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Here are some answers to most frequently asked questions I get.

Q: What is this site all about?
A: Tech Support Comedy or TSC, is a website dedicated to providing comic relief for those of us working in the tech support field. In addition to comic relief, it also provides a much needed forum to vent frustrations from a very aggravating job. On the left side bar you will see many different categories of things that are submitted for posting on this site. The most popular are the tech stories and tech calls. After you check those and you have not died from laughing to death, explore the rest of the site and see what else TSC has to offer.

Q: If I become a member, are you going to sell my email address?
A: I have never sold or given out any of our member information.

Q: I forgot my password?
A: It happens to techs as well as EU's, to retrieve your password go to this page.

Q: When did TSC get started?
A: TSC was started when I was college in March 2000.

Q: Why did you start TSC
A: I started TSC because I wanted an outlet to vent my frustration from my job. It turned out there were a lot of people that wanted to vent also. TSC in its early years had a daily comic strip that was fun to do, but I now realize I will never have time to do that again (just like badtech), sorry Mushroom. If you are really bored you can still check them out, click here, be forewarned I'm no artist nor did I pull any punches when I created the strips. They are crude and unusual, much like myself.

Q: What does TSC run on?
A: TSC runs on a pentium class pc running Debian (currently Woody). The webserver is Apache, I used to use Roxen Challenger, and then I switched to Caudium, but I never got used to using Pike. PHP has great documentation, and works hand in hand with Apache. Sorry to David Hedbor and his Caudium crew for bailing, but what can I say, I could never get the PHP module to work, and hey I'm a follower. Also TSC is driven by the very popular DBMS MySQL.

Q: Can I link to Tech Support Comedy?
A: Yes!, if you would like a banner or graphic, grab one.

Q: How can I help support the development of TSC?
A: Upgrade your membership status to a star member.

Q: What is in the members area?
A: The member's area contains pages where you can submit content to the site, a sweet message board, and links to sites that are helpfull to people in the tech support field.

Q: This site is terrible, you should be ashamed of yourself for creating such a thing.
A: I know, ain't it great :)

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