove a perfectly safe outlet for stress. I fireball people's head off in World of Warcraft and have never once actually set someone's head on fire. Have thought about it on a few occassions though... -CommanderData
  • And, had to laugh at 'the army uses Halo to teach their snipers' comment. Because snipers of course really just hock on a scroll wheel and fire without having to take wind direction, heartbeat, breathing, elevation, weather etc. into consideration.... -CommanderData
  • I agree. a perfectly safe outlet for stress is fine. Hell, I beat the shit out of things quite regularly. but... on the other hand, some young children may end up doing that and in that case it's not hte game's fault it's the fucking parents fault for not watching their kids. -AdmiralLaurie
  • I don't play violent video games and I have... you know what nevermind -DedSysOp
  • The games KEEP ME FROM hurting some one else. Where is the research on that hmmm? -virusjtg
  • Whatever happened to the principles of personal responsibility? Not all people are "sheeple", tho I'm wondering if some of them are allowing themselves to be. We all have choices, and if ya choose to play a violent game, fine. Go out and hunt humans, expect to run into some "resistance." Either way, you chose that path. Society didn't. -vacuumtubes
  • Given that he induced his 15 year old son into buying the game at Worst Try, can he be arrested and prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor? -virtualchoirboy
  • He's absolutely right. Halo has trained me to use a sniper rifle with deadly efficiency... now can someone show me where the RB button to reload this thing is? -Darth
  • The ten most collectable PCs. - Is your hoarded tech valuable, amazingly cool, or that crap in the corner that bugs your SO/kids/pets/small furry creatures from alpha centauri? [By: timelady / 2007-09-25]
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  • Some of those current market values are a bit questionable, $10 to $300 for a CBM64?. Love the way the original Apple I cost $666 thats a farkin big hint right there :0) -Digital Dogcow
  • I always knew Apples were the work of the devil... :) -CommanderData
  • Hey, my TRS 80 Model 100 that I have in the attic complete with tape drive and printer, made the list! Woo hoo! (LOL) -Gunpe
  • Heh--my boss has a majority of them. -vacuumtubes
  • /me feels left out because none of his vintage Atari PC's are on the list. :) -JoeLugian
  • OK, no Spectrum or BBC Micro on there. That list sucks. -flapjackboy
  • I got a few of those, but I would say the C64 should really be replaced with the C128, a lot rarer. Like the fact the PDP8 is soo cheap, might try and bag one of those. -Armakuni
  • PAGING BURRKISS!!! - Gizmodo reviews butt plugs. (Pretty much SFW) [By: linuxmatt / 2007-09-23]
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    Heinlein Archives now online! - From /. : "Good news for fans of the late SF master Robert Heinlein, 2 months after his 100th birthday celebration. Per the San Jose Mercury News, 'The entire contents of the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Archive — housed in the UC-Santa Cruz Library's Special Collections since 1968 — have been scanned in an effort to preserve the contents digitally while making the collection easily available to both academics and the general public... The first collection released includes 106,000 pages, consisting of Heinlein's complete manuscripts — including files of all his published works, notes, research, early drafts and edits of manuscripts.' [By: Ulfgaard / 2007-09-21]
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  • Interestingly enough, I'm in the middle of reading an old copy of "Stranger in a Strange Land" - a copy so old and tattered that it's falling apart, with pages falling out and all that. Haven't read the book in over a decade, and when read it then I read it in hardcover. -OgdenTechGuy
  • Yes, I found out about this two months ago at Comic Con. However, TANSTAAFL. Not a single page can be downloaded without payment. -Captain Trips
  • Looks like somebodies out to milk a cash-cow. Other than the most rabid (& affluent) Heinlein fans, biographers or TV companies it's pretty hard to see just who they're pitching a lot of that material to. Certainly not academia given the price tags. -Digital Dogcow
  • Paying for this is how Bob & Ginny WANTED it to be. TANSTAFFL, remember? There's WORK to be done with that money.... -Grue
  • Actually, there is a way to view the contents for free. But you have to go there in person -- the Heinlein Library at UC Santa Cruz. So, if it's free to those who walk in, there should be some equity of some sort for casual web users. That's just my opinion, ymmv. -Captain Trips
  • Team work - says it all about my office. [By: virusjtg / 2007-09-20]
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  • I'd probably get into trouble if I posted that in my work area. But if I post it in the Break Room anonymously... :) -Tekkie
  • ahem the owls saw some light. Honest wasnt me!!! -udaduno
  • I still like mine: [ ] -ShujinTribble
  • (NSFYS <notsafeforyourstomach>) -Dr Jerkyl
  • Desktop Backgound - This used to be my Desktop Background.... (more to come) [By: duckhead / 2007-09-14]
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    Desktop Background 2 - Until I found this... now this is my Desktop Background.... enjoy. [By: duckhead / 2007-09-14]
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    Desktop Backgound - This used to be my Desktop Background, until I found this: [By: duckhead / 2007-09-14]
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    Desktop Backgound - This used to be my Desktop Background, until I found this: [By: duckhead / 2007-09-14]
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  • LMFAO to the Nth degree.... Fracking priceless! WARNING: Do not drink while viewing. -exzyle2k
  • what is it? -AdmiralLaurie
  • right now it's not connecting...bummer -frprinterwiz
  • Oh dear gods, this has described my day to a T. -TechieSidhe
  • Saved to home. Upload to work tomorrow. Change wallpaper. Wait for 'boss' to tell me I'm not a team player;. Change wallpaper back to cute kittens. -AngrySup
  • Does anyone have an updated link? This one seems to be down. -ShadowGarou
  • Well, the image URL (still working for me) is -Calydor
  • Did demotivators come out with a new set? those are awesome. -drachen
  • Wow! Just wow! I about fell out of my chair laughing at this one. -goldentenor1
  • I'm freakin' DYING. -Avalon68
  • set as background. wait to show grandparents. laugh. hide. laugh. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Have it at work now....hehehehe yes stirring the pot. -udaduno
  • Underground Internet - Daresay some of you have seen this before, but I actually like this representation of internet traffic as being akin to a tube map. [By: CommanderData / 2007-09-08]
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  • (O_O) 2chan is listed there?! Holy HELL! (And for the record - I had an easier time reading the train line map in Japan than following this thing) -ShujinTribble
  • Make for a nice game. Looking at the map techmeme corresponds roughly to the position of Mornington Crescent. -StylinTechie
  • Interesting to see that Slashdot is on the News and Sharing lines, and not Technology... and am I missing something, or have they missed Fark completely? -chazz
  • Whoever made it obviously hasn't heard of us, either! (Then, that's a good thing) -MadJack
  • Rule 1 about TSC is that you don;t talk about TSC.... -ShujinTribble
  • Senator Stevens was right! The internet IS a series of tubes. -Fuji
  • So that means if you download porn, your ACTUALLY getting "underground" porn... -unrenowned
  • damn it, I have to take a cab, none of the sites I visit are listed. -drachen
  • That's as funny as Userfriendly's link about the pictures from the underground maps: -PolarCoyote
  • Ha ha ha....waitaminute..... - OK, so some will find this funny, and some may get a little grumpy...but I personally thought it was a pretty good shot at the entire field. [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-09-07]
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  • "But they are going to have it re-connected as soon as you pay your bill!" -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Haaahaaahaa, Working were I do I totaly agree. -Wolfie0827
  • A Fifty Year Wave of Change - This link is for all the female techs out there... [By: maciarc / 2007-09-06]
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  • It really is amazing how far we've come. My mother was not allowed to take math/science classes, only allowed home ec, etc in school. In the mid 70s she said "To hell with that" and went back to school. She finished her BS and never looked back. She recently retired from her position as an analyst/programmer for a large college. I remember well what she faced even in the 70s going back for math and science classes, and I really and truly admire that woman. To all the women who strived to "break the barrier" - thank you. To all the women currently in technical fields - welcome! -Ramblin
  • Thanks for the link. While in my graduate studies I met many women professors who were great role models (men too, but as a woman...). Some had children, some didn't, all of them were coming of age at the time of the article author. From what I've seen, there will be even more amazing women professors in a few years. -silvermoon
  • ::gets a couple cans of beer and does a toast to all the female techs out there:: I've met many a female tech in my day, and believe me, they're just as good as the guys, and it doesn't hurt that a lot of them look pretty darn good to boot. And if a non-tech ever gives them grief for being a female tech, or they ask to see their boss because the tech's a female, that person's instantly earned a place on my s*%t list. -elcapitane
  • How could they DO this to us??? - They lull you into a false sense of security & them spring THIS on utter, utter bar$tards. [By: lineswine / 2007-09-03]
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  • This could have been brought about by Russell T Davies who I believe has been looking to ease the pressure on him of late. That was what sparked the (fale) rumours last year of the series being axed. -Gromit
  • Ooops - for (fale) read (false). -Gromit
  • as long as he keeps churning out excellent stories I am happy to wait. -r3tude
  • I concur, as long as its not axed, waiting is what we Canadians have been doing anyway... (takes us longer to get the seasons than you guys.) -evolvedstarfish
  • Sounds like they're looking to work around David's sched with his other performances. Good Show to the BBC for being willing to wait for class work. -ShujinTribble
  • There's always Torchwood, which, although I've yet to see an episode, I hear is fantastic! -Captain Trips
  • I'm more than prepared to wait for the 5th series as long as we get David Tennant back. I'll give Catherine Tate the benefit of the doubt but she's going to have to do a lot to live up to Freema Agyeman's performance. -Loon
  • dont hold yr breath for tennant to remain in fifth series. a canny timelady predicts the last special will include regeneration:) -timelady
  • Dear all, I was referring to the "not so brief" hiatus between the Sylvester McCoy Doctor & the Christopher Eccleston one...i don't really count the McGann one, seeing as he was a one-off. -lineswine
  • As I understand it from the original press release, they also plan up to three addtional specials during that period to help tide the fans over. -technaround
  • ls -- YOU may not consider McGann, but he IS listed on the official Doctor Who site as "the eighth doctor." Yes, it was a one-shot, but it was a pilot episode for a new series which CBC kind of bungled. (The current series may give credit to CBC, but they're keeping their hands off it -- their only contribution to the current series is production capital.) -Captain Trips
  • Technological Nightmares - Yeah, I know it's my own site. I promised Loon I'd link to it because I used his tagline... I'm also looking for people who might want to contribute to it, especially female techs. Contact details are on my profile if you're interested. [By: katinahat / 2007-08-29]
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  • Oh you've done it now! I think you can expect a certain degree of comment from now onwards, it's inevitable! Just make sure that the juiciest stuff ends up on TSC as well please? I need my starfish fix! -Loon
  • Well done. Looks great. Requesting female techs? I'll have to hang out there, always looking for my next ex-girlfriend! -TechnoTherapist
  • Techno the Rapist looking for a girlfriend? 0_0 !!! RUN!! EVERYONE RUN!! ;-) <J.K.> -TheGhost
  • I'm currently adding backdated stories from when I was at school, so there should be something new on there every few hours at the moment. -katinahat
  • I weep for the Uncle Sam Humanoids -

    (Taieena sent me this one).
    If this doesn't worry you about just how DUMB people can be, then I despair for the human race as a whole. [By: lineswine / 2007-08-26]
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  • Don't despair for the race... despair for all the bullet makers in the world 'cause obviously their products are being far underutilized. (*Sweet Geebus!*) -ShujinTribble
  • This is new? It's been long a standard stereotype of the dumb blond picked in a beauty contest because of hair, boobs, and ass - not because of brains. Just remember - not everyone finds bodies like hers all that attractive when there's no brains to keep the body moving B) -ralphp1024
  • We have a winner! -Mushroom
  • no offense to anyone who really does have brain damage, but she sounded just like she did. and she's a blond? drooooooool -AdmiralLaurie
  • Sounds just like a self absorbed prom queen. Though I do have to say that I screamed at the vid that it was because a dumber electorate is easier to control. <You HEAR that Turner!!! I'm on to you and your buddy Al!!!> -adarklite
  • Dude, I must be in the wrong part of the UK or the wrong job as I speak to people like that ALL DAY LONG! -Loon
  • Actualy, charlie posted it in the Break Room, and I was appalled. So I put the link in my blog with some of my thoughts... So the credit has to go to charlie for finding it, not me, though thanks, LS, for posting it where others can see it, too! :) -taieena
  • uhhh....what? -kman52000
  • "So many morons, so few bullets" /floating vagabond paraphrase. 'nuff said. -Loon
  • O hai i can has map? -Learyban
  • I haz map. Ju kan haz map. Ees geeft. -ShujinTribble
  • Her hero must be Britney, or Jessica, or Paris, or < So depressing..... > -TubPorsche
  • Jesus H himself would smack this one. The REALLY shameful part is I LIVE in SC (but right on the NC border if that makes it any better). Damn you VirusJTG,why'd you start working in NC and leave me with all these FsckTards like this here? -RA
  • wow wow wow wow.... It's ok RA... I'm here with you. I'm in Greenville... not even close to NC. -ITNaziChick
  • I could not even bring myself to finish watching it. It was too painful. Uh... what? -FixitWench
  • This is a stick-up! - I challenge you to read it through without suffering a fit of the giggles - especially when you see the judge's name... :-) [By: Gromit / 2007-08-20]
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  • I don't know about a fit of giggles, but that was funny, and ironic -compbrat
  • I'm glad he didn't have a real version of his weapon pointed at the clerks. What if it'd gone off?! -Tekkie
  • After reading the article, I couldn't help but think of a certain line from grumpier old men: "Gangster, huh? So tell me, was it more of a hold up than a stick up?" -EtherRabbit
  • Perhaos he got a BUZZ from doing the robbery!!!! -LadyLineswine
  • "the court heard"? at the end of almost all the paragraphs? Intereting. But yes that was funny. I'll be passing it on. -AdmiralLaurie
  • AdmiralLaurie - that's to ensure that what they write is fact. If what the court heard later turns out to be false, nobody can claim that the BBC lied :) -smellystudent
  • "Put that thing away before you get us all killed...." -vacuumtubes
  • Now, if it was the mechanical fist from "Top Secret!", THAT would have been dangerous.... -Divinar
  • All right, mother-sticker!! This is a FSCK-UP!! -purplelinguist
  • "Have you seen 'Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels'? This'll hurt more 'cuz it vibrates!!!" -TacoDog
  • "Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows it?" -Olorin
  • When I saw the story a few days ago, I thought about George Carlin's bit about substituting the word "fuck" for the word "kill" in the movies. -Mushroom
  • "Mad fucker on the loose!" -vacuumtubes
  • Tekkie then it would have been a very messy situation. And there would have been more DNA evidence left at scene. LOL.. Not to mention if he was a premature shooter would have been asleep at the scene. -StarFishHearder
  • this is jokes, stupid guy deserves 5yrs -punktech
  • even geeks need lovin - how else would a geek publicly confess his love ? [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-08-17]
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  • I swear thats how I'm proposing. Awesome. -xtc46
  • I think I'd stick with the Ctrl-Alt-Del method, where you get all the high scores on a game and the initials spell out WIL LYO UMA RRY ME_ -Mewtwo
  • have a link for that? -EtherRabbit
  • Ether - Here you go: -redevil34
  • *shaking head* that's sort of sad, but to each their own. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Short note on marriage: Prostitutes are cheaper, and you don't have to pretend to care about what they're saying... -Learyban
  • Learyban, What has soured you on relationships? This is mainly a question of romance geek-style. -MSimmons777
  • Even cheaper in the long run, REALDOLL.COM ! -Wraith556
  • Wraith556 - I used to have an inflatable girlfriend - she went down on me. -Gerund
  • Admiral, it's only sad if the wedding ring is the One Ring. Up until then, it's sweet and nerdy. -Parilla
  • for those who love twinkies... - for those sysadmins and anyone else who loves twinkies, here's a very honest review of an easy-bake oven for twinkies it's nsfw [By: AdmiralLaurie / 2007-08-15]
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  • That rocked like no other! I thought I was going to break something from laughing so hard. Those guys are my new Idols! -computerdoc
  • That rocked like no other! I thought I was going to break something from laughing so hard. Those guys are my new Idols! -computerdoc
  • Build Your Own 250 mW Laser - Video shows how to build a hand-held laser powerful enough to light a match and pop a balloon out of a mag flashlight and a 16x DVD burner. I can't imagine how many laws this violates, and I highly recommend proper safety precautions if anyone decides to try this. [By: RiffRaff / 2007-08-12]
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  • As is pointed out in te comments to this article, the resulting class IIIb laser can permanently damage your retina in 0.001 seconds, and the reflection from it will cause permanent damage in 0.01 seconds. -chazz
  • Very nice. Now where can if find a frikkin' shark? ;) -Tekkie
  • "Do not stare into laser with remaining eye." </obligatory warning> -SalParadise
  • Or rather, "Do not point laser at remaining eye." -chazz
  • I wonder if this is powerful enough to melt laser printer toner? You should be able to make some fairly permanent inscriptions that way! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Why do I think of the movie "Real Genuis" when I see this? -computerdoc
  • Why do I think of the movie "The Darwin Awards" when I see this? -Learyban
  •' trayzhure.... -vacuumtubes
  • tech-support strikes back - Honestly though, can anyone here who has worked for any ISP's call center say that they haven't thought of doing this ? :P [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-08-09]
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  • BTW...if you have your speakers turned up, it may be NSFW...just a heads-up. -EtherRabbit
  • seen that a while ago, i would love to do that. -r3tude
  • I actualy lold when foamy says 'I still they're more polite than what we get here.' -drachen
  • yeah, I've waned to do it. It is a shame that I haven't been able too. -virusjtg
  • if I laugh, it'll hurt. but who cares? hahahahahahaha! roflmao! that's excellent! -AdmiralLaurie
  • What ever happened to UberSquirle? -AngrySup
  • 20 Things I Learned From Tech Support - i think the title sums it all up, don't you? [By: razmann / 2007-08-07]
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  • I found one quote in the comments that bears repeating. "The combined IQ of a tech support conversation remains constant." -MarkerMage
  • works fine for me. They must have some users on there ;p -compbrat
  • For Bobsentme... - NSFW language, but otherwise obscure... :) [By: Ulfgaard / 2007-08-06]
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  • HELL YEAH! (Now, if you'll excuse me, Mrs Bob wants her boots back) -Bobsentme
  • It's not satanic porn. Really. -VFox
  • Step 3? - Found on [By: VFox / 2007-07-30]
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  • Took me a minute...$$$$$ -AngrySup
  • that's horrendous. /me applauds -illiterate
  • Damn, its right... -RandalGraves
  • It sort of bears out the old addage about the definition of holy wars "MY imaginary friend is better than YOUR imaginary friend". -lineswine
  • I thought tech holy wars were the same - only over what OS is preferable? (LART SHELTER!) -CommanderData
  • Best description of Frontpage EVER! - SFW [By: redevil34 / 2007-07-26]
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    Amazing Coordinated Samsung Dance - Christ on toast... the Japanese never do anything in half-measures, even their halftime shows... Not Tech but really cool [By: Dante668 / 2007-07-26]
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    It's that time of the year again... - Don't forget to have a good SysAdmin day this Friday (27th). [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-07-26]
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  • Yay, I get SysAdmin Day off!!! :) -snowcrash
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm the admin for our home network. ooooooooh! for all those months of being unappreciated, what sort of things can I do to further fuck her system? whiteboard me or email me. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Dang beaten to it :( Well sysadmins day is off to a raging start, with overclockers failing to deliver my lappie HD when they promised, No laptop for me </Soup Nazi> -Armakuni
  • My boss must've known when she told me to take today off. How sweet. -War1ock
  • Awesome! I loved the bit about the proper use of the System Admin's time! -FormerSithLord
  • damn it a day for me, but because I don't have the title I don't get to celebrate it. Sort of like how Data cannot celebrate Robonodon(wow to tv references in one comment...go me.) -drachen
  • I celebrate Robonodon... -CommanderData
  • What's Robonodon? Google didn't know either. -VFox
  • Heh. SysAdmin Day apparently falls on the same day as my birthday. Apropos, since I spent the day troubleshooting my firewall settings (which is why I wasn't on to see this post until now). -LinuXtreme
  • "Robonodon, do do do-do-do. Robonodon, do do do. Robonodon, do do do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do do do do-do-do." -rokitt
  • a dancing muppet holiday? -goblin69
  • Robonodon? Isn't that the holiday Bender made up on Futurama? -MisterCommon
  • The ultimate in Harry Potter Spoilers - - Its funny:))))) (Reposting timelady's link without format-messing comments) [By: Tekkie / 2007-07-23]
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  • 8-P~~~~~~~ -ShujinTribble
  • For the Grammar Nazi in all of us - w/thanks to VCB for the title suggestion. Note: MASSIVE keyboard alert! [By: CTYankee / 2007-07-23]
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  • lol -compbrat
  • Soooo.... That was 'TheGhost' in real life, I assume? -ShujinTribble
  • roflmao -virusjtg
  • Ahem. Shujin, I find your remark insulating. My grandma is not that bad, and I always proof-ream before posting. ;-) <Runs to the LARD shelter> -TheGhost
  • I love that guy's 'what do teachers make?' poem. Great stuff. -drachen
  • "What do Terachers Make" was honestly better than this one, even though this was incredibly funny. Everyone mispeels stuff form tine to tine, but how often does someone so eloquently stand up for the teaching profession like that? -OgdenTechGuy
  • The ultimate in Harry Potter Spoilers - Its funny:))))) [By: timelady / 2007-07-22]
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  • LARTs ST with a muggle bat for breaking the formatting of the main page. -RiffRaff
  • too. -Calydor
  • Whilst at Smelly's bbq, a friend of mine texted me to say that his plan for the evening was to run past the 250-deep queue waiting for the new HP, waving a copy of the book, screaming "oh my god, Hermione's dead!", and seeing if he could make it to safety before getting mobbed. -Diptera
  • Dipteria, I still reckon we all should have done it... :-p -CommanderData
  • Why spend the cash on better modems - When you can have an underground sex dungeon? [By: vacuumtubes / 2007-07-19]
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  • so wait, if I subcontract out the secret underground lair of the W.O.o.T ( World Organization of Techs) I can get sued? WTF kind of world are we living in? -drachen
  • nevermind, finished reading the article, turns out he's being sued because he didn't pay for it. -drachen
  • Just goes to show, if you're going to have elaborate, SECRET work done... PAY FOR IT. -evolvedstarfish
  • This maintains the notion in some of my old posts, namely that the rich are some of the cheapest tosspots to be found anywhere. -lineswine
  • I was going to comment on something about thats how they stay rich. Then I realized if this guy is as addicted to ecstasy as they say he is he's probably spent all his money getting high. -adarklite
  • Soooo.... It's still OK for me to build MY underground ponygirl space? -ShujinTribble
  • No, ST. Ponygirls need lots of room to run free. If you keep them too cooped up, they get too lethargic. -VFox
  • Thanks Fox... Forgot. (Smirk) -ShujinTribble
  • Ok, What's War1ock up to now??? - SFW [By: Ulfgaard / 2007-07-13]
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  • Ya know, something about screwing with your own city like that just seems like a bad idea. -Bobsentme
  • I'm just tryin to make a few extra bucks. -War1ock
  • I'll just add that the people who set up to announce the name - SHOULD have already picked up the domain! Silly, silly people. I'm torn between the guy having to sell the name at what he paid for it (to avoid scalping) and the people who didn't plan ahead having to pay big bucks for it. Sigh. -ralphp1024
  • I say to sell it to them for a lifetime pass, then trying to single-handedly run them out of business by going there every day. Failing that, he should see if he could get some really odd payment, like $2.36 in change, every coin represented, and only a prime number of each coin. -bbcisdabomb
  • its not possible to have $2.36 with every coin represented and a prime number of every coin. -hskrfan23
  • The real issue is that the poor planning on part of some folks created an entreprenurial opportunity and someone noticed it. Negotiate, be prepared to acclaim the reasonableness of the individual and get a bit smarter next time, clowns! -TieDyedDinosaur
  • Actually, hskrfan23, it IS possible. One dollar coin, one half-dollar, two quarters, three dimes, one nickel, and one penny. That's all American coins currently in circulation, and a prime number of each. Gods, how geeky am I... -Magikcat
  • Ok, upon reflection, I realize one isn't considered a prime number (I always forget that...). So, hskrfan23 is correct. You need two of each coin to start with, and that is more than $2.36. Boy, is my face red. -Magikcat
  • don't feel bad, I got called out on that same thing by my 15 yr old sister magic, how dumb did I feel? I still hold that it is a prime number to her to this day, lol -hskrfan23
  • Not to mention that dimes (10 cents) are not prime... 10 has factors of 1, 2, 5, and 10. -EagleEye
  • OH, nevermind, read it wrong... the prime number is the number of each type of coin I guess? (And since when is 1 not a prime number?) -EagleEye
  • The definition of a prime number is a number that has only two divisors (itself and 1). One can't be a prime as it has only 1 divisor. -Armakuni
  • Star Wars Helpdesk - I haven't seen this before, but its pretty freakin' funny. [By: CelticSkyhawk / 2007-07-11]
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  • I just inhaled what I was eating. that's friggin funny. -AdmiralLaurie
  • Is that the one with the stormtrooper on the help desk? I've had that for years. Very funny! -Wraith556
  • First time ive seen it...someone owes me a new keyboard :-p -LassTech
  • Had to clean bits of tostito scoops and salsa con queso off part of the laptop....pretty funny! -FormerSithLord
  • have you seen this one: -drachen
  • Is that the one where Chad Vader does printer support? -adarklite
  • no it's the one where chad vader is the day manager for a supermarket -drachen
  • Good one Drachen!! If anyone finds a link for Chad in printer support would love to see search results turned up nothing for it :-( -LassTech
  • Remembering Kury - 7 and a half months ago, my Friend Tammy lost her daughter to a drunk driver. The drunk driver was given a slap on the wrist because he was a minor. My friend Tammy needs some support. please visit the link and read her story, and if you could drop her a line and let her know how you feel, and if you could. Pass this on. it's not a chain letter. it's a sad fact of american justice. [By: drachen / 2007-06-28]
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  • That was a big miscarriage of justice. He should at least be gang-pressed into helping clean the aftermath of accidents. -adarklite
  • That is a sick, sad way to carry out 'justice'...where is the justice for Kury and her son ? -persephone
  • Commented. -lineswine
  • unfortunately that's not uncommon. American justice is an oxy moron at best. at worst, its a sick and cruel joke. -AdmiralLaurie
  • And I got three years for checking the wrong box on a government form. Shit like this pisses me off. Methinks the driver's personal information should be made public so he can start receiving loads of hate mail. -RiffRaff
  • karma and $deity will bring down the hammer on him one day and it will last for ever.... and in keeping the balance, there will at least be a day when they are back together again in happiness. This is why having an 8 month old daughter scares the hell out of me every day. -RA
  • Wow. :( I posted, and I read it to Chris. I'll send the link to my friends and family as well. Kury will be remember. Drachen, has she contacted MADD or SADD in hopes that they might be able to help? -taieena
  • I m so terribly sorry. there is no greater anguish for a mother than facing the loss of their child. And in such a senseless way, with no justice to at least provide some closure, some sense to the loss. Love to the family, espicially Gabriel. -timelady
  • I can certainly empathize. 25 months ago, I lost a cousin because of a drunk driver. It was the kid's 3rd DUI, he was 22, and driving on a license only meant to be used to go to and from work. The punishment? A year of work release... -DatabaseMonkey
  • and done... -HappyCrappy
  • Haven't found the knucklehead yet, but is this the judge??? -virtualchoirboy
  • Every day I think to myself how "civilization" is much less civilized than it should be. -YourLastHope
  • Wait a second... He's a minor, and because of that he only got a slap on the wrist for drunk driving? The way I see it, he should have gotten extra punishment for underage drinking. I sometimes hate how justice is served in this country. -MarkerMage
  • the lack of remorse worries me more than anything, drunk driving, refusing to stop the car are just unforgivable but finding an orphaned child funny, is just sick, i have sick humor but that is apauling that guy as a waste of meat and bone and should have been delt with accordingly -r3tude
  • I have no tolerance for drunknuggets. -vacuumtubes
  • Sh!t like this made me stop wanting to be a lawyer as I had planned when i started college. My condolences, for what they're worth. -beerman
  • I'm so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts and prayers will be with Kury's family. And I will pray that somehow justice will be visited on that driver, and on the judge who let him off so easily. -tech4alltrades
  • Nice Tech Story :P -ChingChong
  • I don't see what the big deal is here. Justice was done in a court of law. Try to get over it and just have another kid. -HughJass
  • I hate to egg on the troll but: look Egg-shit, NO BODY HERE LIKES YOU, your a pathetic waist of sperm that should have been sucked out with a hoover, It doesn't matter how many names you make up for yourself you still a pethetic loser who's only joy in life is messing with people on the internet. If you were really a human being I'd give a flying rats ass about what you do or say, but since your nothing but the fungus on a pile of donkey dung, you don't matter to me or anyone with half a brain. BTW: let me cut off your leg and we'll see how quickly you get over it and grow a new one. I'm going to talk to hawk about getting your ip banned. -drachen
  • Possible SGTARKyTEK sighting in Boston. - It looks like he's at it again! [By: lineswine / 2007-06-22]
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  • <listens carefully> Banjos! BANJOS! FLEE!! -Gromit
  • Laser Magician - Very nice magic act with lasers. No sharks, though. [By: Splunge / 2007-06-22]
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  • "AAAH! My eye!" <Tallest> -teivrann
  • Pretty cool, I figured out how he did some of that, but some of it I'm not sure. -Gunpe
  • i though it was resonant ligh tricks you no similar to the time pool with resinant light and water droplets. you notice its strobing at the end, perhaps thats there to render partially the resonant frequency of the bean to make it appear physycally shapable, the hanger trick i cant explain -r3tude
  • Pretty cool. -FixitWench
  • Goddamned popup sites that refer to some sort of fake cleaning program rather than the site I want to see. -Calydor
  • There is a major infaction of web servers out there that is using various exploits to post an iframe onto the server; the target of the iframe in turn tries a bunch of exploits to drop a set of viruses onto your browser. A lot of sites will suddenly show popups because they've been infected; and will stop when their owners clean them up. When I tried it, it was clean... -chazz
  • Jedi have nothing on this guy. -AngrySup
  • Still referring to DriveCleaner (through SharpAdverts) when I try to load the page, on a different computer this time. Very annoying, but finally got it to show the vid - very nice trick. -Calydor
  • Using MVPS hosts file with Firefox over here, no popups/warnings at all. -BayouTech
  • Adblock on FF did just fine, no popups. -Grue
  • stupid content filter... /walks away mumbling to himself -TechnoTherapist
  • PONG - its old school browser based fun. Use the hand to move the paddel, or just watch as the game plays itself. [By: virusjtg / 2007-06-20]
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  • The game cheats. ;) just not cordinated enough on my notebook -compbrat
  • It didn't work in Firefox for me but it worked OK in IE6. -Gunpe
  • Worked fine in Firefox using IEtab -Grembo
  • Damn!! IT censors got to the game before I could. Will have to check it out at home. -adarklite
  • Definitely not coordinated enough to play that this early... besides, would rather play Jardinains ( *grin* -teivrann
  • EMail Punctuation Rules - I think this will help sooth over the inHuman Resources folks and make them all feely-goody - but will help us vent our anger [By: ralphp1024 / 2007-06-17]
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  • I've used that system so many times it's rediculous in the last two years... -Mushroom
  • Some companies are getting the message - "You & I know that the phrase "The customer is always right " is complete rubbish. Well, it appears we ain't the only ones. [By: lineswine / 2007-06-13]
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  • YES! It's working. Keep on thinking this, techs - it's starting to seep into the collective. Repeat after me: "There's no place like -"... oh wait, wrong pep rally... -teivrann
  • One word for you to see how well this attitude works. WEGMANS (Dot Com) -ShujinTribble
  • Office Poltergeist - Install the OfficePoltergeist server on a victim's computer and you can take possession of it. Use OfficePoltergeist to: Play spooky sounds,Open or close cd drives,Transmit text through your victim's keyboard,Make windows shake,Turn monitors on and off,Move windows slightly left and right, send popup alert messages [By: redfaery / 2007-06-13]
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  • -BarmanVarn
  • My AV software pegged this as a trojan and canceled the download. I see some reviews saying don't dl it, some say it's ok. Anyone know for sure? -BarmanVarn
  • Well, by definition it is a Trojan isn't it? -ShiftedBeef
  • Actually I can see this being a security hazard anyways as it opens port 666. So it opens it up to the world pretty much. -ShiftedBeef
  • LOL. Y, I agree, but just making sure that is on the "up and up". -BarmanVarn
  • As benign and fun as that seems, the use of port 666 automatically makes it a no no here at work. Now, if they could make it use Port 25 I could disguise it as a LJ4101mfp..hmmmmmm -frprinterwiz
  • I tried it and it does just what it seems to, takes limited control over anothers pc for the things it says it does, so far I haven't seen it do anything else malicious, but then again it's pretty locked down here. -redfaery
  • Oh, how I'd love to use this right now for the dumb, yakking bitch in my office. Too bad our AV picks it up as a trojan and blocks it. This could be fun. -FixitWench
  • *starts handing out presentation cards to everyone* "Have Ghost. Will travel." <Evil Supernatural Grin> -TheGhost
  • I've never done it, but wondering if the executable could be modified to change the port number. -FixitWench
  • It acts like a trojan, so I'm not touching it with a barge pole. -lineswine
  • I've recompiled it to use port 25 if anyone is interested. It's not hard to do since they supplied the source code and gave the link to the compiler. -Gunpe
  • Update, it won't work on port 25, but it will on port 10. -Gunpe
  • I cna't get it to work at all. AVG blocks it on one PC and trying it locally on my own doesn't seem to have an effect. -OgdenTechGuy
  • Zoom Quilt - Wow! All of a sudden it felt like I was having a flashback to my younger, chemically induced, days. [By: AngrySup / 2007-06-08]
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  • it's too bad this link was completely passed up, I clicked I enjoyed. -drachen
  • Mad World - Wow! All of a sudden it felt like a flashback to my younger, chemically induced, days. Be sure to use the slider on the left. [By: AngrySup / 2007-06-08]
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  • It tab-bombed me. (Just like the last time I think someone posted this link. Warning: possibly dangerous *.swf file in link.) -Captain Trips
  • worked fine for me -OgdenTechGuy
  • No bombing here.... FF Win2k javascript off then on (Gotta love NoScript) -ShujinTribble
  • All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere (OK, so I couldn't resist...sue me!) -lineswine
  • The after effects were not too bad either, I just thought it was illegal to take video of my workplace! -thatgirl
  • I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad... The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had... -exzyle2k
  • And I find it hard to tell you cause I find it hard to take; when people run in circles, it's a very, very... mad world... mad world... -Veinor
  • Another addictive game... - Yeah, this one's the perfect time waster. The sound is cool too. Chain reaction bomb-fest! Enjoy! :D [By: rokitt / 2007-06-05]
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  • Gee, I know what I am going to be doing today. Iinda like Missile Command, but with cool tunes. Thanks Rokitt! -computerdoc
  • fun...beat it...might play again later. -compbrat
  • You are not allowed to access this website? Damn network nazis. -adarklite
  • Did it, but the 12th level took me several goes. -lineswine
  • 12th level took forever here, but was completed eventually. I think I dragged the average down a bit. -Calydor
  • Completed level 12 all i can see is little exploding -TubPorsche
  • Got within one dot of completing level 12... then started losing ground, so called it quits. I'll have to try again... -chazz
  • Final score on level 12 263. Only took be a few tries :) -virusjtg
  • bested my self 274 -virusjtg
  • Final score on level 12: 314, after managing somehow to clear them all. -teivrann
  • How a mouse relly works! - Slowly move your mouse over the light gray circle and you will see how the magic works:) [By: timelady / 2007-05-27]
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    How the mouse works! - Slowly move your mouse over the light gray circle and you will see how the magic works:) [By: timelady / 2007-05-27]
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  • LOL, that's priceless -spectreoflife
  • I knew my pointer had been outsourced... -Mushroom
  • Shaw. People powered. -CaffeineHead
  • Hahaha... Mush, now if a customer says their mouse don't work just tell 'em, "the outsourcers have the day off. try again later." -HopiWarrior
  • Awesome! and Japanese people here know what they are saying? -LowLevelFormat
  • ...I only know how to dog paddle.</Fezzik> -ShujinTribble
  • LOL CH! That was my exact reaction as well. -Snakeeye
  • $82 for a screw? -
    Someone paid 61 Euros for a screw for a Sony product.

    Folks, I can't make a snarky comment that doesn't pale next to the truth. [By: Divinar / 2007-05-26]
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  • Or lik when I ordered missing BT for a Dell Laptop. This is what I got: -Dr Jerkyl
  • Divinar, that happens to me all the time. I'm running out of things bad enought to call these corporations. -IceRuby
  • The gamer has rizen - And I like the result. I think this is cool, warning it is also infectious. (Meaning it sticks in your brain, not that it carries a payload.) This is SFW. [By: virusjtg / 2007-05-25]
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  • Twitch, we both know the only thing "infectious" about that is the club scene's with the girls shakin' their butts, now don't we? -RA
  • How does a mouse REALLY work? - How does the small arrow on your computer monitor work when you move the mouse? With the aid of a special screen magnifying lens, the mechanism becomes apparent. Follow the link, and the image may take a minute or two to download and when it appears, slowly move your mouse over the light gray circle and you will see how the magic works. [By: timelady / 2007-05-24]
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    Have a slogan - This has got to be worth at least a couple of chuckles. [By: drachen / 2007-05-23]
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  • btw it mixes things from daily life, like beer and paris hilton with popular commercial slogans. like "War: tastes great, less filling" or "Beer: Ya we've got that" it's random as far as I can tell. -drachen
  • Audio warning: It does say something when you first hit the site. Some are really... bizarre: "Necrophilia. That was easy." <shudder> -chazz
  • somehow, it came up with "Sodomy: it does a body good" O.o -razmann
  • Code Monkey - Just a little homage to the humble programmer in love, seen through the eyes of singer Jonathan Coulton. [By: Dante668 / 2007-05-23]
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  • damnit, i'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day tomorrow. oh well, it could be worse (starts singing banana phone) DAMNIT!!! -razmann
  • I dig the Warcraft theme. -BarmanVarn
  • Hell, It's About Time - Looks like I'm back to loosing sleep & playing 'till 2 in the morning. [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-05-19]
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  • I had a feeling this would be the big announcement. -RandalGraves
  • Damn! -DedSysOp
  • I was hoping for Lost Vikings 2 /flee -OgdenTechGuy
  • Great, just what I need. Another game that's going to consume my life, job, and relationship.... -unrenowned
  • So where is Diablo 3 already? -ShiftedBeef
  • w00t! Best. News. Ever. -gwendes
  • Well, at least it's not 'World Of Starcraft'....mind you, with a clan of Dark Archons with mind control.... -EtherRabbit
  • I can say one sentence that will ruin your guys' excitement....but I won't. -adarklite
  • Hmm... adarklite, I'd hazard a guess it has something to do with the release date? Knowing Blizzard, we can expect this out 2013. -Galandar
  • we has tribbles. - Lolcats language in a Star Trek tale - Tribbles, to be exact. [By: timelady / 2007-05-02]
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  • I be rolling. LOL! -TechnoVampire
  • I HAS LOLZ NOW! -Grue
  • I be in muthuh fukin fone booth. -vacuumtubes
  • (GROWL) I be THE Shujin Tribble! I'm in y'r meme... screwin' wid da Bell Curb! -ShujinTribble
  • I is eccatstic! That was so awesome :D -Elfling
  • I iz ROFDL!! -MadJack
  • 1 iz splitting sides laffings LOL! -rokitt
  • I is at workz, cleaning mah screenz ! -EtherRabbit
  • I are channeling Burrkiss... Watching your pr0n... OMGWTFBBQSAUCE!!!11 ZGB PR0N!! -unrenowned
  • ZOMG! I has zoda on my monitor lololol! -TheGhost
  • I laffin atz yer linkz!!! -Bobsentme
  • BEST. BIT. EVER. That is all... -PTSTech
  • Spock still be sexy! -IceRuby
  • I has juice on monitor. -Mahal
  • im at my kompooter, LOLing at yer siteZ -56Kdaytrader
  • I had a LOL but I eated it. -Tekkie
  • no spaes lolrus? do not want! lolz -Mushroom
  • The Trouble with Tribbles from the Klingon perspective - (20 MB WMV file) -Divinar
  • Whut? -Captain Trips
  • I made a post, but i eated it -CommanderData
  • I has a NEW MOUUUUUSSSSSEEEEE!!!!! -momo
  • Invisible Klingon! -flapjackboy
  • i biltz u a brd 0f pr3y, but i cl0ak3ded it :( -Harm
  • <Duras Sisters> We has got Enterprises shield frequencies. <Riker> OMG HAX! -flapjackboy
  •!!!.jpg -TechnoVampire
  • i be smilingz biggly. :D c? <g> -TheMacOne
  • I lol'd -Snakeeye
  • Starfish: The Early Years... -

    Alright, we've all wondered about Starfish and their ability to produce insane amounts of stupidity. But what about when they were kids?

    Here's a young starfish hard at work with a bomb bag. Now for those of you who are not familiar with bomb bags, they are little bags you get from a candy machine (used to have them at the Worst Buy that I was employed with many years ago).

    Here's a link and excerpt about bomb bags: "The devices are triggered by squeezing a small capsule which released citric acid which combines with bicarbonate of soda crystals to produce an explosion."

    [By: unrenowned / 2007-04-30]
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  • Darwin Award nominee! His last words will be "Hey dude! Hold my beer and watch this!" -Wraith556
  • WOOT, if he keeps doing things like that he will not be able to breed. -conundrum
  • In the voice of Yosemite Sam, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck..." -vacuumtubes
  • DAMN!!! Now that has potential. -redevil34
  • WTF??? Explosion. In. Crotch Region. = not painful? I hope that eliminated any future chance of procreation. -MacDaddy
  • He won't be doing that trick again anytime soon. -Mushroom
  • I think he should try a stick of dynamite next. -Wraith
  • Y'know, of all the 'agendas' and so-called interest groups everyone is usually paranoid about, the only one that would never even need to recruit is a starfish-oriented one. -teivrann
  • Wow.. that was amusing to watch, but on the page that was brought up after was this "special" bit of footage: -spectreoflife
  • Who here works at Dell? -
    While I have some sympathy for not liking the amount of questions before we can get to the TS, this customer is NUTS.

    YouTube, Audio-only, NSFW [By: Divinar / 2007-04-23]
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  • I'm thinking this tech guy wanted to egg this customer on, and he did so beautifully. I'd say that tech was either inhumanly patient or looking for a good hard laugh; that would be the only reasons the call wouldn't have been released after he started in yelling and cursing. -RamenMcTavish
  • Customer was abusive, but if I were the agent, I'd have gathered enough info to know it was him, then told him to hold it down just to get the pendejo off my phone -56Kdaytrader
  • I would have hung up on the jerk. -drachen
  • That, my friends, was effin awesome! -RA
  • scary, but i think i talked to him before, wait no, he didn't threaten to come own there and destroy all the cars in the parking lot -razmann
  • Oh that's really funny, the guy is clearly just screwing with him. -Armakuni
  • And THAT is the reason I will not work in a call center. Geezus, wtf is wrong with people? -FixitWench
  • AAAAhhhhhh a master peace. Kudos to the Dell tech. -virusjtg
  • I think I saw this guy on the subway today, calling his G/F "fscking stupid c8nt" over and over. Oh ya, cuz I LOOKED at him, i am a fscking white c8nt. I loved the deadpan comeback of the Dell rep, and I hope someday to learn how to do that, how to cut the abusive tards DEAD. :) -Mysty
  • I laughed; I cried. This call should be in every call center training class. And the resolution to the call.... *wipes tears away* -ThinTheHerd
  • I hurt from laughing. I love how the guy accuses the tech of not being helpful when he *solved the problem*. And I have no idea how that tech managed to weather all that. My hat's off to you, Dell-dude. -Mushroom
  • Oh, and the "you can put that in your record" closing comment... done and done, eh? :) -Mushroom
  • Reminds me of a call when on Hell support where a guy insisted it was a Hell desktop, had service tag #. System locked up on shutdown. Unplugging power cord still resulted in "Windows98 is now shutting down". Guy was trying to bullshit me into fixing his Compaq laptop because their t/s was so crappy -Grembo
  • "How do I shut this computer off!?" That's easy sir, just bribe me to do it for you since your obviously too dense to RTFM. Oh yeah, almost forgot sir, I like cheese. -unrenowned
  • Lovely...the tech handled it so beautifully! It would have passed any QA. -sarahtech
  • it's been removed, did anyone capture it for posterity? -JohnnyCache
  • JC - Here's a another link: -h3x0n1c
  • Sponsor An Indy 500 Linux Car! - "Our goal is simple: we want to collect community donations to enter a Linux sponsored car in the 2007 Indianapolis 500." - A more dertailed thread will also be posted in the Break Room. [By: RiffRaff / 2007-04-20]
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  • "....she goes as fast as half-eaten herrings through a Puffer's tail." -ShujinTribble
  • ...and most of them are Microsoft! - The 20 most annoying IT products - it's official (well, almost). Amazing how Windows Vista comes in at no. 8, only two down from Bonzai Buddy! [By: Gromit / 2007-04-17]
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  • What's really scary is how many of those our company uses... -CommanderData
  • Agree with every single one. esp realnetworks, i spent countless pointless hours trying to destroy that bloody message center. -Armakuni
  • I personally don't think it will be long until Facebook gets in there. -ShiftedBeef
  • Don't Copy That Floppy! - An amusing 1990's anti-piracy thing I found. [By: Dreamstalker / 2007-04-14]
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  • "If you copy software, you'll bring about the END OF THE COMPUTER AGE!" Hmm. That little myth didn't work out too well, did it? They probably bought into Y2K, too. -Seamus
  • is it bad that as soon as i saw that i thought to myself "how did they get a video that long to fit on a floppy disk"? -razmann
  • Back when I first saw that I remember thinking to myself two things: 1) There's no way that monitor has that kind of resolution, and 2) this is utter BS! they'd never would have copied that game because they forgot to slide the plastic switch on the disk to enable writing!! -unrenowned
  • LOL... Everyone bow down to DJ M.E. Hart! Yeah. Now, wasn't the girl going to dash off so she wouldn't be late for 4th period, then she stays for another 8 minutes of watching bad rap and then starts another game? She is sooo busted. And somehow I don't think most of the companies that are listed at the end were fatally hurt by floppy copying... not even MECC, which faded away not because of people copying "Oregon Trail" and "Number Munchers" but because they didn't move their Apple // software line to the PC fast enough. -Mushroom
  • Following the link I found this other pearl... : A prank call to BSA -Dr Jerkyl
  • Following the link I found this other pearl... : A prank call to BSA -Dr Jerkyl
  • SWAT Training - To quote from a 1969 movie--"Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?" [By: vacuumtubes / 2007-04-13]
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  • "Teriffic. I'm about to get killed a million miles from nowhere with a gung-ho Iguana" </The Last Starfighter> -lineswine
  • "And I said,'yeah baby yeah! I am the Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight!!'"</Evil Midnight Bomber> -unrenowned
  • "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" </Michael Caine> -Gromit
  • 110+ Things I'm Not Allowed to Do - ... at Work. In the proud tradition of Skippy's List, a lot of ways to get in trouble in your workplace. [By: Dante668 / 2007-04-11]
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  • Excellent! I love Skippy's list, and this list truly follows it's grand tradition. -ThreeBucks
  • I wanna know what somebody did to get #49 & #87 on that list... *bfeg* -unrenowned
  • #96... ohhhh yeah! -TechnoTherapist
  • I personally like #19. If only.... -kman52000
  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Now that was exactly what i needed on this dark day. Thanks for the laugh! -Servo
  • unrenowned - I clicked the link to his buddy's LiveJournal and found that number 49 was directly related to number 48. -ManyHats
  • Seems to me that #20 should be #22 -- as in Catch 22! "If the phones are down, I can't leave the phones unattended to fix the phones." ("Fred, did you get my e-mail about the e-mail being down? Can you e-mail me an estimated time to repair it?") -Captain Trips
  • Oh, excuse me, I hadn't seen #24 yet... -Captain Trips
  • Fsck whatever the boss says, if I had the ability to do 118, I'd do it. Just offer them a cut and they might STFU. -Mewtwo
  • The perfect bacon butty! - For the US it's burgers and pizza, but in the UK it's BACON BUTTIES! (Sandwiches to the uninitiated, those west of the Azores, or south of Potters Bar) [By: Gromit / 2007-04-09]
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  • I thought they were called 'sarnies' on the other side of the pond.. 'butties' is just weird. -NightSteel
  • Nightsteel A: its the brits ye dont wanna confuse them cos.....well its too easy and B: instead of trying,say to cure various diseases or do something constructive their "experts" spent more then 1000 HOURS.....making sandwiches :) -starfishmagnet
  • Bacon and "butty" in the same line. It makes me hungry and horny. Is that normal? -TheGhost
  • Decidedly abnormal, old wraith, considering that as you're ethereal you can neither eat nor shag. Tough being dead, innit? ;-) -Gromit
  • NS: butty and sarnie are both synonyms for sandwich in the UK. -flapjackboy
  • Sarnies is what those southerners call it and a butty is what a northener calls it -Zoomer
  • This is the sort of thing that makes me proud to be a UK university graduate. -pmillipede
  • Three rashers?!?!?! God, tight yorkshire buggers, you need at least 5 tsk tsk and a nice runny egg too....hmmmmmm <wonders off to the kitchen> -Armakuni
  • Jar-Jar Dead ? - For everyone who wanted to see Jar-Jar die, I guess this is the closest we'll ever get. [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-04-08]
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  • Actually, there's a "Star Wars Fan Fiction Award" winning animation of Jar-Jar getting the boot from George Lucas himself. The proper way, since he's a CG character, is: "Control-sa -- alt-sa -- delete-sa." -Captain Trips
  • When mgmt overrules I.T. - Yea, that'd keep me up all night too. [By: EtherRabbit / 2007-04-07]
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    CIO Insight Article - Women In I.T. - Chief Information Officer Insight magazine is bemoaning the slowly declining number of women in I.T. Is this true in Tech Support, as well? If so, what do you think the reasons are? [By: MSimmons777 / 2007-04-04]
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  • "Also, she writes, "the image of the 'computer guy' is very unappealing to young women." Ouch. Just...ouch. -Bobsentme
  • I think it might be true. It's a male dominated field, and some women are too intimated by that. -FixitWench
  • If you want a pack of ungrateful whinging brats that expect you to wipe their butts, just have kids. The effect is shorter lived though as kids can be taught...fishes can't. -ChildofCthulhu
  • Our helpdesk has been trying to get more women on the phones. Until just recently, there was just one. I just finished training two. -RamenMcTavish
  • Well, considering our manager is a woman, and the director above her is also, and that the manager just finished interviewing yet another woman, I can't say that I see that from here. -Captain Trips
  • well every person interviewed for my assistant was a male, allthough i know a fair few women who are well teckie I debate with a woman on world of warcraft about my SLI rig and LCD specs which is refreshing -r3tude
  • Wait a minute, who said they're not appealing?! I know a field tech, there isn't a thing he's lacking. Looks and brains, oh yes! -IceRuby
  • I've met quite a number of women techs, and many of them love working in IT. Even when I was in college, many of the Tier 2 people, supervisors, etc., were women -elcapitane
  • There are always going to be spots where you might find women in IT, *especially* on Help Desks and in low-end network admin types of jobs. It's much rarer to find women in the high end, high paying positions, like CCIE types, network analysis, programming, and consulting. I think intimidation still has a lot to do with it. -TechMama
  • I talk to mostly other techs, and I don't encounter very many female techs at all. Personally I think that tech requires a certain type of brain and the pressure to recruit more women into the hard sciences is draining the pool of tech-brained women so there are fewer to go into tech in the first place. Add that to the shortage of entry-level jobs (usually due to outsourcing) in tech, and you get a smaller pool of techs in general. -pixel
  • and the potentially unpopular thought of the day: "The loss of women from the IT landscape is bad news for business." Why is it bad for business? If you can't get a woman to fill the IT position, and there's a man willing to do it, how does that hurt business? The work will still get done. -Bynar
  • It's bad for business because any time you lose qualified potential employees from the pool, the overall quality of the pool is going to go down. I don't think the whining that tech companies are doing about needing more visas is accurate, though -- they just don't want to pay the salaries that people already living here would expect them to pay. So, they try to pretend they are still home-grown by keeping the office here, but they try to fill the office with cheaper Visa workers. The rule for hiring is simple: If you don't like your qualified applicant pool, pay more, and it will get better. -TechMama
  • Depends on how you define "women in IT." In my experience, plenty in management (but with today's management philosophy, finding a manager that's actually DONE the work is all but impossible), and none on the front lines... -PTSTech
  • If not for the "women want to have children" stereotype in that article.... -CommanderData
  • Le sigh. Here is my take. Women managers often felt they had to be 'tougher' than male counterparts to rise. and there was definitely a glass ceiling on that. I was training software engineers, and to some of them, I was either a mere clerical type parroting info, or a sex object. I don't mind being thought of as sexy - hell, these dys, I would love it, but I am NOONES object. NOr d I appreciate being treated as such. And no, I am no ignorant clerical type. Yes, I can program, I can discuss principles of software engineering (lets talk about the wterfll model as applied to oo programming an an embedded environment, shall we?). I could soon reeducate, but really! Oh, I must say, when everyone got to know me, I would sometimes turn up barefoot to take a few classes. Heavily pregnant. With a plate of fresh mde muffins from the canteen. And then laugh at their reactions. And teach.It just messed with their stereotypes nicely:) -timelady
  • Actually I think its because the women got tired of the geeks staring at their b00bies... -unrenowned
  • It's started.... - For those of you who think the Internet is full of shit - this is the obvious next step. Let the pun-fest begin! [By: Gromit / 2007-04-01]
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  • Take the time to follow all the links and you will be rewarded by gems sych as "including 24-hour, on-site technical support in the event of backup problems, brownouts and data wipes." <Exits, giggling hysterically> -Gromit
  • "And you can rest assured that under no circumstances will the TiSP system ever expose your privates." Hmmmmm... -unrenowned
  • Genius! -ch41nbr8kr
  • So, did Beavis need TiSP for his bunghole instead? -56Kdaytrader
  • I can only guess at what they'll add on as a firewall... (ek9g) -MadJack
  • SF: "My internet is down!" IT: "We'll dispatch a plumber ASAP." -EtherRabbit
  • Paper Airplane - OT/NT - 5 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. [By: AngrySup / 2007-04-01]
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  • Damn. didn't mean to bump the link 'o the day. Feel free to kick me off. -AngrySup
  • Sure you didn't... Next thing you know is somebody is gonna bump your like, then theirs is gonna get bumped and so on, until it becomes a bumping competition which Burkiss will mistake for something sexual and he'll start posting his personal ZGB porn collection mixed in with a few personal "candy" snaps... *shudders* eeeewwww... Thanks a lot man, didn't need that mental image. -unrenowned
  • But can it fly? -Grembo
  • ...or more importantly, Will it Blend? -Bynar
  • "Paper Airplane smoke.... Don't BREATH this!" -ShujinTribble
  • I sat there expecting him to FLY the plane .. Whats wrong with the airplanes from grade 3 anyways.. Those ones always flew the farthest. Not sure on how they blend though -donk
  • L33t Haxxorz movie - VH1's Acceptable.TV short film, with l33t subtitles -- laughed my ass off. (Someone set up him the bomb, lol!!1!)
    [By: Mushroom / 2007-03-27]
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  • I call Bullshit... No tech has that good a throwing arm. -ShujinTribble
  • The BSOD is the best part. I've said it before, I've never known any geek to type in h4x0r. From what I've seen, it's some load of crap that the "socially acceptable" crowd uses in chat rooms to pretend that they know how to use a computer and are l33t. -squatchie666
  • Can you do it? - This should be interesting to see some of the comments and how many people could actually do this or not. [By: shortythetech / 2007-03-23]
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  • I can and do go without touching a computer most weekends. I use them so much at work that I don't even want to look at mine at home, and I have 4 networked at home. -Gunpe
  • I smell unused bandwidth! YAY!!! (FO2, anyone?) -Bobsentme
  • I could ... if I weren't the only 7/24 on-call person for our AS/400. As such, I may be able to go without for 24 hours, but can't guarantee it -- if something were to come up and I didn't connect in, it would be my job. Not to mention severe impact to the company. (This is why I feel computers are evil. They've already taken over our lives, and AI has yet to become practical let alone commonplace!) -Captain Trips
  • Pretty much any other weekend, I could... but I'm mid-contract on a PHP thing that has to go live 1 April, and I want to get my part of it out the door soon enough that it can be tested before it goes live. -chazz
  • As I posted somewhere else: On a 4Chan Caturday?! That's just CRAZY-TALK! -ShujinTribble
  • Not a problem for me this Saturday - I've got so much domestic shit to get through I'll not have a chance to get anywhere near a computer. Apart from my nightly IRC chats, but they don't count - I don't log in until after midnight anyay. <g> -Gromit
  • I can't, finding ajob is too important right now, need to search each day. -Wolfie0827
  • I can do it. My 14yo daughter is taking me out to a Weird Al concert that night. No. Wait. I'm living vicariously through timelady. Darn. -maciarc
  • With a little effort, I'd say we all could. (It's just a matter of breaking w/ the habit of checking e-mail and TSC once a day, wait, what, no TSC for 24 entire hours? (Well, on a weekend, not QUITE so hard, since it's so much quieter here after hours...) -MadJack
  • As I've said: almost any other weekend. Vacation last year was out in the country, no computer, 5 days, no withrawal symptoms. Year before was even further out: a pay phone and that was it, 6 days, oh so very peaceful. But ya can't spring this sort of thing on me with no warning... and I can't turn off three of my machines, which are firewall, and web / email servers for clients. -chazz
  • If only our SF could do this... the queues might actually be QUIET! -MadJack
  • shut down for a day? off puter or just internet or both? WTF- not a prob. off all electricity- no big deal- fuck can you do it- thats PUSSY SHIT, try none of any of that and getting shot at, fuck you all. -HappyCrappy
  • /me stands up clutching a cigarette and a cup of coffee (although I don't drink the stuff...) "My name is Unrenowned, and I'm a compuholic..." *bolts for the LART shelter* -unrenowned
  • It depends. Yes and No. I can't go past Scorched3D ATM. Reminds me of a very BASIC game called Monkey inside QBASIC. (Win 3.1 anyone? :) Those 2D graphics... </reminisces> -TheMacOne
  • Not when you're working... -MadJack
  • I can...working in ISP support, when I get home, the last thing I typically want to do is get online. -RamenMcTavish
  • Probably not. I'd start twitching. I need medieval baubles, swinging sticks, and much shopping to keep me away without the need for psychiatric intervention. -56Kdaytrader
  • Nope, if I have a day without computer games I start trying to reinact them in the office instead. Then I have to get reminded that I am NOT in fact a warlock and cannot cast Immolate on central support... -CommanderData
  • I did it! Of course, mowing the yard (first time this year) and doing the home-made bread AND watching anime (on DVDs of course!) helped. -ralphp1024
  • ShujinTribble, you're such a /b/. Its all about /fl/. -Psyl3n5e
  • I went without internet access for a week and a half at my parent's place. Dial-up is just so 20th Century. But I still used my PC for games and DVDs because of the bad weather at the time. -Wraith556
  • I just did - this weekend. LS jr. went to stay @ his uncle & aunts, LadyL & I went to the coast for a concert (Alexander O'Neal) & a "dirty weekend". Actually went without ANY contact with a PC for a whole 24 hours...unless, of course, you count using a PDA to do the Sat-Nav. -lineswine
  • I can replace my computer with the pub for 24 hours just like you lot, see I'm unto you all -r3tude
  • Depends on what I'm doing, but I can and have completely ignored the computer for entire weekends. Or longer, if you count Pennsic. -pixel
  • I cannot go a day without my computer unless I just do not have access to it. When I get close to a pc they start calling to me and I seem to always fail my will saving throw. -conundrum
  • Come to think of it, though, if you were to not use ANY computer, you'd have to be in a cave -- and since you'd have to drive there, you'd have violated it anyway. You just can't get away from the friggin' things at ALL these days! -Captain Trips
  • OK, now that I've recovered from someone asking me to turn off a Comput... <goes into a seizure> -duckhead
  • Dream job - So, I saw this and sent my resume, the last line hooked me [By: snic42 / 2007-03-19]
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  • Free Bagels!!! Wish I lived closer to Chicago.Good luck. -conundrum
  • Free bagels ever _other_ day? Is that like the Red Queen's jam every other day? "Today is not an other day" for all values of "today"... -chazz
  • Now maybe if it said knishes... -IceRuby
  • Deal of the Day - Google - "Turn Google into your own personal (free) Napster"
    Search for MP3 repositories on Google. Free music (if you don't count court fees, fines, and your soul) [By: linuxmatt / 2007-03-18]
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  • -Bobsentme
  • Deal of the Day - Office Depot - 10 reams of Xerox paper + 12 pens for $15

    Xerox 20lb 8.5x11"
    _____92 brightness copy paper [500 sheets]___$ 5.59____x10_____= $55.90
    Office Depot 0.7mm
    _____ballpoint pens, black ink [12 pack]_____$ 0.79____x 1_____= $ 0.79
    Coupon - Xerox Ream @ $2.49 each____________-$ 2.49____x10_____=-$31.00
    Coupon - $10 off purchases > $25____________-$10.00____N/A_____=-$10.00
    ____________________________________________________Subtotal___= $56.69
    ____________________________________________________Tax________= $ 1.27
    _______________________________________________-----Total-----_= $16.96

    Put 10 reams of Xerox paper in your cart at then add another item around $1 (dozen-pack of pens used in example), pop in two coupon codes, and your total will be about $15 + tax. Many areas will receive free shipping as well. Not valid in all areas. Hit the link for the coupon codes and a link to the qualifying paper. [By: linuxmatt / 2007-03-17]
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  • "Will my prints cost less if I give you the paper? I need eggshell beige linen..." -MadJack
  • The first coupon is listed as expired as of yesterday. -Mewtwo
  • Madjack: someday my prints will come! -illiterate
  • Fricken' Lasers - Where can I get one of those... [By: DedSysOp / 2007-03-16]
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  • An order of Sharks with fricken "lay-zhur" beams attached to their heads please. -momo
  • (*BLINK*) "Pimp My House" FTW! That is.... Just.... Holy SHITE! -ShujinTribble
  • I'm thinkin, without looking, that the hand-held laser 'paints' the building (a'lah smart bomb target designator), and the truck unit has the sensors and the big laser box to provide persistance. The software's got to be kick ass. I waaaaannnnn'ttt a new laser pointer!!!!!!!! -AngrySup
  • "Somebody set us up the bomb!" <obligatory> -MadJack
  • Wanna know how it was done? Go here: - -lineswine
  • Thou shall indeed love this! - I'm truly sorry for bumping the link, but you all are gonna love this. :D :D My favorite so far: "I shall live to knock thy brains out." (It says it's from Shakespeare, but I think it's from Otis." [By: TheGhost / 2007-03-14]
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  • Methink'st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee - from All's Well That Ends Well. See even starfish lived back then. -frprinterwiz
  • [Thou art] a most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality. Taken from: All's Well That Ends Well. - Tis True! Verily i say to thee... Starfish hath lived since the beginning of time! -MrJay67
  • Burrkiss, oh obsceneous one, have thou been a muse for the great writer? <quote> Draw thy tool. My naked weapon is out. </quote> Taken from: Romeo and Juliet -TheGhost
  • O flesh, flesh, how art thou fishified. Taken from: Romeo and Juliet (How appropriate!) -lineswine
  • O teach me how I should forget to think. Taken from: Romeo and Juliet -Liquidice
  • [Thou] villainous abominable misleader of youth! -Servo
  • "Most shallow man! Thou worms-meat in respect of a good piece of flesh indeed!" -Bobsentme
  • Rogue, thou hast liv'd too long. (Antony and Cleopatra) -CommanderData
  • White hairs ill become a fool and jester. From my memory, thinks King Henry V, can't remember which part. -timelady
  • Thou puking shard-borne flax-wench! -Mushroom
  • Confusion now hath made his masterpiece! - Taken from MacBeth -